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May 2011 Catalog


While I don’t publish my latest catalog on the internet, this older catalog is available for you to look through to get an idea of the sort of thing I generally have.  Please be aware that many of the games in this catalog will have already sold, and if they haven’t then the prices are not necessarily still valid – the prices are only valid in the month the catalog comes out!  However, if you do see something of interest email me and I’ll let you know if I still have it.  Also getting the monthly catalog by email is free and without obligation, so why not just ask to be added to my subscription list, or ask me to send you the latest catalog by email? 


1853. Published by Mayfair. 2009. Box. In shrink. £47

Designer: Francis Tresham. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 5 hrs.

Reprinted 18XX game based on the building of the railways in the Indian sub-continent which was under British Imperial control. The game says it is for engineers who've had enough of the financiers! The game makes use of 5'6" and 1 metre gauges, and there are hills, mountains and the Himalayas to contend with. Unlike many 18XX games the difficulties of building the network play a large part of the game, making the financial side less dominant. This new edition has slightly revised rules.


20th Century. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £32

Designer: Vladimir Suchy. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 100 mins.

Over six rounds the players seek to develop their country in a variety of ways - perhaps to become a financial centre, a centre of learning, or a technological power. In all cases, as well as these advances the players must manage their waste, as only when the environment and economy are healthy can you consider your country a success. Points are gained for quality of life in your country throughout the game as well as bonuses for income, research and the environment at the end.


3 Or More. Published by Spear's Games. 1981. Box. Box shows wear. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Tile laying game using long thin tiles each with 3 coloured circles on it. These are placed adjacent to those already on the table in rows of up to eleven. The objective is to score points by making lines of circles of the same colour - the longer the line the higher the score and diagonal lines count double. When all the tiles have been played the highest scorer wins. Could be considered a sort of colour dominoes, but with three colours per domino rather than just two.


3-A-Side. Published by Spears. 1984. Box. Good. £0.60

Designer: Jim Winslow. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Elegant football themed game with wooden pieces. The object is to move your three pieces in such a way that they enable the neutral white piece to be moved towards your opponent's goal area. If you get it in their goal it stays there, and a new white piece is placed in the centre for 'kick-off'. First to score 3 goals wins.


4 Monkeys. Published by Homoludicus. 2010. Box. New. £19

Designer: Toni Serradesanferm. No. players: 2-4. Country: Spanish. Duration: 25 mins.

The players are monkeys in a lab. Scientists are trying to work out which monkey is most suitable for a flight to Mars. The monkeys are shown coloured figures and they have to try to reproduce these by using combination tiles suitably. The fastest monkeys get bananas, and the monkey with most bananas at the end will be heading for Mars.


6 Nimmt. Published by Amigo. 1994. Box. In shrink. £7

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer. No. players: 2-10. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game with 104 playing cards numbered 1-104. As well as the number, each card shows 1-5 bulls' heads, which are penalty points. Each round players simultaneously choose cards to play, and then reveal. The cards are added to rows lowest first, but a 6th card in a row forces you take all those already in a row as penalty points. Fun light game, which has proved very popular, and won the well regarded Deutsche Spielepreis in 1994.


Acquire. Published by 3M. 1968. Box. Good. £25

Designer: Sid Sackson. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Special Notes: Box cover has faded to grey, but otherwise fine.

Players lay tiles to form chains of hotels - the more adjacent tiles in a hotel chain the more valuable its shares become. Shares are bought, but only 3 a turn, and money is very limited at the start of the game. When hotel chains are joined together on the board a merger occurs which provides payouts to shareholders. Excellent game, and a real classic. Highly recommended. This edition comes in a blue bookcase box.


Agricola: Farmers Of The Moor. Published by Z-Man Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg. No. players: 1-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Expansion for the Deutscher Spielpreis 2008 winning game. You will need the base game in order to play. Using this expansion the playing boards start with forest and moor spaces and additional actions are available to use / convert these. Fuel is now also required each harvest, and new major and minor improvements are available to this end. Horses are also added as a new animal type.


Agricola: Vegiemeeples. Published by Lookout Games. ca.2009. Bag. New. £5

Designer: Unknown. Country: German.

A bag of wooden grain (yellow) and pumpkin (orange) pieces intended for use with Agricola. They are shaped suitably for the items they represent, and thus are much more tactile than the standard counters.


Airships At War: Riesenflugzeugabteilungen. Published by Sierra Madre Games. 2005. Packet. New. £2

Designer: Phil Eklund. No. players: 1-2. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Expansion set for Airships At War, which you will need to make use of this. Solitaire or two player game of zeppelins in WWI. This expansion introduces the giant aircraft wing of the German Air Force, and the multi-engined bombers of the Great War.


Alexandros. Published by Winning Moves. 2003. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Unusual board game in which players use cards to move Alexander the Great around a triangular gridded map of the Middle East. Wherever Alexander goes 'fences' are laid along his route, and these fences will divide up the board into various provinces which the players then use cards to control. Ownership of these provinces is rewarded with points when scoring occurs, but it is quite possible to take over control of other players' provinces. Lots of tactical play, and cunning moves are definitely rewarded.


Alliances Explained. Published by Wordware Publishing. 1997. Book. Excellent. £4

Author: George H. Baxter. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm, 129 pages. A review of Magic: The Gathering's Alliances expansion. This book goes through each and every card from the Alliances expansion and gives thoughts about the uses, advantages and drawbacks of that card. It also discusses several top decks which use key cards from Alliances. Thus the reader should not only learn about Alliances, but also be given a good grounding in the game as the author is a pro tour regular.


Antike. Published by Eggert Spiele. 2005. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £25      2) Excellent. £23

Designer: Mac Gerdts. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

As ancient civilizations the players build cities, construct temples, sail the seas and make technological advances in the lands around the Mediterranean. Very well received game and plays relatively quickly for this style of game. It uses an unusual and neat mechanism to limit your choice of actions each turn - the "rondel" - and gives players a good selection of ways to gain victory points. While military goals are important they are not the sole focus.


Archaeology The Card Game. Published by Z-Man Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £6.50

Designer: Phil Harding. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Originally published in Australia and there won Best Australian Game 2008. The cards show various Egyptian artifacts parts of which need to be collected to increase their value before being taken to the museum or sold. However, trouble also lurks, with thieves and sandstorms around. Trading at the local market gives additional chances to find what you need.


Armoured Wargaming. Published by Patrick Stephens. 1988. Book. Good. £7.50

Author: Bruce Quarrie. Country: British.

Softback, 22x13cm, 136 pages. Subtitled: A detailed guide to model tank warfare. There are many photographs throughout. The chapters cover: Tank Design and Evolution 1916-39; Tanks of WWII; Tanks Since 1945; Tanks in Action; Playing Rules.


Assyria. Published by Ystari Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £27

Designer: Emanuele Omella. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Resource management game set in the early days of Assyria. The players lead small but expanding tribes, and draft food cards in order to survive and place huts on the board in order to gain VPs and camels. Camels can be used to build ziggurats, which also give VPs. Players must ensure they can feed their people and also plan for the floods which happen between turns. Lots of options and different strategies to try. Recommended.


Backgammon For Profit. Published by Weidenfeld And Nicolson. 1975. Book. Good - Ex Library. £9

Author: Joe Dwek. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 25x18cm, 191 pages. Backgammon book which teaches by showing a position and asking what you would do, and then giving a detailed explanation of the author's answer. The next problem is generally similar, but with a few changes and with a significantly different solution, which will make you think further. While backgammon skills in general have improved since 1975, the problems posed are still instructive and will get you thinking.


Bali. Published by Kosmos. 2001. Box. Excellent. £9

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Most unusual card game in which the players fight for dominance over four islands. The Dalang visits the islands and on arrival rewards the players who control the prince and the priest on that island with victory points. Each player has four hands of cards, one associated with each island, but only the hand for the island the Dalang is currently at is in use. Cards are played to challenge other players to become the priest or prince, move cards between hands on different islands, and trade cards with the deck. There is plenty of scope for clever card play, and the game doesn't feel like anything else.


Bang. Published by DaVinci Games. 2002. Box. Excellent. £7.50

Designer: Emiliano Sciarra. No. players: 4-7. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game which recreates a Wild West shootout. Each player is dealt a character card which gives them special abilities and a secret role card which determines that player's goal for the game: the Sheriff wants to kill all Outlaws, the deputy wants to protect the Sheriff and kill Outlaws, the Outlaws want to kill the Sheriff, and the Renegade just wants to be the last person standing. The cards let you shoot other people (though sometimes a shot will miss), get a better gun, have a beer to revive you etc. The cards are language independent.


Basket Boss. Published by Cwali. 2009. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Corne Van Moorsel. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 50 mins.

The players are the managers of basketball teams, and will need to draft good players in order to win trophies over a series of seasons. Each player has a strength card showing how well they will play each season, and the assistance of trainers, player agents, the banker and even the referee (!) can help you in your quest for glory.


Battlestar Galactica The Board Game. Published by Fantasy Flight. 2008. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Corey Konieczka. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 3 hrs.

Cooperative game based on the popular SciFi channel series of the same name. Players take on the roles of major characters such as Captain Adama, Starbuck etc, and must work together to survive the relentless pursuit of the Cylons. However, one or more of the players may turn out to be a Cylon agent who could perform sabotage at any time... The game is driven by many sets of cards, but also includes 32 plastic ships. Well regarded with lots of pictures from the series, which enhances the atmosphere of mistrust and intrigue.


Battue: Storm Of The Horse Lords. Published by Red Juggernaut. 2007. Box. Excellent. £17

Designer: Jim Long. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Set in a dark fantasy setting this strategy board game puts the players in control of hordes of horsemen intent on looting the city of brass pillars. The objective is to take and hold the most valuable sections of the city and find the best loot in order to come away the most powerful horse lord. The game is very nicely produced with a big board, chunky miniatures and large city sections to place on the board as they are captured.


Beer & Pretzels. Published by Bezier Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £19.50

Designer: Ted Alspach. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 15 mins.

Lighthearted game ideal for playing down the pub. Each player gets a set of coloured beer mats, some showing beer and some pretzels, as well as a few special ones. Players take it in turn to throw a beer mat onto a marked off area on a table, points are won for pretzels which are uncovered at the end of the round, and scores are increased if you also have uncovered mats showing beer. The game mats are used to cover other mats and stop them scoring. The rules are written very amusingly.


Beowulf: The Legend. Published by Fantasy Flight Games. 2005. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Board game based around the famous legend of Beowulf. The players are Beowulf's heroic companions who travel through a series of adventurous episodes. During these the players vie to show their heroism, collect treasure and avoid injury in combat. The game is card driven, and has a feeling of competitive cooperation. The game uses an unusual L shaped board.


Big Deal. Published by Amigo. 2001. Box. Good. £2.75. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

Designer: Gal Zuckerman, Tzvika Harpaz, Roy Wagner & Yoel Rotem. No. players: 2-6. Business game in which players invest in resources (labour, space, fuel and machinery), and company shares.  A clever supply and demand mechanism regulates the price of resources, and while shares always cost the same amount to play to form a company, they can be sold back to the bank for a small profit, and each turn the company is held income is gained. Share cards can also be used to make a hostile takeover of an opponent's company, which results in a bidding war between the two players to gain / keep control of the company, but in a neat way which means that neither side need lose out significantly. I also have a house rule from Eamon which I will supply.


Blockbusters. Published by Waddingtons. 1986. Box. 2 copies available:

1)  Box corners taped. £1      2) Good. £1.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 3+. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Quiz game based on a very popular British 1980s TV programme of the same name. What makes this a little different is that it is designed for unequal teams - eg. 2 players on one team and 1 on the other. If a team gets the answer to a general knowledge question right (they are of the form: What 'A' is the highest male voice?) then that team gets to place a piece on a hexagonal grid, and the objective is to make a line of your pieces from one side of the board to the other. However, this is a longer path for the stronger team than the weaker team. Attractive and chunky hexagonal standup grid.


Bombay. Published by Ystari Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £30

Designer: Cyril Demaegd. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Trading game set in India. Each player has an elephant playing piece with baskets on it for two goods (yes they actually go on the elephant's back). Action points are used to move, buy and sell goods, and also build palaces which act as toll stations for other players and give other bonuses. The game uses a fluctuating price system for the goods, so timing your sales is important. At the lighter end of the Ystari range of games.


Bunny Bunny Moose Moose. Published by Czech Games Edition. 2009. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil. No. players: 3-6. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 20 mins.

Unusual party style game in which one player reads a poem and at the end of each line flips a card showing a bunny or a mouse with ears / antlers in various positions. The other players make antler / ear shapes to match these with their hands on their heads, and at various points a hunter will be turned up and players then score according to the cards visible at that moment and the type of animal they are imitating. Daft but fun.


By Jove. Published by Aristoplay. ca.1980. Box. Good. £0.75

Designer: Jan Barney Newman. No. players: 2-6. Country: American.

Family game very much influenced by Monopoly (track on outside of board around which players travel, pay gold to a player who owns a Hero space, various ways to Go To Hades, etc), but with a number of different ideas thrown in as well, such as god spaces offering protection on your next roll, but objecting to doubles. Very attractive board. The game also includes a book giving a brief account of various classic myths written by Zibby Oneal.


Byzantium. Published by Warfrog. 2004. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £12.50       2) In shrink. £14

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 2.5 hrs.

The Byzantine Empire has to battle foe after foe in a desperate struggle for survival. However, after holding back the Persians, the Arabs look to be too much. Interestingly each player gets to act on both sides of this war, and tries to do well for both sides, scoring points on two separate tracks. Players can build up armies, build churches / mosques, move their units, attack with them, and perform many special actions. As usual with Martin Wallace games, you can expect a substantial game with plenty of interesting ideas, and very approachable rules.


Camper Tour. Published by Ghenos Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £14.50

Designer: Spartaco Alberarelli. No. players: 2-4. Country: Italian. Duration: 1 hr.

Race game in which players roll dice to move along a track created by laying out tiles. However, there are several clever twists which make this worth investigating.  Firstly you say how much you want to move and then roll to see if you are allowed to - trying to move too fast is likely to result in no movement at all. Also, some of the tiles can give benefits, so you want to aim for the beneficial tiles, but the players in the lead can't see what lies ahead. Finally, when a player thinks they have gone far enough they turn around and head back home. The last player to get back has a major disadvantage, and your score depends on using up your fuel chips as precisely as possible. Neat.


Canasta. Published by Robert Hale Ltd. 1949. Book. Good. £3.50

Author: Ottilie H. Reilly. Country: British.

Softback, ringbound, 18x13cm, 61 pages. Subtitled: The Exciting New Card Game. The book covers: The History / Creation of the Game, How to Play the Standard Four Player Game, The Frozen Discard Pile, Treys - Black & Red, Concealed Hands, Pointers & Suggestions, Strategy of Play, Proprieties, The Game for Two and Three Players.


Carolus Magnus. Published by Venice Connection. 2000. Box. Excellent. £15

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: Italian. Duration: 1hr.

Players take the role of powerful nobles who are fighting for dominance over several regions. The playing area reduces as the game progresses, when adjacent areas combine. Knights of different factions are played on the tiles from your own supply, as well as being used to influence the various factions. Castles can be built when you achieve a majority under your influence at the current location which helps protect the region from hostile takeover. There is also quite a bit of luck as your supply of knights is replenished partially at random. On the Spiel des Jahres list for 2000. Recommended as a 3 player game.


Chase Your Neighbour. Published by Piatnik. 1990. Box. Good. £3

Designer: Nikolaus & Sean McGuire. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Move and capture game, best for 3 or 4 players. Pieces are limited to movement based on the squares they start the turn on. The board is an 8x8 grid with numbers 1-6 on each space and with four dead spaces which cannot be moved through. Unusually, the game continues until one player has lost all his pieces but the winner is the player on the left of the loser regardless of who captured the last piece.


Counter Magazine. Published by Stuart Dagger.

Author: Stuart Dagger, Mike Clifford, Alan Howe. Country: British.

This magazine has a deserved reputation as one of the finest game-related periodicals in the world. It features over 70 pages of reviews and opinion, and covers 'German style' board and card games in great detail. Main articles listed by issue.

Issue 1 May 1998. Good £6. Letters, Knizia's Dozen, Doris & Frank, Tresham Games, News From Middle Earth, Reviews (Atlantic Storm, 1851, Exxtra, Finale, Katzenjammer Blues, Ohio, Successors, Tycoon, Veld Spoorweg, Contrack, Elfenland, Fair Play, Halunken & Spelunken, Office Politics, Plateau, Tonga Bonga, Ursuppe, Visionary), At War With The Chip, Achtung Spitfire (PC), Eastern Front (PC), Games Clinic, Die Macher, Camelot, Take the Brain, Crude / McMulti, Sumo Hall of Fame.

Issue 2 Aug 1998. Excellent £4.25 or Good £4. Avalon Hill, Letters, Playtesting for Reiner Knizia, A Tour of the Kosmos, Koalition II, My First Gathering of Friends, Reviews (Basari, Black Rose, Carat, Cheops, Deadlands, Durch Die Wueste, Fossil, Freibeuter, Full Time, Holzwurm, Jumbo Grand Prix, Kraut & Rueben, Rockets, Schnaeppchen Jagd, Die Seidenstrasse, Staedte Und Ritter, Stimmt So!, Tantrix, Wettstreit Der Baumeister), Mini Reviews of Recent Arrivals, Impulse Buying, McMulti Variants, Cartel, Pick of the Year.

Issue 3 Nov 1998. Excellent. £3.75 or Good £3.50. Essen 1998, Reviews (Auf Trab in Sulkydrom, Bosworth, Comeback, David & Goliath, Devil Take the Hindmost, Europa, Guillotine, Honeybears, I.T.C., Joan of Arc, Keydom, Lancashire Railways, Magalon, Res Publica, Samarkand, Samurai, TurfMaster, Twilight, Victory: Blocks of War), Letters, Avalon Hill Tribute, Gaming for Two, Disturbing Themes, Rome or Silverstone, Atlantic War, Quirks.

Issue 4 Feb 1999. Excellent £3.25 or Good £3. Hall of Fame, 1998 Top Fives, Reiner Knizia Playtesting Interview, Looking Back at Essen, Reviews (America in Flames, Bamboleo, Blue vs Grey, Diver, El Caballero. Finito, Kommando, Friesematenten, Hornoschen, La Isla Bohnita, Kahuna, Loewendynastie, Panzerzug, Medieval Merchant, Putsch, Stadens Nyckel, Titanic: Der Mythos, Ursuppe Expansion, Verraeter), Letters, Big Boys' Toys, Random Factors in Gaming, Intimate Settlers, Variants.

Issue 5 May 1999. Good, cover discreetly taped £3. The Gathering of Friends, Two Binary Dice Games, ManorCon First Impressions, Reviews (Big City, Alexander Der Grosse, Chinatown, Citadels, 1849, Evergreen, Giganten, Hovertank, Mamma Mia, Money, Mystery Rummy, For The People, Pool Position, Ra, Rigatoni Intriganti, Robin Hood, Route NL, Schottentotten, Stimmvieh, Tendix, Tikal, Union Pacific, Union vs Central), Letters, Themed Out, Introducing People To Gaming, Variants.

Issue 6 Aug 1999. Excellent £2.75 or Good £2.50. Ludodelire & Eurogames, Krieg & Freiden + Charlemagne, Ebay Game Auctions, Game Scoring Systems & Their Abuse, Competition in Gaming, Origins 1999, Modern German Card Games, Gaming's FA Cup, Reviews (Anno 1452, Buffalo, Cape Horn, Colorado County, Damn the Torpedoes, Don Pepe, Druidenwalzer, Grab, Die Haendler, Kontor, Krieg & Freiden, Lost Cities, Maskenball, Mutternland, Prairie Railroads, Rheinlaender, Ta Yu), Big Boys' Toys, Saturn, Campanile.

Issue 7 Nov 1999. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Hall of Fame Results, Essen 1999 Report, GenCon Report, Ludodelire & Eurogames, Gaming Preferences, Reviews (Andromeda, Boulomania, Clash of the Lightsabers, Cloud 9, Dutch Intercity, High Kings of Tara, Knights of the Rainbow, Die Mauer, Nicht Die Bohne, Olix, Pacal, 6 Billion, Stephensons Rocket, Tabula Rasa, Torres, Turfmaster New Tracks, Tzuris, Vinci, Westwärts, X.Net, Zero, Zoff Im Zoo), Letters (major feature), Big Boys' Toys, Dice Games Properly Explained, Borderlands.

Issue 8 Feb 2000. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. 1999 Top Fives, 4 Player Lost Cities, Going It Alone, 3 More Binary Dice Games, Levelling the Playing Field, Reviews (Autoscooter, Corruption, Dolce Vita, Elfengold, Elchfest, Frisch Fisch, Isi, Konig Der Elfen, Mit List Und Tucke, Pacific Northwest Rails, Rosenkonig, Schrille Stille, Die Siedler Von Nurnberg, Split, Die Sternenfahrer Von Catan, Sumera, Theta games, T-Rex, Verrat, Yukon Co.), Letters (major feature), The Best of Times, Game Themes, Summit, Spicing Up Your Beans.

Issue 9 May 2000. Excellent £2.75. Gamers' Choice Awards, Gathering of Friends XI, Ra, BayCon, Reviews (The Big Idea, Bus, Carolus Magnus, La Citta, Das Gold Der Maya, Eschnapur, Feuer & Wasser, Finger Weg Von Mona Lisa, Galaxis, Die Kaufleute Von Amsterdam, Morgenland, Roads & Boats, Skyrunner, Taj Mahal), New Trains Arriving, Letters, The 90s, Big Boys' Toys, Return of the Hill, Bazaar, Silverton.

Issue 10 Aug 2000. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Hall of Fame, The 90s, Origins Report, Reviews (Australian Menagerie, Bambuti, Bladder, Castle, Composite Index, Democrazy, Dragon Delta, Die Fursten Von Florenz, Hera & Zeus, How Much for the Camel?, Kardinal & Konig, Das Kollier, Mirador, Silberzwerg, Time Pirates, Der Weisse Lotus, Wongar), Letters (major feature), Acquire Special Powers, Road & Rail, Careers, Wer Hat Mehr, Modern Art variant.

Issue 11 Dec 2000. Excellent £2.75. Hall of Fame, Essen 2000, GenCon 2000, Reviews (Attila, Battle Cry, Carcassonne, Doge, Galaxy: The Dark Ages, Gold Train, Hover Tank 2, Keytown, Kings & Castles, Lord of the Rings, MotorChamp, Pila, San Francisco, Tennis + Golf Masters, Tichu, West Riding), Letters, Rheinhold Wittig, Game Theory, Road & Rail: A Layman's Guide.

Issue 12 Mar 2001. Excellent £3 or Good. £2.75. Six Years of My Life - Alan Moon, Spades, 2000 Top Fives, 1825 Unit 2, Production Values, Reviews (Al Cabohne, Babel, Balmy Balloonists, Blazing Camels, Bongo, Cartagena, Corsairs, Derby, Dia de los Muertos, D'Raf, Empires of the Ancient World, Geruechte Kueche, Java, So Ein Zirkus, Train Raider, Traumfabrik, Way Out West), Letters, Thumbnail Reviews, Variants, 19xx: Airline Games, Fast Food Franchise.

Issue 13 Jun 2001. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Gamers Choice Awards 2001, Gathering of Friends XII, 1825 Expansion Kits, History of the World, Top Fives, Reviews (Africa, Capitol, Dragon's Gold, Drahtseilakt, Evo, Auf Falsche Fahrte, Hovertank 3, Ivanhoe, Knights, Medina, Mordred, Morisi, Old Town, Pampas Railroads, Queen's Gambit, San Marco, Strand Cup, Witch Trial, Wyatt Earp), Letters (major feature), Thumbnail Reviews, The Big Guns, Western Games, Chaos vs Control, 19xx - Airlines Games, No Dice.

Issue 14 Sep 2001. Magazine. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Canasta, Games Packaging & Storing, Risk 2210, Record Keeping, Reviews (Age of Empires ECG, Bali, Crazy Race, Das Amulett, Der Grosse Galier, Das Schattendieb, Die Handler Von Genoa, Die Magier Von Pangea, Don, Die Neuen Entdecker, Flower Power, Gnadenlos, Limits, Meridian, Nur Peanuts, Rebel Rails, Volldampf, Zaubercocktail), Letters (major feature), Circus Maximus / Minimus, Wargames, Trump.

Issue 15 Dec 2001. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Essen Report, Dark Side of Zoch, Chaos Reigns, GenCon 2001, Specialize / Diversify, Reviews (Ebay Auction Game, Eden, Funkenschlag, Gargon, Head to Head Golf, Hell Rail, Iron Road, Kupferkessel Co., Mull + Money, Muscat, Odysseus, Pig Pile, Quick'e'ly Dice, Spinball, Too Many Cooks, Urland, U.S. Patent No. 1, Vabanque, Venezia, Vom Kap Bis Kairo, Yeti Slalom), Letters (major feature), Briefing on 6 more games, Executive Decision, Hobbits on Ice, Win Place & Show.

Issue 16 Mar 2002. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. 2001 Top Fives, Temptation Poker, Funkenschlag, Player Interaction, Reviews (Andersonville, Auweier, Champions Football, Chrononauts, A Dog's Life, Freight Yard, Friends & Foes, Goldrush City, Hive, Im Zeichen des Kreuzes, Kanaloa, Kardinal & Konig Kartenspiel, Liberte, LotR: The Fellowship Card Game & Board Game, Saloon, Siedler Starfarers 5/6 player, Starship Catan, Sumo Arena, Tacara, Titicaca, Ur 1830 BC), Letters (major feature), Gipf Series, Lightweight Gaming.

Issue 17 Jun 2002. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Gamers Choice Awards 2002, Gathering of Friends XIII, Boardgames as Computer Games, Ebay Grows Older, Lunchtime Gaming, BayCon, Reviews (Alles Im Eimer, Blokus, Combit, Die Sieben Weisen, Dschunke, Emerald, Hick Hack in Gackelwack, Indochine 2000, Integralis, Kampf der Gladiatoren, Lumberjack, Mexica, Muckenstich, Piratenbucht, Pompeji, Puerto Rico, Schuamermal, Silverado, Zahltag), Letters (major feature), London Toyfair, Colony, Ones That Got Away, 3 Mini Reviews.

Issue 18 Sep 2002. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Physical Mechanisms, Abstract Games, Teaching Games To Newbies, Reviews (Age of Arguments, Cairo, Chebache, Cortez, Gouda! Gouda!, How Ruck, La Guerre des Moutons, Lokomotive Werks, M, Magellan, Millionary, Nautilus, Pueblo, Roundhouse, San Gimignano, Star Wars: Jedi Unleashed & Epic Duels, Too Many Cooks, Tyros, Wallenstein, Wie Hund und Katze, Wildlife), Letters (major feature), Felsberger Holzspiel series, Cotton Kingdom, Settlers Travel Edition.

Issue 19 Dec 2002. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Sid Sackson - An Appreciation, Hall of Fame Results, Essen 2002, Eagle Games Interview, GenCon 2002, Reviews (Abenteuer Menschheit, Affen Raffen, Age of Steam, Antoni Gaudi Tile Game, Bayon, Buntu Circus, Canal Grande, Cannes, Cityscape, Fundstucke, Globopolis, Goldland, Keythedral, Moderne Zeiten, Mogul, Stonewall, Street Soccer, Theophrastus, Thor, Tin Soldiers, Trias, Zoo Sim), Letters (major feature), More Essen, Da Vinci Games, Backgammon, Game Variants, Pagode.

Issue 20 Mar 2003. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. 2002 Top Fives, Sid Sackson Games Auction, Race Games, Reviews (Ad Acta, Das Architekturspiel, Carcassonne H&G, Dwarves, Eurogames 2 Player Series, Eye of Horus, Fische Fluppen Frikadellen, Fist of Dragonstones, Gang of Four, Golfprofi, Grand Prix F1, Korsar, Krone & Schwert, Landerbahnen, Life is Money, Lupus in Tabula, Monkeys on the Moon, Napoleon in Europe, Odin's Ravens, Ragnar Bros Card Games, Sid Meier's Civilization), Letters (major feature).

Issue 21 Jun 2003. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Transatlantic Pilgrimage, Warfrog Interview with Geoff Brown, Gathering of Friends 14, Reviews (Amun-Re, Bohn-Hansa, Carcassonne: B&T, Cave Troll, Coloretto, Discovery Island, Edel Stein & Reich, Eketorp, Europa Tour, Die Flosserei, Frisch Fisch, Hekla, Insider Trading, LotR: The Two Towers, Mermaid Rain, New England, Oraklos, Paris Paris, Polterdice, Richelieu, Sunda to Sahul, Time Is Money), Letters (major feature), Kosmos 2-Player Series, Japanese Games.

Issue 22 Sep 2003. Published by Stuart Dagger. 2003. Magazine. New. £2. Women In Gaming - Interviews, GenCon 03, Viva Il Re, Obituary: Roger Corrie, Reviews (Alhambra, Avalon, Balloon Cup, Bin'Fa, Burn Rate, Clans, InterUrban, Lawless, Magna Grecia, Mammoth Hunters / Eiszeit, Mare Nostrum, Mystery of the Abbey, Mystery Rummy 4, Pitstop, Rome, Scarab Lords, Die Schatzinsel, Search For Poseidon's Gold, Territory, Tom Tube, Veld Railroads), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, The Meeting Room, Game Inventor's Handbook, Lowenherz Old & New, Gamate.

Issue 22 Sep 2003. Excellent £1.75. Women In Gaming - Interviews, GenCon 03, Viva Il Re, Obituary: Roger Corrie, Reviews (Alhambra, Avalon, Balloon Cup, Bin'Fa, Burn Rate, Clans, InterUrban, Lawless, Magna Grecia, Mammoth Hunters=Eiszeit, Mare Nostrum, Mystery of the Abbey, Mystery Rummy 4, Pitstop, Rome, Scarab Lords, Die Schatzinsel, Search For Poseidon's Gold, Territory, Tom Tube, Veld Railroads), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, The Meeting Room, Game Inventor's Handbook, Lowenherz Old & New, Gamate.

Issue 23 Dec 2003. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. Essen Reports, Face to Face by Email, Reviews (Age of Mythology, Armoury, Attika, China Moon, Coyote, Feurio, Finstere Flure, A Game of Thrones, Hexenwerk, Industria, IQ-5, Logistico, Lucky Loop, Maya, Medieval, Nobody But Us Chickens, The Prince, Princes of the Renaissance, Railroad Dice, Santiago, Scream Machine, Secrets of the Tombs, Senjutsu, Die Sieben Siebel, Yinsh), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, King Arthur, Age of Steam New Maps, Variants & Tweaks, Re-reviews.

Issue 24 Mar 2004. New £2 or Excellent £1.75. 2003 Top 5s, Dobbergenics, Valentin Herman's Games, 7 Player Games, John Yianni Interview, Reviews (10 Days in Africa / USA, Alexandros, Anno 1503, Ark of the Covenant, Bridges of Shangri-la, Carcassonne: The Castle, Castle Danger, Die Fugger, Dracula, 1 Stein + Co, Hoppla Lama, Junkyard Races, Kogge, Masquerade, Oasis, Pingvinas, Saga, Schwarzarbeit, Termination Inc., Terra, Tongiaki, Zauberschwert & Drachenei), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Conquest.

Issue 25 Jun 2004. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. Alex Randolph - An Appreciation, Gathering of Friends XV, Hippodice 2004 Winners Interviews, Starting a Games Club, New American Games Publishers, Reviews (Abagio, Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo, Cargo, Corsari, Einfach Genial, Geist, Global Powers, Hansa, Hector & Achilles, Iglu Iglu, In 80 Karten um die Welt, La Strada, Oh Pharao, Saga, San Juan, Spy, Tahuantinsuyu, Ticket To Ride), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Blue Moon, Struggle of Empires, Winds of Plunder.

Issue 26 Sep 2004. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. Obituary: Dave Farquhar, I'm a Gaming Snob, Richard Breese Interview, New England, Organising a Con, New American Games Publishers, Reviews (Adam & Eva, Anno 1503 Expansion, Atlas & Zeus, Australian Railways, Dicke Luft in der Gruft, Dos Rios, Goa, Indus, Leapfrog, Lost Valley, Maharaja, Memoir 44, Smugglers of the Galaxy, St Petersburg, Tyrus, Versunkene Stadt, Viking Fury, 3 Kidult Games), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Sleuth, Funf to Farfalia, Santiago Bidding, Tour de France.

Issue 27 Dec 2004. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. Edinburgh to Essen, Fringe Essen, Andreas Seyfarth Interview, Reviews (18EU, Around the World in 80 Days, City & Guilds, Cloud 9, Dancing Dice, De Ontembare Stad, Election USA, Fifth Avenue, Geschenkt, Goldbrau, Heroscape, Karibik, LotR: The Duel, Mutiny on the Little Blue, Oceania, Oltre Mare, Reef Encounter, Shakespeare: The Bard Game, Vapor's Gambit, War of the Ring, Die Weinhandler, Ys), Letters (major feature), GenCon 04, Auctions, JKLM Interview, Flaschenteufel.

Issue 28 Mar 2005. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. 2004: Top Fives, 25 Years of Kadon Games, London Toy Fair 05, The Return of the Kings, More Substance!, Reviews (1860, Antiquity, Boomtown, Doom, Easy Come Easy Go, Farfalia, Gartenzwerge, Hispaniola, Ideology, Im Schatten Des Kaisers, Jenseits Von Theben, Mall World, Metallurgie, Neuland, Old Town, Revolution, Riding Through England, Space Shuffle, Succession, UFOs Fritten Aus Dem All, Wey Kick), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Depth in Games, Mediterranean, Re-reviews.

Issue 29 Jun 2005. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. The Gathering 05, Where's My Pallet?, The Conquest of Space, Reviews (Amazonas, Ars Mysteriorum, Australia, Bootleggers, Candamir, Control Nut, Diamant, Flandern 1302, Game of Life Cardgame, Gracias, Heart of Africa, Ice Cream, Jambo, King Arthur Cardgame, Louis XIV, Manifest Destiny, Manila, Return of the Heroes, Submarine, Treasure Island, Ubongo, Warriors), Letters (major feature), 3 Yun Games, Crokinole, Escape From Colditz, Re-reviews.

Issue 30 Sep 2005. New £2.25 or Excellent £2. Indonesia, 1825 Unit 3, Origins 05, Reviews (Architekon, Canoe, Der Turmbau zu Babel, Die Dolmengotter, Dividends, Fjorde, Garden Competition, Im Auftrag des Konigs, Himalaya, Montanara, Nexus Ops, Palazzo, Pots, Russian Rails, Shadows Over Camelot, Shear Panic, Sicilianos, 3 Stones, Verflixxt), Letters (major feature), Some 1st Impressions, Stratamax Redux, Confrontation, Organized Crime, Re-reviews.

Issue 31 Dec 2005. Excellent £2.75. Essen 2005, Reviews (Alexander the Great, Angkor, Antike, Arche Opti Mix, Bug Kini, Bux, Ca$h 'n Gun$, Caylus, Darebase, Freya's Folly, Havoc, Heroes of M&M IV, Il Principe, King's Progress, Parthenon, Pizza Box Football, Railroad Dice 2, Rotundo, Skyline of the World, TransEuropa), Letters, Essen 20 Years On, Games from the Toy Chest, Mini Reviews.

Issue 32 Mar 2006. Excellent £2.75. 2005 Top Fives, Uncooperative Cards, Reviews (1829 Mainline, Agora Barcelona, Aqua Romana, Byzantium, Castle Merchants, Celtic Quest, Das Ende Des Triumvirats, Elasund, Friedrich, Go West, Happy Dog, Haselwurz & Baerenklau, Hazienda, Indonesia, Lucca Citta, Poison, Railroad Tycoon, Raub Ritter, Robber Barons, Sienna, Sudoku Dice, Twilight Struggle, Vegas Showdown, Wits & Wagers), Letters, Mini Reviews, 1974: Games To Remember, PIN Series, North to Alaska.

Issue 33 Jun 2006. Excellent £2.75. The Gathering of Friends 2006, London Toy Fair 2006, What is a Game Worth?, Year 2 At Essen for the Fragors, Reviews (California, Cherubim, Chinesische Mauer, Cincinatti, Cleopatra, Darter / Dragons of Kir, Deflexion, E&T Cardgame, Gemblo, Kreuz & Quer, Marvin Marvel, Mauerbauer, Mission Red Planet, Nottingham, Ostia, Palatinus, Patrons of Venice, Stratofootball, Thurn & Taxis, TtR: Maerklin, Um Krone & Kragen), Letters, Auction Systems, Mini Reviews, Golden Oldies.

Issue 34 Sep 2006. Excellent £2.75. Interviews With Independent Publishers, Origins '06, Value in Games, Vicarious Gaming, The Story of Canal Mania, Hameln Preview, Reviews (Augsburg 1520, Bison, Blue Moon City, Canal Mania, Carrousel, Conquest of the Fallen Lands, Farlander, Fugaro, Fischmarkt, Glory to Rome, John Silver, Mykerinos, Nature of the Beast, Plext, Seeraeuber, Tempus, Terra Nova, Wayfinder, World Cup Game), Letters, Warrior Knights Old & New, Stratamax 2006.

Issue 35 Dec 2006. Excellent £2.75. Yet Another Fine Messe, Essen 06, Reviews (aBridged, Arkham Horror, Elefant Im Porzellanladen, Die Baumeister Von Arkadia, Die Saeulen Der Erde, Die Saeulen Von Venedig, Gheos, Gloria Mundi, Graenaland, Hermagor, Imperial, Leonado, Millionen Von Schwalben, Mr. Jack, Paaren, Silk Road, Take it to the Limit, Yspahan), Letters, GenCon 06, Warrior Knights 2, Recent Expansions, Mini Reviews.

Issue 36 Mar 2007. Excellent £2.75. 2006 Top Fives, Dirty Dancing, The Illusion of Skill, Reviews (Australia Rails, Balam, Cartagena 2, Civ: The Card Game, Crystal Faire, Emira, Fiji, Fowl Play, Genesis, Justinian, Khronos, Legie, New York Central, On the Underground, Perikles, Salamanca, Santy Anno, Struggle for Rome, Taluva, Tara Seat of Kings, The Thief of Baghdad, Through the Ages, Tomahawk, Walhalla), Letters, Mini Reviews, Deus Ex Machina, A Race Against Time.

Issue 37 Jun 2007. Excellent £2.75. The Gathering 07, The Fagin Gang Story, The Name on the Box, Reviews (Age of Discovery, Alchemist, BattleLore, Captain Treasure Boots, Colosseum, Factory Fun, Fagin's Gang, Guatelama Cafe, Lords of the Spanish Main, Metromania, Midgard, Nomads of Arabia, Proxima Obertura, Settlers Dice, Sudoku: The Card Game, Ur, Wooden Shoes & Iron Monsters, Zooloretto), Letters, The Lightning Series, Rise & Fall of Business Games, The Road to the Kremlin.

Issue 50 Sep 2010. New £3.50. Origins 2010, Fifty (Games) from Fifty (Issues), Leisure Games Silver Jubilee, 11 Nimmt, Full Reviews (20), Letters, London Preview, Mini Reviews, Game Timers, Games for Card Players, The Best Games from Counters 1-50, Through the Looking Glass.


Court Of The Medici. Published by Z-Man Games. 2008. Box. In shrink. £6.50

Designer: Richard James. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 25 mins.

House Gonzaga and House Della Rovere compete for the favour of the Grand Duke, Cosimo de Medici. This is done in a no holds barred world of conspiracy and intrigue. Nobles are sent to court and can form groups which will be used either for their special abilities or to take out other groups of nobles. However, you can stack your own nobles with those of your opponent, which affords protection for them all. Intriguing ideas and plenty of interesting decisions and opportunities.


Dart Wars. Published by Squale Games. 2006. Box. New. £9

Designer: Pascal Reymond. No. players: 2-5. Country: French. Duration: 30 mins.

Most unusual item. A sort of cross between darts and Risk! Instead of a dart board a magnetic map is used which shows a number of regions over which the players will compete. This is done by throwing magnetic darts at the board. Each dart on the board allows a unit to be moved into that region or an adjacent one in order to build up forces and make an attack. A little strategy is useful, but being able to hit roughly the area you want to with the darts is crucial. A wonderful and unexpected idea.


Der Grosse Gallier. Published by Clementoni. 2001. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Udo Nawratil. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 50 mins.

The players are Gauls who will take part in a number of tournaments in different towns. The tournaments can be in boar hunting, bull pulling, donkey racing, tree climbing or stone lifting. Players accumulate cards and when a tournament happens they play ones relevant to the current tournament but may bluff and play some cards face down. Wild cards are played face down in any case. The player who declares the lowest hand gets to accuse someone of cheating if they wish, and there are bonuses for catching a bluffer and for winning a tournament with an uncaught bluff, as well as the prizes for the tournament itself.


Der Herr Der Ringe - Die Ruckkehr Des Konigs. Published by Kosmos. 2003. Box. New. £11.50

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 1hr.

Lord of the Rings Film (Part 3) tie in game. The players together try to defeat Sauron. If Sauron is defeated the players count VPs to decide a winner. A round consists of first army build up and then movement and fighting. Army build up involves receiving new army, hero and action cards. Pieces are then moved to engage the enemy - winning a battle gains VPs and allows the battle to continue. The game ends if the player's armies can breach the Black Gate or if Frodo and Sam reach Mount Doom, but only if they beat Gollum to it!


Die Erbraffer. Published by Ravensburger. 1994. Box. Excellent. £8.25

Designer: Nik Sewell and Jeremy Shaw. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Unusual but great theme for a game - the board shows 6 generations of a family tree, with many intermarriages.  Play progresses through the generations and players play cards to alter the fortunes of the various family members in the current generation in terms of money and valuable heirlooms. As time passes a generation dies and the wills are found and the goodies pass on to the next generation, though often new wills may be found redistributing the wealth. The objective is to end up with as many of the valuables as possible ending up in the possession of various of your (secretly owned) family members dotted through the ages, or your secret heir in the year 2000. For £4 extra I can print and laminate a set of cards in English to ease game play.


Down Under. Published by Bambus Spieleverlag. 2007. Box. In shrink. £10

Designer: Günter Cornett. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Tile laying game in which each player has a set of tiles with their own coloured paths, as well as neutral paths which show various animals. Players lay their tiles so as to form paths, with a few, but cunning, restrictions, so that any path section will only ever belong to one player. When the tiles are played players score for the length of their path and also get bonus points for the animals they have managed to link to. Clever ideas as you would expect from Günter.


Dragon Dice - Battle Box + Lots Of Extras. Published by TSR. 1996. Box. Good. £17

Designer: Lester Smith. No. players: 2(+). Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Collectable dice game in which you use dice to represent armies of various fantasy races and monsters which battle to control their home base and a frontier area. The first player to capture two terrains wins the game - this will require several victories at those locations. There are lots of different types of dice which can enhance your armies, giving them special powers, and there are also large Dragon dice, which are very powerful. The dice are all very attractive and have special symbols on them. This collection includes 114 dice, which represents the Battle Box, 3 extra starter sets and 3 expansion packs. Plenty to make up a good selection of armies.


English Contract Bridge. Published by Camelot Press. ca.1932. Book. Good, but shows some wear. £3

Author: Manning Foster. Country: British.

Hardback, 19x13cm, 206 pages. A book from a Bridge writer for The Times. This book covers the English way of not accepting proscriptive systems, but not throwing them out altogether - taking a middle road. The book covers the laws and procedures of Bridge, and then covers Constructive Bidding (9 chapters) and Defensive Bidding (5 chapters), finishing off with analysis of a selection of informative hands from actual play.


Erosion. Published by Sierra Madre Games. 2009. Box. New. £10.50

Designer: John Douglass. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Subtitled 'Make molehills out of mountains', the players each have a mountain, and use a variety of cards to erode their opponents' mountains, the objective being to be the player who still has the biggest mountain at the end. What a novel theme!


Eurorails. Published by Mayfair Games. 1990. Box. Excellent. £13

Designer: Darwin Bromley. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 3 hrs.

Crayon rails game. The board shows Europe, and players build railway track which they mark on the board with crayons. Cards are used to determine what money is on offer for picking up and delivering goods from place to place - the payout being better for longer journeys. The money so earned can then be reinvested in a bigger network, encompassing all the major cities. Ultimately the objective is to be the first to obtain a target amount of money.


Evolutions. Published by Spear's Games. 1996. Box. Good, but 1 corner taped. £0.75

Designer: Top Drawer Publishing. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

Trivia game playable individually or in teams. There are 300 double sided cards, each side of which describes a particular object, concept or person. The objective is for the current player to work out what is being described and name it. If that player fails to do so then other players get a chance to answer. The first player to move their playing piece around the board wins the game.


Fagin's Gang. Published by Ludorum Games. 2006. Box. Excellent. £18.50

Designer: Dean Conrad. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 2 hrs.

Strategic and economic game set in Charles Dickens' London in Oliver Twist's time. Each player is a senior street urchin, and part of Fagin's gang, with control of 5 junior urchins who you must direct to scour the city for easy pickings. This is done by avoiding police constables, and liberating valuables such as books, jewellery, pocket watches and the like. These must then be converted to shillings at Smithfield Market. Unusual game, with some interesting mechanics and a novel theme.


Falling. Published by Cheapass. 1998. Box. Excellent. £1.75

Designer: James Ernest. No. players: 4-8. Country: American. Duration: 5 mins.

Card game, 54 cards illustrating characters in free-fall from a great height. Each player is falling to the ground, and the one who hits the ground last is the winner (for a few moments, anyway!). Cards by Magic the Gathering artist Brian Snoddy. Card play is fast and furious - no hesitation permitted, and one player acts as a non-playing dealer for the round. However, given the short duration several rounds can be played.


Fantasy Business. Published by Descartes Editeur. 2002. Box. Excellent. £4.25

Designer: Christophe Boelinger. No. players: 3-8. Country: French. Duration: 45 mins.

Economic game with a fantasy theme. Players must buy various bits of adventuring gear (eg. weapons, armour, horses, etc) at auction and then after a set number of auctions there is a selling round. After discussions players secretly set their prices for the items they have on offer. Lowest price sells with a bonus, middle prices sell with no bonus and highest prices don't sell at all. There are also some action cards to make things interesting and keep people on their toes.


Fresh Fish. Published by Plenary Games. 1999. Box. Excellent. £24

Designer: Friedemann Friese. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Excellent game in which players create the layout of a town, in which they must site locations for their four shops and by hook or by crook arrange for the streets to be laid out so that the total distance to visit all their locations is as short as possible. Very clever mechanism, which requires some cunning thought to play well. Highly recommended for the more cerebral gamer. Originally published as Frisch Fisch in Germany.


Freya's Folly. Published by Sagacity Games. 2005. Box. In shrink. £20

Designer: Don Bone. No. players: 3-5. Country: Australian. Duration: 1 hr.

The players represent different tribes of dwarven miners and craftsmen. The dwarves are sent down the mines to collect gems - the best gems are in the deeper areas which will take longer to reach and haul out. Movement is quite tactical as you can move through occupied spaces in the mines but only through two other dwarves. Also special ability cards can be obtained which allow the dwarves extra movement, greater carrying capacity etc. Once the gems are out of the mine they can be mounted and made into various pieces of jewelry or turned into extra special pieces which the goddess Freya has commissioned. Plays well - recommended.


Fun For Your Family. Published by Hutchinson. 1955. Book. Good. £6.50

Author: Eileen Elias. Country: British.

Hardback, 22x16cm, 127 pages. A book full of ideas and advice on how to enjoy time with your family. The chapters cover: Family Holidays, Let’s Give a Party, With Brush & Pencil, Outdoors With the Family, What About a Play?, Going Places, Come & See My Collection, Fun with Music, Crazy About Animals, What Can They Join?


Games For Children. Published by Faber & Faber. ca.1950. Book. Good. £4

Author: Marguerite Kohl, Frederica Young. Country: British.

Hardback, 20x14cm, 191 pages. A large collection of games and activities for children - ideal for parties, rainy days and just generally keeping them amused. Each game or activity is generally described in only a paragraph or two, and they are split up as follows: Quiet Games, Active Indoor Games, Games to Play Outdoors, Birthday Party Ideas. There are also a number of charts to help you find the right game for a particular occasion - eg. by number of children, duration, age range etc.


Games Of Patience. Published by Grant Richards Ltd. 1924. Book. Good. £6.50

Author: Basil Dalton. Country: British.

Softback, 17x11cm, 63 pages. Subtitled: Fifty Selected Games for a Single Pack. This is a collection of patience games with diagrams and also some puzzles for the reader with solutions at the end. The author wrote many books on games and here he has selected his favourite 50 out of over 350 patience games he considered.


Games Unplugged Issue 4. Published by Dynasty Presentations. 2000. Magazine. Good. £1

Author: Tony Lee, Lewis McLouth. Country: American.

Full colour 64 page magazine covering board games and role playing games. Articles this issue include: News (Spiel 2000, Cthulhu D20, ICE...), Holiday Shopping Guide, RPG Collecting for Fun & Profit, Cosmic Re-Encounter, Top Artists, Redneck Christmas, Shatterlands RPG, Hot New Stuff, Alderac Entertainment, SnarfQuest, Reviews (RPGs, Board Games, Card Games).


German Toys 1924 / 1926. Published by Hobby House Press Inc.. 1985. Book. Excellent. £4.50

Author: Mannfred Bachmann, Charles Dukes. Country: American.

Hardback, 32x24cm, 403 pages. Very substantial book which has pictures (some colour, most black & white) of German toys available in the period 1924-26.  Each item has a title in English, German and Spanish. There are thousands of items shown. There are some board games as well as dolls, train sets, musical instruments, woodworking sets, and just about anything else you can think of shown here.


Giant Book Of Games. Published by Arco. 1958. Book. Good. £8.50

Author: Frankel & Masters. Country: British.

Hardback, 20x13cm, ~630 pages. This is actually a compilation of 5 books in 1. The books it contains are: 101 Best Action Games for Boys, 101 Best Games for Girls, 101 Best Games for Teenagers, 101 Best Party Games for Adults, 101 Best Stunts and Novelty Games. The general focus is on party / parlour type games and activities, but there is a huge amount of material here!


GM Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5. Published by Anthony Jacobson. ca.1990. Magazine. Good. £0.50

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Independent fantasy roleplaying magazine printed professionally and in colour, which also covers some board games, and often includes a short story too. Typically about 80 pages per issue. Main articles this issue: Reviews (Car Wars, Cthulhu, Briar Wood Castle, Warlord, The Hunting), City Role Playing System, Computer RPGs, LRP: Laser Logistics, The Story Teller's Tale (fiction). Paint Shop Special, PBM, The Victor, The Axeman Cometh, Critical Hits, News.


Greed Incorporated. Published by Splotter Spellen. 2009. Box. New. £58

Designer: Joris Wiersinga, Jeroen Doumen. No. players: 3-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 3.5 hrs.

Players take the roles of CEOs of huge companies, and attempt to extract as much money as possible for themselves. If this means running the company to the wall, so be it. Some care needs to be taken though to ensure that a company lasts long enough to pay a fat exit bonus before it goes belly up! Tired of hearing of top bankers getting stupid bonuses on the news - well now you can see what it's like to be in their shoes! As normal with games from this company expect an intricate and deep game system and plenty of thinking will be required.


Hacker. Published by FanFor Verlag. 1990. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Valentin Herman. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Desc. by Eamon.

Entertaining game set in a computer company where the players represent different departments within the company trying to discover the other departments' secrets. Each department is continually pushing to get terminal time and it becomes a battle just to get time at the computer. Wooden pieces.


Horoscope. Published by Ariel. ca.1960. Box. Box lid indented by stacking. £1.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Players try to complete their board of twelve spaces, one for each sign of the zodiac. The cards that go in these spaces have to match the space they are to go into, and the sum of values on all the cards on your board also have to add up to one of several special numbers to achieve victory. The cards also have a prediction on each one, allowing the players to read the winning horoscope and determine what awaits each of them in the future!


Hunting Party. Published by Seaborn Games. 2005. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good £13. 1 Catacombs card missing, but has been replaced with a colour scanned and laminated duplicate. Can be played fine with or without this

2) Excellent. £17

Designer: Ben Christenson, Patrick Christenson. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

An unusual fantasy game in which players control a main character who will need to recruit a party of adventurers - the more recruited, the more powerful the group, but the smaller the proportion of treasure found the main character (and thus the player) will get. However, this isn't a dungeon bash game - players have to earn the right to discover the properties of the prophesied big baddy, and what will be required to defeat it. Once this is discovered a group capable of victory needs to be recruited and the evil defeated. However, the winner is the player with the most money, which may not be the player who beat the evil nasty! Very attractive artwork and an intriguing design.


I Challenge You. Published by Simon And Schuster. 1987. Book. Excellent. £1.50

Author: Victor Mollo. Country: American.

Softback, 21x13cm, 150 pages. The Bridge humorist here turns teacher and through a selection of well chosen hands aims to get the reader to improve their Bridge. The book can be considered in halves - one covering the whole field of dummy play, and the other a quiz with 200 problems for the reader to consider.


Ice Pirates Of Harbour Grace. Published by Cambridge Games Factory. 2005. Box. Excellent. £8

Designer: Carl Chudyk. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 40 mins.

Card based game in which the players are seeking hidden treasure.  Players explore the seas, revealing cards showing sections of icy waters with icebergs blocking movement in some directions, and obtain vital ship upgrades from various ports on their way to finding the treasure. Once the treasure has been found other players may try to steal it before it is successfully taken back to Kelly's Island.


Ido. Published by Goldsieber. 1998. Box. Excellent. £7

Designer: Bernhard Weber. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

Strategy game played on a board which looks like a piece of modern art, with coloured areas and striking black lines on a white background. The playing pieces are equally as impressive - plastic, but very chunky colourful cubes and blocks. Onto the board is placed a black plastic griddle which can be moved around and which effectively adds to the lines on the board. Players move their blocks into the spaces on the board, and may also move the griddle as well, which will often move some of the blocks. The objective is to get your blocks to the other side of the board, and whoever manages their moves most efficiently will win.


Imagine No. 16 July 1984. Published by TSR UK Ltd. 1984. Magazine. Good. £0.35

Author: Don Turnbull. Country: British.

Adventure games magazine which is mainly targeted at players of Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy RPGs. Articles this issue include: Unusual mounts, Goroghhwen (short adventure), Introducing Pelinore (Imagine Magazine's Campaign World), The Priests of Aphor (fiction), Ancient Egypt Special Feature inc. the Magic and Mythos focusing on Sobek; Mitra (Persian goddess), Sethotep (Egyptian adventure), RPG Product Reviews, Book, Film and Video Reviews, RPG Rules Questions Answered.


Imperial Canasta. Published by Eyre & Spottiswoode. 1950. Book. Good. £4.50

Author: Ralph Michaels, Charles Goren. Country: British.

Softback, 18x12cm, 107 pages. Subtitled: The only book which contains the Official British Rules. Includes the following sections: How To Play Canasta, Q&A, Timing & Strategy with 4 players, The Official British Rules, Canasta Tournaments.


Impertinent Questions And Pertinent Answers. Published by H P Gibsons. ca.1935. Box.

Good, box shows some wear. £3.50. Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

Special Notes: No original rules sheet, but a transcription of the rules supplied

One of the early Gibson games, and one that is one of their best selling items in their history. Essentially an ice-breaker at parties, as players read out questions like “Have you any holes in your stockings?”, and someone else reads out an answer at random from another card which might say: “Yes, but only on Saturday nights”. As the rules say, “The procedure is repeated, thus keeping the company in a continual roar of laughter”.


Industria. Published by Queen Games. 2003. Box. Several copies available:

1) In shrink. £7     2) Excellent, partly unpunched. £6.50      3) Excellent. £6

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Excellent business game in which players use very limited money to bid for various technologies and factories. Each epoch new types of resource become available and there are definite benefits for having suitably connected factories. Making the best of your opportunities while you are the auctioneer is also vital. In addition the order in which factories, resources and technologies come up can be crucial and ensures that the game poses different challenges each time. Best with 3 players, and highly recommended for that number.


Insider Dealing. Published by Fantasy Games. 1988. Box. Good. £7.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Special Notes: The calculator needs a new battery.

Stocks and shares game. Players deal in the shares of six companies on the Stock Exchange. Stock prices are affected by event cards of two types - market news (which everyone gets to see) and insider information which only the current player gets to see. In addition players move around three sections of the board, one in which it is possible to buy shares, one in which it is possible to sell shares and a special area which must be passed through in between. Players can decide how long they wish to stay in an area before leaving it. Nicely produced and includes an electronic calculator as well.


Jeanne d' Arc 1429. Published by Tilsit. 1998. Box. In shrink. £14

Designer: Pascal Bernard. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

A grand strategy game in the tradition of games like Kingmaker. The 100 Years War in the 14th and 15th centuries: France is in turmoil, a theatre of ambitions, and players compete politically and militarily to become King before the war ends. This is the German language edition, but English rules and crib sheets provided.


Jekyll & Hyde. Published by Waddingtons. 1980. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Game of skill, but nerve and bluff required. All the pieces look like they are the same, but are marked differently on the back so that only the owning player knows what is what. Four of each player's pieces are Dr Jekyll and four are Mr Hyde. Players take turns moving one of their pieces with the option of capturing opposing pieces by moving onto them. However, the game can be won by capturing all four of your opponent's Jekylls, but is lost if you capture all your opponent's Hydes! The game can also be won by getting one of your Jekylls to one of your opponent's corner spaces and then moving it off the board.


Jeopardy. Published by Milton Bradley. 1964. Box. Box corners split. £0.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Desc. by Eamon.

TV related. Third edition. Based on a popular American game-show (practically unknown outside the States), where players are told an answer and must give the question it relates to, as the answer, if you see what I mean! MB Game No. 4457.


Kimbo. Published by Waddingtons. 1961. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Box lid has been taped. £5      2) Good. £7

Designer: Robert S. Maggee. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Rare. Unusual race game. Players each have a piece at each corner of a 15 x 15 grid, and the objective is to get those pieces to the centre. Movement is by dice roll, but what makes this game interesting and clever is that each player has fences which slot into the sides of the spaces. These obstruct movement, but are also essential as movement is in straight lines but when hitting a fence the direction can be changed and movement continues. Thus a carefully placed fence can help you but hinder your opponents. Sometimes known as The Game of Fences.  Amazingly substantial board, at least twice as thick as modern boards.


Kogge. Published by JKLM Games. 2003. Box. Good. £12

Designer: Andreas Steding. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Special Notes: 1st edition

Each player is the merchant captain of a ship which sails the Baltic trading between the various ports, each trying to be the most successful merchant. The basic idea is that you sail from port to port and trade goods of one sort for more goods of other types. However, the trade routes regularly change, though players can also influence them. In addition players set up offices in ports which gather goods when they are produced and can then be collected by a visiting captain. Special privileges can also be obtained, and count towards victory too. Once or twice a game each captain can turn bandit and raid a port as well - very lucrative, but you can then never go there again.


League Of Six: Loyal Retinue. Published by Czech Games Editions. 2008. Box. In shrink. £13.50

Designer: Vladimír Suchý. No. players: 3-6. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 75 mins.

Expansion for League of Six, which is required to make use of this. The set provides playing pieces for a 6th player, a selection of new hexagonal tax tiles, and followers. As well as letting you play with a sixth player, this expansion also introduces followers of different social classes who attach themselves to your retinue when you visit the towns, and give in game advantages as well as VPs at the end of the game.


Mandarin. Published by Mattel. 1990. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. £11.50      2) Excellent. £13

Designer: Tom Kremer. No. players: 3-5. Country: British. Duration: 50 mins.

Family game designed around the theme of the Chinese Zodiac. The game uses a clever gadget: a plastic Chinese house that dispenses tiles when a lever is pressed. Players attempt to collect one tile of each symbol or 6 of a particular type. Players move around a track and activate spaces, often getting the chance to claim a single tile or push their luck to try to get more, but if this fails then all the tiles are auctioned instead. Everything has been attractively produced with a Chinese theme.


Mark. Published by Franjos. 1997. Box. New. £11

Designer: Ronald Corn. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Business game in which players run a recycling company. The components include mini jam jars, bottle tops, etc. Play involves processing the various recyclables and selling them when the price is highest. The game uses dice to give players limited options each turn. Players must also manage their stock levels as there are penalties for keeping too much back rather than selling it. Works well as a light business game.


Martinique. Published by Z-Man Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £19

Designer: Emanuelle Ornella. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Pirate themed game in which the players take it in turns to introduce a pirate onto the edge of the island or move one of their existing pirates. The board starts covered with tiles depicting various pirate related items, and scrolls.  These are collected when a pirate moves off them. Collecting the scrolls gives information about a secret major treasure hoard, and if at the end of the game a player manages to work out where this is, then they will win. However, if no-one manages to do this then the value of all the other tiles comes into play. Thus the game involves deduction as well as tactical play on the board.


Mastering Middle Earth. Published by Wordware Publishing. 1997. Book. Excellent. £9

Author: Scott Langlinais. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm. 289 pages. Strategy book for the excellent Middle Earth: The Wizards CCG. This book takes the reader through the basic concepts of the game and discusses the issues involved with setting up your company to achieve its goals, and also what type of hazards to use against your opponent. The various sites are then discussed, the use of the One Ring is covered, and then a selection of decks considered. There is also a listing of cards with text for the base set as well as The Dragons and Dark Minions expansions.


Masters Of Venice. Published by R&R Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £26

Designer: Jared Blando. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

The players are young merchants in the 1400s in Venice trying to make their fortune. Goods are bought from the docks and sold on to tradesmen who need them. Stakes in these traders’ businesses can also be bought for extra profit, and the craftsmen at the guildhall also need goods and supplying them is highly prestigious. Various powerful characters such as the harbourmaster, the guildmaster and the tax collector can also prove useful at various times. Gold and prestige are what will prove who is a master merchant.


Mercante In Fiera. Published by Dal Negro. ca.1975. Box. Excellent. £1.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 4-8. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

Traditional Italian gambling card game. Cards are auctioned off in sets by the auctioneer. A second identical deck is then used (this set includes both decks) and three cards are winners, with the prizes for the corresponding card owners set by the auctioneer. One by one losing cards are revealed, and players may buy and sell their remaining cards, which become increasingly likely to be winners as more losers are revealed. The cards are numbered and have very attractive pictures.


Military Modelling Guide To Solo Wargaming. Published by Argus Books. 1988. Book. Excellent. £5.50

Author: Stuart Asquith. Country: British.

Softback, 20x15cm, 127 pages. Military Modelling magazine sponsored guide to solo wargaming with miniatures. There are many black and white pictures of various miniatures battles in progress. The book covers: Why Solo?, Solo Wargaming Systems, Small Scale Actions, Historical Play, Solitaire Scenarios, Programmed Scenarios, Solo Campaigns. Siege Warfare, Postal Wargaming.


Mirage Revealed. Published by Wordware Publishing. 1997. Book. Excellent. £2.50

Author: Scott Johns. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm, 253 pages. A review of Magic: The Gathering's Mirage expansion. This book goes through each and every card from the Mirage expansion and gives thoughts about the uses, advantages and drawbacks of that card. Thus the reader should not only learn about Mirage, but also be given a good grounding in the game as the author is a pro tour champion.


Monopoly The Card Game. Published by Winning Moves. 2000. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Special Notes: Original rules missing - printout supplied.

Monopoly themed card game. Players try to collect sets of cards showing the Monopoly properties plus hotels and houses which increase the value of sets. Other cards provide quick points. Players can choose to draw from either the draw deck or from other players' discard piles in a sort of forced trade. Money is provided, and is used to keep track of the score.


Mor*on Trivia. Published by Paul Lamond Games. 1986. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Custom Business Systems Inc. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

A standalone set of trivia questions which you can slot into pretty much any other quiz game - as a joke! The questions are intentionally easy and generally the answer is in the question. eg. Where in Egypt was the Rosetta Stone found? Answer: Near Rosetta.


Mordred. Published by Warfrog. 2007. Box. Excellent. £25

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 3-4. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Reprinted edition with much nicer components than the original. Novel game of area control in which Mordred seeks to take over Wales while King Arthur wants the players to hold him back, and ideally defeat Mordred permanently.  Each turn you can choose whether to play safe or take risks, with more money and more corruption points likely when you take risks. The money is used to expand your territories and attack Mordred's holdings. Defeating Mordred's minions cancels out your corruption points. The game can end with Mordred himself defeated, or with a stand-off in which case the exact position determines who wins, as King Arthur may decide some of the players have been traitorous. Recommended.


Mr Jack Extension. Published by Hurrican. 2007. Box. Excellent. £8.50

Designer: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc. No. players: 2. Country: Swiss. Duration: 30 mins.

Special Notes: Autographed on inside of the lid

Expansion for Mr Jack, which you will need in order to make use of this.  This set provides five new characters for you to mix in with the existing eight so you can play with a different selection each game. The new characters have new and interesting special abilities.


Municipium. Published by Valley Games. 2008. Box. In shrink. £18

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Set in ancient Rome, the players act as rival powerful families, each trying to gain influence in various important institutions. Most or second most influence in these at the right times earns citizen tokens which are collected and then given in to earn all-important Decurions (political leaders). The first to obtain a set number of these wins. Game play involves worker placement, judging the timing of the Prefect's moves and making use of cards and other opportunities as they come up.


Mystery Of The Abbey. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2003. Box. Excellent. £18

Designer: Bruno Faidutti, Serge Laget. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Revised edition of this medieval mystery game. One of the monks has been killed, and the players must discover which monk is to blame. The monks have different attributes: Dominican, Franciscan, fat, thin, novice, father etc, and the murderer's card is set aside. Players move around the monastery trying to work out what is going on, which is mainly done with the help of confessionals, searching other monks’ quarters, asking other players questions (which they must answer unless they take a vow of silence - but then they don't get to ask a question back) and the gossip which happens at every mass! Great if you like deduction games, but with a twist.


Napoleon At Bay. Published by Avalon Hill. 1983. Box. Good, but 1 corner taped. £8.50

Designer: Kevin Zucker. No. players: 2. Country: American.

The Campaign in France, 1814. Originally published by OSG. Uses the original system that means that unit strengths are only revealed when leaders confront each other on the battlefield. The game is played at the division level. 3.2km / hex, 1000 men / SP, 2 days / turn. The rules are 26 pages long, with another 2 pages of optional rules. A separate booklet details 7 scenarios and gives a detailed narrative of historical events.


Neck And Neck. Published by Yaquinto. 1981. Double LP Case. Good. £4.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: American.

Yaquinto's only sports game. Non-statistical horse racing game in an album case. Players place secret wagers on one or more horses and then players roll two dice and decide whether or not to move the indicated horse the amount rolled. Doubles allow a further roll. At the end of the race bets are paid for horses finishing in the top 3 (of 6). The game requires an element of bluff as refusing to move any horses which are not your own will soon make it obvious what you have bet on, and thus you will find no-one else moving them for you at all.


North Sea Oil. Published by Omnia. 1974. Box. 3 Box corners damaged. £0.75

Designer: R C P Guignard. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 2 hrs.

Oil discovery, pumping and selling game.  The board shows 28 potential drilling sites, which vary in depth and productivity. There are different drilling rigs designed to reach different depths. Plots are initially explored and then put up for auction. Once bought a plot can be made active by buying a rig or moving one to it. Production is affected by weather though. The price of oil fluctuates too and the political party in power changes and sets the interest rate on your loans (which you will have), and tax rates. Some advance warning of the next party coming to power is available to aid planning.


Notre Dame. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Stefan Feld. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Board game which is driven by card play. The game uses a neat card drafting system, which works wonderfully - plenty of options, but not always the ones you would really like. Players deploy influence markers in various parts of their quarter of the city. When deployed various benefits are gained such as recruiting more influence markers, gaining gold, gaining VPs, and investing in hospitals. The latter is vital as each turn rats bring plague to the city, which hospitals help control - woe betide the player who leaves the plague unchecked. Excellent systems, with interesting play - highly recommended.


Olix. Published by Spiel Spass. 1998. Box. Good. £5.75

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Abstract game from this first class designer.  Players take turns playing pieces onto a grid and try to form patterns in the shapes of the letters 'O'. 'L', 'I', and 'X'.  You have to watch what your opponent is doing and both counter them and build your own patterns at the same time.


Oraklos. Published by Splotter. 2002. Box. Excellent. £3

Designer: Tamara Jannink, Joris Wiersinga. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 20 mins.

Pattern recognition game in which a large number of coloured cubes (with holes in two sides) are thrown onto the table, and cards are turned over to indicate what must be spotted. The patterns are of the form of four cubes forming a rectangle and being of the right combination of colours, none with holes upwards and the rectangle must include no other cubes. Players each have their own target patterns, and get to choose some of the cubes which will be used that round, hopefully making their pattern more likely to occur and those of their opponents less likely.


Oregon. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £25.50

Designer: Ase & Henrik Berg. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Wild West themed game in which the players use cards to permit placement of tiles and men onto an initially empty board in order to develop the wilderness with mines and buildings and to position their people in order to have the best access to these facilities. A simple but interesting mechanism which gives plenty of options.


Orion. Published by Parker. 1971. Box. Good, but box shows some wear. £30

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

More a game system than simply a game. The key component is the incredible board which has 25 dials with pointed ovals which fit between the dials and which rotate when the dials are moved. Each player has a set of differently coloured pieces. The rules include 15 games for 2-4 players ranging from simple race games to quite complex abstract challenges, as well as 7 puzzles for one player. The games are all named after constellations. Amazing item.


Oxford Cambridge Boat Race. Published by Piatnik. 1998. Box. Excellent. £4.50

Designer: Hermann Huber. No. players: 3-5. Country: Austrian. Duration: 45 mins.

Trick taking card game which uses two decks, one for each of the Oxford and Cambridge boats. Each deck has three suits of eight cards and wild cards. Suit precedence is chosen and only five tricks are played each hand. Tricks won are logged to the player, and for the boat as well. When one boat has 26 points players score up, getting double points for tricks won using cards of the winning boat. Score is kept on a very attractive scorepad which shows a map of the real boat race.


Pastimes For Children. Published by Butterick Publishing Co.. 1890. Book. Fair. £5.25

Author: Unknown. Country: American.

Special Notes: The cover is worn and somewhat discoloured, and two pages have been taped.

Softback, 28x21cm, 96 pages. A book of games and activities for children such as: pictures to copy / enlarge, making shadow pictures, making a boomerang, ring catchers, windmills, hand signals, make your own menagerie, make your own doll's house, making dolls clothes, mental pastimes (charades, puzzles, anagrams, riddles etc).


Patience. Published by Geoffrey Bles. 1947. Book. Excellent. £2.50

Author: P.Francis Grant. Country: British.

Hardback, 17x11cm, 63 pages. A collection of twenty new and different patience games, mostly one deck games, but a few two deck games as well.


Phunology. Published by Abingdon Cokesbury. 1923. Book. Good, but cover shows some wear. £7.50

Author: E.O. Harbin. Country: American.

Special Notes: 1st and last pages taped to spine.

Hardback, 20x14, 454 pages. Subtitled: The Book of Good Times, A Collection of Tried and Proved Plans for Play, Fellowship and Profit. The entertainments and games are divided up as follows: Games and Activities appropriate for each month of the year, Entertainments by category (Socials; Prize Socials; Games A-Z; Assembly Stunts; Misc. Stunts; Relays; Icebreakers; City Union Socials; Banquets; Plays, Cantatas, Pageants & Operettas; Songs).


Pirate's Plunder. Published by Hilary's Toybox. 2000. Box. Good. £1.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Card and dice game based on the 'Golden Age of Piracy'. Players play cards and attempt to secure treasure while avoiding the British and Spanish fleets. Everything is card driven, but dice rolls need to be made to determine the success of actions such as attacking other ships.


Pocket Battles: Orcs Vs Elves. Published by Z-Man Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £9.50

Designer: Paolo Mori, Francesco Sirocchi. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Fantasy battle tile game. Played on three fronts with large and attractively illustrated unit tiles. The armies are created afresh each game ensuring good variety between plays. The game comes in a pocketable box but is intended to give the feel of a big box fantasy wargame. The army tiles from other sets can be used with this one as well. Combat resolution uses dice, which are included.


Portobello Market. Published by Schmidt Spiele. 2007. Box. In shrink. £17

Designer: Thomas Odenhoven. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

An interesting majorities game set in London's Portobello street market. Players take turns to place market stands into the various streets, but must move the policeman to supervise this. However, moving him can prove expensive, so care should be taken. When a street fills with market stalls points are awarded to the majority stall holders. However, not all streets will fill before the end of the game, so don't spread your stalls too thinly. Fits quite a bit into a short time. Recommended.


Powerboats. Published by Cwali. Box. In shrink. £26

Designer: Corne Van Moorsel. No. players: 2-6. Country: Dutch. Duration: 1 hr.

Race game which uses a geomorphic board showing a large lake with many little islands which make negotiating the course around the lake tricky, even without the opponents' boats which can also prove troublesome. The game uses a clever mechanism which makes use of many 3 sided dice. Each turn a player can accelerate or decelerate by taking more or putting back dice, and choosing which existing dice to keep as is and which to reroll. The resulting number is the number of spaces which must be moved in a straight line after an optional initial turn. Clever and fun.


Quick Wit. Published by The Games Gang Ltd. 1987. Box. Good. £1.50

Designer: Petermark Inc. No. players: 2-6 or teams. Country: American.

Quiz type game, but different to most of these because of the nature of the questions. Many of them are cards with odd pictures and you have to try to identify what the picture represents. Some of the others are mathematical or logic puzzles, others based on obscure vocabulary, and mixed in are a few of the more normal trivia questions. Also included is an egg timer, dice and dobbers.


Reboot Mainframe Game. Published by Crown Games. 1995. Box. Good. £1.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Based on a popular computer animated cartoon series from the 1990s. Players are either sprites (good) or viruses (bad), who try to protect or infect the CPU in which they all live. The board is circular and shows lots of paths around which the stand-up playing pieces move. Players need to collect chips to win. Everything in the game fits in with the computer theme, down to a rules flow chart on the back page. The game itself is a roll and move type game, but you can collect items to help yourself or hinder others.


Restaurant. Published by Flying Turtle. 1987. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Roland Siegers. No. players: 3-6. Country: Belgian. Duration: 1 hr.

Nicely made game in which 60 cards are laid out face-down in the restaurant, and players take turns revealing connected cards and using or keeping them, and placing their order markers - this is the order taking section of the game. In the second section of the game the food is played to the tables, hopefully so that the best, highest scoring meals get placed on the spaces with your order markers.


Rolit. Published by Goliath. ca.1997. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-4. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Nicely produced multi-player strategy game based on Othello / Reversi, but for 2-4 players. Four sided balls (if that's not a contradiction) are placed into holes with the current player's colour upwards, and captured pieces are converted by 'rolling' them in their hole to the new colour.


Rum & Pirates. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2006. Box. In shrink. £18.50

Designer: Stefan Feld. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Fun board game in which players must make best use of their supply of pirates while in town. Each turn you can choose where to lead the Red Corsair, but must assign your pirates to lead the way, so longer routes use up more of your men. At each location you gain some benefit - perhaps money, treasure maps, rum, an invitation to a romantic rendezvous etc. Ultimately all these options result in VPs, and the objective is to get as many as possible. At the end of each round there is a fun dice-off for VPs, with the odds favouring the players who have left more of their pirates back on their ships, rather than using them on the board.


Selected Patience Games. Published by Goodall & Sons. 1921. Booklet. Good. £6.50

Author: Professor Hoffmann. Country: British.

Softback, 10x7cm, 64 pages. A selection of 21 patiences selected by this prolific author. Very attractive cover and many black and red diagrams throughout. The games are: Original, Star, Travellers, Carpet, Windmill, Heads & Tails, Demon, New York, St Helena, Reversible Sequences, Puss in the Corner, Four Marriages, Backbone, Bismarck, Quadrilateral, Roman, Ladies’ Drawing-Room, Burleigh, Triplets, Stop, Golf.


Sensationen. Published by Walter Muller. 1992. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £6.25      2) Good. £5.25

Designer: Helmut Huber. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Unusual race game with reporters racing to get the top story. There are three tracks along which playing pieces will be moved, but at one time only one of these is active, and at the start of the game players secretly decide which pieces they want to win on each of the tracks. Cards are played to move the pieces along the current track, but special cards can be played to cancel other cards, double them or change the currently active track. When two of the tracks have been won points are awarded to players who correctly stated the winners. Uses Walter Muller's characteristic graphic style.


Single Card Strategies For Magic: The Gathering. Published by Wordware Publishing. 1996. Book. Excellent. £4

Author: Jess Franzmann, Philip Kramer, Beth Moursund. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm, 192 pages.  A collection of nearly 100 articles for Magic: The Gathering. Each article focuses on a single card from the early sets, and has an imagined story followed by an analysis of the card's strengths and weaknesses and what other cards go especially well with it.


Situation 4. Published by Parker. 1968. Box. Good but corners taped. £20

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2 or 4. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Excellent idea for a game. Each side has enough pieces of land (cut into jigsaw shapes) to complete a map of the entire board, but each side's set is a slightly different colour. Play is simultaneous, adding to your side of the puzzle as you find the pieces. As pieces are added to the board, some have spaces for plastic pieces to be added such as flags, tanks and bridges. These are used to defend your land against attack, or to start a campaign to obtain opponent's adjacent land. Thus you really do have a jigsaw puzzle driven light wargame! Such a neat idea - recommended.


Small Soldiers Karate Fighters. Published by Kenner. 1998. Box. Box good, contents unused. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: Canadian.

Film related, based on the characters in the film Small Soldiers. Action game in which the players control 15cm high moving figures of Chip Hazard and Archer, which can kick and punch. They are controlled using buttons and a knob to twist at the far end of a handle / base. A well placed kick and punch combination and the opponent's action figure will fly off its base, defeated. Great fun.


Sneaks & Snitches. Published by CGE. 2010. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil. No. players: 2-5. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 20 mins.

The players are criminal masterminds who control the actions of a team of high class lady and gentlemen thieves. The objective is to acquire valuables in several different categories. To do this players secretly send their thieves and / or snitches out to various locations. Snitches stop anything being gained at that location, whereas a lone thief will get the big prize, and multiple thieves in a location will have to make do with a lesser prize.


Space Dealer - All-Zeit. Published by Eggert Spiele. 2006. Box. In shrink. £5

Designer: Tobias Stapelfeldt. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Expansion for Space Dealer which provides 44 new cards and some wooden cubes to add variety to the base game (which you will need to make use of this). The new cards include a variety of new technologies, a few corrected cards and more neutral trade planet cards (Gizzis).


Spiel '95 Taschenbuch. Published by Friedhelm Merz Verlag. 1996. Book. Good. £0.90

Author: Rosemarie Geu. Country: German.

Softback, 15x11cm, 782 pages. Pocket guide book to the Spiel 1995 fair in Essen, with lots of information useful to collectors such as: Company addresses for all the exhibitors, PBM magazine addresses, German games awards lists, Journalists' and magazines' contact details, Lists of the games being shown at all the stands that year, Lists of games authors with their ludographies, Games index, Games groups and so on.  It is all in German of course.


Spiel '96 Taschenbuch. Published by Friedhelm Merz Verlag. 1996. Book. Good. £0.90

Author: Rosemarie Geu. Country: German.

Softback, 15x11cm, 812 pages. Pocket guide book to the Spiel 1996 fair in Essen. See above.


Station Manager. Published by Spiele Aus Timbuktu. 2002. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £5       2) In shrink. £6

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Train themed card game. Players collect sets of cargo cards and trade in sets to claim scoring cards. However, these can be stolen away by other players playing the same set later in the game. The game can end in several ways, and when it does players score for the sets played and the scoring cards still in front of them.


Stirling Moss Rally. Published by Whittlecraft. ca.1965. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Motor racing rally game played on a course with snow and ice, rocky canyons, and deserts. Players buy equipment to help them through certain terrains, and without these the cars will have to stop for repairs. The game uses 3 dice: fast (1-6), slow (1-3), and a traffic light control (red/green). Hazard spaces do different things depending on your speed and equipment. Board graphics and box art by the newspaper cartoonist Brockbank.


Stop The Train. Published by Spears. 1986. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 25 mins.

Special Notes: The dice is not the original one, but an entirely suitable replacement.

Children's game (age 5+) in which the players have to get 3 playing pieces around the board and back home again - first to do so wins. A dice is used to dictate movement options, but it does not have pips, but colours, and rather than indicating how the playing pieces move it determines how two trains move around the board. The board has a clip-in clear plastic railway track and two large train overlays which fit onto the railway track and can slide around the track. These trains cover several spaces and at the end of each turn when the trains are stationary, playing pieces next to them get on, or if at a detour space, get off and move backwards a bit. Good children's game.


Sun, Sea & Sand. Published by Cwali. 2010. Box. In shrink. £26

Designer: Corne Van Moorsel. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 1 hr.

Attractively produced development game. The players each have a resort on an island paradise and some money, and must develop their resort so as to attract visitors in order to earn money which can be reinvested in further attractions. Players take it in turn to perform actions using their workers such as building chalets, building new attractions, and booking in tourists from the boats. Some actions will occupy workers for several turns, and attractions can keep existing visitors around for further turns. Very clever systems which fit a lot of game into just an hour. Highly recommended.


Sunset Blvd. Published by Salagames. 1992. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £1.25       2) Good. £0.90

Designer: Gunter Baars. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Each player must discover the location of the four false celebrities dealt to them at the start of the game. The various celebrities are initially laid face down in a row. Players take the role of the press and roll the dice and move amongst the stars to obtain interviews, hopefully with the stars required. The game uses an intriguing movement system which needs to be managed carefully to avoid having to re-find celebrities after a poor or unlucky move.


Tactics!. Published by Hodder & Stoughton. 1990. Book. Good. £5.75

Author: Stephen Thraves. No. players: 1. Country: British.

Special Notes: The spare division card has been marked up by a previous owner.

Very unusual item. Inspired by Fighting Fantasy style game-books, this allows you to indulge in Football Management. Besides the book, it also includes a special die, cards, scoreboard and league tables. These extra items are kept in a special plastic packet, together with the book. You can play a whole season of games, but can break off after each match and come back to it later. Your team starts bottom of the division, with a good (but not great) team. Your decisions and the luck of the dice will help your team to better fortune and hopefully glory. 456 paragraphs are used to guide game play.


Tactix. Published by Schmidt. ca.1982. Box. Good. £8

Designer: Geoff Hayes. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

A classic abstract game, using dice as playing pieces. The board has ridges on each square, so when a dice is moved, it ‘tumbles’ over the ridge, changing the number on the face-up side. The number showing limits its move next time. The objective is to either capture your opponent's Key dice (a special dice with 1's on all faces) or to get your Key dice to your opponent's Key dice space. Aka: Duell, Conquest, and The George and Mildred Game.


Tension. Published by Peter Pan. 1971. Box. Box shows wear, 1 corner taped up. £2

Designer: Kohner Bros. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

The centrepiece of the game is a large round plastic board with holes for pieces of various colours, but one less hole than the number of players. The 'spin-o-matic' colour indicator is spun, and when it stops players race to get a piece of the indicated colour into a slot of that colour.  The slowest has to take all the other players' pieces for that round. The objective is to be the first to get rid of all your pieces.


Terra. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £4.50       2) Excellent. £3.50

Designer: Bruno Faidutti. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Environmentally friendly card game purchases of which contributed to a charity selected by UNESCO. The players have to deal with an ecological, sociological, economic and military crisis in which all sides need to collaborate to save the Earth, while also advancing their own interests. Players gain points for solving crises by playing cards, while trying to hang on to sets of cards which can be played to score points individually as well.


The Best After-Dinner Sports Tales. Published by Harper Collins. 2003. Book. Excellent. £1.50

Author: WIll Chignell. Country: Britiish.

Softback, 20x13cm, 297 pages. A large collection of amusing anecdotes from well known sportsmen and women compiled by the author. None more than a page or so long, this would make an excellent book for the bathroom - expect to hear your guests' chuckles!


The Chelsea Flower Show Game. Published by Traditional Games Co. Ltd. ca.2004. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Horticulture themed board game in which the players try to be the first to complete a show garden at Chelsea and gain the coveted RHS Gold Medal. Players move very chunky gardener playing pieces around the board - the outer area gives inspiration and education - and then advance to the inner ring where they design and develop their show garden. The innermost section of the board lets the players actually build their garden. Cards are drawn and used at each stage of the game.


The Club. Published by Tuonela Productions. 2008. Box. In shrink. £19

Designer: Jussi Autio. No. players: 2-4. Country: Finnish.

Somewhat satirical tile based game in which the board shows a dance-floor onto which assorted nightclub goers are pushed from each player's side. The objective is to create couples in the centre of the dance-floor. These couples pair off and depending on how well matched they are (each character has four visible traits) points will be scored. Characters also have a secret trait which can affect the scoring and some special characters such as the bouncer can change how things work. Tactical game for those with a sense of humour.


The Complete Home Entertainer. Published by Odhams Press Ltd. ca.1920. Book. Good. £6.75

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Hardback, 22x14cm, 512 pages. The cover and spine are embossed, and there are over 400 illustrations, but the date is a guess. The book covers: Getting Together (Icebreakers), Action Games, Word Games, Games With Pencil & Paper, Party Stunts and Jokes, Word Puzzles, 1 Minute Teasers, Fun with Intelligence Tests, Potted Personalities, Character Quizzes, Amateur Detective's Casebook, Brain Twisters, Family Craft, Songs for Home & Party, Simple Conjuring, Card Wizardry, Scientific Magic, Fun with Matches String & Coins, Card Games, Board & Table Games, Picnic & Garden Games, Children's Fun Book.


The Elements Of Contract. Published by James Heap. 1937. Book. Good. £4

Author: Hubert Phillips, Terence Reese. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 19x13cm, 271 pages. Bridge book intended to give an excellent grounding in all the fundamentals of Bridge without expounding a particular system. The book is split into two sections: The Bidding (12 chapters) and The Play (8 chapters).


The Elfquest Boardgame. Published by Mayfair. 1988. Box. Good. £3.75. Desc. by Eamon.

Designer: Mark Acres, Troy Denning & Marty Stever. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Based on the comic book characters created by Wendy and Richard Pini. The board is made up of tiles, making it different every game, and in the full game, the tile placement is crucial to your strategy. One player is Guttlekraw the Troll King, and the others are leaders of various elf tribes looking for their Elf Home. Movement costs between tiles depend on the numbers printed on them, so some routes will be prohibitively expensive. There are a number of potential sites for Elf Home, which need to be investigated.


The Fifty Best Party Games. Published by Foulsham. ca.1930. Book. Good. £1

Author: Arthur Annesley Ross. Country: British.

Softback, 18x12cm, 61 pages. A collection of activity style games for play at parties with children and adults alike. It includes lots of old favourites as well as a few devised by the author. Additional sections also cover games to play in the garden and number tricks.


The Fury Of Dracula. Published by Games Workshop. 1987. Box. Good, but box slightly indented. £24

Designer: Stephen Hand. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 2 hrs.

One of Games Workshop’s rarer board games, which has recently been released in a modified form. One player runs Dracula and attempts to create an army of lesser vampires. Meanwhile the other players are vampire hunters and seek out Dracula and his undead offspring intending to destroy them all. Dracula uses a hidden movement system, but leaves telltale destruction in his path. When the vampire hunters meet Dracula's minions combat ensues. A very well thought of game with great atmosphere. Certainly worthy of having been brought back from the dead...


The Guardian Book Of Puzzles. Published by Fourth Estate. 1990. Book. Excellent. £1.50

Author: Christopher Maslanka. Country: British.

Softback, 20x13cm, 220 pages. A collection of many many puzzles and conundrums which vary from word based, through logic to mathematical. Any puzzler is bound to find many hours of entertainment here. Includes hints as well as solutions.


The House-Party Manual. Published by Cassel & Co. 1917. Book. Spine peeling, Good otherwise. £4

Author: Noel Ross. Country: British.

Softback, 18x12cm, 66 pages. An amusingly written spoof manual for the gent requiring a guide on how to behave and how to expect others to behave when invited to a country mansion for the weekend for a house party. Think Jeeves & Wooster.


The Looney Bin + The North Wing Expansion. Published by Numbskull Games. 2007. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Patrick Stevens. No. players: 3-7. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Card based game in which each player is in charge of a ward at a mental institution. Players start with a few patients and can win by being the first to either empty their ward or by curing 7 patients. There are 8 different treatments which can be tried on patients eg. electrotherapy, drugs, hypnosis etc, and each patient has a face down tile showing which of these will work on that patient. When a patient has received 4 positive treatments he is cured. Cards are also played which allow you to speed up the curing process or mess around with other players' wards. Each patient card also has an amusing phrase eg. "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."


The Midas Touch. Published by Spears. 1991. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Peter Quigley. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Dice game, in which players stake cards on making the best dice rolls. Chances can be increased by keeping dice and re-rolling others, but stakes are increased accordingly. However, what makes this interesting is that all the cards start off on their 'plain' side and are valueless. However, if at any time a player has three dice the same in front of them they get The Midas Touch, and any cards they stake or win get turned to the gold side, and these are what score points at the end of the game. One or two other twists add to the game as well giving additional choices. 8 dice provided, 4 of which are gold coloured.


Thinking Man's Golf. Published by 3M. 1966. Box. Good. £5.25

Designer: Frederick A Herschel. No. players: 1-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Very innovative golf game when it was published - one of the first games to use chinagraph pencils and laminated boards. The 18 hole course is laid out on the wrap-around box, and it features 18 famous holes from various American golf courses. To play, you first determine wind speed and direction, then pick your club and place the range-finder on the board. Dice are rolled for your shot to determine distance and direction, and the location marked on the board. This is repeated until the putting table can be used instead.


Third World Debt. Published by JKLM Games. 2005. Box. In shrink. £18

Designer: Dave Thorby. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 2 hrs.

Economic game in which each player runs their own third world country, and has to manage its economy. This will involve obtaining money from international banks to build factories, and thus get income, but the banks need interest payments, and money can also be siphoned off for military purposes. Getting the balance just right is what will win the game.


Total Chess. Published by Secker & Warburg. 1984. Book. Excellent. £1.50

Author: David Spanier. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x15cm, 231 pages. A book about chess and its players rather than being entirely about the game itself, as the chapter titles will indicate: Motivation, The Soviet Mind, Jews, Politics, Women, Computers, Madness, Vision, Mistakes.


Toy Story. Published by Schmidt International. ca.1995. Box. Good. £1.50

Designer: Tom Espen. No. players: 2-4. Country: German.

Children’s game (ages 4-12) based on the very popular film Toy Story. Game play involves moving your playing pieces along a track according to a dice roll, but with some choices, and the possibility of challenging other players along the way. These challenges are done using chunky cards showing Woody, Bo Peep and Buzz, and resolution uses a rock-paper-scissors mechanism. The objective is to be the first to arrive at the removal van, which is also moved along as the game goes on.


Trapped. Published by Peter Pan. 1989. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Strategy game with a plastic board and playing pieces. The board is hexagonal and divided into smaller hexagons each with slots along the edges. Each player has three playing pieces which start near the centre of the board. Players take turns to move a piece and / or play a wall into a slot. The objective is to entirely trap all of your opponent's playing pieces.


Treasure Hunt. Published by PGP. ca.1985. Packet. Excellent - unused. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-10. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

An instant children’s treasure hunt (ages 6-8). Comes with 10 sets of 12 clues - each an easy riddle for kids to solve to find a common object pre-placed in a common location. 


Tumblin' Monkeys. Published by Tomy. 2001. Box. New. £1

Designer: Roger Ford. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Family game, based on the principles in Kerplunk. Players must remove poles from the tree, and beware of dropping the monkeys out of the tree. Would make a perfect gift for a young relative or friend.


Twilight Imperium 2nd Edition. Published by Fantasy Flight. 2000. Box. Excellent. £25

Designer: Christian T Petersen. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 4 hrs.

Gigantic science fiction themed epic empire building game. The set includes over 500 plastic miniatures for the various forces (ground forces, cruisers, dreadnoughts, carriers, fighters and more). The players represent ancient galactic civilisations and play involves trade and political struggle as well as conflict. The board is made up from 39 large hexes. The game also uses cards and dice.


U.F.O.s. Published by Salagames. 1992. Box. Excellent. £4

Designer: Alan R Moon. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Card game, 60 playing cards and 42 bidding cards. A trick-taking game, with trumps being determined by the person who bids the most points to win that privilege. The name of the game seems to have no explanation other than being an excuse to draw sci-fi type cartoons on the cards.


Ur 1830 BC. Published by Splotter. 2001. Box. Excellent. £15

Designer: Jeroen Doumen, Joris Wiersinga. No. players: 3-6. Country: Dutch. Duration: 3.5 hrs.

Although not an authorised 18XX game, this is very much the same type of game, but it does not have a railroad theme, and has enough differences to make it a worthwhile addition to the genre. The game is about diverting water from rivers into irrigation channels and supplying it to sections of land. There are various nations, and the players are land owners across the nations, with the player with the most land in each nation being the King. Nations can improve their lot by building infrastructure and technology progresses making the older technology obsolete. Irrigated land brings income to its owner and its nation.


Vampire: The Masquerade: Mood Music CD. Published by Orion Design. 1999. CD Case. New. £4

Designer: Bart Dijkman. Country: American.

This isn't a game or RPG supplement, but a music CD. However, it has been written specifically as mood music for a Vampire - The Masquerade role playing session. The music is instrumental only and uses synthesisers, guitars and drums to produce a sinister background mood. It should be suitable background for any gothic horror gaming.


Vasco Da Gama. Published by What's Your Game?. 2009. Box. In shrink. £31

Designer: Paolo Mori. No. players: 2-4. Country: Italian. Duration: 90 mins.

Players take the role of explorers trying to find a sea route to India. Clever worker placement game in which the players must recruit sailors, hire ship captains, buy ships and then set them sailing for distant lands where wealth and prestige can be won. All the while money needs to be managed in order to make the best of an intriguing turn order system. Assorted characters can be petitioned to assist and mercenary ships hired to obstruct opponents. Lots going on, and very well received. Recommended.


Vita Memorita. Published by Zoch. 2007. Box. Excellent. £5

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-8. Country: Hungarian. Duration: 20 mins.

Hungarian edition of Alles Tomate (don't worry, English rules provided). Memory based game in which players have to remember what is hidden in 7 different locations, but the items change constantly, making it trickier. Speed is also required as play is simultaneous. The objective is to claim as many cards as possible.


Who's In The Igloo?. Published by Artstraws Ltd. ca.1983. Box. Good. £3.75

Designer: Virginia Charves. No. players: 2-5. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins.

Children's game (ages 5-10). The board shows a grid of 14 x 14 squares each showing either a polar bear or an Eskimo (mostly Eskimos), and 5 are coloured. A large igloo tile covers a 5x5 area of the board except for one central space. A card is drawn indicating the current coloured target space and players take it in turn to move the igloo tile one space at a time towards this target. They can keep moving it until they reach the target or the hole reveals a polar bear, in which case the next player continues. Reaching a target wins that card. A harder variant gives each player a different target card.


Wits & Wagers. Published by North Star Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £19

Designer: Dominic Crapuchettes. No. players: 4-20. Country: American. Duration: 25 mins.

Very clever party type game, but which will appeal to many who don't normally like this type of game (such as me). A game consists of 7 rounds. Each round a question is asked which everyone answers with a number. The answers are ordered, and players then bet on which they think are correct. If the answer is in a gap the next lower answer is considered correct. The bank pays out for correct answers and correct bets. Betting can get quite tactical, and bluffing when you know the right answer is also possible. Recommended.


World Formula Grand Prix. Published by Racing Games. 1999. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Motor racing game, with nice components including egg-timers to time delays when a car comes off the track, and a large sealed spinner device which determines a car's speed each turn. Pit strategy cards determine the number of pitstops each player must make. A dice is used to determine starting speeds and stalls, thereafter a special spinner is used. The spaces on the board have different effects and so players will want to land on the most favourable one possible for their current circumstances. Additional rules cover tyre types, changing lanes, overtaking, and marshal's flags.


Your America. Published by Cadaco. 1970. Box. Good. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American.

Special Notes: The box base is slightly indented and the corners have been taped.

Trivia game in which players move around the board answering questions about the USA. The categories are: People, Places & Things; Presidents of the USA; States of the Union; Inventors & Authors; Government; The U.S. at War; Famous Americans. Each player is given a U.S. flag board with numbered holes along the stripes and each time a question is answered the marker is advanced along the flag according to the difficulty of the question. A booklet lists 48 questions in each category.


Ys. Published by Ystari. 2005. Box. 2 copies available: 1) Excellent. £13.50      2) In shrink. £15

Designer: Cyril Demaegd. No. players: 2-4. Country: French. Duration: 90 mins.

Very well received gamers' game in which the players vie for supremacy in a variety of ways in the city of Ys. Players play their playing pieces which represent merchants to influence 12 regions of the city and the marketplace. Players try to win victory points directly throughout the game as well as trying to claim more of the four types of gems than other players for major VP awards at the end of the game. It is also possible to win special advantage giving cards and influence the relative values of the gems. Piece placement is part open and part hidden. The game works best with 4 players. The game was a 2005 International Gamers Awards finalist.


Ys+. Published by Ystari Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £11

Designer: Cyril Demaegd. No. players: 2-5. Country: French. Duration: 90 mins.

Expansion for Ys which you will need in order to make use of this set.  This expansion lets you play Ys with 5 players, as well as adding 12 new powers to the game, and 14 new events.


Zankapfel. Published by VSK. 1994. Box. Several copies available:

1) Good, 1 corner split. £5       2) In shrink. £8      3) Good. £6

Designer: Ralf zur Linde. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Players buy and sell apples for profit. The board shows a price grid around which a marker is moved and this lets players buy and sell four different types of apple, as well as changing the prices of these apple types. Players bid secretly when selling or buying apples and the game uses a card system to resolve conflict in these 'Apple Wars'. Has a giant apple playing piece as the turn marker.





Book Title





Size (cm)




Peter Powell's Pop Trivia Game Book







Good, but rip on rear cover


The Jumbo Book Of Board Games

Kestrel Books

John Astrop







Featherstone's Complete Wargaming

David & Charles

Donald Featherstone







The Family Book Of Games

Michael Joseph

David Pritchard







The Treasures Of Childhood

Pavilion Books

Iona Opie,
Robert Opie & Brian Alderson







Games To Play

Michael Joseph








Illustrated Games Of Patience

Leslie Frewin

Lady Adelaide Cadogan







Games Magazine Big Book Of Games II

Workman Publishing

Games Magazine







The Fantastic Book Of Board Games

St Martin's Press








Games From The 21st Century

Blackie & Son

Shoo Rayner








Colourgrams 1


Sid Sackson





Good - A very few pages used


Colourgrams 3


Sid Sackson







Ghastly Games

Patrick Hardy

John Astrop







Diplomacy Games And Variants

Strategy Games Ltd

Lewis Pulsipher







Pyramid Puzzles

Troubadour Press

Larry Evans







Kid's America

Workman Publishing

Steven Caney







Battlegame Book 3: Galactic War


Andrew McNeil







Daily Express Adventure Book

Daily Express Publications








Fighting Fantasy:
Out Of The Pit

Puffin Book

Steve Jackson,
Ian Livingstone, Marc Gascoigne





Large format edition. Excellent


Militaria Directory & Sourcebook 1993

Windrow & Greene

Jeff Carter







A Book Of Chess


C.H.O'D. Alexander








Guild Publishing

Pentagram Design








Colourgrams 2


Sid Sackson





Good - A very few pages used




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