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Mar 2013 Catalog


While I don’t publish my latest catalog on the internet, this older catalog is available for you to look through to get an idea of the sort of thing I generally have.  Please be aware that many of the games in this catalog will have already sold, and if they haven’t then the prices are not necessarily still valid – the prices are only valid in the month the catalog comes out!  However, if you do see something of interest email me and I’ll let you know if I still have it.  Also getting the monthly catalog by email is free and without obligation, so why not just ask to be added to my subscription list, or ask me to send you the latest catalog by email? 


1848. Published by Kuhlmann Geschichtsspiele. 1998. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Gerhard Kuhlmann. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game in which the players try to be on the winning side of the German revolution of 1848. This is done by making the best use of event cards, personality cards, and support cards. I can provide a rules translation, but be warned: there is a considerable amount of German text on the cards.


24: DVD Board Game. Published by Parker. 2006. Box. In shrink. £5

Designer: B1 Games. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Based on the hit TV series 24. The players are anti-terrorist agents and must sort through clues which will reveal the terrorists' plans. There is a countdown, and by the time it finishes the case must have been solved - the player doing so winning  the game. Game play make use of an interactive DVD providing on screen games and challenges to test your knowledge and skills. The game also uses a board and cards.


Acquire. Published by Hasbro Avalon Hill. 1999. Box. Good. £30

Designer: Sid Sackson. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Players lay tiles to form chains of hotels - the more adjacent tiles in a hotel chain the more valuable its shares become. Shares are bought, but only three a turn, and money is very limited at the start of the game. When hotel chains are joined together on the board a merger occurs which provides payouts to shareholders. Excellent game, which is a real classic. If you don't own a copy, why not?  This big boxed version has wonderful chunky plastic tiles and large chain indicator towers - the best produced version of this classic game.


Alaska. Published by Ravensburger. 1979. Box. Good. £11

Designer: Eric W Solomon. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

The players each control a truck designed to travel across ice floes. The game starts with a large pile of goods boxes on a central island surrounded by water. During the first stage of the game players get to add ice floes of various shapes and sizes to the board and move their lorries across them with the objective of getting as many goods as possible back to their base. In the second part of the game the ice starts melting and players remove ice floes as well as moving their trucks. Lots of scope for messing with your opponents' plans, and event cards add to the possibilities. I have house rules to improve the game further.


Angel: The Board Game. Published by Susan Prescot Games. 2001. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Based on the TV series featuring Angel, the (mostly) good vampire, who was also part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series. Players attempt to be the first to save either three souls at night or during the day. During the day the players have mortal weaknesses, while at night they have the powers of powerful vampires. Game play is driven by dice roll - different dice can be used to affect the result and actioning spaces and cards.


Aqua Romana. Published by Queen Games. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £11       2) Excellent. £10

Designer: Martin Schlegel. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 50 mins.

Tile placement game in which the players build aqueducts from reservoirs across the board with the objective of making their aqueducts as long as possible. However, it is not possible to place tiles just anywhere, instead there are construction teams which move around the edge of the board and can only be used in the row or column they are currently in, before they move on. Thus there are plenty of tactical decisions to make as you need to manage the construction teams as well as the aqueducts themselves. On the 2006 Spiel des Jahres nomination list. It plays especially well with 3.


Arriba Espana. Published by Fiery Dragon. 2004. Tin box. Good. £10

Designer: Brian Train. No. players: 2. Country: Canadian. Duration: 2 hrs.

Simulation of the Spanish civil war 1936-39. The players take the sides of the government and the revolutionaries. The rules are easy to pick up (for a war game) and the game ensures there are plenty of decisions to make. The government wins if they survive 14 turns. Either side can win before then by reducing their opponent's political support level to 0.


Asara. Published by Ravensburger. 2010. Box. In shrink. £27

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer & Michael Kiesling. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

The players compete to build magnificent towers, embellished beautifully to gain prestige with the Caliph. Austrian game of the year, and German Spiel des Jahres nominee. Game play involves managing your money and cards to buy tower pieces and build towers which will earn you prestige throughout the game. 4 board sections can be flipped to add optional 'expansions' to the game, allowing for a simpler family version or a more thoughtful gamers' version. Highly recommended.


Ask Me Another. Published by Milton Bradley. 1984. Box. Good, but 1 corner taped. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Family Trivia game with three levels of question for juniors, intermediates and seniors.


Auf Heller Und Pfennig. Published by Hans Im Gluck. 1994. Box. Excellent. £16

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Excellent game in which players fill the board with tiles representing the populace of a medieval marketplace. Some are customers with varying degrees of wealth to spend and some are thieves. However, the players also have their stalls to set up. When the board is full each stall scores for every customer and thief in its row and column. Thus placement is difficult as you would like to set up a great position for your stall, but if you do you can be very sure that another player will get there first. There are other clever aspects to the game too, making it one I can highly recommend.


Axis And Allies Pacific. Published by Hasbro Avalon Hill. 2000. Box. Excellent. £24

Designer: Larry Harris, Stephen Baker & Rob Daviau. No. players: 2-3. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Game of grand strategy in the Pacific theatre of war, WWII. 345 plastic pieces representing battleships, carriers, fighters and artillery are used. Players need to make prudent economic plans as well as good naval tactics if the war is to be won. The game starts as Japan prepares for the Pearl Harbour strike. The game is a little more complex than Axis and Allies.


Backpacks And Blisters. Published by Ragnar. 1993. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £14       2) Good. £12.50

Designer: Steve Kendall. No. players: 3-6. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Game about walking in the Lake District, with the trademark cloth board favoured by this company. Plan your route, take the bus, get the best views, buy cups of tea, eat chocolate, wait for the ferry but whatever you do, do not get left with the Heavy Rucksack. Some neat ideas and you won't find many games on this theme!


Bewitched. Published by Waddingtons. 1989. Box. Good but corners taped, edges show wear. £0.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Fairy tale themed game with lovely bits including 12 magnetic frogs, magnetic snakes, 8 stand up plastic cats, and large witches' hats. The players have three frogs each and need to obtain a witch's spell book in order to be turned back into princes. There are four spell books, only one of which will do the job, and these are hidden under the witches' hats. There are also snakes and cats. The snakes must be hopped over, but some bite (making use of the magnets). Antidotes can be collected to cure snake bites. The players also get to move the cats and these bar the way to the frogs.


Beyond Boardwalk And Park Place. Published by Bantam. 1986. Book. Good. £4

Author: Noel Gunther, Richard Hutton. Country: American.

Softback, 21x13cm, 109 pages. Subtitled: "The Unauthorized Guide to Making Monopoly Fun Again". This book covers: Getting Started (how to play the author's way), Playing to Win (general strategy, early, mid and end game issues), Training and Etiquette, Appendices.

Black Box. Published by Waddingtons. 1977. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. Minor crack in plastic case. £2       2) Good. £4.50

Designer: Eric Solomon. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Unusually packaged (for Waddingtons) in a plastic case. This is an excellent deduction game. One player secretly sets the position of 4 light reflecting 'atoms' and the other player sends theoretical rays of light into the black box, and is told where the ray of light comes out. Since the light may have been reflected by multiple 'atoms' this can get quite complex and requires quite a bit of logical thought. Recommended highly to anyone who likes games of logic and deduction.


Black Monday. Published by Salagames. 1988. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Sid Sackson. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game, originally published in a book by Sid Sackson called Card Games Around The World. Includes 104 cards and play-money. Share dealing game in which the cards have a dual use - both as groups of shares and also as stock price cards. Thus the cards in one's hand must be used wisely to allow purchases to be made cheaply, prices modified and sales made to produce substantial gain.


Bluff. Published by Paul Lamond. 1997. Box. Good. £12.50

Designer: Richard Borg. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

A good variation of Liar's Dice. An excellent dice game which requires considerable skill and judgement to play well. The idea is that each player starts with 5 dice which are rolled secretly and kept hidden under a cup. Players then make increasing bids on what they think will be on the dice under all the cups (eg. eight 4s). If a player does not want to up the bid then the previous bid can be called, and the dice are shown. Getting it wrong will lose you dice. Bluff won the German Spiel des Jahres in 1993. Highly recommended.


Bobs Yr Uncle. Published by Waddingtons. 1935. Box. Good. £2.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Card game. Illustrations by Frank H Simpson. Based on collecting cards to complete a nursery rhyme. Nice children's game. Includes now very un-PC 'nigger' cards. There are alternative ways to win - empty your hand of cards, collect three Bob cards or collect three nigger cards.


Brick By Brick. Published by Thinkfun. 2007. Box. New. £6.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1+. Country: American. Duration: 10 mins.

This set is a puzzle for a just one player, but by buying a second set you can play head to head challenges, and more sets allow more people to play together. The components are 5 wall sections of different shapes, each made up of regular bricks, 15 bricks in total. The cards each show a different 'wall' shape which the player attempts to construct from the 5 pieces. For multi player challenges try putting out a row of challenge cards which have to be completed in order - first to finish them all wins.


Buggo. Published by Ravensburger. 2000. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Dan Gilbert. No. players: 2-8. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Memory based game in which tiles showing a variety of bugs are laid face down on the table. Players draw a card indicating how many bugs they can find this turn. Finding more than this number or finding Buggo the spider ends the turn. Otherwise, bug tiles are kept to score at the end of the game.


Burgen Land. Published by Schmidt Spiele. 2008. Box. In shrink. £10

Designer: Wolfgang Lehmann. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Tactical dice game in which players use dice to move an action marker around a rondel. The objective is to claim castle sections in each of three colours, and to try to build more impressive castles than your opponent. In one's turn it is possible to make several rolls and claim several castle pieces, but if one is too greedy and strays too far around the rondel one loses a valuable castle segment. Additional dice can be claimed instead of tiles and these will offer flexibility in future turns.


Butterfly. Published by Hungry Owl Games. 1987. Box. Box good, contents still sealed. £0.75

Designer: Greg Houlgate. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Children's game (age 6+) in which players attempt to collect one each of 5 different colour flower tokens. The game is driven by dice roll, and in some cases a flower token will have to be given back. What makes the game unusual is that it comes with a 'Super Big Dice', which is constructed from sturdy cardboard and 'pops' up into a neat octahedron, and can be popped back down again to put it back in the box at the end of the game.


Cafe International. Published by Mattel. 1989. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Rudi Hoffman. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

German Game of the Year in 1989. Players seat customers of many different nationalities in a cafe so that they are at a table designated to their nationality, but they will also be next to other people at other tables. To win you must choose the right time to play your customers to score well, and also recognise when a customer is a liability and send them to the bar instead. Customer placement rules ensuring that the number of men and women at each table don't get too unbalanced make customer placement interesting and add to the tactical possibilities.


Canasta For All. Published by The Sunday Times. ca.1952. Book. 2 copies available:

1) Good, but cover shows wear. £0.50       2) Good. £1.25

Author: Colin Harding. Country: British.

Softback, 18x12cm, 74 pages. This book gives the rules to Canasta as well as giving an introduction to the game for beginners, definitions of terms, and a large section on the Art of Canasta - intended to explain what makes Canasta such a good game, and to improve your play.


Capt'n W. Kidd. Published by Bambus Spieleverlag. 2004. Box. New. £18.50

Designer: Günter Cornett. No. players: 2-3. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Special Notes: Limited edition of 333.

Clever abstract game given a pirate theme. The roll-out vinyl board shows a ship with various locations joined by movement lines, and some entry locations. Each location has three exits. Players take it in turn to place or move a pirate. Cleverly, pirates cannot leave a space the way they entered it, thus after a while their movement options can be limited. Surrounding a pirate or group of pirates forces them to surrender (and they are removed from the game). The idea is to be the last player with pirates. Variant rules allow for capturing pirates when approaching them from behind, or for three players to play. Recommended if you enjoy games of a more abstract nature.


Cast Puzzle: Laby. Published by Hanayama Toys. 2004. Box. New. £4

Designer: JapanAll Design. No. players: 1. Country: Belgian.

Metal puzzle which you must try to take apart and then put back together again without using force. Really nicely produced - very high quality and all metal. This puzzle consists of a circular metal labyrinth and interestingly shaped interlocking ring. Difficulty level 5/6.


Cast Puzzle: Ring II. Published by Hanayama Toys. 2004. Box. New. £4

Designer: JapanAll Design. No. players: 1. Country: Belgian.

Metal puzzle which you must try to take apart and then put back together again without using force. Really nicely produced - very high quality and all metal. Amazingly nicely made ornamental and oversized finger-ring consisting of 5 cunningly interlocked hoops. Difficulty level 5/6.


Champions 2020. Published by Cwali. 2011. Box. In shrink. £25

Designer: Corne Van Moorsel. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 50 mins.

Big brother to the author's popular Street Soccer. Whereas Street Soccer gives a fast and fun simulation of 5-a-side football, this game takes a more detailed approach to 11-a-side professional football, and provides rules for many of the interesting aspects of top level soccer such as defensive or aggressive formations, use of offside traps and even deciding on the level of fouling you want your team to perform.


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Published by Alfred A Knopf. 1978. Book. Good and unpunched. £27

Author: Sid Sackson. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Very rare game / book by Sid Sackson. This is a game inspired by the Roald Dahl book. The three section 'book' unfolds to form a board and with thick cardboard playing pieces and 'cards'. Cards are drawn to determine who controls each of the five children, and players then move one of the children they control on their turn, scoring points by getting them into the major rooms. Willy Wonka also has to be moved, and no child may get ahead of him. Along the way the various children succumb to the various hazards in the book, with the finale of the game taking place at the TV room.


Chess Traps & Strategems. Published by George Routledge & Sons. 1920. Book. Good. £3

Author: Rev. E. E. Cunnington. Country: British.

Hardback, 16x10cm, 102 pages. A large part of this book is dedicated to exploring Chess traps and pitfalls which can crop up during standard openings, with the rest of the book dedicated to mid game and end game situations.


City Tycoon. Published by Rebel. 2011. Box. Excellent. £26

Designer: Hubert Bartos, Lukasz Kowal. No. players: 2-5. Country: Polish. Duration: 75 mins.

City building game which uses lots of colourful tiles which are laid to form the expanding city. Players invest their capital into constructing a variety of projects the city council wants completed in order to improve the lives of the city residents. Of course money needs to be made along the way in order to allow further construction to take place and for the more impressive structures at the end of the game to be built. The winner is the player who has best contributed to the city's improvement by game end.


Colorado County. Published by Schmidt. 1998. Box. Good. £11

Designer: Reinhard Staupe. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 50 mins.

Attractively produced game, in which players bid for plots of land, using their cowboy chits. Land parcels come in a variety of shapes, and working out which ones are useful to you is important - once purchased you can choose where to make your claim, but the shape is fixed. At the end of each round players score for control of the borders, control of lakes, adjacent pairs of plots and their biggest single area.


Commuter. Published by SMT. ca.1985. Box. Excellent. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-5. Country: Swedish.

Family game about commuting and road safety. Players must get safely to work and back home five times to win. Includes some spaces where road safety trivia questions must be answered.


Convoys. Published by Parsons Games. 1988. Long box. Box somewhat battered. £9

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Special Notes: The box is long and not very sturdy, and has been taped up in places. Contents good.

Naval wargame played on a large plastic very colourful square-gridded board using a selection of very nicely crafted metal miniature ships. Game play uses dice and cards (for firing, damage control and air attack), and the game is won by getting your troop ships to their destination, safely past your opponents' attack forces.


Corsari. Published by Piatnik. 2003. Box. Excellent. £7

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game which is really a rummy variant, but the twists are pretty clever. Players try to form a crew for their pirate ship, but can only use two colours of crew member card, and only one of each number. Players draw and discard in order to improve their crew, but there is an additional row of cards which shows which colour crew cards are currently out on the town and so don't count against you in your hand. These cards can also be drawn and doing this will change which cards no longer count.


Counter Magazine. Published by Stuart Dagger. Magazine.

Author: Stuart Dagger, Mike Clifford, Alan Howe. Country: British.

This magazine has a deserved reputation as one of the finest game-related periodicals in the world. It features over 70 pages of reviews and opinion, and covers 'German style' board and card games in great detail. Main articles listed by issue.  I can offer a 5% discount for 5 or more issues, and 10% discount for 10 or more issues.

Issue 1 May 1998. Good. £5.50: Letters, Knizia's Dozen, Doris & Frank, Tresham Games, News from Middle Earth, Reviews (Atlantic Storm, 1851, Exxtra, Finale, Katzenjammer Blues, Ohio, Successors, Tycoon, Veld Spoorweg, Contrack, Elfenland, Fair Play, Halunken & Spelunken, Office Politics, Plateau, Tonga Bonga, Ursuppe, Visionary), At War with the Chip, Achtung Spitfire (PC), Eastern Front (PC), Games Clinic, Die Macher, Camelot, Take the Brain, Crude / McMulti, Sumo Hall of Fame.

Issue 2 Aug 1998. 1) Excellent. £4, 2) Good. £3.75: Avalon Hill, Letters, Playtesting for Reiner Knizia, A Tour of the Kosmos, Koalition II, My First Gathering of Friends, Reviews (Basari, Black Rose, Carat, Cheops, Deadlands, Durch Die Wueste, Fossil, Freibeuter, Full Time, Holzwurm, Jumbo Grand Prix, Kraut & Rueben, Rockets, Schnaeppchen Jagd, Die Seidenstrasse, Staedte Und Ritter, Stimmt So!, Tantrix, Wettstreit Der Baumeister), Mini Reviews of Recent Arrivals, Impulse Buying, McMulti Variants, Cartel, Pick of the Year.

Issue 3 Nov 1998. 1) Excellent. £3.50, 2) Good. £3.25: Essen 1998, Reviews (Auf Trab in Sulkydrom, Bosworth, Comeback, David & Goliath, Devil Take the Hindmost, Europa, Guillotine, Honeybears, I.T.C., Joan of Arc, Keydom, Lancashire Railways, Magalon, Res Publica, Samarkand, Samurai, TurfMaster, Twilight, Victory: Blocks of War), Letters, Avalon Hill Tribute, Gaming for Two, Disturbing Themes, Rome or Silverstone, Atlantic War, Quirks.

Issue 4 Feb 1999. 1) Excellent. £3, 2) Good. £2.75: Hall of Fame, 1998 Top Fives, Reiner Knizia Playtesting Interview, Looking Back at Essen, Reviews (America in Flames, Bamboleo, Blue vs Grey, Diver, El Caballero. Finito, Kommando, Friesematenten, Hornoschen, La Isla Bohnita, Kahuna, Loewendynastie, Panzerzug, Medieval Merchant, Putsch, Stadens Nyckel, Titanic: Der Mythos, Ursuppe Expansion, Verraeter), Letters, Big Boys' Toys, Random Factors in Gaming, Intimate Settlers, Variants.

Issue 5 May 1999. Good, cover discreetly taped. £2.75: The Gathering of Friends, Two Binary Dice Games, ManorCon First Impressions, Reviews (Big City, Alexander Der Grosse, Chinatown, Citadels, 1849, Evergreen, Giganten, Hovertank, Mamma Mia, Money, Mystery Rummy, For the People, Pool Position, Ra, Rigatoni Intriganti, Robin Hood, Route NL, Schottentotten, Stimmvieh, Tendix, Tikal, Union Pacific, Union vs Central), Letters, Themed Out, Introducing People to Gaming, Variants.

Issue 6 Aug 1999. 1) Excellent. £2.50, 2) Good. £2.25: Ludodelire & Eurogames, Krieg & Freiden + Charlemagne, Ebay Game Auctions, Game Scoring Systems & their Abuse, Competition in Gaming, Origins 1999, Modern German Card Games, Gaming's FA Cup, Reviews (Anno 1452, Buffalo, Cape Horn, Colorado County, Damn the Torpedoes, Don Pepe, Druidenwalzer, Grab, Die Haendler, Kontor, Krieg & Freiden, Lost Cities, Maskenball, Mutternland, Prairie Railroads, Rheinlaender, Ta Yu), Big Boys' Toys, Saturn, Campanile.

Issue 7 Nov 1999. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Hall of Fame Results, Essen 1999 Report, GenCon Report, Ludodelire & Eurogames, Gaming Preferences, Reviews (Andromeda, Boulomania, Clash of the Lightsabers, Cloud 9, Dutch Intercity, High Kings of Tara, Knights of the Rainbow, Die Mauer, Nicht Die Bohne, Olix, Pacal, 6 Billion, Stephensons Rocket, Tabula Rasa, Torres, Turfmaster New Tracks, Tzuris, Vinci, Westwärts, X.Net, Zero, Zoff Im Zoo), Letters (major feature), Big Boys' Toys, Dice Games Properly Explained, Borderlands.

Issue 8 Feb 2000. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: 1999 Top Fives, 4 Player Lost Cities, Going It Alone, 3 More Binary Dice Games, Levelling the Playing Field, Reviews (Autoscooter, Corruption, Dolce Vita, Elfengold, Elchfest, Frisch Fisch, Isi, Konig Der Elfen, Mit List Und Tucke, Pacific Northwest Rails, Rosenkonig, Schrille Stille, Die Siedler Von Nurnberg, Split, Die Sternenfahrer Von Catan, Sumera, Theta games, T-Rex, Verrat, Yukon Co.), Letters (major feature), The Best of Times, Game Themes, Summit, Spicing Up your Beans.

Issue 9 May 2000. Excellent. £2.50: Gamers' Choice Awards, Gathering of Friends XI, Ra, BayCon, Reviews (The Big Idea, Bus, Carolus Magnus, La Citta, Das Gold Der Maya, Eschnapur, Feuer & Wasser, Finger Weg Von Mona Lisa, Galaxis, Die Kaufleute Von Amsterdam, Morgenland, Roads & Boats, Skyrunner, Taj Mahal), New Trains Arriving, Letters, The 90s, Big Boys' Toys, Return of the Hill, Bazaar, Silverton.

Issue 10 Aug 2000. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Hall of Fame, The 90s, Origins Report, Reviews (Australian Menagerie, Bambuti, Bladder, Castle, Composite Index, Democrazy, Dragon Delta, Die Fursten Von Florenz, Hera & Zeus, How Much for the Camel?, Kardinal & Konig, Das Kollier, Mirador, Silberzwerg, Time Pirates, Der Weisse Lotus, Wongar), Letters (major feature), Acquire Special Powers, Road & Rail, Careers, Wer Hat Mehr, Modern Art variant.

Issue 11 Dec 2000. Excellent. £2.50: Hall of Fame, Essen 2000, GenCon 2000, Reviews (Attila, Battle Cry, Carcassonne, Doge, Galaxy: The Dark Ages, Gold Train, Hover Tank 2, Keytown, Kings & Castles, Lord of the Rings, MotorChamp, Pila, San Francisco, Tennis + Golf Masters, Tichu, West Riding), Letters, Rheinhold Wittig, Game Theory, Road & Rail: A Layman's Guide.

Issue 12 Mar 2001. 1) Excellent. £2.75, 2) Good. £2.50: Six Years of My Life - Alan Moon, Spades, 2000 Top Fives, 1825 Unit 2, Production Values, Reviews (Al Cabohne, Babel, Balmy Balloonists, Blazing Camels, Bongo, Cartagena, Corsairs, Derby, Dia de los Muertos, D'Raf, Empires of the Ancient World, Geruechte Kueche, Java, So Ein Zirkus, Train Raider, Traumfabrik, Way Out West), Letters, Thumbnail Reviews, Variants, 19xx: Airline Games, Fast Food Franchise.

Issue 13 Jun 2001. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50, 3) Good. £1.25: Gamers Choice Awards 2001, Gathering of Friends XII, 1825 Expansion Kits, History of the World, Top Fives, Reviews (Africa, Capitol, Dragon's Gold, Drahtseilakt, Evo, Auf Falsche Fahrte, Hovertank 3, Ivanhoe, Knights, Medina, Mordred, Morisi, Old Town, Pampas Railroads, Queen's Gambit, San Marco, Strand Cup, Witch Trial, Wyatt Earp), Letters (major feature), Thumbnail Reviews, The Big Guns, Western Games, Chaos vs Control, 19xx - Airlines Games, No Dice.

Issue 14 Sep 2001. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50, 3) Good. £1.25: Canasta, Games Packaging & Storing, Risk 2210, Record Keeping, Reviews (Age of Empires ECG, Bali, Crazy Race, Das Amulett, Der Grosse Galier, Das Schattendieb, Die Handler Von Genoa, Die Magier Von Pangea, Don, Die Neuen Entdecker, Flower Power, Gnadenlos, Limits, Meridian, Nur Peanuts, Rebel Rails, Volldampf, Zaubercocktail), Letters (major feature), Circus Maximus / Minimus, Wargames, Trump.

Issue 15 Dec 2001. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Essen Report, Dark Side of Zoch, Chaos Reigns, GenCon 2001, Specialize / Diversify, Reviews (Ebay Auction Game, Eden, Funkenschlag, Gargon, Head to Head Golf, Hell Rail, Iron Road, Kupferkessel Co., Mull + Money, Muscat, Odysseus, Pig Pile, Quick'e'ly Dice, Spinball, Too Many Cooks, Urland, U.S. Patent No. 1, Vabanque, Venezia, Vom Kap Bis Kairo, Yeti Slalom), Letters (major feature), Briefing on 6 more games, Executive Decision, Hobbits on Ice, Win Place & Show.

Issue 16 Mar 2002. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50, 2) Good. £1.25: 2001 Top Fives, Temptation Poker, Funkenschlag, Player Interaction, Reviews (Andersonville, Auweier, Champions Football, Chrononauts, A Dog's Life, Freight Yard, Friends & Foes, Goldrush City, Hive, Im Zeichen des Kreuzes, Kanaloa, Kardinal & Konig Kartenspiel, Liberte, LotR: The Fellowship Card Game & Board Game, Saloon, Siedler Starfarers 5/6 player, Starship Catan, Sumo Arena, Tacara, Titicaca, Ur 1830 BC), Letters (major feature), Gipf Series, Lightweight Gaming.

Issue 17 Jun 2002. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Gamers Choice Awards 2002, Gathering of Friends XIII, Boardgames as Computer Games, Ebay Grows Older, Lunchtime Gaming, BayCon, Reviews (Alles Im Eimer, Blokus, Combit, Die Sieben Weisen, Dschunke, Emerald, Hick Hack in Gackelwack, Indochine 2000, Integralis, Kampf der Gladiatoren, Lumberjack, Mexica, Muckenstich, Piratenbucht, Pompeji, Puerto Rico, Schuamermal, Silverado, Zahltag), Letters (major feature), London Toyfair, Colony, Ones That Got Away, 3 Mini Reviews.

Issue 18 Sep 2002. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Physical Mechanisms, Abstract Games, Teaching Games To Newbies, Reviews (Age of Arguments, Cairo, Chebache, Cortez, Gouda! Gouda!, How Ruck, La Guerre des Moutons, Lokomotive Werks, M, Magellan, Millionary, Nautilus, Pueblo, Roundhouse, San Gimignano, Star Wars: Jedi Unleashed & Epic Duels, Too Many Cooks, Tyros, Wallenstein, Wie Hund und Katze, Wildlife), Letters (major feature), Felsberger Holzspiel series, Cotton Kingdom, Settlers Travel Edition.

Issue 19 Dec 2002. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £2: Sid Sackson - An Appreciation, Hall of Fame Results, Essen 2002, Eagle Games Interview, GenCon 2002, Reviews (Abenteuer Menschheit, Affen Raffen, Age of Steam, Antoni Gaudi Tile Game, Bayon, Buntu Circus, Canal Grande, Cannes, Cityscape, Fundstucke, Globopolis, Goldland, Keythedral, Moderne Zeiten, Mogul, Stonewall, Street Soccer, Theophrastus, Thor, Tin Soldiers, Trias, Zoo Sim), Letters (major feature), More Essen, Da Vinci Games, Backgammon, Game Variants, Pagode.

Issue 20 Mar 2003. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: 2002 Top Fives, Sid Sackson Games Auction, Race Games, Reviews (Ad Acta, Das Architekturspiel, Carcassonne H&G, Dwarves, Eurogames 2 Player Series, Eye of Horus, Fische Fluppen Frikadellen, Fist of Dragonstones, Gang of Four, Golfprofi, Grand Prix F1, Korsar, Krone & Schwert, Landerbahnen, Life is Money, Lupus in Tabula, Monkeys on the Moon, Napoleon in Europe, Odin's Ravens, Ragnar Bros Card Games, Sid Meier's Civilization), Letters (major feature).

Issue 21 Jun 2003. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Transatlantic Pilgrimage, Warfrog Interview with Geoff Brown, Gathering of Friends 14, Reviews (Amun-Re, Bohn-Hansa, Carcassonne: B&T, Cave Troll, Coloretto, Discovery Island, Edel Stein & Reich, Eketorp, Europa Tour, Die Flosserei, Frisch Fisch, Hekla, Insider Trading, LotR: The Two Towers, Mermaid Rain, New England, Oraklos, Paris Paris, Polterdice, Richelieu, Sunda to Sahul, Time Is Money), Letters (major feature), Kosmos 2-Player Series, Japanese Games.

Issue 22 Sep 2003. 1) New. £1.75. 2) Excellent. £1.50: Women In Gaming - Interviews, GenCon 03, Viva Il Re, Obituary: Roger Corrie, Reviews (Alhambra, Avalon, Balloon Cup, Bin'Fa, Burn Rate, Clans, InterUrban, Lawless, Magna Grecia, Mammoth Hunters / Eiszeit, Mare Nostrum, Mystery of the Abbey, Mystery Rummy 4, Pitstop, Rome, Scarab Lords, Die Schatzinsel, Search for Poseidon's Gold, Territory, Tom Tube, Veld Railroads), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, The Meeting Room, Game Inventor's Handbook, Lowenherz Old & New, Gamate.

Issue 23 Dec 2003. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: Essen Reports, Face to Face by Email, Reviews (Age of Mythology, Armoury, Attika, China Moon, Coyote, Feurio, Finstere Flure, A Game of Thrones, Hexenwerk, Industria, IQ-5, Logistico, Lucky Loop, Maya, Medieval, Nobody But Us Chickens, The Prince, Princes of the Renaissance, Railroad Dice, Santiago, Scream Machine, Secrets of the Tombs, Senjutsu, Die Sieben Siebel, Yinsh), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, King Arthur, Age of Steam New Maps, Variants & Tweaks, Re-reviews.

Issue 24 Mar 2004. 1) New. £1.75, 2) Excellent. £1.50: 2003 Top 5s, Dobbergenics, Valentin Herman's Games, 7 Player Games, John Yianni Interview, Reviews (10 Days in Africa / USA, Alexandros, Anno 1503, Ark of the Covenant, Bridges of Shangri-la, Carcassonne: The Castle, Castle Danger, Die Fugger, Dracula, 1 Stein + Co, Hoppla Lama, Junkyard Races, Kogge, Masquerade, Oasis, Pingvinas, Saga, Schwarzarbeit, Termination Inc., Terra, Tongiaki, Zauberschwert & Drachenei), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Conquest.

Issue 25 Jun 2004. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75: Alex Randolph - An Appreciation, Gathering of Friends XV, Hippodice 2004 Winners Interviews, Starting a Games Club, New American Games Publishers, Reviews (Abagio, Auf den Spuren von Marco Polo, Cargo, Corsari, Einfach Genial, Geist, Global Powers, Hansa, Hector & Achilles, Iglu Iglu, In 80 Karten um die Welt, La Strada, Oh Pharao, Saga, San Juan, Spy, Tahuantinsuyu, Ticket To Ride), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Blue Moon, Struggle of Empires, Winds of Plunder.

Issue 26 Sep 2004. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75, 2) Good. £1.50: Obituary: Dave Farquhar, I'm a Gaming Snob, Richard Breese Interview, New England, Organising a Con, New American Games Publishers, Reviews (Adam & Eva, Anno 1503 Expansion, Atlas & Zeus, Australian Railways, Dicke Luft in der Gruft, Dos Rios, Goa, Indus, Leapfrog, Lost Valley, Maharaja, Memoir 44, Smugglers of the Galaxy, St Petersburg, Tyrus, Versunkene Stadt, Viking Fury, 3 Kidult Games), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Sleuth, Funf to Farfalia, Santiago Bidding, Tour de France.

Issue 27 Dec 2004. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75, 3) Good, but small stain on cover. £1.25: Edinburgh to Essen, Fringe Essen, Andreas Seyfarth Interview, Reviews (18EU, Around the World in 80 Days, City & Guilds, Cloud 9, Dancing Dice, De Ontembare Stad, Election USA, Fifth Avenue, Geschenkt, Goldbrau, Heroscape, Karibik, LotR: The Duel, Mutiny on the Little Blue, Oceania, Oltre Mare, Reef Encounter, Shakespeare: The Bard Game, Vapor's Gambit, War of the Ring, Die Weinhandler, Ys), Letters (major feature), GenCon 04, Auctions, JKLM Interview, Flaschenteufel.

Issue 28 Mar 2005. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75: 2004: Top Fives, 25 Years of Kadon Games, London Toy Fair 05, The Return of the Kings, More Substance!, Reviews (1860, Antiquity, Boomtown, Doom, Easy Come Easy Go, Farfalia, Gartenzwerge, Hispaniola, Ideology, Im Schatten Des Kaisers, Jenseits Von Theben, Mall World, Metallurgie, Neuland, Old Town, Revolution, Riding Through England, Space Shuffle, Succession, UFOs Fritten Aus Dem All, Wey Kick), Letters (major feature), Mini Reviews, Depth in Games, Mediterranean, Re-reviews.

Issue 29 Jun 2005. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75: The Gathering 05, Where's My Pallet?, The Conquest of Space, Reviews (Amazonas, Ars Mysteriorum, Australia, Bootleggers, Candamir, Control Nut, Diamant, Flandern 1302, Game of Life Cardgame, Gracias, Heart of Africa, Ice Cream, Jambo, King Arthur Cardgame, Louis XIV, Manifest Destiny, Manila, Return of the Heroes, Submarine, Treasure Island, Ubongo, Warriors), Letters (major feature), 3 Yun Games, Crokinole, Escape from Colditz, Re-reviews.

Issue 30 Sep 2005. 1) New. £2, 2) Excellent. £1.75: Indonesia, 1825 Unit 3, Origins 05, Reviews (Architekon, Canoe, Der Turmbau zu Babel, Die Dolmengotter, Dividends, Fjorde, Garden Competition, Im Auftrag des Konigs, Himalaya, Montanara, Nexus Ops, Palazzo, Pots, Russian Rails, Shadows Over Camelot, Shear Panic, Sicilianos, 3 Stones, Verflixxt), Letters (major feature), Some 1st Impressions, Stratamax Redux, Confrontation, Organized Crime, Re-reviews.

Issue 31 Dec 2005. Excellent. £2.50: Essen 2005, Reviews (Alexander the Great, Angkor, Antike, Arche Opti Mix, Bug Kini, Bux, Ca$h 'n Gun$, Caylus, Darebase, Freya's Folly, Havoc, Heroes of M&M IV, Il Principe, King's Progress, Parthenon, Pizza Box Football, Railroad Dice 2, Rotundo, Skyline of the World, TransEuropa), Letters, Essen 20 Years On, Games from the Toy Chest, Mini Reviews.

Issue 32 Mar 2006. Excellent. £2.50: 2005 Top Fives, Uncooperative Cards, Reviews (1829 Mainline, Agora Barcelona, Aqua Romana, Byzantium, Castle Merchants, Celtic Quest, Das Ende Des Triumvirats, Elasund, Friedrich, Go West, Happy Dog, Haselwurz & Baerenklau, Hazienda, Indonesia, Lucca Citta, Poison, Railroad Tycoon, Raub Ritter, Robber Barons, Sienna, Sudoku Dice, Twilight Struggle, Vegas Showdown, Wits & Wagers), Letters, Mini Reviews, 1974: Games To Remember, PIN Series, North to Alaska.

Issue 33 Jun 2006. Excellent. £2.50: The Gathering of Friends 2006, London Toy Fair 2006, What is a Game Worth?, Year 2 At Essen for the Fragors, Reviews (California, Cherubim, Chinesische Mauer, Cincinatti, Cleopatra, Darter / Dragons of Kir, Deflexion, E&T Cardgame, Gemblo, Kreuz & Quer, Marvin Marvel, Mauerbauer, Mission Red Planet, Nottingham, Ostia, Palatinus, Patrons of Venice, Stratofootball, Thurn & Taxis, TtR: Maerklin, Um Krone & Kragen), Letters, Auction Systems, Mini Reviews, Golden Oldies.

Issue 34 Sep 2006. Excellent. £2.50: Interviews With Independent Publishers, Origins '06, Value in Games, Vicarious Gaming, The Story of Canal Mania, Hameln Preview, Reviews (Augsburg 1520, Bison, Blue Moon City, Canal Mania, Carrousel, Conquest of the Fallen Lands, Farlander, Fugaro, Fischmarkt, Glory to Rome, John Silver, Mykerinos, Nature of the Beast, Plext, Seeraeuber, Tempus, Terra Nova, Wayfinder, World Cup Game), Letters, Warrior Knights Old & New, Stratamax 2006.

Issue 35 Dec 2006. Excellent. £2.50: Yet Another Fine Messe, Essen 06, Reviews (aBridged, Arkham Horror, Elefant Im Porzellanladen, Die Baumeister Von Arkadia, Die Saeulen Der Erde, Die Saeulen Von Venedig, Gheos, Gloria Mundi, Graenaland, Hermagor, Imperial, Leonado, Millionen Von Schwalben, Mr. Jack, Paaren, Silk Road, Take it to the Limit, Yspahan), Letters, GenCon 06, Warrior Knights 2, Recent Expansions, Mini Reviews.

Issue 36 Mar 2007. Excellent. £2.50: 2006 Top Fives, Dirty Dancing, The Illusion of Skill, Reviews (Australia Rails, Balam, Cartagena 2, Civ: The Card Game, Crystal Faire, Emira, Fiji, Fowl Play, Genesis, Justinian, Khronos, Legie, New York Central, On the Underground, Perikles, Salamanca, Santy Anno, Struggle for Rome, Taluva, Tara Seat of Kings, The Thief of Baghdad, Through the Ages, Tomahawk, Walhalla), Letters, Mini Reviews, Deus Ex Machina, A Race Against Time.

Issue 37 Jun 2007. Excellent. £2.50: The Gathering 07, The Fagin Gang Story, The Name on the Box, Reviews (Age of Discovery, Alchemist, BattleLore, Captain Treasure Boots, Colosseum, Factory Fun, Fagin's Gang, Guatelama Cafe, Lords of the Spanish Main, Metromania, Midgard, Nomads of Arabia, Proxima Obertura, Settlers Dice, Sudoku: The Card Game, Ur, Wooden Shoes & Iron Monsters, Zooloretto), Letters, The Lightning Series, Rise & Fall of Business Games, The Road to the Kremlin.

Issue 38 Sep 2007. Excellent. £2.75: Peter Eggert Interview, Origins 07, William Attia Interview, Age of Empires III, Anasazi, Anno 1701, Axis & Allies: Naval Miniatures, Before the Wind, Blindes Huhn, Der Markt von Alturien, Ekonos, Fangfrisch, Kragmortha, Neurosihima Hex!, Notre Dame, Phoenecia, Section X, Stonehenge, Tide of Iron, Trapper, Uptown, Wikinger, Winds of Plunder, The Fragor Story, Print & Play Games, Antler Island Preview, Stratamax Releases.

Issue 39 Dec 2007. Excellent. £2.75: Spiel 07 (several reports), 1960, Agricola, Borneo, Chang Cheng, Cuba, Dreamblade, Filou, Galaxy Trucker, Giganten der Lufte, Hamburgum, If Wishes Were Fishes, Key Harvest, King of Siam, Kingsburg, League of Six, Patrician, Rukshuk, Tribune, Wabash Canonball, Wampanoag, GenGon 07, Spiel for Children.

Issue 40 Mar 2008. Excellent. £2.75: 2007 Top 5's, Three Game Awards, What do the Cards Foretell? El Capitan, About Time, Amyitis, The Beautiful Game, Brass, China Rails, Chicago Poker, Daedalus, Darjeeling, Ghost for Sale, Year of the Dragon, Jantaris, Macht & Ohnmacht, Moai, Owner's Choice, Palastgefluster, Quinamid, Race for the Galaxy, R-Eco, Rotterdam, Rugby World, Scandaroon, Wadi, Spiel for Children, Downloadable Card Games, Value for Money.

Issue 41 Jun 2008. Excellent. £2.75: The Gathering 08, Tinners' Trail Preview, The Treefrog Line, Uncle Shunkle Toys, 10 Years on the Road, Altamira, Cabo de Roca, Combat Commander: Europe, The Great Migration, Gumball Rally, Hanging Gardens, Key Largo, Lascaux, Medievalia, Pandemic, Rails of Europe, Saba, Scripts & Scribes, Stoplights, Surf's Up Dude, Ticket to Ride Card Game, Utopia, Wiege der Renaissance, Wie Verhext!, Wings for the Baron, Wustenkonige, Top Ten of Kids Games, Monastery, Prophecy.

Issue 42 Sep 2008. Excellent. £2.75: UK Expo 08, Origins 08, Anticipating Essen, Now & Then, Anno 1701, Batavia, Big Points, Blox, Change Horses, Confucius, E.T.I., Fruit Fair, Ice Flow, Keltis, Metropolys, Monastery, Nefertiti, Reels & Deals, Saikoro: Dice Matrix, Shanghaien, Stone Age, Toledo, Vineta, Wealth of Nations, Chilli Spiele Games, Dominion: A Preview, Confessions of a Small Publisher.

Issue 43 Dec 2008. Excellent. £2.75: Spiel 2008 (4 reports), 2 De Mayo, Brandi Dog, Cannonball Colony, Castle For All Seasons, Comuni, Duck Dealer, Dutch Golden Age, Ghost Stories, Jet Set, Kamisado, Leader 1, Lungarno, Master Builder, Monuments, New World, Powerboats, Princes of Machu Picchu, Rice Wars, Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas, Snow Tails, Steel Driver, Sylla, Yuncatan, Gen Con 08, Winsome Games 2008.

Issue 44 Mar 2009. Excellent. £2.75: 2008 Top 5's, Cosmic Encountered, After the Flood, Battlestar Galactica, Byzanz, Cavum, Diamonds Club, Express Line, Giants, Hab & Gut, Heads of State, Krakow 1325, Le Havre, Municipium, The Name of the Rose, Nice Weather, One More Barrel, Planet Steam, Red November, Royal Palace, Viamala, Wind River, Wolsung, Solairis & Opus-Dei, Golf Profi & Tribune Expansions.

Issue 45 Jun 2009. Excellent. £2.75: The 20th Gathering, Automobile, Too Many Ingredients, Graphical Design, Useful Game Ratings, Amerigo, Bonnie & Clyde, Burgen Land, Bushido, Circus Maximus, The Club, Eine Frage Der Ahre, Fast Flowing Forest Fellers, Finito, Fits, Ilium, Im Wald Da Sind Die Rauber, Masters Gallery, Mow, Roll Through the Ages, Settlers Germany, Shuuro, Strozzi, Timber Tom, Traders of Carthage, Uruk: Wiege Der Zivilisation, Wasabi, Small World & Vinci, Winsome 09, Trading.

Issue 46 Sep 2009. Excellent. £2.75: UK Games Expo, Origins, Alea Iacta Est, Cubiko, Day & Night, Days of Steam, Der Schwarm, Finca, Fzzzt!, Giro D'Italia Card Game, Goldene Stadt, Heroes of the World, Horus, Keltis Card Game, Livingstone, Long Shot, Looting London, Maori, Masters of Venice, Monkey Dash, Monuments, Pack & Stack, Sherwood Forest, Steam, Sumeria, Ticket to Ride Dice Game, Tulipmania, Letters.

Issue 47 Dec 2009. Excellent. £2.75: Spiel 09, Aladdin's Dragons Card Game, At the Gates of Loyang, Bakong, Beer & Pretzels, BGG Game, Bombay, Coast to Coast Rails, Endeavor, Factory Manager, Gonzaga, Havana, Hotel Amsterdam, Imperial 2030, Last Train to Wensleydale, Mosaix, Peolponnes, Power Struggle, Revolution!, Savannah Tails, Shipyard, Vasco de Gama, Waterloo, Letters, GenCon, Counter Guide to Card Games.

Issue 48 Mar 2010. Excellent. £2.75: 2009 Top 5s, Why Not Magic? Assyria, Atlantis, Bill of Rights, Carson City, Colonia, Dungeon Lords, God's Playground, Greed Inc., Hansa Teutonica, Homesteaders, Jaipur, Kachina, Maria, Moongha Invaders, Opera, Pony Express, Rise of Empires, Strada Romana, Tobago, World Without End, Letters, Counter Guide to Tile Laying Games.

Issue 49 Jun 2010. Excellent. £2.75: Eastbourne, iPhone Games, Adventurers, Attandarra, Builders' Duel, Claustrophobia, Cyclades, El Paso, Gettysburg, Granada, Heroes of the World, Macao, Martian Rails, Modern Society, Monopoly City, Mystery Express, Parade, Runewars, Samarkand, Schinderhannes, Die Speicherstadt, Sultan, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Witch of Salem, World Cup Card Game, Letters, Counter Guide to Dice Rolling Games.

Issue 50 Sep 2010. 1) New. £3.25, 2) Excellent. £3: Origins 2010, Fifty (Games) from Fifty (Issues), Leisure Games Silver Jubilee, 11 Nimmt, Full Reviews (20), Letters, London Preview, Mini Reviews, Game Timers, Games for Card Players, The Best Games from Counters 1-50, Through the Looking Glass.


Crescendo. Published by Filsfils International. 1997. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Claude Jonette. No. players: 2-4. Country: Belgian. Duration: 30 mins.

Unusually, the game board is constructed from 8 large cross shaped sections which each have 5 squares, one of each player colour and a neutral colour. Players attempt to build large towers of stacking playing pieces by clever moves and keeping to protected spaces. Unprotected towers can be 'scattered' by an opponent if given the chance.


Cuba: El Presidente. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £18

Designer: Michael Rieneck, Stefan Stadler. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Expansion for Cuba, which you will need in order to be able to play this. This expansion includes an extra board for the new elements, new ship cards, new statute cards, new building tiles, and a set of new character cards. This will be sure to freshen up the game and give you new options to think about.


Da Vinci's Mancala. Published by Briarpatch Inc. 2005. Box. Good. £8

Designer: Paul Micarelli, Vivienne Springer. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

An interesting development of Mancala. The 'stones' are black and white shapes which when sown into special end spaces can form patterns which score bonus points. There is also the goal of emptying the spaces on your side of the board.


Dakota. Published by Tenki Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £16

Designer: Piero Cioni. No. players: 3-5. Country: Italian. Duration: 1 hr.

Novel game set in the Wild West. Each player while in charge of his own faction is either a Native or a Settler. Players assign their men to regions which will produce various different resources, and then only the players on the predominant side in each region (either Natives or Settlers) will gain resources. Areas can be developed meaning they will then produce advanced resources rather than natural ones (eg. gold rather than fish in the mountains), which are generally of greater value to the Settlers than the Natives. Buildings and improvements can be bought (different ones for the Natives and Settlers), and VPs gained. An interesting worker placement style game but with some cooperation and even diplomacy also required.


Dawn Under. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2004. Box. In shrink. £15

Designer: Norbert Proena. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 25 mins.

Family game intended as a light but fun game for children (age 6+) but also with a challenge for adults. The players control vampires who need to find safe hiding places as dawn approaches. Game play involves lifting the lid of a crypt and if it is empty and the colour matches an unplaced vampire then the vampire is put safely into the crypt. However, garlic can be revealed (not good) or a rat, which causes a one off special opportunity to examine adjacent crypts. Well received memory game with great bits and an interesting theme.


Delta. Published by I.Q.Company Ltd. 1987. Box. Good. £3.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: Hong Kong.

A novel abstract game in which the players have triangular shaped pieces which move around the board trying to eliminate the opponent's pieces and capture their home spaces. The movement and capture mechanism is novel - either flipping over on an edge or moving along the line of the longest side. Well worth a look for abstract games players.


Destination Tresor. Published by Tactic. 2002. Box. Good. £21

Designer: Bo Jakob Malm, Carl Johan Nilsson. No. players: 2+. Country: French. Duration: 45 mins.

Very unusual deduction game. Colourful maps show a hex gridded island with various types of terrain. Your opponent decides where you start but does not tell you where you are. Players explore and are told what type of terrain they cross, and so by careful comparison with the map will be able to work out where they are after a while. Then players seek out special spots to get clues as to the location of the treasure, and ultimately the first to find the treasure is the winner. Recommended.


Die Fugger. Published by Adlung Spiele. 2003. Box. Excellent. £3.50

Designer: Klaus Jurgen Wrede. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

Card game set in medieval Augsburg in which players collect trade goods and try to influence the prices of these goods. The player who earns the most money becomes Jakob Fugger's trading partner and wins the game. Game play involves playing cards to the table, and as soon as there are 5 of a type on the table the 3 commodities with the most cards showing go up and the others go down. However, going up too far causes a crash. In addition some cards count double if only a few of that type are in play, and merchant cards allow more cards to be drawn prior to the next round.


Die Seidenstrasse. Published by Schmidt. 1998. Box. Excellent. £11

Designer: Hartmut Kommerell. No. players: 2-7. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Special Notes: This set includes a home made set of cards with English text to improve playability.

Original game set in the trading routes on the Silk Road between China and Venice. Players choose their move by play of cards, with an objective of reaching towns on the route before others. As each town is reached money is won. One very neat idea is that cards played from the hand are played on yourself, but then stay in front of you and will be played again on another player before being discarded, and since only three cards can be in front of you at once you will have to play them in this way even if it isn't entirely desirable.


Die Siedler Von Catan - Das Würfelspiel. Published by Kosmos. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £6.50       2) Excellent. £6

Designer: Klaus Teuber. No. players: 1-4. Country: German. Duration: 25 mins.

Dice game in which players each have a sheet showing a land section from a game of Die Siedler von Catan, with possible places to build roads, settlements, cities and knights shown. Each turn a player rolls six special resource dice and can reroll any number of dice a couple of times before using the resources shown to build with. Points are scored depending on what was built. It is not always possible to build anything - you can only build what you have made accessible with roads, so some care is required to keep flexible for future turns. Quick light dice game with a nice feel of the Settlers family. Recommended.


Digit. Published by Piatnik. 1987. Box. Good. £2.25

Designer: Gerhard Kodys. No. players: 2-4. Country: Austrian. Duration: 20 mins.

55 cards show different arrangements for 5 sticks. One card is drawn and the matchsticks laid out according to the diagram on it. Players are dealt cards and try to find a way to move a single matchstick to make the patterns on their cards. There are four versions of the game to play, but all are based on this principle.


Disorderly Conduct The Game. Published by Western Publishing. 1993. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2 teams. Country: American.

Special Notes: Box slightly indented due to stacking, base has a tape removal mark, and 1 corner taped. 1 of 160 cards is missing, but this does not affect play.

Party game intended for young adults. The players split into a team of girls and a team of boys and each team moves their playing piece around the board and acts on the spaces they land on. These often require that a 'dare' card is drawn and so someone will have to perform an embarrassing dare, sometimes involving a player from their own team and sometimes with someone from the other team. Players can refuse a dare, but then they get a stamp - two stamps and that player becomes the other team's 'party slave'. The box and board feature snapshots of a group of male and female actors playing the game, making it look rather like a scene from 'Friends'.


Doodle Dice. Published by Green Board Game Co. 2007. Box. Excellent. £6

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Dice rolling game in which the dice show straight lines in various directions, wavy lines, large dots and a face symbol. Six differently coloured cards are also laid on the table each showing a doodle which can be made by combining the symbols on the dice. On your turn you try to form the doodle on one of the cards (some rerolls allowed) and then get to claim the card. The objective is to claim all six different colours of card first. It is possible to steal cards from other players too.


Drachenherz. Published by Kosmos. 2010. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Rudiger Dorn. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Light but fun card game which is part of Kosmos' small square box 2 player series. One player is attempting to wake the sleeping dragon, while the other wants to keep it permanently asleep. Players play cards onto a tableau which can allow scoring cards to be collected when the right number of specific cards have been played to that pile. Sometimes opportunities will present themselves while other times you must make the best out of a bad position.


Drahtseilakt. Published by ASS. 1998. Box. Excellent. £5.50

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Neat card game in which players use cards numbered 1-50, and try to end each hand with no penalty sticks. Players play a series of tricks in which the highest card 'wins' penalty sticks of one colour and the lowest card 'wins' penalty sticks of the other colour. However, when a player has both red and blue sticks an equal number of each can be handed in. Thus it is possible to do well by either avoiding sticks altogether or getting quite a few, but cancelling them out with more of the other colour - very clever idea.


Draughts And Dominoes. Published by U.P.L.. ca.1940. Booklet. Good. £1

Author: B. Scriven. Country: British.

Softback, 16x10cm, 96 pages. The first part of this book explains how to play draughts and gives a selection of different openings, strategy hints and examples. The second part gives the rules to 15 domino games.


Einstein's Crystal Puzzle. Published by EB Excalibur Inc. 2011. Box. New. £7

Designer: Igor Goldman. No. players: 1. Country: American.

A 12 pointed star shaped puzzle with rotating corners (a stellated dodecahedron), which has sides of different colours. It is like a Rubik's cube in that you have to make the adjacent colours match up. What makes it interesting is that the whole thing can be taken apart and then reassembling it and getting all the rotatable corners to match is an interesting puzzle. Neat physical design.


Eiszeit. Published by Alea. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £6      2) Good. Cards have been pasted up with English text to ease play. £6.50

Designer: Alan Moon, Aaron Weissblum. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Also published as Mammoth Hunters in America. The players place their hunters onto the board trying to dominate regions, especially those in which mammoths are present, as mammoth meat is much needed. Also each turn an additional region is covered by the advancing ice sheet and so as the game goes on there is more competition for scarce resources. The game uses two sets of cards, one set which earns you stones, but which forces you to assist other players, while the other set of cards costs you stones to use, but lets you advance your own position.


Emerald. Published by Abacus. 2002. Box. In shrink. £8

Designer: Rudiger Dorn. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Tactical movement and card collection fantasy game. The players send out their knights from the castle to the Dragon's Lair. There they must tread carefully in order to collect gems and gold while the mother dragon is busy with its new baby. However, should the dragon become aware of them then they will become baby dragon food, and thus unable to gather any more treasure. Knight movement depends on the number of knights on a space before the move, but two knights can be moved per turn. Bonuses are awarded to the players who have collected the most of each type of gem at the end of the game.


Euphrates & Tigris - Contest Of Kings. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2005. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game version of the highly regarded tile laying game Euphrat und Tigris. Players place leaders of four types into kingdoms and play cards into the kingdoms in order to claim victory points, and build ships which generate victory points for leaders of the corresponding colours. Players must ensure they get a balance of victory points in all four colours as only their lowest scoring colour counts at the end of the game.


Every Boy's Handbook. Published by Paul Hamlyn. 1960. Book. Good. £0.50

Author: Robert Bateman. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 17x11cm, 308 pages. Interesting peiod item, though not really to do with games. The book covers: Useful Facts & Figures About the World, People & Places, The New World, People on the Move, Language, Science, The Arts, Sport, Leisure.


Everyone's Introduction To Bridge Conventions. Published by Avon Books. 1984. Book. Excellent. £1

Author: Shelly De Satnick. Country: American.

Softback, 20x13cm, 137 pages. A collection of 25 popular Bridge conventions, with details of when and why to use them, along with examples of their usage and quizzes to check your understanding.


Fantasy Wargaming. Published by Patrick Stephens. 1990. Book. Excellent. £3.25

Author: Martin Hackett. Country: British.

Hardback, 24x16cm, 232 pages. Profusely illustrated book which looks at Fantasy RPGs and Wargaming, with a fair amount of focus on the use of miniatures. The contents cover: What is Fantasy Role Playing, History of Fantasy Gaming, Moral Tales & Education, The Role of the Controller, Rules, Figures, Mass Battles, A Sample Scenario, Enhancing the Game, Creating Your World, Science Fiction, Campaigns, The Realm of Taakae, + extensive appendices.


Filthy Rich. Published by Wizards of the Coast. 1998. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. £9       2) Excellent. £10

Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Business game, with a three dimensional board system, inspired by the busy streets and back alleys of Hong Kong. Players buy businesses and 'hang' their signs in the streets, hoping to attract customers. The first to buy three luxury goods wins the game. Players have to take care not to overstretch themselves as sometimes the taxman calls and requires businesses to pay up, but being too cautious is unlikely to make a big profit fast enough. The 3D board system makes use of transparent collectible card storage sheets and a hardbound folder. I have some house rules you might want to try out - please ask for them when ordering.


Finstere Flure. Published by 2F Spiele. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £10       2) In shrink. £11

Designer: Friedmann Friese. No. players: 2-7. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Fun game in which each player has 3 or 4 people who need to escape from the dungeons. However, also in the dungeons is a monster, which will kill anyone it encounters. First the players take it in turns to move their people around the dungeon floor, going around, over or behind various obstacles such as pools of blood, stone blocks, teleporters; and then the monster moves. Each round it moves a different amount, and it follows fixed rules which depend on what it can see to guide it, and woe betide anyone in its way. It is possible by clever play to manipulate the monster into finding another player's man, which is especially satisfying if they were about to escape... Unusually it plays especially well with 5-7 players.


Fore. Published by Scott & Webb. ca.1985. Box. Box shows wear, corners taped. £0.80

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1+. Country: British.

Not the same as the game of the same name by Oneliner. This large box game has a folding board which shows a 9 hole golf course, with each hole having various bunkers, and has lines demarking every 10 yard interval. A different set of cards is provided for four different irons, a driver, putter and one for getting out of the rough. Each card says how far the ball will travel, or in the case of the putter how many puts will be taken to get the ball in. Cards are played from your hand so you must decide how best to play them in order to finish each hole in as few strokes as possible.


Fürstenfeld. Published by 2F Spiele. 2020. Box. In shrink. £20

Designer: Friedemann Friese. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

In the 16th century the players are landowners cultivating crops to supply the local breweries, with the intention of becoming rich enough to retire and buy a palace. The game uses a clever supply and demand system so the more of a particular crop there is being sold the lower the price will become. Also, as you build your palace you have to build over more and more of your farming land, thus making it harder to keep up your profits. The game includes both basic and expert rules. Recommended


Gheos. Published by Z-Man Games. 2006. Box. Excellent. £9

Designer: Rene Wiersma. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 50 mins.

Interesting tile laying game in which the players form a land divided up by rivers. Each separate multi-tile area is competed for by the players, and each tile indicates the resources and / or bonus points available there. Thus these countries are controlled by the players, but unlike games in the Carcassonne family, it is possible to replace existing tiles with new ones (at a cost) which will better suit the player, and thus the makeup and control of these various nations can change substantially throughout the game. Full of interesting tactical options. Recommended.


Ghost Stories. Published by Repos Production. 2008. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Antoine Bauza. No. players: 1-4. Country: Belgian. Duration: 90 mins.

Cooperative game in which the players are Taoist monks who are all that remains of an ancient order dedicated to stopping the return of the evil Wu-Feng after centuries of imprisonment. However, now Wu-Feng's minions, a variety of ghosts, undead and other monstrosities are encircling the village and trying to destroy the hidden artifact which keeps Wu-Feng at bay. The players must use their actions wisely to gain resources and prioritise what needs to be done in order to both keep the ghosts at bay and also be prepared when Wu-Feng's incarnation arrives. Good game, and wonderful artwork evoking the martial arts horror story theme. Highly recommended.


Gouda! Gouda!. Published by Descartes Editeur. 2002. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £7      2) Good. £6

Designer: Frederic Moyersoen. No. players: 2-6. Country: French. Duration: 40 mins.

Fun dice game but with plenty of decisions to make. Each player has a team of 5 mice which are trying to be the first to get to the cheese at the far end of the board. However, to get there the mice need to cross various obstacles. Each turn the current player chooses one of the locations with at least one of their own mice, and rolls one dice per mouse there (his own or others), and the dice will indicate forwards movement, no movement or even backwards movement. These dice can be assigned to the mice as desired. Surprisingly tactical, fun and exciting as the mice get close to the cheese. I have some house rules which speed the game up too.


Great Western Railway Game. Published by Gibsons. 1985. Box. Good, but box corners taped. £7

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Special Notes: Movement pieces replaced with an alternate matching set

Game made to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this great rail network. Players collect items associated with the company, found on 80 attractive cards. The board represents the rail network as in 1935, exactly 100 years after the founding of the Great Western. Game play involves moving your playing piece around the network visiting places in order to collect cards, and swapping cards with other players in order to complete sets.


Harry Potter Trading Card Game Two Player Starter Set. Published by Wizards of the Coast. 2001. Box.

Excellent. £4.50. Designer: S.Elias, M.Elliott, P.Peterson. No. players: 2. 

Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Starter deck for two players (82 cards, playmat, rules and damage counters) for this Harry Potter themed card game. Game play is reminiscent of a simplified form of Magic: The Gathering, with damage removing cards from the opponent's deck, and the objective being to run your opponent out of cards.


Havok: Skirmish Battle Set. Published by Havok. ca.1998. Box. Good, but box sides creased. £8

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Special Notes: 1 miniature has a replacement base.

Standalone miniatures wargame. 10 pre-coloured miniatures (2 very big) are provided. Intended to compete with Games Workshop offerings. Also includes cardboard buildings, special dice and cards. The Karn Empire takes on the Nexus Rebellion - in a very Warhammer 40K type setting, though the rules here are much much simpler (12 small pages).


Heart Of Africa. Published by Phalanx. 2004. Box. 2 copies available:

1) New. £13       2) Excellent. £11.50

Designer: Andreas Steding. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Beautifully produced game in which players expand their mercantile control ever further across Africa. The board shows a very attractive and interesting elongated period style map of Africa divided into regions. Players introduce their traders into these regions, wresting control of valuable resources such as diamonds and gold from those currently there. The game uses several unusual mechanisms such as players having to bid for the privilege of getting a turn at all, but each time you don't get a turn you get more influence with which to bid for a future turn. Also conflict with players and neutral traders uses two different and interesting mechanisms giving the option to choose to retreat, and gain from the encounter if you wish.


High Roller SuperSkins Casino. Published by High Roller Games Ltd. 1992. Box.

Box good, contents unused. £4. Designer: J.P.McKeon. No. players: 2-8. Country: Ireland.

Gambling game in which two players at a time take the role of dealer and player, who must bet for themselves to win. Other people can also participate and are able to make bets on who they think will win the hand or even bet on a stand-off. The game itself is a card game with some similarities to Pontoon / Blackjack, but with a special deck of cards and the player and dealer try to make their cards add up to 25 rather than 21. A few points over are allowed (up to 28), but are lower rated hands. There are also a couple of special high scoring hands: Super Five and Super Skins. Finally there are a couple of extra options during play: Drive (forcing your opponent to stick or take an extra card) and Exchange (rejecting a card drawn).


Hi-Q Euclid. Published by Peter Pan. ca.1980. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1. Country: British.

A thirteen piece puzzle, but harder than that would suggest. The thirteen chunky plastic pieces are supplied with a frame into which you must try to put them. The pieces are cleverly designed based on a rounded 6 pointed star, but each having from 0 to 5 of the points removed and rounded off. Nicely tactile just as such a puzzle should be.


Hobbits. Published by Queen. 1994. Box. In shrink. £14

Designer: Jean Vanaise. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Middle Earth themed game, beautifully made, with metal hobbit playing pieces, 142 cards (representing treasure, equipment, adventures, etc.) and a colourful and detailed board showing the lands of northern Middle Earth, including Carn Dum where Smaug the dragon lives. Game play involves going to adventure sites of increasing difficulty as the game goes on to defeat monsters and gain treasures and gold. Better equipment and companions can be acquired and magic talismans discovered to aid in the final battle with Smaug. Also uses an intriguing system in which Hobbits can challenge each other with riddles for treasure. Lots of German on the cards, so best for German speakers or be prepared for lots of pasting up.


How-Do-You-Do Party Games. Published by Nelson. ca.1970. Book. Good, but spine taped in 1 place. £1.25

Author: Audrey Fawley. Country: British.

Hardback, 24x17, 29 pages. A collection of games to play at children's parties, with additional information for planning such a party. Very much an item of its time, with lots of illustrations and far too much pink ink for its own good. The party games are pretty standard, but still good for such events.


Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia Of Card Games. Published by Book Club Associates. 1977. Book.

Good. £3.75. Author: Walter B. Gibson. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 398 pages. Rather than being a regular book of card games in which the games are listed by category and then described, this book uses an alphabetical encyclopaedia format. Thus all sorts of obscure phrases relating to card games are listed with the meanings given. The entries for games include the rules and many variants and so the book can also be used as card game rules book as well as a reference book.


Ice Cream. Published by Face2Face Games. 2004. Box. Excellent. £5.50

Designer: Joe Huber. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game in which the players try to sell the most ice cream scoops during 4 rounds. The players start with a big bucket of ice cream of one flavour visible and one hidden and take it in turns to play scoop cards to indicate what combos are in demand. Then players attempt to fulfil these demands as best they can, or obtain additional buckets of ice cream to help them in the following round. The game flows well and the pictures are sure to make you hungry - so stock up your freezer before playing!


In The Year Of The Dragon. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £28

Designer: Stefan Feld. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Clever and very well regarded resource management game set in medieval China. The players are Chinese princes who each try to run their province most successfully. Players make use of their advisers' abilities to gain resources and plan for the sequence of disasters which befall the land. Thus sometimes players must store rice against famines, or prepare their warriors against Mongol attacks, or ensure their coffers can cope with harsh taxes imposed by the Emperor. Good planning and use of your opportunities and resources are needed to do well. Highly recommended.


Indoor And Community Games. Published by Methuen & Co.. 1932. Book. Good, but dustcover shows wear.

£3.50. Author: Sid G. Hedges. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 20x14cm, 168 pages. A large selection of games and activities intended for both large and small groups. They are categorised as follows: Ice Breakers, Moving About, Boisterous, Spectator, Brain Test, Musical, Sitting Still, Team, Strength and Agility, Surprises, Races, Forfeits.


Industria. Published by Queen Games. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £4.50      2) Excellent. £3.75

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Excellent business game in which players use very limited money to bid for various technologies and factories. Each epoch new types of resource become available and there are definite benefits for having suitably connected factories. Making the best of your opportunities while you are the auctioneer is also vital. In addition the order in which factories, resources and technologies come up can be crucial and ensures that the game poses different challenges each time. Best with 3 players, and recommended for that number.


Jumbo Grand Prix. Published by Jumbo. 1998. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. Label removal mark on one side. £6.50       2) Good. £7

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game with a motor racing theme. Players draft cards in an interesting way trying to obtain the three parts of a car needed to make a working car, plus a driver. After several rounds of drafting players put forward a set of car cards and the better the car the more points it will win. Unplayed cards are then used as the basis for a car the following round. Fast and fun game.


Jump The Queue. Published by Spears. 1989. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. £2       2) Excellent. £2.75

Designer: Talks Ltd. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Race game in which each player has 5 different types of vehicle. A dice is rolled and this says which type of vehicle to move, often giving a choice. The selected vehicle is moved forward to the next free space ahead of it. Once past the finish line the vehicles score points - more points for the first of each vehicle type to arrive down to none for the fourth. However, the game ends when one of each vehicle type has finished, so not every vehicle will get to score.


Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game. Published by MB Games. 2001. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Based on the blockbuster film. The board shows an island with various different regions and divided into spaces - there are cards to draw while in each region. The game comes with an impressive selection of plastic dinosaurs which start out in their own regions. The players must cross the island to the safety of an awaiting rescue team. One player runs the dinosaurs and tries to ensure no-one manages to escape.


K2. Published by Rebel. 2010. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink, but 1 corner dented. £22       2) In shrink. £25

Designer: Adam Kaluza. No. players: 1-5. Country: Polish. Duration: 75 mins.

Set on the famous mountain, the players each control a team of two mountaineers who are trying to reach the peak and also survive the 18 day expedition. Game play makes use of identical decks of cards, one for each team. These are used to ascend the mountain, but the weather must be watched carefully, and ascending too fast or without proper acclimatisation can cause a team member to die from altitude sickness. Very well regarded game - recommended.


Kingdom. Published by Highbury Games. 1990. Box. Excellent. £16

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Multi-player wargame set in the time of King Arthur. The players fight for control over important locations whch produce resources, and also attempt to complete quests in holy locations. To complete a quest a guardian has to be defeated in combat and then a riddle answered. Event cards add to the atmosphere and add a little unpredictability to proceedings.


Kingmaker. Published by Ariel. 1974. Box. Good. £16

Designer: Andrew McNeil. No. players: 2-12. Country: British. Duration: 4 hrs.

First edition. The classic game of Tudor/Lancastrian politics. Each player starts as a noble, or nobles, of the time and gradually decides which side to join in the Wars of the Roses. It was truly innovative in its design and mechanics. During the game players amass troops, use ships to travel between ports, build up powerful strongholds, and seize opportunities to win critical battles over the various potential heirs to the throne. The objective is to be in control of the last heir to the throne at the end of the game.


Kippit. Published by Franjos. 2001. Box. New. £14

Designer: Torsten Marold. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 10 mins.

Dexterity game which uses a wooden see-saw with grooved sections onto which wooden cubes of various sizes can be placed. Unusually the objective is to make as much as possible fall off in your turn, as everything that falls off is given to your opponent. However, the important restriction is that when cubes fall off, the see-saw must also tip over, otherwise your turn ends and you keep any fallen cubes. The objective is to get rid of all your cubes. Works surprisingly well, and is good fun. Recommended.


Konzern. Published by Fanfor-Verlag. ca.1998. Box. Excellent. £11

Designer: Valentin Herman. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Business game which is driven by rolling dice on your turn and using the numbers rolled in a variety of ways, for instance a triplet (eg. 4,4,2+2) can be used to buy into a new market; odd numbers can decrease an area's profit; even numbers can increase an area's profit; high numbers allow a challenge for dominance within a market and left over dice can be used to buy special cards which give various advantages. The objective is to make your corporation profitable and be the first to get 200 Euros.


Kriegbot Expansion. Published by Sierra Madre Games. 2009. Ziplock. New. £8

Designer: Matt Eklund. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Expansion set - you will need the base game to make use of this. This set includes 6 extra vehicle figures; 6 power core cards; 32 design cards; 20 infantry, mine and UAV tents and new rules for all of these. Let me know if you also need the base game!


Krumble!. Published by Tenkigames. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £8.75      2) Excellent. £8

Designer: Piero Cioni. No. players: 3-6. Country: Italian. Duration: 45 mins.

A group of explorers is exploring an ancient temple in the jungle and have discovered some magic idols. Unfortunately they have also triggered a trap and the temple starts to collapse around them. The players must try to escape with their treasure while they still can. Game play involves adding tiles to the table to add chambers to the temple, moving your character and actioning the tiles moved through, and also trying to improve your character's abilities. Interestingly it is possible to die, but if you do you still take part in the game as a ghost, and can still win!


League Of Six. Published by Czech Games Editions. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £10.50      2) In shrink. £12

Designer: Vladimír Suchý. No. players: 3-5. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 75 mins.

Set in 1430, the League of Six consists of 6 wealthy Lusatian towns who have joined together for trade and political stability. As young and ambitious aristocrats the players take the roles of tax collectors and try to bring in as much revenue as possible for the king whilst also gaining the support of the estates. Each turn you can visit one of the cities, and gain goods and/or influence. The game uses a very interesting system of paying to displace other players from the city they have chosen, so that getting better hauls of resources generally costs more. Ultimately the player with the most influence wins. Highly regarded game.


Legie. Published by Altar. 2005. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Zbynek Vrana. No. players: 2. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 20 mins.

Tile placement game with a combat theme. Players alternate placing tiles onto the board, and each tile has a special ability, which hopefully will be able to remove an opposing tile from the board. The objective is to be the first player to get all their tiles onto the board.


Limits. Published by Amigo. 2001. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £2.50      2) Excellent. £2

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game involving cunning and bluff in a similar sort of way to Liar's Dice. A limits card indicates the maximum number of cards of each colour which may be legally played this round. Players each initially play a card face down and then take it in turn to play a card face up. At some point a player will feel that someone has exceeded one of the limits and rather than play a card will call for a limit to be checked instead. Several hands are played to find an overall winner.


Lord Of The Rings DVD Trivial Pursuit: Trilogy Edition. Published by Parker. 2004. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Trivial Pursuit with a Lord of the Rings film trilogy theme, and which is driven by the use of 2 DVDs as well as a box of question cards. Also includes 4 very nice miniatures of Galadriel, Aragorn, Frodo and Gandalf. Test your knowledge of Middle Earth!


Ludoviel. Published by Bewitched Spiele. 2003. Short Fat Tube. Excellent. £6.50. Duration: 45 mins.

Designer: F. Friese, T. Gimmler, M. Hellmich, H. Kommerell, A. Meyer. No. players: 1-8. Country: German.

A collection of eight games designed specifically to appeal to games collectors. This set includes wooden cubes, dice, an egg timer and 119 cards (in English and German). The cards each have a property that a game might have eg. 'At least one animal is involved' or 'Bridges, ships or rafts are included'. Play revolves around being able to think of games which have these properties. For example in one version of the game a player states the name of a game and the others knock if they have a card which fits that game. In another players must deduce what game a player is thinking about when playing a series of cards.


Mad Gab. Published by Patch Products. 1995. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Party game in which the players form two teams. Each team takes it in turn to try to puzzle out 3 phrases in 30 seconds, with the other team getting a chance to steal the card if the first team fails. The puzzles are phrases which when spoken out loud produce another phrase, eg. "Eight Ape Reek Quarter" = "A Tape Recorder". Includes a wind-up timer unit.


Merchants Of The Middle Ages. Published by Z-Man Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £30

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Previously published as Die Händler. Attractively produced game in which the players are merchants in medieval Europe. Wagons is used to carry wares between cities. Players buy goods, load them onto a wagon and then sell them for profit when they arrive in other cities. However, the wagons are not owned by individual players but are communal. Thus skill is needed to ensure the wagons go where you want them to. The game gives lots of opportunities for players to cut deals with each other.


Meridian. Published by Piatnik. 2000. Box. In shrink. £6.50

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: Austrian. Duration: 40 mins.

Tactical game in which the players vie for commercial supremacy amongst the islands in the Southern Archipelago. The islands are divided into longitudinal zones, and cards are used to place trading bases onto the islands according to some clever and thought provoking rules. Players have to weigh their options carefully in order to ensure the best use of their limited number of garrisons and to ensure majorities on the islands. The theme is fairly thin as is the case with many Leo Colovini designs, but this is one I definitely enjoy - recommended.


Merry Evenings For School & Home. Published by Wake & Dean. ca.1930. Book.

Good, but cover loose. £0.75. Author: W. R. Richmond. Country: British.

Softback, 18x12cm, 73 pages. A collection of parlour games, riddles and short plays to keep your evenings merry! Fascinating period item - with adverts from the time at the back.


Mike Stokey's Pantomime Quiz Gamebook Vol 2. Published by Unknown. 1959. Book.

Good - unpunched. £3.25. Author: Mike Stokey. No. players: 3+. Country: American.

Softback,17x28cm, ~30 pages. This book provides all you need to play 'Jet Propelled Charades' as made popular by Mike Stokey on American TV in the late 1940s and 1950s. The book includes the rules, a fold out chart showing 'standard' signals, and 300 perforated challenges to perform.


Moderne Zeiten. Published by Jumbo. 2002. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £14      2) Good. £13

Designer: Dan Glimne, Grzegorz Rejchtman. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Stock collecting game with some very nice twists. The market will crash several times, with the most numerous type of shares being radically reduced in value when this happens. New shares are purchased at auction, in a closed money system, and the shares need to be played in order to advance your piece along the progress track - doing so earns you a stake in the companies and locations which will score highly at the end of the game. An unusual mix of ideas making a game which feels unique. Plays best with three players.


Mondriaan 2020. Published by Cwali. 2011. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Corne Van Moorsel. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 15 mins.

Named after a Dutch abstract artist, this is a tile laying game inspired by his works. The tiles show bold sections of yellow, red and blue, and players take it in turn to add one so that the sides match up, scoring points for creating large areas of a single colour. Quick playing but with opportunities to spot ways to score well yourself while blocking your opponent.


Montanara. Published by Abacus Spiele. 2005. Box. Excellent. £6

Designer: Jong Kong. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

The players vie to be the first to unearth 4 valuable crystals. In this card game players play dwarves onto the table and then can use them to delve into the piles of cards looking for crystals - one card for each dwarf available to dig. In addition action cards can be played which can manipulate the order of the cards in the piles to be dug up and allow the cards to be examined. Cave-ins remove all dwarves on the table from play, and quakes can undo your opponent's cunning plans.


Mother Sheep. Published by Playroom Entertainment. 2006. Box. In shrink. £9

Designer: Jeb Havens. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Each player secretly receives a card indicating which of 10 sheep they want to see enclosed by fences. Players then play multi-coloured lolly-stick shaped fences so that they either touch the central Mother Sheep or another fence. However, fences can only touch when the same colour. Combined with other restrictions this produces a very novel game of fence building. I can provide house rules for an alternative (fairer) way to determine the sheep each player needs to fence.


Naval Wargames. Published by David & Charles. 1975. Book. Excellent. £6

Author: Barry J. Carter. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x15cm, 140 pages. This book covers naval miniature wargaming for WW1 and WW2. The chapters cover: Choosing Model Ships, Building from Scratch, Rules for War Games, A Suggested Set of Rules, Reading About Naval Wargaming, Commercial Games.


Nightfall: Blood Country. Published by AEG Inc. 2011. Box. In shrink. £9

Designer: David Gregg. No. players: 2-4. Country: Amercian. Duration: 45 mins.

Expansion for this deck building game - you will need the base game to make use of it. This set includes 84 new minion cards, 84 new action cards, and rules for the new cards.


Oracle Mind Games & Puzzles. Published by Mensa Publications. 1990. Book. Excellent - unused. £2.50

Author: Harold Gale. Country: British.

Softback, 24x17cm, 200 puzzles + solutions. This is a collection of IQ test style puzzles for you to solve. Sometimes mathematical, sometimes word based, sometimes pictorial. You can be assured of a good brain-workout with this book.


Origins - How We Became Human. Published by Sierra Madre Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £21

Designer: Phil Eklund. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 4 hrs.

Game which follows the development of the human species from the end of the ice age to the near modern era. Players take the roles of various sub-species of human (cro-magnon man, neanderthals etc) and try to develop into the dominant species. Through time various intellectual advances are made and populations expand and collide. Eventually society and culture come into being. The winning species is the one which has developed most as measured by VPs for population, culture, intellectual advances etc.


Pantheon. Published by Hans Im Glueck. 2011. Box. In shrink. £18

Designer: Michael Tummelhofer. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Set in a fictional ancient Mediterranean, the players expand civilizations which compete by building monuments, developing and offering sacrifices to the gods in the hope of gaining their potent favours. Game play involves using cards to expand, buy improvements to appease the gods, and claim the favour of a god. After each round (epoch) the flourishing civilizations collapse and restart in a next epoch. Plenty of variety with many different gods. Highly recommended.


Planet Steam. Published by Ludo Art. 2008. Box. Good. £40

Designer: H.G. Thiemann. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

Special Notes: Would be Excellent, but there is a large repaired rip in one corner of the lid.

Set in 2415 AD on planet 'Steam' which has a molten core producing water, and other valuable resources. The players are resource gathering corporations which compete to tap these abundant resources. They must then be transported off planet and sold for profit. Players use their profit to invest in further hardware to improve their extraction facility, but at the end of the game only cash on hand counts. Amazingly produced - large box and very chunky components.


Power Barons. Published by Milton Bradley. 1986. Box. 1 box corner + edge split. £5.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 3-4. Country: Canadian. Desc. by Eamon.

Three-dimensional business game in a large box, full of plastic components with 4 of the most impressive playing pieces you will ever use in any game. Each player is trying to become the most powerful person in the world, whether that be powerful as a capitalist, or a politician, or even someone on the other side of the law. Played on a map of the world, this game is essentially a card game, with the results of the card play being translated into actions on or around the board.


Psychological Strategy In Contract Bridge. Published by Dover. 1960. Book. Good. £5

Author: Fred L. Karpin. Country: American.

Softback, 21x14cm, 325 pages. A book which looks at techniques of deception and harassment in Bridge bidding and play. Thus a chance to change the focus from positively trying to get the best contract you can for yourselves, but rather to mess around with your opponents so that they don't manage this.


Qb. Published by JC Games. 2008. Box. Excellent. £6

Designer: John Chambers. No. players: 1+. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Dice based word game in which 48 letter dice are used to form words somewhat Scrabble style. The dice are colour coded: white for vowels, blue for consonants and red for common letter combinations (such as "in" or "te"). The game includes 4 different ways to play including a solo challenge.


Rodney Matthews Fantasy Jigsaw 3477. Published by Falcon. 1994. Box. Good. £2

Designer: Rodney Matthews. No. players: 1. Country: British.

625 piece jigsaw puzzle. The picture is titled The Four Horsemen, and was originally record sleeve artwork for the British band Full Moon. Rodney Matthews is a well known and very skilful fantasy and S.F. artist. The picture shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding over a desolated land with a huge blood red moon in the background.


Run For Your Life Candyman. Published by Smirk & Dagger Games. 2005. Box. Good. £5.50

Designer: Curt Covert. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Game which parodies the classic children's game Candyland. In this game the king has betrayed his candy citizens by bagging them up and shipping them to children all over the world! The players play astute gingerbread men who have discovered this and are running for their lives to escape this fate. Each player gets a status sheet where damage to their limbs is marked off as the game progresses. Players travel along a track and get to play cards which can damage the other players or help themselves.


Saga. Published by Uberplay. 2004. Box. Excellent. £4

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Horst-Rainer Rosner. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game in which players vie for control of 6 kingdoms. Each turn the ruler of a kingdom gains some victory points, and in some cases a special power. The rulers also gain VPs at the end of the game, but the balance for each kingdom is different. Kingdoms are won by openly laying down sequences of cards over several turns to form an army. Once strong enough the army takes over the kingdom it was first declared as attacking, although there are card placement limitations which mean care must be taken to ensure the army will be strong enough to attack. The game play is neat, and is all about timing your attacks correctly and managing your hand of cards well, as well as keeping a close eye on your rivals. Recommended.


Sea Sim. Published by Cwali. 2004. Box. In shrink. £6

Designer: Corné Van Moorsel. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

Players control a family of sharks which compete for food in a Pacific lagoon. The sharks each have a favoured type of fish which they eat to stay healthy. The sharks must manoeuvre cleverly to get the fish they desire and also ensure the fish populations grow where you will be able to hunt easily. Optional rules add sick fish, a current which moves the fish around and an orca which competes for fish.


Seaside Frolics. Published by Serif. 1987. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. There are just a couple of minor marks on the box lid edges. £20      2) Good. £17

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Fabulous item, a game that recreates a day out at the seaside in Edwardian England. Players must complete their day out within a number of turns, and they get to collect postcards as souvenirs, each worth points at the end of the game. The postcards are what makes this so special. There are 250 of them, miniaturised, and featuring comic art in the traditional style on one side, and their point value or other information on the reverse. Rare - especially when complete.


Silk Road. Published by Z-Man Games. 2006. Box. In shrink. £16

Designer: Bruno Faidutti, Ted Cheatham. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Trading game based on the Silk Road - the overland trading route from the Mediterranean to China in the time of the Han dynasty. Players start with some money and a few goods and trade them at cities along the way in order to gain as much money as possible by the time they reach their destination. At each city the players all get to activate one trade action each, except for one player who instead gets first pick at the next location. Clever ideas and the action chits are laid out differently each time to ensure replayability.


Sing Sing. Published by Moskito. 1996. Box. Good. £10

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel. No. players: 2-5. Country: Germany. Duration: 20 mins.

Nicely produced game of skill and memory. Players must remember the various layouts of bars on the windows of the prison, and if they can spot which one is missing (they need to know the right window, the right length and the right colour), then they catch an escaping convict. The first player to capture all three convicts or the same one three times wins. Unusual concept.


Sorry! Magnetic Pocket Edition. Published by Waddingtons. 1991. Box. Excellent. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

A superior version of Ludo really, with more choice over the moves available as cards are played rather than dice rolled for movement. This set comes in a 18x9cm plastic wallet, and has magnetic playing pieces.


Space Faces. Published by Spears Games. 1983. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Special Notes: Box shows wear and corners and some edges taped

Unusual item. The board shows the faces of 120 different species of alien. Each has a different combination of coloured face, eye colour, nose and mouth. A chunky device containing 5 circular coloured blocks is shaken and then shows the face, nose, mouth and eye colour combination of the alien to be found. Players then peer at the board and the first to find it wins! This is harder than it might at first seem, and makes for an intense game. The board comes with 4 places to put your point chips, but other than that it could be played with any number of players.


Spicy Farkel. Published by LGI. 2006. Cannister. New. £5.50

Designer: Sir Albert Farkle. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Simple and quick dice rolling game in which 6 dice are rolled and some dice can be rerolled, but some must be set aside each time in scoring combinations. When a minimum number of points has been set aside it is permitted to stop. A neat push your luck  type of game. This version has additional twists - each die has a different side with red pips which can be used to double your score when used in a scoring combination.


Spielbox: Spiel 2012 Issue. Published by Spielbox. 2012. Box. Good. £0.30

Designer: Unknown. Country: German.

Special issue of the German board games magazine, Spielbox. This issue was produced for Spiel 2012. It has information about games released at the fair, some information about the fair itself and reviews of board games. Everything is in German of course.


Spree! Published by Cheapass. 1998. Packet. Good. £3

Designer: James Ernest. No. players: 3-8. Country: American.

Humorous game in which players compete to steal the most items from a poorly guarded shopping mall (or from each other). This is described as 'The Hong Kong Edition', and there are extra rules at the back labelled as The Hong Kong Rules. You will need to provide standard decks of cards, dice and pawns.


Stack 21. Published by Enginuity. 1996. Box. Good. £4.50

Designer: Andy Daniel. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Blackjack based game in which each player has four sets of cards on the go at once, and can play to any of them. Some cards can be given to an opponent as long as it won't cause them to bust, others must be kept yourself, and others will give a bonus score if the pile it is in gets to 21.


Star Trek: The Next Generation Video Game. Published by Milton Bradley. 1994. Box. Good. £2.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Very nice item for Star Trek fans. You interact with a video. During play a Klingon will appear at different times, and where you are on the board at that time affects what happens. Obviously inspired by the success of Atmosfear but a much better game. The story is that a Klingon steals the Enterprise while it is in space dock and with minimal crew. He intends to attack the Klingon Empire with it to start a war. The players as Federation crew members must try to stop this happening.


Star Wars - Escape From The Death Star. Published by Kenner. 1977. Box.

Good but edges show wear, 1 corner taped. £1

Designer: General Mills Fun Group. No. players: 2-4. Country: American.

Notes: 3 of the stands for the playing pieces have been replaced with different (but entirely functional) stands.

Each player races his characters (Luke + Leia or Han + Chewbacca) through the Death Star, picking up good or bad 'Force' cards on certain spaces. Once at the Millenium Falcon they must fight their way through some Tie Fighters to win the game. This was released at the same time as the first Star Wars film.


Superman Rescue Mission Awesome Chase Game. Published by Funskool Games. 2001. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: Indian.

The players race around the board collecting VP tokens representing defeated villains, captured prisoners and also points for getting back home before other players. The game includes a 13cm high moving-limb action figure of Superman.


Supernova. Published by Valley Games. 2008. Box. In shrink. £30

Designer: Oliver Harrison, Mike Roy. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Space exploration and empire expansion game. The game uses a modular game board so it will be different each time, and a card based battle system. There are technologies to be developed to improve the effectiveness of your fleet, and of course ships to be built and battles to be fought. There is both a short and long version of the game.


Supremacy. Published by Supremacy Games. 1986. Box. Good. £19

Designer: Robert Simpson. No. players: 2-6. Country: Canadian. Duration: 5 hrs.

An advanced Risk-like game of global strategy. Much more detailed though, for instance players can be bankrupted or even nuked out of existence! The game uses a clever economic system, and warfare can be conventional, biological, chemical or even nuclear. If nuclear winter occurs all players lose. Loads of good quality plastic playing pieces.


Tank Battles In Miniature 5: Arab Israeli Wars Since 1948. Published by Patrick Stephens. 1978. Book.

Excellent. £5.25. Author: Bruce Quarrie. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 136 pages. More fully, the subtitile is "A Wargamer's Guide to the Arab-Israeli Wars Since 1948". The book includes maps and chronologies of the battles, and many aspects are considered ranging from minefields through the various fighting vehicles used to the aerial warfare involved.


Tech Bubble. Published by Worthington Games. 2009. Box. Excellent. £15

Designer: Mike Nagel. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Set in the dot com boom of the late 1990s, the players ride the seemingly ever upwards trend of six sectors of high technology companies. Players vie for control of the sectors and can use hostile takeovers and other cunning schemes to push their interests forward while hindering others. Ultimately though, the bubble will burst and the value of these high tech companies will plummet. The trick is to get out at just the right time. Too early and your opponents will make bigger profits than you, too late and it could all be worth nothing! Push your luck and mess with your opponents to win.


Tempus. Published by Pro Ludo. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £8.50       2) In shrink. £10

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Martin Wallace's 'civilization building' game which plays in under 2 hours. The game uses a modular board with assorted landscape types on the tiles to ensure a different layout each time. Players advance their technologies, which start from fire and continue up to the present day. Game play involves prioritising good board position against technological advancement. However, there is an automatic catch-up mechanism whereby 'old' technology becomes available to all players after a while. Also uses a neat diceless combat system.


The Amazing Magic Robot. Published by Merit. ca.1960. Box. Good. £0.80

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

Special Notes: The robot originally had a pointer, but this has been lost.  However it is still possible to see which question / answer the robot is facing.

A nostalgic item. The Magic Robot piece is rotated to point at a question and then when players have answered the robot is moved onto a 'magic mirror' and it then points 'magically' at the right answer. It's done with magnets of course, but is still quite novel. The game comes with 8 sheets of 16 questions. The questions are really intended for primary school children.


The Card Player's Omnibus. Published by Willow Books. 1986. Book. Good. £2

Author: Gyles Brandreth. Country: British.

Hardback, 24x19cm, 192 pages. This book covers the various families of popular card games as well as giving a history of playing cards. The chapters are: History of Playing Cards, Early Games, Euchre Family, All-Fours Family, Whist Family, Bezique Family, Cribbage, Gambling, Banking Games, Poker Family, Cheating at Cards, Rummy Family, Hearts Family, Stops Family, Patience Family, Card Player's Jargon.


The Da Vinci Code Boardgame. Published by Winning Moves. 2006. Box. Excellent. £7

Designer: Terry Miller Associates. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Board game inspired by the film. The game includes 15 mysteries for the players to solve (1 played each time). Initially the players collect clues by moving around the board and get to use various decoders to make sense of the clues. Once the clue phrase has been assembled players work out what it means and then head to the centre to announce this. Points are awarded for doing this correctly, as well as for having collected clues, and also for answering questions about the mystery at the end of the game.


The Da Vinci Game. Published by Fun & Games. 2005. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Martin Woods, Allison Carmichael. No. players: 3-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Special Notes: 1 token missing, but this is not crucial

Inspired by The Da Vinci Code, this game includes cards for different categories of brain teasers, riddles, logic problems and conundrums. The players (or teams of players) work to solve these simultaneously. The objective is to earn four pieces of treasure and then to return to the Ankh space to complete a final challenge.


The El Grande Expansions. Published by Rio Grande Games. 1999. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Expansion for El Grande, which you will need in order to make use of this. This is actually a collection of expansions previously released in German. The expansions included are: King & Intrigue, King & Intrigue Players Edition (selected cards only) and Grand Inquisitor & Colonies. These expansions can be played either individually (with the base game) or combined together. King & Intrigue gives players new power cards to create their own customised action / power deck. Grand Inquistor & Colonies adds four new regions, the Grand Inquisitor and two new action card stacks to support these additions.


The End. Published by Scapegoat Games. 1995. Book. Excellent. £2.50

Author: Joseph E. Donker. No. players: 2+. Country: American.

Roleplaying campaign and rules set in a world after Judgement Day in which 'The Meek' were rejected by both Heaven and Hell, and forced to live back on Earth.  A fascinating introductory story introduces this world and makes you want to read on.


The Jumbo Book Of Board Games. Published by Kestrel Books. 1979. Book. Good, but spine taped. £2.50

Author: John Astrop. Country: British.

Hardback, 36x25cm, 30 pages. A collection of board game boards with rules, collected into a book so you can lay out the book flat, and play the games on it. You will need to provide counters, dice etc. Illustrated in full colour. The games are: Chess / Draughts, Palm Tree, Ludo, Fire! Fire!, Space Race, Steeplechase, Shunting, Warlord, Dragon, Nine Men's Morris, Five Field Kono, Spychase, Jackpot, Asalto, Backgammon.


The Simpsons Cluedo. Published by Waddingtons. 2001. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Anthony Pratt. No. players: 3-6. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

The Simpsons themed edition of the classic murder mystery game Cluedo. The board features locations from the TV show and pewter miniatures of the Simpsons characters and Simpsons related murder weapons (eg. a poisoned donut and a slingshot).


The Theory Of Whist. Published by Longmans, Green & Co.. 1890. Book.

Cover faded with wear, good internally.  £3. Author: W. Pole. Country: British.

Special Notes: 17th Edition, gold edged pages

Hardback, 17x11cm, 108 pages. Widely circulated treatise on partnership whist. The book covers: Technical Terms, Theory of the Game, Development of the Theory, Rules & Directions for Play, Conclusion, Appendices. There are many snippets from the press dated 1865 onwards which praise the book.


The Wizard Of Oz Family Board Game. Published by The Mad Hatters. 1999. Box. Good. £8

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: Canadian.

Family board game (with an impressively large board) made for the 100th anniversary of the story. Players advance along assorted tracks which represent different parts of the Land of Oz, and gain emeralds which they will need at various times, and try to collect picture tiles to form a complete picture. The game includes a bag full of green glass beads (emeralds). Originally included a summary of the story, but the booklet is now missing.


Third Reich. Published by Avalon Hill. 1974. Box. Good. £12

Designer: John Prados. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Desc. by Eamon.

Complex multi-player game set in WWII and with players representing the main powers in that war. Game system is built around the expenditure of resource points. Every action you take costs points, so you must think carefully before, for example, declaring war or developing weapons. Classic 'grand strategy' wargame covering the European part of WWII, and can be played to cover the whole period of the war. Involves politics and military campaigning, and allows players to try out strategies other than those that really happened. 6 different subgames are included.


Three-Dragon Ante. Published by Wizards of the Coast. 2005. Box. In shrink. £7

Designer: Rob Heinsoo. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game with somewhat poker-like game play, thus bets are wagered, but the cards also have special actions which are used as they are revealed, so even if you don't have a winning hand you may be able to play cards to steal some of the ante during the round, or swipe other player's cards etc. It is given a Dungeons & Dragons theme, as it is envisaged as the game that your characters (in D&D) might be playing at the back of a tavern, but it is entirely standalone.


Thunderroad. Published by Milton Bradley. 1987. Box. Good. £13

Designer: Steve Baker. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Originally going to be tied into the Mad Max movies, but MB changed their mind when they realised the films were '18' rated. Very neat road combat game, with delightful vehicles. One very clever idea is that the boards are reused, i.e. you lift up the last board and lay it in front of the first board when a car is ready to move on to it. Any cars on the last board at this time are destroyed. This leads to a very tense rush to get your cars off the rear board before that board is reused.


Ticket To Ride: The Dice Expansion. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2008. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £8       2) In shrink. £9

Designer: Alan R. Moon. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Expansion for Ticket To Ride - you will require one of the base sets in order to make use of this. The game provides dice which replace the train cards from the base set. Each turn the current player rolls the track dice and gets the chance to reroll some. The dice show single tracks, double tracks, a person (wild) and a city. One type of symbol can be used each turn - track to complete either a single or double link, or cities to obtain more ticket cards. There are special rules (and special dice) to allow for tunnels, and other special features on the various boards.


Titan. Published by Avalon Hill. 1982. Box. Good, but box shows wear, corners taped. £15

Designer: Jason B McAllister & David A Trampier. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 4 hrs.

Original edition of this classic monster multi-player fantasy war game. Your fantasy forces breed into bigger and better units as you play. The board consists of many interconnected paths of spaces with many different types of terrain. When opposing stacks clash fights are carried out on a separate battle-board.


Tom Jolly's Camelot. Published by Wingnut Games. 2005. Box. Good, but box lid very slightly indented. £11

Designer: Tom Jolly. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Athurian legend themed simultaneous play battle game. Each player has their own group of characters from Arthurian legend, and each player has the objective of retrieving Excalibur for their own village. Each character has its own ability, and some return to the village for further use when defeated in combat rather than being eliminated. The game uses a novel system which encourages the players to play swiftly: two turn tokens are in play at any time, and when you are a passed a turn token it is your turn. However, if you already have one you are passed over! Very novel.


Trick 'R Treat. Published by Rio Grande. 1998. Box. Excellent - cards in shrink. £2

Designer: Oliver Igelhaut. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game which also uses 8 special Jack-O-Lantern dice and a timer. A light but intense game for the quick of eye as you have to spot which pumpkin face symbols on the dice match those on cards in your hand and the symbols are all pretty similar.


Tricks. Published by White Wind. 1995. Box. New. £1

Designer: Alan Moon. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game, 95 cards and play money. Nice trick taking game where players bid for cards to form their hands before play starts, and then bid on the number of tricks they will obtain and score more the more tricks bid for and the closer the number of tricks taken is to the number bid. I can provide my own house rules to this as well.


Trinity Battleground. Published by White Wolf. 1997. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Chris McDonough. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Miniatures wargame set in the 22nd century. Troops have been sent to Khantze Lu Ge to oppose the Aberrants - hideously deformed humans who are taking over and enslaving the colony. The game includes 3D terrain, miniatures and lots of counters. The rules are complex and cover all sorts of options, with lots of background information about the setting.


Trivial Pursuit - Best Of Genus - Electronic Quiz Machine. Published by Horn Abbot International.

1998. None. Good. £2. Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1+. Country: British.

This is a hand held electronic gadget with a LCD screen. The gadget has been programmed with a vast number of questions from the Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit. There are 4 quiz games which can be played: Triv Knockout Multiple Choice / Traditional, Team Play, Just Questions & Answers. The questions are in the traditional Triv categories, but there is no need for a board or playing pieces - just the gadget!


Twixt. Published by 3M. 1962. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 2 or 4. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Subtle abstract game, beautifully produced with three dimensional pieces which link across the board.  The board is just a grid of holes, but into these are plugged little sticks, and when two of your sticks are a chess knight's move apart you can put a connector between them.  The objective is for one player to try to join the E-W sides with their connectors and the other player tries to connect N-S.


Tzolk'in. Published by CGE. 2012. Box. In shrink. £31

Designer: Daniele Tascini, Simone Luciani. No. players: 2-4. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 100 mins.

Special Notes: German language edition - but all components are language neutral

A wonderfully produced worker placement, resource gathering game. Set in Mayan times and using a huge central cog and five connecting large cogs as the resource production, and action performing areas. Each turn players can pay to add workers to the cogs or remove existing workers to gain resources and perform actions. Then the central cog is moved one step, and all workers move around their cogs one space. Players obtain VPs by making sacrifices to the Mayan gods or by constructing fabled crystal skulls or even great monuments. Technological improvements and buildings can be invested in to reduce the cost of winter and gain other benefits. Plays very well - highly recommended as a meaty gamers' game.


Ur. Published by What's Your Game. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £7.50       2) Excellent. £6.50

Designer: Paolo Morl. No. players: 3-4. Country: Italian. Duration: 1hr.

Tile based game in which players use the actions on tiles they control in order to gain additional people, redistribute people, attack their neighbours and ultimately build ziggurats. One clever mechanism is that the tiles are double sided and on your turn you perform both actions and then swap that tile with another open tile on the table, thus determining your options for your next turn.


Valdora. Published by Abacus Spiele. 2009. Box. Excellent. £28

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Very attractively produced trading game. The players move their men around the board in order to collect gold and money which are used to buy equipment and contracts. The equipment allows assorted gems to be collected from around the board, which are then used to fulfil contracts, which earn VPs, with bonuses both for specialising in the same type of contract and also for diversifying. A neat mechanism is used to regulate the availability of contracts and equipment: mini bookstands are used and the cards act as the pages of a book, and the pages can be 'turned' to reveal new options.


Wadi. Published by Emma Games. 2007. Box. Excellent. £9

Designer: Martyn F. No. players: 2-4. Country: Dutch. Duration: 35 mins.

Players place shadoufs (water pumps) in an arid landscape through which seasonal rivers (wadis) occasionally flow. When the water briefly comes the shadoufs are used to irrigate the landscape. Each turn the water which hasn't yet been pumped out of the wadi moves on, and when it leaves the board or has all been pumped, players score for the irrigated land around their shadoufs. Placement restrictions and pumping rules mean that many areas will score for several shadoufs and using this to your advantage is the key to winning.


War For Edadh. Published by WarriorElite. 2008. Box. 2 copies availabke:

1) In shrink. £12      2) Good. £10.50

Designer: A & N Pyne. No. players: 1+. Country: British.

Card based battle game in which the troops, champions, leaders, standards, and even the terrain and stratagems are represented by cards. Designed to be tactically challenging, with minimal luck. The game includes 120 cards, and looks to play a bit like some CCGs but this is a standalone game, and can also be played solo. If you have 2 sets you can play with more than 2 players.


Westminster. Published by Gibsons. 1983. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 2hrs.

Unusual political game, focusing on the passing of bills though Parliament rather than the election itself. The game starts with a general election with players controlling the various political parties. Then a series of by-elections take place and the winner is the first to get a bill through parliament, which takes 3 readings.


Wings Of War: Fire From The Sky. Published by Nexus Editrice. 2009. Box. Excellent. £15

Designer: Andrea Angliolino & Pier Giorgio Paglia. No. players: 2-6. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

A Wings of War WW2 base set. Aerial attack game with neat and simple mechanics which make it fast and fun to play. Players control 1 or more planes, represented by colour cards on the table, and sometimes anti aircraft ground defences. Planes are controlled by playing movement cards, and each turn three movement cards are played face down in sequence for each plane. These cards are then actioned one at a time, and movement is by placing the movement line on top of the plane to be moved and then moving the plane card to the other side of the movement card. After movement check to see if what is in firing range - hits are resolved with damage cards. This can be combined with other WW2 sets, and the theme for this set is bombers.


Wings Of War: Flight Of The Giants. Published by Nexus Editrice. 2007. Box. In shrink. £15

Designer: Andrea Angliolino & Pier Giorgio Paglia. No. players: 2-6. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

Wings of War expansion -  you will require a WWI era base set to make use of this. This set introduces the giant aeroplanes which were deployed in WWI to attack long range strategic targets. The set includes 140 cards, 8 aeroplane cards, 6 aeroplane management consoles and 85 markers.


World Without End. Published by Mayfair Games. Box. In shrink. £30

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 100 mins.

A follow-on game to Pillars of the Earth (though entirely standalone) and set in the same medieval world but now 200 years later. The town of Kingsbridge is expanding and being improved by the wealthy merchants. Part way through the game the black death strikes and villagers fall sick. Players earn victory points by building houses and major public buildings and by learning medical skills and healing the sick. Each year players must also show their piety, gather sufficient food and pay taxes. The game uses a new and novel set of systems for gathering resources, and uses a clever card system for performing actions. An excellent addition to the genre of resource gathering and usage games. Recommended.


Wyatt Earp. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2001. Box. Good. £10

Designer: R Borg & M Fitzgerald. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 50 mins.

Card game, set in the Wild West. Earn rewards by capturing the likes of Jesse James and the Sundance Kid. Very nicely presented rummy style game which is a sort of cousin to the Murder Mystery Rummy games series, and thus comes with a number of twists to make it interesting.


Yspahan. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2006. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Sebastien Pauchon. No. players: 3-4. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Set in 1598 in the Persian Empire, players are merchants who take the opportunities which present themselves to increase their wealth (gain VPs). This can be done by setting up souks in the market, sending goods to far parts of the empire by caravan, or investing in buildings which will improve their future options. The game uses dice, but these merely present the variety of options available to the players each round. The mechanics result in a very enjoyable mix of luck, strategic and tactical options which makes it very replayable. Highly recommended.


Zombies!!! 1st Edition. Published by Journeyman Press. 2001. Box. Excellent. £12

Designer: Todd Breitenstein. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Zombies are everywhere and using whatever weaponry you can get your hands on, and by running lots, you hope to survive long enough to get to the rescue helicopter to get out of this city gone mad! The game uses 30 map tiles to ensure a different layout each game, and cards for thematic events and actions, as well as having the all-essential 100 plastic zombie figures.



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