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Each month I produce not only a text version of my catalog, but I also make up a version which I get printed, (which gets sent to my customers who prefer a paper copy).  To help it look nice I put some photos of a couple of games in that catalog on the front and sometimes the back cover.  Thus I thought I would make some of these photos (in a smaller format) available here so people can get a little glimpse as to the type of things I have available without actually having to subscribe (though the email subscription is free!)


These games aren’t the ‘best’ in the catalog (whatever that means), but for some reason I decided to take a photo of them that month.  Also just because I had a copy of the game in then doesn’t mean I still have, but then again, maybe I do (!), so feel free to email me and ask if you are interested!


I have also now put some of my older catalogs on my web site to give an idea of the sort of thing I have for sale.


1500 Gold – Ragnar Brothers


Auf Achse – FX Schmidt


Caramba - Amigo


Chameleon - VSK


Dune – Avalon Hill


Faulty Towers – Brighter Kids


Halunken Und Spelunken - Kosmos


Knockout - MB


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