Too Many Cooks



Self published by Andy Merritt, 2001.Author Andy Merritt


Players 3-5, Duration 60-90 minutes, Age 10+


New Pizza Box Edition!


In Too Many Cooks the players take on the roles of restaurant owning chefs and try to make as much money as possible by purchasing ingredients at auction and combining them to make recipes.Completed recipes provide income, and there are also bonuses at the end of the game for the restaurants which most successfully specialise in each of 5 different types of cuisine. Restaurants are also penalised for not providing a vegetarian option!


The game was well received at Spiel 2001 but the foil box was critised as being too flimsy.Thus Too Many Cooks now comes in a much stronger cardboard pizza box!


As of September 2011 I donít have any copies actively for sale any more, but may be able to dig up parts for one or two more if you really want me to!Please contact me for availability, payment and postage options.I also run a second hand board games company (MNG-AJM) so I may well also have other items of interest to you which I can send at the same time to help make postage more efficient.


For more details please contact Andy Merritt, 8 Hopkins Close, Cambridge, CB4 1FD, U.K.Or email me.


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