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Feb 2010 Catalog


A Collector's Guide To Games And Puzzles. 2 editions available:

1) Published by Grange Books. 1997. Book. Excellent. £8
2) Published by The Apple Press. 1991. Book. Excellent. £8

Author: Caroline Goodfellow. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 29x22cm, 128 pages.  The book covers the collectibility of games and puzzles and gives advice to collectors as well as detailing (in text and colour pictures) many of the items the author is especially fond of.  These are categorised as follows: Race Games, Games of Morals, Strategy Games, Cards & Card Games, The Early Jigsaw, American Games.  Some of the items illustrated are real rarities, going back to the 18th century at least.


Adventurer Magazine. Published by Mersey Leisure.

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Independent fantasy and science fiction role playing games magazine.  This magazine includes reviews of new RPGs and supplements, news of the industry, adventure scenarios, rules and role playing articles and general interest articles. Main articles listed by issue.

Issue 1. 1996. Good. £0.75. The Black Tower (AD&D / Rolemaster adventure Pt 1 Lvls 1-3),  A3 colour poster, White Fire (CoC adventure), Psychology, 'Method' Roleplaying, Blood Loss.

Issue 2. 1996. Good. £0.75. The Black Tower (AD&D / Rolemaster adventure Pt 2 Lvls 1-3), Colour A3 poster, This Empress Earth (Villains & Vigilantes adventure), Fanzines, Magic in RPGs.


Alibi. Published by Mayfair. 1992. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Jim Musser & Darwin P Bromley. No. players: 3-10. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game, 78 colourful cards giving information about a murder. Deduction game in which players give and receive information based on cards in their hand. The cards move amongst the players as well, giving you more to consider. One neat idea is that complete sets can be ‘melded’ on to the table, scoring bonus points, but, in effect, telling everyone that the item in the set was not included in the crime. When you have worked out all the details of the crime you can make an accusation to gain bonus points and end the game.


Around The World In 80 Days. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2004. Box. In shrink. £28

Designer: Michael Rieneck. No. players: 3-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Nominated for the 2005 German Spiel Des Jahres, this game is an excellent 'gateway' game, ie. good for gamers and families. Players collect cards which are used to move from location to location following the route in Jules Verne's famous story. When selecting cards players must also take into account the special ability which will come with that card, in order to make the best use of their turn.  The detective can also be used to slow down a player or encourage them to make a move when it is felt they won't have ideal cards. The idea is to make it around the world in as few days as possible, but not to take more turns doing this than the other players, so a balance is required. Recommended.


Automania. Published by Livingstone. 1991. Box. In shrink. £6

Designer: Ian Livingstone. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

One of the two limited edition games (1,000 of each) by this privately owned company. Players must sell cars and maximise their profits in the markets of various countries. Card play and competitive advertising provide interaction, and players can play event cards to help their own positions and hinder others. Box and components made by Ravensburger so their quality is high.


Banana Republic. Published by Spiel von Doris & Frank. 1992. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Doris Matthäus & Frank Nestel. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Tactical card game set in a fictional Banana Republic.  Players try to bribe their way to victory in an election, and get to use money to bribe the voters, journalists to expose others' bribes, assassins to kill said journalists and bodyguards to protect them.  During each round the players can look at a few of the face down cards they think are key so they can work out what is going on.


Big Brother The Game. Published by Hasbro. 2000. Box. Good. £3.50

Designer: Dick De Rijk. No. players: 4-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

TV related item, based on the immensely popular reality TV programme Big Brother. Players try to be the last one left in the Big Brother house which is depicted on the board.  Players roll and move around the board collecting cards. Frequently confrontations will occur as indicated by the cards, and players get to vote who goes out next using their collected votes and attributes the players have gained during the game.  Visiting different rooms give the players different powers.  Last player left in wins.


Blackmail. Published by Van der Veer. 2000. Box. In shrink. £7.50

Designer: Jacques Deul. No. players: 2-4. Country: Singapore. Duration: 90 mins.

Special Notes: Numbered copy: 0561.

Blackmail for fun and profit!  Players attempt to bankrupt the other players or be the first to accumulate $250000. Players move their playing pieces around a track and get to set up cameras on the various spaces in the hope of capturing incriminating evidence.  Once such evidence is gathered the blackmail can start! Whenever a player then completes a trip around the board they have to pay any blackmail, or possibly set some thugs or even the FBI onto the blackmailer. Produced in a limited edition of 2000.


Blindes Huhn. Published by Berliner Spielkarten. 1997. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-6. Country: German.

Trick taking card game which uses cards of a single suit numbered from 0 to 59.  However, some cards show a blind hen and some eggs, and the objective is to avoid winning tricks in which there are eggs.  However, to make this harder players initially arrange their hands as they wish but then must play either the leftmost or rightmost card!  An unusual twist.


Blockbusters. Published by Waddingtons. 1986. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Box corners taped. £1.75        2) Good. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 3+. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Quiz game based on a very popular British 1980s TV programme of the same name.  What makes this a little different is that it is designed for unequal teams - eg. 2 players on one team and 1 on the other.  If a team gets the answer to a general knowledge question right (they are of the form: What 'A' is the highest male voice?) then that team gets to place a piece on a hexagonal grid, and the objective is to make a line of your pieces from one side of the board to the other.  However, this is a longer path for the stronger team than the weaker team.  Attractive and chunky hexagonal standup grid.


Bombay. Published by Ystari Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £32

Designer: Cyril Demaegd. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Trading game set in India.  Each player has an elephant playing piece with baskets on it for two goods (yes they actually go on the elephant's back). Action points are used to move, buy and sell goods, and also build palaces which act as toll stations for other players and give other bonuses. The game uses a fluctuating price system for the goods, so timing your sales is important. At the lighter end of the Ystari range of games.


Brass. Published by Warfrog. 2007. Box. Excellent. £30

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 3-4. Country: British. Duration: 2-3 hrs.

Set in the industrial revolution in Lancashire, this strategy game is played in two phases.  In the first phase players develop canal networks, and in the second phase the canals are now outdated and rail networks must be built up.  Throughout both phases players invest in cotton mills, ports, coal mines, iron mines and shipbuilding in order to improve their income and gain victory points.  There are plenty of options with cards used in a clever way to limit what can be done, and ensuring you need to plan ahead. A good mix of economic management and network building is required to do well. Recommended.


Broadway. Published by TSR. 1981. Box. Good. £12.50

Designer: Mike Farrell. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Players take the roll of a stageshow producer and investor and as the game goes on obtain shares in eight shows.  Once a show has been fully invested in it starts up and after out of town trials hopefully makes it to Broadway where it can earn money and votes in the final award ceremony for its investors.  Once all shows have made an appearance on Broadway the final awards ceremony takes place, and shows slowly drop out of the running, and the last show standing reaps major rewards for its investors.  The game uses various mechanics including a Monopoly style track which drives various actions players can perform.


Bürger, Baumeister & Co. Published by Abacus Spiele. 2009. Box. Excellent. £20

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

The players build villas, houses and parks in 19th century Frankfurt am Main, in order to gain presitge.  This is done with tiles which are colour coded to match districts.  More prestige is gained for playing matching tiles into a region, and money can be spent to build special features will give further prestige. New tiles are drafted, and so money can come in useful here too.


Cassa Grande. Published by Mattel. 1987. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Roland Siegers. No. players: 2 or 4. Country: German. Duration: 15 mins.

Players sit on each side of a 6x6 grid into which they play number tiles.  There will be 4 gaps left and each player has a card which breaks up rows.  Once all the cards are down each player reads the numbers (up to 6 digits) from their side of the table and adds them up for their score.  The exact positioning of the grid is not known initially which adds to the tactical possibilities. This is the small box version - there was a large box version made too.


Caylus Magna Carta: The Library. Published by Ystari Games. ca.2008. Ziplock. Excellent. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: French. Duration: 1 hr.

Mini expansion for Caylus Magna Carta which came with Spielbox magazine. It is a single card, the Library, which allows the builder to draw an extra building in the income phase.


Chez Goth. Published by Steve Jackson Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £14

Designer: Jon Darbro, Steve Jackson. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Based on the award winning Chez Geek, this game parodies the Goth scene.  While working at their dreary jobs the players spend their hard earned money and spare time gaining Slack points or Gloom points, by judicious use of Eyeliner, Dead Flowers, and if the stars are right maybe even Graveyard Nookie!  The objective is to accumulate sufficient Slack and Gloom, though really you'll play it to appreciate the wit and for the theme, as that is where it scores highly.


Colosseum. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2007. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer, Markus Lubke. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

Substantial board game set in Rome in which the players recruit artistes of various sorts (gladiators, chariot teams, musicians, animals etc), in order to put on progressively more impressive shows.  The game uses auctions but also senators move around a track and getting them to visit your stadium will help you considerably. Players have a limited number of actions to use to improve their stadia, and purchase the rights to new shows.  Unusually it is not the player who does the best series of shows who wins, but the player who puts on the single best show. Components are language free.


Credit Mobilier. Published by Stratamax. 2005. Box. Good. £16

Designer: Max Michael. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Railway game (but somewhat abstracted) in which the players are constructing the transcontinental U.S. railway network. Like many games from this designer coloured dice are used to drive the options players have on their turns, but there are always various possibilities no matter what you roll. Game play involves building track for the various companies, buying their stock and receiving dividends. Plays rather well.


Cube Farm. Published by Cheapass Games. ca.2003. Packet. New. £1.50

Designer: James Ernest. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game in which the players add cards to a communal layout and place tokens on the cards to claim offices.  The idea is that the cards show office units which have been partitioned into 'cubes'.  The office also has vital facilities such as the coffee machine, water cooler, printer etc, and players want their people to be as close as possible to these facilities.  Play is tactical - you want to set up opportunities for yourself while not giving too much away to your opponents. As usual with this company, you will need to supply your own counters for each player.


Dart Wars. Published by Squale Games. 2006. Box. New. £10

Designer: Pascal Reymond. No. players: 2-5. Country: French. Duration: 30 mins.

Most unusual item. A sort of cross between darts and Risk!  Instead of a dart board a magnetic map is used which shows a number of regions over which the players will compete. This is done by throwing magnet darts at the board. Each dart on the board allows a unit to be moved into that region or an adjacent one in order to build up forces and make an attack.  A little strategy is useful, but being able to hit roughly the area you want to with the darts is crucial. A wonderful and unexpected idea.


Demon's Run. Published by Yaquinto. 1981. Double LP Case. Good - counters unpunched. £5

Designer: Michael S. Matheny. No. players: 2-4. Country: American.

Race game set in space. Players start by designing the ship they wish to race.  The ships then race (and fight) based on the abilities they were designed with. The area of space the race goes through contains various pitfalls such as radiation zones, black holes, and 'null zones'.  Points are scored in the race for: recovering marker buoys (the more dangerously located ones being worth more points), fuel remaining, and finishing before other ships. Ship features which can be altered in the design stage include: fuel level, structural integrity, pilot integration, main engines, manoeuvre engines, tractor beam, lasers, scrambler and shields.


Der Elefant Im Porzellanladen. Published by Amigo. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £6.50        2) Excellent. £5.50

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game.  Players draw cards from a display, paying money for various valuable pieces of porcelain, but in order to get money elephant cards must be taken.  In German the title is equivalent to 'A bull in a china shop', so naturally taking an elephant card gets you money but also eliminates some of your valuable china!  During the game there are four scoring rounds, of different types, but each player can choose which of the remaining scoring types to use each round in order to best make use of their holdings.  Neat mechanisms and plays well.  Recommended as a light game for 3-4 players.


Der Herr Der Ringe - Die Gefahrten - Spiel Zum Film. Published by Kosmos. 2001. Box. Excellent. £7.50

Designer: J.R.R. Hering. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Special Notes: The cards have all been pasted up with English translations.

The players take the parts of the hobbits who make the journey from Hobbiton to Amun Hen in 4 stages.  In each stage monsters have to be faced and events overcome, and there are bonuses for the hobbits who finish the stage first. Play involves assigning dice between movement and battle.  Fast movement means you are more likely to get the end of stage bonus, but also means more battles.  Losing a battle forces you backwards on the movement track.  The cards show scenes from the excellent first film of the trilogy.


Desert Island Discs. Published by Strawberry Games. 1994. Box. Excellent. £0.75

Designer: Roy Plomley. No. players: 2-8. Country: British.

Quiz game in which the questions are generally related to the Desert Island Discs radio programme.  eg. multiple choice questions in which you have to guess which of 3 celebrities chose a particular book, piece of music or luxury.  There are also questions of general knowledge on the topics of books, music and media as well.


Dino. Published by Hexagames. 1989. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Reinhold Wittig. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

A dinosaur game with very nice components, 5 large plastic dinosaurs, wooden counters, and a meteorite. Originally published as Iridium in 1987. The players attempt to collect dinosaur eggs, but the adult dinosaurs are used to block the paths to stop your opponents getting to the eggs.  The most successful egg collector wins.


Dog Eat Dog. Published by QED Games. 1999. Box. Excellent. £9.50

Designer: Evan Jones. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Corporate business game set in the 1980s. You are the president of a division of Rinky Dink Inc, and are out for profit without regard to the environment. You will plunder the earth's resources, turn them into products and sell them for $. Some of these $ then get funnelled into your Swiss Bank Account. The first person to embezzle $150 million before the environment is devastated wins! In your way stand corrupt congressmen, eco-terrorists, unions, the IRS and the other players - CEO's of other divisions of Rinky Dink Inc.


Dragonslayer. Published by SPI. 1981. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Brad Hessel & Redmond Simonsen. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Special Notes: Box base and lid slightly indented due to stacking

Film related fantasy board game, based on the fantasy Disney film. Your quest is to rid the world of the last dragon, Vermithrax Pejorative. To do this your magician will need to travel the kingdom of Urland and gather companions, magic items, spells and weapons ready for the big fight.  There will be various hazards and events hindering you along with the King's Men who are out to stop you.


Dschamal. Published by Zoch Zum Spielen. 2005. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Thomas Liesching. No. players: 3-8. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Fun game in which two players at a time thrust a hand into large bag and feel amongst many wooden shapes for particular pieces they need to score points.  The two players involved change each time, so everyone gets a fair number of goes. Frantic and fun, and actually quite hard to be both quick and accurate as many of the wooden shapes are quite similar.


Dungeon Lords. Published by Z-Man Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £43

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Dungeon adventure board game with an impressive array of components, including two double sided boards, and three further boards, and heaps of cards, tiles and figures.  The big twist is that the players are not the adventurers, but rather the assorted shady characters who set up dungeons!  This they do competitively, and sometimes it will be necessary to indulge in a little evil to get the job done properly - unfortunately the more evil used the stronger the adventurers that dungeon will attract.  Ahhh, the trials of being a dark lord... Very well received game.


Duplicate Contract Complete. Published by The Bridge World / Mack Printing. 1933. Book. Good. £5.25

Author: Alfred M. Gruenther. Country: American.

Hardback, 23x16cm, 328 pages. Introduced by Ely Cuthbertson, this book gives a short history of Duplicate Bridge and then covers: The Technique of Duplicate Play, Pair Contests - 6+ Pairs, Net Cumulative Scoring, Match Point Scoring, Howell Movement For Pair Contests, Determining The Winner Of A Series, Team of Four Contests, Teams Of More Than Four, Schedules For Different Numbers Of Players, Tournament Organization & Suggestions, Penalties, The Laws of Duplicate.


Falling. Published by Cheapass. 1998. Box. Excellent. £2

Designer: James Ernest. No. players: 4-8. Country: American. Duration: 5 mins.

Card game, 54 cards illustrating characters in free-fall from a great height. Each player is falling to the ground, and the one who hits the ground last is the winner (for a few moments, anyway!). Cards by Magic the Gathering artist Brian Snoddy. Card play is fast and furious - no hesitation permitted, and one player acts as a non-playing dealer for the round.  However, given the short duration several rounds can be played.


Fantasy Business. Published by Descartes Editeur. 2002. Box. Excellent. £5

Designer: Christophe Boelinger. No. players: 3-8. Country: French. Duration: 45 mins.

Economic game with a fantasy theme.  Players must buy various bits of adventuring gear (eg. weapons, armour, horses, etc) at auction and then after a set number of auctions there is a selling round.  After discussions players secretly set their prices for the items they have on offer.  Lowest price sells with a bonus, middle prices sell with no bonus and highest prices don't sell at all.  There are also some action cards to make things interesting and keep people on their toes.


Fantasy Chronicles Magazine. Published by Fantasy Publications Ltd.

Author: Unknown. Country: Ireland.

Fantasy roleplaying magazine with a regular wargames column as well. Main articles listed by issue.

Issue 2. 1986. Good. £0.75. News & Reviews, Better Roleplaying, Olloch's Ring (Pendragon scenario), Igo The Hunchback (cartoon), Superscale (25mm supers figures), Seven Days Against The Hounds of Hate (Celtic AD&D scenario), Computer Column, Battlefield (wargames column), Letters, Tall Tails (SF story), Book Reviews.

Issue 3. 1986. Good. £0.75 News & Reviews, The Art of the Gamemaster, MERP Character Generation, Battlefield (wargames column), Letters, The Beholders Contracts (AD&D scenario). Igor the Hunchback (cartoon), Battle Hymn Review, Your Fantasy World, Computer Column, Tall Tails (SF story), PBM.

Issue 4. 1986. Good. £0.75. News & Reviews, Tricks Traps & Trivia, Igo the Hunchback (cartoon), Battlefield (wargames column), Cults of Orda, PBM, A Million Magic Items, Tall Tails (SF Story), Computer Column, Five Farthings (MERP scenario), Spell Fumbles, Alchemists Cottage (D&D adventure), Letters.


Fantasy Manager. Published by Anco / Playtime Games. 1994. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Geoff and Chuck. No. players: 4+. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

Special Notes: OHP Pen missing

TV related board game based on the show Fantasy Football starring David Baddiel and Frank Skinner (both pictured on the cover).  Strange as it might seem for a TV tie in game, this is actually a statistical soccer game.  To start with a large selection of real players from the 1993/4 English Premiership are purchased by the managers, providing each manager with a squad.  Players can later be sold if they prove not to be as useful as initially thought.  Matches are then played and the statistical charts checked to determine the results.  There are also some event cards which can be used to spice things up if you wish.


Fantasy Wargaming. Published by Patrick Stephens. 1990. Book. Excellent. £3.75

Author: Martin Hackett. Country: British.

Hardback, 24x16cm, 232 pages. Profusely illustrated book which looks at Fantasy RPGs and Wargaming, with a fair amount of focus on the use of miniatures.  The contents cover: What Is Fantasy Role Playing, History Of Fantasy Gaming, Moral Tales & Education, The Role Of The Controller, Rules, Figures, Mass Battles, A Sample Scenario, Enhancing The Game, Creating Your World, Science Fiction, Campaigns, The Realm Of Taakae, Extensive Appendicies.


Fighting Fantasy Game Books. Published by Puffin Books. No. players: 1. Country: British.

Fighting Fantasy solo adventure books. You don't need to own the other books in the series to play, as these are standalone adventures. These are paragraph based fantasy adventure books in which after setting up some basic character stats you read a paragraph telling you what is going on and then you decide what to do next and turn to the appropriate page. Note: In a few cases I have a copy by a different publisher (eg. Laurel Leaf).  If you want a specific edition please say!

1: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain. 1982. Book. Good. £1.50. Author: Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone.

1: The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain. 1982. Book. Excellent. £3.50. Author: Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone.
    Special Notes: Signed by both authors

2: The Citadel Of Chaos. 1983. Good. £2.50. Author: Steve Jackson.

3: The Forest Of Doom. 1983. Good. £1.50. Author: Ian Livingstone.
3: The Forest Of Doom. 1983. Excellent. £3.50. Author: Ian Livingstone. Special Notes: Signed copy

4: Starship Traveller. 1983. Book. Good. £1.50. Author: Steve Jackson.

4: Starship Traveller. 1983. Book. Excellent. £3.50. Author: Steve Jackson. Special Notes: Signed copy.

5: City Of Thieves. 1983. Excellent. £1. Author: Ian Livingstone.

6: Deathtrap Dungeon. 1984. Excellent. £1.75. Author: Ian Livingstone.

6: Deathtrap Dungeon. 1984. Excellent. £3.50. Author: Ian Livingstone. Special Notes: Signed copy

7: Island Of The Lizard King. 1984. Good. £2.50. Author: Ian Livingstone.

8: Scorpion Swamp. 1984. Good. £1.75. Author: Steve Jackson.

9: Caverns Of The Snow Witch. 1984. Good. £2.50. Author: Ian Livingstone.

10: House Of Hell. 1984. Good. £1.75. Author: Steve Jackson.

11: Talisman Of Death. 1984. Excellent. £1.50. Author: Jamie Thomson, Mark Smith.

12: Space Assassin. 1985. Good. £3. Author: Andrew Chapman.

13: Freeway Fighter. 1985. Good. £1.75.  Author: Ian Livingstone.

13: Freeway Fighter. 1985. Excellent. £3.50.  Author: Ian Livingstone. Special Notes: Signed copy

14: Temple Of Terror. 1985. Excellent. £1.25. Author: Ian Livingstone.

15: The Rings Of Kether. 1985. Good. £1.75. Author: Andrew Chapman.

16: Seas Of Blood. 1985. Excellent. £1.50 .Author: Andrew Chapman.

17: Appointment With F.E.A.R.. 1985. Good. £2.50. Author: Steve Jackson.

18: Rebel Planet. 1985. Good. £1.75. Author: Robin Waterfield.

19: Demons Of The Deep. 1986. Excellent. £1.25. Author: Steve Jackson.

20: Sword Of The Samurai. 1986. Excellent. £3. Author: Mark Smith, Jamie Thomson.

21: Trial Of Champions. 1986. Good. £1.75. Author: Ian Livingstone.

22: Robot Commando. 1986. Good. £1.25. Author: Steve Jackson.

23: Masks Of Mayhem. 1986. Excellent. £1.75. Author: Robin Waterfield.

24: Creature Of Havok. 1986. Good. £1.75. Author: Steve Jackson.

25: Beneath Nightmare Castle. 1987. Excellent. £1.50. Author: Peter Darvill-Evans.

26: Crypt Of The Sorcerer. 1987. Good. £1.50. Author: Ian Livingstone.

26: Crypt Of The Sorcerer. 1987. Excellent. £3.50. Author: Ian Livingstone. Special Notes: Signed copy

27: Star Strider. 1987. Excellent. £2. Author: Luke Sharp.

28: Phantoms Of Fear. 1987. Good. £1.75. Author: Robin Waterfield.

29: Midnight Rogue. 1987. Good. £1.25. Author: Graeme Davis.

30: Chasms Of Malice. 1988. Excellent. £2.50. Author: Luke Sharp.

31: Battleblade Warrior. 1988. Excellent. £1. Author: Marc Gascoigne.

32: Slaves Of The Abyss. 1988. Good. £3. Author: Paul Mason, Steve Williams.

33: Sky Lord. 1988. Excellent. £1.75. Author: Martin Allen.

34: Stealer Of Souls. 1988. Excellent. £1.50. Author: Keith Martin.

35: Daggers Of Darkness. 1988. Excellent. £1.50. Author: Luke Sharp.

36: Armies Of Death. 1988. Good. £2.50. Author: Ian Livingstone.

37: Portal Of Evil. 1989. Good. £2.50. Author: Peter Darvill-Evans.

38: Vault Of The Vampire. 1989. Excellent. £2. Author: Keith Martin.

39: Fangs Of Fury. 1989. Excellent. £1.50. Author: Luke Sharp.

40: Master Of Chaos. 1990. Excellent. £2.50. Author: Jim Bambra, Stephen Hand.

43: The Keep Of The Lich Lord. 1990. Good. £2. Author: Dave Morris, Jamie Thomson.

44: Legend Of The Shadow Warriors. 1991. Excellent. £2.50. Author: Stephen Hand.

45: Spectral Stalkers. 1991. Excellent. £3. Author: Peter Darvill-Evans.

47: The Crimson Tide. 1992. Excellent. £3. Author: Peter Darvill-Evans.

52: Night Dragon. 1993. Good. £2.50. Author: Keith Martin.


Fighting Fantasy: Clash Of The Princes. Published by Puffin Books. 1986. Book. Good. £3

Designer: Andrew Chapman, Martin Allen. No. players: 1-2. Country: British.

Special Notes: One book only: The Warrior's Way

Pair of Fighting Fantasy adventure books intended to be played by two players simultaneously, although you can also play each of them solitaire. The players take the roles of two brother princes, one who follows the way of the warrior, and the other the way of the warlock.  They explore a dangerous land facing the Trial of Kingship, sometimes together, sometimes apart, in order to determine who will become the new king.  A neat twist on the game book concept.


Fighting Fantasy: Out Of The Pit. Published by Puffin Book. 1985. Book. Good. £1.75

Author: Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Marc Gascoigne. Country: British.

Softback, 20x13cm, 336 pages.  A collection of 250 monsters from worlds of Fighting Fantasy books. This book can either be used as background information for the Fighting Fantasy books themselves, or for playing one of the simple role playing games based on the Fighting Fantasy system, in which case it would act as a Monster Manual to help the Games Master create new adventures.


Fighting Fantasy: The Introductory Role-playing Game. Published by Puffin Books. 1984. Book.

Excellent. £3.75. Author: Steve Jackson. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Special Notes: Signed copy

Softback, 18x11cm, 240 pages. This book presents a simple fantasy role playing game based on the systems used in the Fighting Fantasy solo game books. The book includes sections on creating the player characters, combat, and dealing with a selection of common situations.  There are also two adventures included: The Wishing Well and Shaggradd's Hives Of Peril.


Fighting Fantasy: The Riddling Reaver. Published by Puffin Book. 1986. Book. Good. £1.75

Author: Steve Jackson. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11, 240 pages. A collection of four adventures to be played with a Games Master and players using the very simple Fighting Fantasy rules (which are also included in an appendix).  It was intended to take fans of the Fighting Fantasy solo adventure books and introduce them to 'proper' roleplaying.  The adventures can be linked into a mini campaign or used separately.


Fighting Fantasy: Titan. Published by Puffin Book. 1986. Book. Good. £1.75

Author: Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, Marc Gascoigne. Country: British.

Softback, 20x13cm, 299 pages.  A guide to the fantasy world of the Fighting Fantasy solo game books. This can be used as background information for players of the solo game books, or as a very useful Games Masters resource for playing one of the simple role playing games based on the Fighting Fantasy game books.


Formula D: Sebring + Chicago. Published by Asmodee. 2009. . In shrink. £15

Designer: Eric Randall, Laurent Lavaur. No. players: 3-6. Country: French. Duration: 75 mins.

Double sided track board for Formula D (the new edition of Formula De). The Sebring side is a standard track and should be entirely useable with the original edition.  The other side, Chicago, is a 'street track'. with crossing points. I believe you can use this map with the original edition too, but that there are some additional rules which come into play if you use the new edition.


Formula One. Published by Waddingtons. 1962. Box. Good, but edges show wear. £11

Designer: John Howarth & Trevor Jones. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Old but good motor racing game.  Players keep records of their speed, brake-wear and tyre-wear on their personal car dashboards. Dice are only used for testing whether corners have been successfully negotiated should they decide to drive too fast around them, and thus take a risk.  Tactics cards can be used to good advantage, and the rules also cover pitting.


Game Of The Year. Published by Spears. 1989. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Tom Kremer. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Cleverly titled family game. Each player must get through a year of 366 days, earning as many Red Letter Days as they can. The game is driven using a really neat spinner device consisting of flaps suspended around an axle which can be spun. It works really well, and is great fun to use and gives a choice of two moves each turn.  The current player or the others may then spend money to add to the number of spaces moved to result in a good / bad event day.  Events come in various flavours - a mainly good deck, a mainly bad deck and fixed events on special days of the year.


Games Unplugged Issue 4. Published by Dynasty Presntations. 2000. Magazine. Good. £1.25

Author: Tony Lee, Lewis McLouth. Country: American.

Full colour 64 page magazine covering board games and role playing games. Articles this issue include: News (Spiel 2000, Cthulhu D20, ICE...), Holiday Shopping Guide, RPG Collecting for Fun & Profit, Cosmic Re-Encounter, Top Artists, Redneck Christmas, Shatterlands RPG, Hot New Stuff, Alderac Entertainment, SnarfQuest, Reviews (RPGs, Board Games, Card Games).


Gangster. Published by Amigo. 2007. Box. Excellent. £16

Designer: Thorsten Gimmler. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Gangster themed board game set in prohibition Chicago.  The players are gang leaders and send their 'boys' out to take control of the key parts of the city to make sure their gang gets their fair share of what's going on.  This is a majorities game with wooden components and attractive board.  It uses moveable area value boards so that the setup can be varied each game.


Garten-Zwerge e.B. Published by Argentum Verlag. 2004. Box. In shrink. £11.50

Designer: Roman Mathar. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Amusingly themed game in which the players are members of a garden gnome breeding society!  Garden gnomes come in different ranks, from the worthless and lazy greys up to the highly coveted gold gnome!  Each turn players choose what to do with their gnomes: send them to work in the garden for a little money; look for a breeding partner for them, with money being paid by the player who will get the resulting offspring to the other parent's owner; or sending them into the club's competitions to win prize money.  The first player to either breed a coveted golden gnome or accumulate 4000 money wins the game.


German Toys 1924 / 1926. Published by Hobby House Press Inc.. 1985. Book. Excellent. £5

Author: Mannfred Bachmann, Charles Dukes. Country: American.

Hardback, 32x24cm, 403 pages. Very substantial book which has pictures (some colour, most black & white) of German toys available in the period 1924-26.  Each item has a title in English, German and Spanish.  There are thousands of items shown. There are some board games as well as dolls, train sets, musical instruments, woodworking sets, and just about anything else you can think of shown here.


GM Magazine Vol. 2 No. 5. Published by Anthony Jacobson. ca.1990. Magazine. Good. £0.75

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Independent fantasy roleplaying magazine printed professionally and in colour, which also covers some board games, and often includes a short story too. Typically about 80 pages per issue. Main articles this issue: Reviews (Car Wars, Cthulhu, Briar Wood Castle, Warlord, The Hunting), City Role Playing System, Computer RPGs, LRP: Laser Logistics, The Story Teller's Tale (fiction). Paint Shop Special, PBM, The Victor, The Axeman Cometh, Critical Hits, News.


Go West. Published by Phalanx. 2005. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

The players represent enterprising merchants who profit from the steady stream of movement west by immigrants to the US around 1800. Players must manoeuvre their merchants to control the markets of the various regions, while also ensuring the wagons move to where their merchants are.  In order to score you have to forfeit your normal turn and pay for the privilege too, but double turn chits can be handed in to set up a good scoring position and then score it.  As usual with this designer the mechanisms are unusual and clever.


Great Board Games. Various editions available:

1) Published by Bookclub Associates Ltd. 1979. Book. Good. £10. The counter sheets are still in their wrapper, and are mostly unpunched, but there a few missing, though the book contains a checklist.

2) Published by Ebury & Michael Joseph. 1979. Book. Good. £14. The counter sheets are unpunched and still in their packet

3) Published by Macmillan. 1979. Book. Good - countersheets unpunched. £14

Author: Brian Love. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

Hardback, 37x27cm, 80 pages. After an introduction about board games published from 1890 onwards, over 40 board games from many publishers from around 1895 to 1955 have been reprinted in full colour in this book, along with rules and even several sheets of counters you can separate in order to play these games yourself. The games have titles such as: Game of the Man in the Moon; Sky Raiders (an early Stratego family game); Radio Game for Little Folks; Pank-a-Squith and The Amusing Game of Innocence. Wonderful item.


Halunken Und Spelunken. Published by Kosmos. 1997. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Card game played on a board, set in the world of press-gangs, searching for recruits for His Majesty’s Royal Navy. The name translates as Scoundrels and Dives, because you search the port-side dives for the scoundrels within. The game mechanism is again used by this designer from his previous success, Hols der Geier, with players moving by card play, but similar cards cancelling each other out. There are special cards (rum cards) and other interactive rules. As a variant, you can add Black Jack to the game who has his own movement cards. Black Jack is bid for each round, and it is a very good idea to hire him when you can because he is adept at stealing from the other players. There is also a 2 player variant.


Hero Immortal King: The Infernal Forge. Published by Asmodee Editions. 2007. Box. In shrink. £10

Designer: Emmanuel Beltrando. No. players: 1-2. Country: French. Duration: 30 mins.

Fantasy dungeon adventure card game which can be played solitaire as well as by two players (one running the dungeon the other the adventurers).  Heading down dungeon corridors the adventurers must battle any minions they come across and find the boss monster and defeat it to win.  The dungeon player wins if he can make the adventurers lose the last of their courage. Can be combined with others of the series or used standalone.


Hero Immortal King: The Lair Of The Lich. Published by Asmodee Editions. 2007. Box. In shrink. £10

Designer: Emmanuel Beltrando. No. players: 1-2. Country: French. Duration: 30 mins.

See The Infernal Forge above.


Het Spel Magazine. Published by Unknown.

Author: Gejus van Diggele. Country: Dutch. Desc. by Eamon.

With English summary provided by the publisher. Published by a game collector, but doomed to failure because the production values were so high. Lavishly illustrated. It looked at old and current games, but really aimed at collectors I believe. Articles of note listed by issue.

Issue 1. 1993. Good. £0.25. Games & Puzzles from WW2, New Games and Books, Game of the Year 1993, Roman Dice and Dice Games, The Changeable Dice, Fairs.

Issue 2. 1994. Good. £0.25. Games & Jigsaws with Comics, The Trickiest Playing Cards and Dice, 30+ New Games Jigsaws and Books, 17th Century Card Maker Jacob Gole, Making a Fortune With a New Game, Fairs.

Issue 3. 1994. Good. £0.25. Aviation History of Cards, Games and Puzzles; Magic The Gathering Rares; 50 New Games, Jigsaws and Books; 13 Beautiful Chess Queens, The Deadly Double Mystery; 50 Interesting Jokers; Fairs.


Hexagony. Published by Avalon Hill. 1980. Box. 2 copies available:

1) 1 box corner taped. £2        2) Good. £3

Designer: Ken Hodkinson. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Essentially an unthemed wargame played on a hexagonal grid of triangles in an unusual way. Terrain markers are placed on the board before each game to ensure a different feel to each game. Players deploy their pieces on the battle board as well as using a separate supply track to obtain further supplies (needed to allow movement of pieces on the battle board). A turn can potentially consist of several linked moves providing the player's supplies are sufficient.  Capture is by surrounding opposing pieces.  Alliances can be negotiated too.


Hexentrio. Published by Club Bleib Gesund Plus. 1996. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Reinhold Wittig. No. players: 2-6. Country: German.

Domino-style variant, with a stack of tiles comprising of 3 hex tiles attached together. These tiles are distinguished by differing colour sides and graphics on those colours. Points are scored by completing triangles of the same colour. Includes a solitaire puzzle as well.


High Roller SuperSkins Casino. Published by High Roller Games Ltd. 1992. Box.

Box good, contents unused. £5.50. Designer: J.P.McKeon. No. players: 2-8. Country: Ireland.

Gambling game in which two players at a time take the role of dealer and player, who must bet for themselves to win.  Other people can also participate and are able to make bets on who they think will win the hand or even bet on a stand-off. The game itself is a card game with some similarities to Pontoon / Blackjack, but with a special deck of cards and the player and dealer try to make their cards add up to 25 rather than 21. A few points over are allowed (up to 28), but are lower rated hands.  There are also a couple of special high scoring hands: Super Five and Super Skins. Finally there are a couple of extra options during play: Drive (forcing your opponent to stick or take an extra card) and Exchange (rejecting a card drawn).


Highway. Published by BMI. ca.1990. Box. Good. £2.25

Designer: P. Parks. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Children's board game designed to teach about crossing the road safely.  The board incorporates two lanes of traffic on cardboard rings which are rotated during the game.  They show various cars and changing traffic signals at the various crossings. The graphics all show bears and are quite cute.  The objective is to be the first player to move their bear token from home to the playground, school and the ice cream van and get back home again.  When crossing the road the traffic rings are rotated and the traffic moves on and the player must decide if it is safe to cross or not.


Horus. Published by Mayfair Games. 2008. Box. Excellent. £18

Designer: H. Jean Vanaise. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Tile laying game set in ancient Egypt.  Starting with just a small section of the Nile, players play tiles showing different types of land or additional river tiles.  These are added to the expanding play area, but need not be placed fully aligned with the other tiles, but can be offset by half a tile, which gives additional possibilities for splitting up areas or joining them. Cards are played to determine the type of tile which can be laid and also to determine what size area an influence marker can be added to.  At the end of the game the player(s) with most influence in each region scores points.  A little more abstract in feel than Carcassonne, but with a similar appeal.


How Ruck!. Published by Kosmos. 2002. Box. In shrink. £8.50

Designer: Richard Borg. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Tug of war game set in the Scottish Highlands.  Players play cards showing assorted caricatures onto either end of the rope - good ones on your side, bad on the other, and when a Heave Ho card is played strengths are compared.  Various sneaky cards can be played including Nessie, who can either help pull or eat someone!  One of the simpler games in the Kosmos 2 player series.


How To Be A Dot.Com Billionaire!. Published by Paul Lammond Games. 2000. Box.

Good, but box shows some wear. £6

Designer: Terry Miller, B.S. Randle. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Family business game based on the boom of the late 1990s.  Each player starts as the owner of a company with a high share price.  As the game goes on the share prices will fall and eventually crash, but the players will get more subscribers to their businesses.  At some point a player can choose to completely or partly sell off their business to make as much money as possible.  This needs to be done early to get a good share price, but as waiting until you have more subscribers ups the amount you get, you have to judge when to sell up just right.


Hunting Party. Published by Seaborn Games. 2005. Box. Good. £15

Designer: Ben Christenson, Patrick Christenson. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Special Notes: 1 Catacombs card missing, but has been replaced with a colour scanned and laminated duplicate.  Can be played fine with or without this

An unusual fantasy game in which players control a main character who will need to recruit a party of adventurers - the more recruited, the more powerful the group, but the smaller the proportion of treasure found the main character (and thus the player) will get. However, this isn't a dungeon bash game - players have to earn the right to discover the properties of the prophesied big baddy, and what will be required to defeat it.  Once this is discovered a group capable of victory needs to be recruited and the evil defeated.  However, the winner is the player with the most money, which may not be the player who beat the evil nasty!  Very attractive artwork and an intriguing design.


Hurry Cup!. Published by Hurrican. 2008. Box. In shirnk. £19

Designer: Antoine Bauza. No. players: 3-6. Country: Switzerland. Duration: 30 mins.

Motor racing game with some differences.  A modular tiled track is laid out with various bends, which have speed limits. The basic system is that dice of different colours are rolled and then the players grab a token of the colour matching the dice they wish to use.  This will depend on the speed limits for the spaces ahead.  However, to keep things unpredictable a second dice must also be rolled and is added to the first dice so you can choose to drive aggressively or carefully.


Ido. Published by Goldsieber. 1998. Box. Excellent. £8

Designer: Bernhard Weber. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

Strategy game played on a board which looks like a piece of modern art, with coloured areas and striking black lines on a white background.  The playing pieces are equally as impressive - plastic, but very chunky colourful cubes and blocks. Onto the board is placed a black plastic griddle which can be moved around and which effectively adds to the lines on the board.  Players move their blocks into the spaces on the board, and may also move the griddle as well, which will often move some of the blocks.  The objective is to get your blocks to the other side of the board, and whoever manages their moves most efficiently will win.


Im Rampenlicht. Published by Piatnik. 1994. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. £12      2) Excellent. £14

Designer: Hermann Huber. No. players: 2-6. Country: Austrian. Duration: 30 mins.

Board and card game in which players try to get their actors onto the better positions on stage, but hogging the limelight too much is considered poor etiquette and will attract a penalty.  Players get a choice of cards to draw.  Play allows some bluff and other strategies.


Imagine Magazine. Published by TSR UK Ltd. Author: Don Turnbull. Country: British.

Adventure games magazine which is mainly targetted at players of Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy RPGs.  Articles listed by issue.

No. 16 July 1984. Good. £0.50. Unusual mounts, Goroghhwen (short adventure), Introducing Pelinore (Imagine Magazine's Campaign World), The Priests of Aphor (fiction), Ancient Egypt Special Feature inc. the Magic and Mythos focussing on Sobek, Mitra (Persian goddess), Sethotep (Egyptian adventure), RPG Product Reviews, Book, Film and Video Reviews, RPG Rules Questions Answered.

No. 17 August 1984. Good. £0.50. AD&D: Dealing with Excess Treasure, The Drow, The Citry of Pelinore, News, Lew Pulsipher's Dialog, The Return of the Celts (Special Feature), Tips for Starting Your Own Fan Mag, D&D: Companion Set, Books, Films, Videos, Letters, RPG Answers, Phalanx Cartoon.

No. 28 July 1985. Good. £0.50. 1920s and 30s Roleplaying, Lycanthropy, Pelinore, The Cthulhu Mythos, A Nice Night for Screaming, The English Daredevil, Games Reviews, RPG Answers, News, Letters, Film, Books, Videos, Phalanx Cartoon.

No. 29 August 1985. Good. £0.50. D&D: Experience, Pelinore, News, Bob Shaw Interview, Executioner's Moon (fiction), The Sarafand File (Star Frontiers / Traveller scenario), The Taumet Codex, RPG Answers, Reviews, Films, Books, Videos, Letters, FanScene, Auchter's Axe.


Incan Gold. Published by Sunriver Games. ca.2006. Box. In shrink. £15

Designer: Alan R Moon, Bruno Faidutti. No. players: 3-8. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

American printing of Diamant.  Neat game in which everyone ventures into dangerous Incan ruins together, and as they find treasure they split it between them.  However, at each stage of the journey players get the chance to leave.  If you choose to leave you keep all the treasure you have collected this trip and may get some extra depending on how many people leave at the same time as you.  However, if you stay in too long a second hazard card of a particular type may come up in which case anyone left in the ruins loses everything collected that trip!  The player with the most treasure after 5 trips wins.  Fast and fun - highly recommended.

Jekyll & Hyde. Published by Waddingtons. 1980. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Game of skill, but nerve and bluff required. All the pieces look like they are the same, but are marked differently on the back so that only the owning player knows what is what. Four of each player's pieces are Dr Jekyll and four are Mr Hyde. Players take turns moving one of their pieces with the option of capturing opposing pieces by moving onto them.  However, the game can be won by capturing all four of your opponent's Jekyll's, but is lost if you capture all your opponent's Hydes! The game can also be won by getting one of your Jekyll's to one of your opponent's corner spaces and then moving it off the board.



Jenga style games. Several available:


Mini Topple Blocks. Published by Mischief. ca.1990. Box. Good. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Duration: 15 mins.

A slightly smaller than normal version of Jenga, the balancing game, with 57 wooden pieces, each 5.5cm long. Take pieces from the tower and balance them on top, without making the tower topple over. Surprisingly good fun, and goes down great with non games players.


Timber. Published by Otto Simon. ca.1990. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: Jeremy & Andrew Cowan. No. players: 1-6. Country: Dutch. Duration: 15 mins.

Another version of Jenga, the balancing game, with plastic pieces. Take pieces from the stack and balance them on top, without making the stack topple over.


Ultra Timber. Published by Really Useful. 1993. Box. Good. £1.50

Designer: Mr Connolley. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Variation on the stacking game Timber but without a dice. This looks more unstable than most stacking games because the pieces are placed in columns, with a piece lying across three columns. It must get very high, very quickly.



Karten Misch Maschine. Published by Amigo. ca.2004. Box. In shrink. £11

Designer: Unknown. Country: German.

This is a card shuffling machine. It is hand driven (with a handle you turn), and is designed for standard size playing cards. There are adjusting screws designed to allow you to shuffle cards with different thicknesses.  The machine essentially works by taking a deck of cards and splitting it semi-randomly into two halves, and you then put them together and repeat a few times.  Sort of like a reversed riffle shuffle!  Nice item for card players who have never mastered the art of a good shuffle.


Keythedral. Published by R&D Games. 2002. Box. Good. £35

Designer: Richard Breese. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

First (limited) edition. The players lay out a land using octagonal tiles which provide various resources, and place their cottages in the square gaps between the tiles.  Each round every land tile produces one resource and the players compete for these, taking it in turn to claim resources in a cunning and very tactical way.  These resources can then be spent to build parts of the Keythedral for victory points, or in various other ways to aid your future production or hinder other players.  Also some special action cards are available for purchase and these can prove very useful.  Ultimately VPs are won for parts of the Keythedral constructed and for unused resources.  Recommended, and collectable too.


Know The Game: Contract Bridge. Published by Educational Productions. ca.1964. Book. Good. £0.35

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Softback, 13x20cm, 36 pages. A concise introductory book to Contract Bridge which teaches the rules and gives bidding and playing advice which will get a beginner going and able to play well enough 'in modest company'.


Krieg Und Frieden. Published by TM Games. 1999. Box. Good. £13

Designer: Gerard Mulder. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Players take the roles of land-owners in a feudal society, and run their lands and gain favour from the Bishop by building his Cathedral, or from the King to gain additional resources. Each turn, players use their resources to make a bid to solve that year's problem - with different resources having different values depending on the problem.  Then players use their remaining resources to enhance their lands, raid others' lands, etc.  Harvest brings new resources for the next turn.  After all the pieces of the Cathedral have been built, the game ends, and VPs decide the winner. Originally released as Charlemagne.  I have some house rules which I find improve the game substantially, and make this a game I can recommend. Chunky wooden bits.

Le Havre. Published by Lookout Games. 2008. Box. In shrink. £33

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg. No. players: 1-5. Country: German. Duration: 3 hrs.

Special Notes: English language edition

The followup game to Agricola, this time set in a port town,. Players obtain various resources and can then convert them into more valuable resources, but generally this will require building new buildings first.  Once built anyone can use a building, and the owner will get a payment when others use it.  Ships can be bought which will give lots of VPs.  At the end of the game VPs from everything built and cash determine the winner.  There are 110 building cards which will come out in different ways each game ensuring play stays fresh.  Game play involves choosing actions, and deciding which one is most valuable is tricky.


Let's Go To The Races. Published by Parker. 1987. Box. Good. £3.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 4-16. Country: American.

Horse racing game.  Players buy horses and bet on them in a variety of races.  The game is driven by a video (it is a US game, but the video plays just fine in my UK VCR).  The horses have different odds for each race and there are special forms which allow the game to continue to be played once you have played through the races on the tape.  The video shows real horse racing.  The rulebook includes ideas on planning a race-night, with recipes and even a racehorse owner's manual.


Magdar. Published by Fantasy Flight Games. 2003. Box. In shrink. £7.50

Designer: Kevin Wilson. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Fantasy themed game which clearly takes its ideas from Tolkien's works.  The dwarves have delved too deep in their mines, and have woken Magdar, a terrible magma demon. The playing area is set out using boulder tiles placed in four rows. The players move dwarves from boulder to boulder and can mine gems and mithril.  The longer spent in one place mining a gem the more valuable it becomes, however each turn Magdar moves and destroys a bit more of the mine, so any dwarves dawdling too long are likely to be destroyed along with their part finished gems. At the end of the game only gems which have a matching piece of mithril score.


Management. Published by Avalon Hill. 1960. Box. Good. £10

Designer: Charles S Roberts. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Later reprinted as Business Strategy. Well regarded business game, about making and selling your product. Basic and tournament rules. Players compete for resources from which their goods are to be made and then must compete again to sell them. Each month a business climate card is drawn to modify the availability of resources and the ease with which goods can be sold. I can also provide Derek Carver's House Rules which improve the game further.


Mandarin. Published by Mattel. 1990. Box. Good. £13

Designer: Tom Kremer. No. players: 3-5. Country: British. Duration: 50 mins.

Family game designed around the theme of the Chinese Zodiac.  The game uses a clever gadget: a plastic Chinese house that dispenses tiles when a lever is pressed. Players attempt to collect one tile of each symbol or 6 of a particular type.  Players move around a track and activate spaces, often getting the chance to claim a single tile or push their luck to try to get more, but if this fails then all the tiles are auctioned instead.  Everything has been attractively produced with a Chinese theme.


Maya. Published by Abacus Spiele. 2003. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Bernd Eisenstein. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Card and board game in which players vie to contribute most toward building 4 Mayan pyramids in order to win the favour of the gods.  Firstly cards are played at the quarries to claim building blocks and gain special actions and then the building blocks are built into pyramids.  There are a number of clever rules to give additional tactical decisions and bonuses for majorities in either quarries or pyramids as well as special rules you need to keep an eye on in the pyramids lest your blocks collapse and become useless.


Mercante In Fiera. Published by Dal Negro. ca.1975. Box. Excellent. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 4-8. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

Traditional Italian gambling card game.  Cards are auctioned off in sets by the auctioneer. A second identical deck is then used (this set includes both decks) and three cards are winners, with the prizes for the corresponding card owners set by the auctioneer.  One by one losing cards are revealed, and players may buy and sell their remaining cards, which become increasingly likely to be winners as more losers are revealed.  The cards are numbered and have very attractive pictures.


Military Modelling: The Art Of The Model Soldier. Published by Argus Books. 1988. Book. Excellent. £4.50

Author: Graham Dixey. Country: British.

Softback, 21x15cm, 191 pages. Military Modelling magazine sponsored guide to preparing and painting model soldiers.  There are many illustrations throughout. The book covers tools and equipment you will want to have to make a professional job of: painting your figures, preparing and assembling men and horses, various painting techniques, uniforms and equipment, painting horses, painting 'flat' figures, converting & scratchbuilding, displaying figures & vignettes, dioramas, and photographing the model soldier.


Modern Naval Battles. Published by 3W. 1989. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Dan Verssen & Alan Emrich. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Card game. An interactive combat game with no board, but cards depict different types of ships in your fleet, and other cards represent threats to them.  The game is played in rounds and players manoeuvre their ships, attack enemy ships, and defend against enemy attacks all with cards.  Points are accrued for enemy vessels sunk, with a point total target to achieve victory.


Mr Jack. Published by Hurrican. 2006. Box. Excellent. £17

Designer: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc. No. players: 2. Country: Swiss. Duration: 30 mins.

Deduction game in which one player is Mr Jack (ie. the Ripper), and the other player is trying to work out who Jack is and then catch him.  The board shows a hex gridded version of Whitechapel in 1888, and eight character pieces are in the vicinity. Players take it in turn to move a piece, with the pieces having various special abilities. At various points another victim will die, and clever rules about who can see who etc. mean the investigator player should be able to deduce who Jack must be. Once the investigator is certain then Jack must be caught.  Obviously the Jack player wants to give away as little as possible and to avoid being caught.


Mr Jack - The Carriage. Published by Hurrican. 2006. Ziplock. Excellent. £1.50

Designer: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc. No. players: 2. Country: Switzerland. Duration: 30 mins.

Mini expansion for Mr Jack. One additional wooden piece: the Carriage.  The Carriage has special movement rules and can pick up and move another character during its move.


Mr Jack Extension. Published by Hurrican. 2007. Box. Excellent. £9

Designer: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc. No. players: 2. Country: Swiss. Duration: 30 mins.

Special Notes: Autographed on inside of the lid

Expansion for Mr Jack, which you will need in order to make use of this.  This set provides five new characters for you to mix in with the existing eight so you can play with a different set each game.  The new characters have new and interesting special abilities.


Mü & Mehr. Published by Amigo. 1996. Box. Several available:

1) In shrink. £4.50. Small box edition

2) Good. £6. Limited Edition 211/500, comes in slightly larger box.

3) Excellent. £4. Slightly larger box edition

Designer: Doris Matthaüs & Frank Nestel. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Card game, really a set of games using unique cards. It was on the German 1996 Spiel des Jahres shortlist.  The main game is a very clever trick taking game which is best with 5 players.  It involves bidding for a contract for the hand in a rather neat way, and there can be up to two different trumps, either of which can be a number or colour.  Finally, rather than the number of tricks taken being what scores, the cards have little triangles, which are the points you are trying to win.  One of the very best 5 player card games.  The other games are interesting variants of traditional card games, but work just a bit differently using the alternative set of cards. Recommended.


Mull & Money. Published by Hans Im Gluck. 2001. Box. Excellent. £21

Designer: Dr Jurgen Strohm. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Business game in which the players each run a factory.  However, the objective is not purely to get money.  Victory points are what win the game and these can be obtained either by accruing money, or by enhancing your factory in various ways, such as efficient labour, efficient use of raw materials and reducing the amount of waste produced.  In addition players have to watch how much waste they produce and recycle it or face stiff penalties.  The game is driven by cards which offer various actions and the players get to choose a batch of 3 cards to use each turn.  Highly recommended.


New World. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2008. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 40 mins.

Standalone Carcassonne game.  In this one all the settlers start on the east coast of the U.S. and will head west creating trails and founding towns and farms.  Many of the mechanics will be familiar to Carcassonne fans, but one new one is the surveyors which affect scoring and make it essential for meeples not to get left behind as the play heads west.  Enough new ideas to make it well worth trying.


Once Upon A Time: Dark Tales. Published by Atlas. 2004. Box. In shrink. £7

Designer: Richard Lambert, Andrew Rilstone & James Wallis. No. players: 2+.

Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Expansion for the storytelling card game Once Upon A Time, which you need to make use of this set.  This set provides 56 more cards to add into the standard cards to add variety and give your stories a bit of a more sinister feel.


One More Barrel. Published by 2008. Box. In shrink. £31

Designer: Michele Quondam. No. players: 3-5. Country: Italian. Duration: 90 mins.

Cynical game in which the players attempt to ward off global terrorism by eliminating weapons of mass destruction hidden in a country which has a huge oil reserve.  Players send in the troops and invade the the hostile state, and grab and sell as much oil as possible while doing so, ideally to companies from your own country.  While achieving objectives is good for your position in the media, it is money which wins the game. Now of course such a scenario is clearly far fetched!


Oraklos. Published by Splotter. 2002. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £4      2) Excellent. £3.50

Designer: Tamara Jannink, Joris Wiersinga. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 20 mins.

Pattern recognition game in which a large number of coloured cubes (with holes in two sides) are thrown onto the table, and cards are turned over to indicate what must be spotted.  The patterns are of the form of four cubes forming a rectangle and being of the right combination of colours, none with holes upwards and the rectangle must include no other cubes.  Players each have their own target patterns, and get to choose some of the cubes which will be used that round, hopefully making their pattern more likely to occur and those of their opponents less likely.


Pandemic. Published by Z-Man Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £22.50

Designer: Matt Leacock. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Cooperative game in which the players must attempt to contain and find cures to 4 different deadly diseases.  Cards control where outbreaks occur, and should outbreaks occur in already infected areas then a new outbreak can occur, making matters worse.  The players each play a specialist with a different ability such as the medic, the researcher and the operations expert, and use very limited cards and actions as effectively as possible.  The game can be lost in several ways, and only won by finding cures to all four diseases.  Really feels true to the theme, but is easy to learn, and plays very well. Highly recommended.


Poker Face. Published by Piatnik. 1993. Box. Excellent. £3

Designer: Gerhard Kodys. No. players: 3-6. Country: Austrian. Desc. by Eamon.

Special Notes: Autographed on the front by the author.

Card game, 25 colourful cards are used in this game of bluff (you must keep a 'Poker-Face' as hinted in the title). Players collect cards from each other, hiding their true worth and action cards cause changes in the normal routine of play.


Practical Wargamer Magazine. Published by Argus. Author: Stuart Asquith. Country: British.

Magazine which focuses on miniatures wargaming, typically around 70 pages long with many illustrations, some colour. Main articles listed by issue.

No.7. 1989. Good. £1. Table Top Casualties, Napoleonics Out East, Battle of Lepanto, Ideas for Battles, 19th Centurey Tribal Conflicts, Strongholds, Stingray, Battle of Kappel 1531, Prisoners of War, Wargaming American Style, Bright Barrosa, Battle of Wavre 1815, Designing a Campaign Game, The Bow in War and Wargaming.

No.9. 1989. Good. £1. New Approaches in Colonial Wargaing, Early British Colonial Wars in India, Creative Clay Modelling, Caratacus's Last Stand, Washington Fleets, Ashanti War 1873-74, Battlements (Iam Weekley's models), Bloody Albuera, Expedition to Hispaniola, Fighting in Woods, US Indian Wars, Musical Aspects of Soldiering, Artillery in the NW Europe Campaign (1944).


Practise Your Crowhurst 2 Clubs. Published by Bridge Plus. 1997. Booklet. Excellent. £2.25

Author: Eric Crowhurst. Country: British.

Softback booklet, 21x15cm, 16 pages. Bridge booklet which details the Crowhurst 2 Clubs convention, and gives plenty of hands for you to practice bidding using it with your partner, with recommended bids given at the back of the book.


Presidential Election. Published by JKLM Games. 2004. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £6.50      2) Good. £6

Designer: Richard Huzzey. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

In the race to the White House, the two players represent Democrat and Republican candidates aiming to sway the voters and win the American election. The game uses two sets of dominoes along with playing pieces and tiles.  Players use the dominoes to both move their pieces along a track and also play them to form the track itself. The track can be several dominoes in height and is divided into different scoring zones.  Each player has policy markers which must be advanced along the track, and these can score well either by being moved a long way along the track or by being on top of many dominoes.  Intriguing idea and a most unusual use of dominoes.


Ra: The Dice Game. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. Excellent. £18

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

A reworking of the tactical push your luck tile drawing and bidding game Ra.  This time dice are rolled and rerolled and the symbols which result are used to build monuments, influence pharaohs, farm the Nile delta and improve civilization.  Thus what you are collecting is very similar to the board game version, but the mechanics of doing so are quite different, and the scoring mechanisms work out somewhat differently balanced too.


Realms Of Fantasy Vol 5 No. 6. Published by Mark Hintz. 1999. Magazine. Good, but cover shows wear. £1.50

Author: Various. Country: American.

Full colour fantasy magazine much of which is dedicated to well written short fiction, of which there are 6 pieces this issue. Other sections: Editorial, Letters, Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, Folkroots, Gallery: The Brothers Hildebrand, Games (D&D: Birthright, Guide to the Camarilla, Ars Magica Stuff, Heretic 2, Quest For Glory: Dragonfire, Legend of the 5 Rings, Fortine Teller Collectibles).


Reese On Canasta. Published by Edward Arnold & Co.. 1951. Book. Good. £8.25

Author: Terence Reese. Country: British.

Hardback, 19x13cm, 96 pages.  Covers the following: How The Game Is Played, The Four Main Tactical Positions, The Finer Points, Canasta for 2/3/4, The Sunday Times Lawas of Canasta.


Rodney Matthews Fantasy Jigsaw 3477. Published by Falcon. 1994. Box. Good. £3

Designer: Rodney Matthews. No. players: 1. Country: British.

625 piece jigsaw puzzle.  The picture is titled The Four Horsemen, and was originally record sleeve artwork for the British band Full Moon.  Rodney Matthews is a well known and very skillful fantasy and S.F. artist. The picture shows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding over a desolated land with a huge blood red moon in the background.


Rodney Matthews Fantasy Jigsaw 3478. Published by Falcon. 1994. Box. Good. £3

Designer: Rodney Matthews. No. players: 1. Country: British.

625 piece jigsaw puzzle.  The picture is titled On A Storytellers Night, and was originally record sleeve artwork for the British band Magnum.  Rodney Matthews is a well known and very skillful fantasy and S.F. artist. The picture shows a storyteller relating a tale to an odd group of fantasy characters in a tavern next to a roaring fire.


Roots. Published by Heritage Products. 1978. Box. Good. £0.75

Designer: Louis F Petrossi. No. players: 2-5. Country: American.

Special Notes: Photocopied rules

Card game, 54 cards in total and unusual tree-shaped score-sheets. Three game rules provided, Roots, Roots Rummy and Roots Solitaire. The game uses letter cards with values and some special cards.


Royal Comette. Published by Oxford Games. 1996. Box. Excellent. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

Facsimile of a very old card game, with a deck of cards that looks like a copy of a 19th century deck (or older). The board is sectioned into compartments into which players place their stakes (plastic betting 'sticks' are included), and the game mechanics are very similar to playing card games like Newmarket and Pope Joan.


Schatztaucher. Published by Salagames. 1992. Box. Good. £5.50

Designer: Nik Sewell. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Deep sea diving themed card game with a board onto which cards are played. Each player takes it in turn to go on dives, in the hope of finding gold coins while avoiding sharks, in order to buy harpoons.  When a player has enough harpoons then a dive to the ocean floor can be attempted in order to retrieve a lost treasure chest and win the game.  The harpoons are needed to fend off giant squid and sharks.  Game play is unusual - the cards show what depth they refer to (1-8) on the front and back, so everyone can see what depth cards you have, but only you know whether they are treasure, fishes or sharks.  During a dive the diving player asks each player in turn for a card of either the next level down or up as they wish.


Shadows Over Camelot: Sir Bedivere. Published by Days Of Wonder. ca.2008. Packet. Excellent. £1.50

Designer: Serge Laget, Bruno Cathala. No. players: 3-8. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Mini expansion for Shadows Over Camelot.  One additional knight figure with German language character sheet.  I will colour print and laminate an English character sheet for you, if you wish for 50p extra.


Shit!. Published by Adlung Spiele. 1996. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: Reinhard Staupe. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game, 50 colourful cards in suits and 6 Shit! cards. Cards are played into a circle and the suit order is circular! Each round players play a card simultaneously, and this can either be a card which will get you more cards (the only way to get more cards in fact) or a number card, which depending on the cards on the table and the cards other players have played will score you points.  There is a slight similarity to '6 Nimmt'. Eamon asked why they called it such a name, and was told that they thought they were using an English word equivalent to "Damn" or "Bother".


Silent War. Published by Compass Games. 2005. Box. Excellent, partly unpunched. £28

Designer: Brien J. Miller. No. players: 1+. Country: American. Duration: 1hr +.

Solitaire wargame which can also be played multi-player, but which has all the players on the same side.  The game covers the US submarine campaign against Imperial Japan 1941-45. The player(s) take on US submarine commands and in a variety of scenarios try to defeat the Japanese navy.  Short scenarios can be around an hour, and entire campaigns 25 hours or longer.  The rules cover 18 pages (in large print), and there is a separate book of scenarios.


Single Card Strategies For Magic: The Gathering. Published by Wordware Publishing. 1996. Book.

Excellent. £4.50. Author: Jess Franzmann, Philip Kramer, Beth Moursund. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm, 192 pages.  A collection of nearly 100 articles for Magic: The Gathering.  Each article focuses on a single card from the early sets, and has an imagined story followed by an analysis of the card's strengths and weaknesses and what other cards go especially well with it.


Sky Runner. Published by Ravensburger. 2000. Box. Good. £6. Desc. by Eamon.

Designer: Joel Sevelin, Erik Karlsson & Dan Glimne. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Race game, but unusually played up the three-dimensional board. Players aim to scale the skyscraper.  Cards are played simultaneously to bid for new cards or instead use cards to climb.  The cards won allow your man to climb, get onto a ledge or force another climber back down a bit.  Interesting variation on the 'all play a card simultaneously' mechanism.  Light but fun.


Stadens Nyckel. Published by Casper. 1998. Box. Good. £18

Designer: Dan Glimne. No. players: 3-6. Country: Swedish. Duration: 2 hrs.

Special Notes: Cards have been pasted up in English to ease play.

Players represent noble families trying to build up their neighbourhoods and get their family members into the important official positions at the right times. The game play is driven by cards, and events also take place giving advantages to the various positions. The order these events will come up in is partly revealed so you have an idea what is coming up.  One very nice aspect of the game is that as sections of the city get developed card overlays are placed over the board.


Star Trek The Undiscovered Country. Published by King International. 1993. Box. Excellent. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1. Country: British.

1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle showing the Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country film poster.  This is a limited edition item (10000 were produced). When complete the puzzle measures 67cm x 48.5cm.


Sternen Himmel. Published by Gold Sieber. 1995. Box. Good. £19

Designer: Tom Schoeps. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Players vie for control of constellations.  The game consists of 12 boards each showing one of the constellations converted into a series of spaces onto which star tokens can be placed. In some places star tokens must be placed face up and on others they can be placed face down.  Only a few constellations are in play at a time and once placed star tokens cannot be retrieved until that constellation has no free spaces, and is scored.  The star tokens come in various values as well as black holes to eliminate nearby tokens and doublers.  The game is very tactical, with plenty to think about and works especially well with 3 players.  Recommended.


Stoplights. Published by Fred Distribution. 2007. Box. Excellent. £3.50

Designer: Mr B Games. No. players: 2-3. Country: American. Duration: 15 mins.

Card game in which the cards show traffic lights with different colour backgrounds.  Players play and draw cards trying to match up the lights shown into rows of five of their colour.  The card placement rules and existence of 'wild' lights make this different to other five in a row games.


Tactic Blue. Published by Bambus Spieleverlag. 2006. Box. New. £14.50

Designer: Dieter Stein, Jaroslaw Cichocki, Alvydas Jakeliunas. No. players: 2. Country: German.

A collection of six 2-player abstract board games from various authors.  The game includes a double sided board: one side with a triangulated hexagon the other showing a chess board. Also included are black and white wooden playing pieces. The games are: Accasta (tactical stacking game), Abande (positional scoring game), Attangle (stack creation game), Attraktion (pattern creation game), Alva (draughts variant), Dame 100 (draughts variant).  A very nice collection for abstract game fans.


Tales Of The Arabian Nights. Published by Z-Man Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £40

Designer: Eric Goldberg. No. players: 1-6. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Reworked version of this classic story telling board game.  The game uses a large book of paragraphs, and players wander the world trying to complete quests and experience the world of the Arabian Nights, and all it can throw at them. To really enjoy the game players should be willing to elaborate on the text in the paragraphs to fit in with what else has happened, and played this way the game is unsurpassed.  This edition has many new story threads, and much nicer and easier to use components than the very rare original. Recommended.


The Administrative Waltz. Published by Ariel. 1976. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: George Singer & Jeanette Armstrong. No. players: 2-8. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Bizarre game based on a book of the same name. The object is to gain promotion and achieve the top job within your career (each player having a different career).  Game play involves several different mechanics, including collecting and trading letter tiles with which words must be made up, collecting reference cards which let you get promotion, playing manipulation cards on other people to hinder them and sacrificing future victory points to get promotion now.  In addition there are several alternative ways to win and a simplified version of the game as well as the standard game.  Unusual item.


The Beginner's Book Of Contract Bridge. Published by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd. 1939. Book.

Good, but dustcover shows wear. £2. Author: Joy Weston. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 19x13cm, 167 pages. This book aims to teach the absolute beginner how to play Contract Bridge, and does so using a variety of characters rather than just dry prose.  The book covers: Mrs Newbegin decides to take up Bridge, Simple Bidding & Quick Trick Values, What Are Trumps, Consulting One's Partner, Simple Bidding Examples, Raising Bids, No Trump Distribution, Showing a Strong Hand, Pre-emptive Bids, The Attack, The Defence, Defending a No Trump Contract, Doubling, Partial Scores, Vulnerability, Importance of Distribution, Two Club Convention, Slam Bidding.


The Diamond System. Published by Littlebury & Co.. 1948. Book. Good. £6.50

Author: Edgar Lynch. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 57 pages.  Bridge book which describes the author's Diamond system of bidding. The book covers all you would expect of a bidding system: opening bids, responder's bids, abnormal deals, bidding when opposition have opened, slam bidding.  The book also has a section on the play of cards with plenty of information of use even if you aren't going to try the Diamond system.


The Education Of A Poker Player. Published by Sphere Books. 1970. Book. Good. £6.50

Author: Herbert O.Yardley. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11cm, 138 pages. From the back page blurb: A gambling classic... brilliant instruction ... and a hatful of some of the finest gambling stories I have ever read.  The book has zest, blood, sex and a tough, wry humour...


The Flintstones Game. Published by Triotoys. 1990. Box. 2 box corners taped. £1.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Special Notes: Box somewhat indented due to stacking

TV related.  Fred and Barney decide to take the day off work to go fishing, but first they must get their families safely home.  To do this you will have to visit a number of locations such as the zoo, the bowling alley etc, and play out the cards you were dealt, as well as collect appropriate family cards.  A dinosaur wanders around and can mess things up.  Some cards are played on opponents. Colourful board with standup counters.


The Game Of Maze. Published by Oxford Games. 1990. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Finch & Scott. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

The board shows a hedge-maze of the type found in the gardens of some stately homes. Players start with a playing piece in the centre and at the entrance.  Players roll dice and move their pieces accordingly, with the objective of having their pieces meet up somewhere in the maze.  A few spaces have special rules and landing on an opposing piece banishes that piece to a corner.  The rules also include a list of British mazes open to the public and a short history of mazes.


The Hollywood Card Game. Published by Fantasy Flight Games. 2005. Box. New. £3.50

Designer: Bruno Faidutti, Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-4. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game in which players collect Star, Film and Blockbuster cards in order to create movies and score points. The mechanism for gaining cards is unusual - tokens are put onto the cards which are laid out in a grid, and players have to bump along other players' tokens to get to what they want.  Thus the goal is to try and predict how this will go in order to get what you really want.


The Madame Tussaud's Board Game. Published by Spear's Games. 1990. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: Advertising Answers International. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Board game no doubt made as a souvenir for visitors to London's famous Madame Tussaud's waxworks museum.  The game itself has cards showing many of the famous people who have their likenesses in the museum.  Players are dealt mini cards showing these people, and they must collect the larger cards with the same people on them.  This is done by moving around the museum and collecting them.  However, it is also possible to get cards off other players by 'bumping into them'. Finally there are several 'Jack The Ripper' cards with no matching cards - these need to be palmed off onto another player.


The New Games Book. Published by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. 1976. Book. Good. £4

Author: New Games Foundation. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

Softback, 23x21cm, 192 pages. A book full of unusual and interesting outdoor games and activities.  There are many photographs which come straight out of the hippy era, but many of the games themselves look great fun - fantastic if you have a large group of children and adults and a park, or even just for active families to enjoy on a summer's day.  Activities range from boffing (dueling with polyethylene swords), tug of war, and Hunker Hawser (two players balance on poles holding a rope - last still on wins) to Stand-off (a sort of aikido balancing wrestle). Some great ideas, and some just truly bizarre!


The Palladium RPG - Book II: Old Ones. Published by Palladium. 1990. Book. Good. £1.50

Author: Kevin Siembieda. No. players: 2+. Country: American.

212 page Palladium role playing game supplement which includes monk and illusionist character class rules, descriptions of 21 forts, 34 towns and cities, half a dozen adventures and details of the dreaded Old Ones.


The Penguin Book Of Word Games. Published by Penguin. 1982. Book. Excellent. £2.50

Author: David Parlett. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11cm, 235 pages. A book full of word games ranging from the cerebral to the daft, with plenty of humour in between. The games are categorised: Pundemonium (10), Performances (13), Proverbials (4), Alphabeticals (7), Sequentials (10), Ghostiles (4), Deductives (10), Compilations (13), In-words (3), Sequentials (7), Narratives (6), Cross Words (11), Fictionaries (7), Written Deductives (10).


The Peter Principle Game. Published by Avalon Hill. 1981. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Dr Laurence J Peter. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Second edition of this game of office politics, based on a best-selling book with the same name. Players try to rise to the top, but without exceeding their level of competency. The players are employees of a huge corporation, and compete to avoid promotion and remain competent in their jobs by making more "right" decisions than "wrong" ones. At the same time, each tries to force the others into promotion or into a position where they make more bad decisions than good ones. The last player still competent is declared the winner. This edition is in the original publisher's box but sold by Avalon Hill with their own rules etc.  They later changed it to a bookcase box.


The Small Furry Creatures Press - Batch of 19 Issues. Published by SFCP. ca.1992. Magazine. Good. £10

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

This is the British games magazine which was later renamed Games Games Games.  Issues are generally 24 pages long, and cover industry news, roleplaying games, PBM games, classic games (eg. Draughts and Chess), as well as having well written reviews of board games of various sorts (family, strategy and wargames).  Occasionally an issue also has a special theme and does a roundup of games with that theme.  This batch includes the following issues: 36, 43, 55, 56, 61, 64, 66, 67, 68, 71, 72/73, 74, 76, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84. and covers the period Oct 1989 - Sep 1994. A couple of issues have some notes written on the cover and one has the back cover cut off (as it had a form on it). If you want me to split this batch let me know.


The Theory Of Whist. Published by Longmans, Green & Co.. 1890. Book.

Cover faded with wear, good internally. £3.50. Author: W. Pole. Country: British.

Special Notes: 17th Edition, gold edged pages

Hardback, 17x11cm, 108 pages. Widely circulated treatise on partnership whist. The book covers: Technical Terms, Theory of the Game, Development of the Theory, Rules & Directions for Play, Conclusion, Appendicies. There are many snippets from the press dated 1865 onwards which praise the book.


Ticket To Ride: The Dice Expansion. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2008. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £10      2) In shrink. £11

Designer: Alan R. Moon. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Expansion for Ticket To Ride - you will require one of the base sets in order to make use of this.  The game provides dice which replace the train cards from the base set.  Each turn the current player rolls the track dice and gets the chance to reroll some.  The dice show single tracks, double tracks, a person (wild) and a city.  One type of symbol can be used each turn - track to complete either a single or double link, or cities to obtain more ticket cards.  There are special rules (and special dice) to allow for tunnels, and other special features on the various boards.


Tit-Bits Teaser No.2. Published by George Newnes. ca.1930. Box. Good. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

A wooden puzzle, made as a promotion for Tit-Bits magazine. If you could not do the puzzle, you could buy the magazine at some time in the future to get the answer. The puzzle consists of 14 wooden pieces (one has been replaced with a look-a- like) and you must shuffle them round in the tray to get the Plane from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The pieces are irregular in shape, which is one of the reasons why the puzzle is devilishly difficult.


Top Gear Motorsport. Published by Toy Brokers Ltd. 1993. Box. Good but 1 corner taped. £4.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

TV related - based on the BBC's popular series Top Gear.  Players race around the track with the winner the first to complete a pre-agreed number of laps.  Movement around the board depends on answering rather difficult motorsport related trivia questions.  In addition it helps to keep to the racing line, and choose the right fuel and tyres for the conditions.  The game also has a shorter version which doesn't use the trivia cards.


Top Secret. Published by Jumbo. 1985. Box. Good. £3

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 2-4. Country: Dutch. Duration: 40 mins.

A great fun game of bluff as players pick up and transport suitcases to their headquarters. Who is carrying what? Opponents get to hide bombs along with the goodies. Cards are used to resolve showdowns.  Take a bomb back to base and you'll lose several agents, but hesitate too long and another player will most likely win.  Recommended (especially at this price)!


Touring Scotland. Published by Geographia Ltd. ca.1955. Box and Board. Fair. £4

Designer: P.H. Thorpe. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Special Notes: The box appears a bit 'moth eaten', with some of the cardboard showing through the paper covering.  Also the original dice shaker is missing.

Period game with an attractive map of Scotland showing many towns and the roads between them.  Players are dealt a set of 8 cards, 2 from each of 4 areas and must then travel the board and visit the towns before returning to the starting point as quickly as possible.  Some spaces cause delays or provide shortcuts. Metal car playing pieces and separate board and box.


Travel The World. Published by Early Learning Centre. ca.1995. Box.

Good, but quite large label removal mark. £1.25.

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.  Special Notes: Photocopied rules.

Children's game.  The set includes rules for four different games, the idea being to use the set as a way to introduce children of age 5-8 to the geography of the world and differences between countries. The main game involves movement around a map of the world, travelling overland, by sea and by air to a series of destinations before returning to your home country.  The other games make use of the destination cards and 'postcards' which correspond to the countries named on the destination cards, ie. matching them up in a variety of ways.


Trekkie Trivia. Published by Paul Lamond Games. ca.2000. Box. Excellent. £2.50

Designer: Terry Miller & Associates. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Trivia game with 2400 questions on 400 cards in 6 categories.  All the questions are on the Star Trek universe, and go from the original series through TNG, DS9 to Voyager and the various films made up till then.  The game has its own rules, but this set can also be used as a Star Trek expansion for other games (such as Trivial Pursuit).


Trivial Pursuit - Best Of Genus - Electronic Quiz Machine. Published by Horn Abbot International. 1998.

Good. £3. Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1+. Country: British.

This is a hand held electronic gadget with a LCD screen.  The gadget has been programmed with a vast number of questions from the Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit.  There are 4 quiz games which can be played: Triv Knockout Multiple Choice / Traditional, Team Play, Just Questions & Answers. The questions are in the traditional Triv categories, but there is no need for a board or playing pieces - just the gadget!


Tutankhamen's Revenge. Published by Jumbo. 1992. Box. Excellent. £9.50

Designer: Stefanie Rohner and Christian Wolf. No. players: 2-4. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

Very attractive board game in which players dig for treasure.  The playing area is a 4 x 4 grid into which are placed several layers of treasures, each one with a different earthy background colour so you can keep track of the current level. Players use a special 'spade' to extract the treasure tiles hoping to find valuable items.  However, also lurking in the ruins are curses and finding these is bad news - especially Tutankhamen's royal curse, which is found along with some of the most valuable treasures on the bottom layer.  I have some house rules I use to increase the skill level and improve the game quite a bit.  Fun game.


Ubongo. Published by Z-Man Games. 2005. Box. In shrink. £20

Designer: Grzegorz Rejchtman. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

A captivating and surprisingly addictive game of making polyominoes into shapes shown on the challenge boards. Each player has a set of polyominoes, and is dealt a challenge card with 6 challenges on it.  A dice is rolled to indicate which challenge the players attempt, and a timer is turned.  As players complete their challenge they claim jewels as their prize - the objective being to collect as many jewels as possible of the same colour.  The challenge cards are double sided with an easy side and a hard side making it good to play with children and adults together. I have house rules I can provide which allow the game to be played with up to 5 players. Recommended.


Undercover. Published by Klee. 1999. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Geni Wyss. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Secret agent themed tile based game.  60 tiles are laid out face down in a 6x10 grid, and these tiles represent secret agents of varying strengths, and a few with special abilities.  At the end of each row and column a top secret item is placed - 4 each of 4 types.  Players take turns revealing a secret agent and facing him or her towards themselves, and sometimes performing a special action such as killing an opposing agent.  Choice of available agents is limited to the row or column of the one previously chosen.  When a row or column is all revealed influence is tallied and the highest gets the top secret item and retires one agent.  At the end points are scored for sets of top secret items and also for successfully retired secret agents.


Unspeakable Words. Published by Playroom Entertainment. 2007. Box. In shrink. £8

Designer: James Ernest, Mike Selinker. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Cthulhu mythos themed word game, which includes 30 miniature Cthulhu figures! Players use cards with letters on them to spell out words and claim points, the objective being to be the first to get a set number of points.  However, after claiming points for each word you have to make a sanity roll - which is harder to make the more points you scored.  Fail and lose some sanity!  Totally insane players can't win (they just gibber in the corner). Rather silly but fun starter or finisher.


Valdora. Published by Abacus Spiele. 2009. Box. Excellent. £32

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Very attractively produced trading game.  The players move their men around the board in order to collect gold and money which are used to buy equipment and contracts.  The equipment allows assorted gems to be collected from around the board, which are then used to fulfil contracts, which earn VPs, with bonuses both for specialising in the same type of contract and also for diversifying. A neat mechanism is used to regulate the availability of contracts and equipment: mini bookstands are used and the cards act as the pages of a book, and the pages can be 'turned' to reveal new options.


Vampire: The Masquerade: Players Guide To The Sabbat. Published by White Wolf. 1992. 2 copies:

1) Book. Good. £3      2) Good, but cover shows a little wear. £2.50

Author: Steve C. Brown. No. players: 3+. Country: American.

Softback, 28x22cm, 156 pages. Sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade dark role playing game.  The Sabbat is a secret political and militaristic society of vampires.  This book covers: Inside the Sabbat, Running with the Sabbat, Character Creation, Paths of Enlightenment, Sabbat Traits, Sabbat Templates, Unusual Weapons for Vampires, Sabbat Relics and Magical Devices.


Vampire: The Masquerade: Storytellers Guide To The Sabbat. Published by White Wolf. 1993. Book.

Good. £3.75. Author: Steve C. Brown. No. players: 3+. Country: American.

Softback, 28x22cm, 133 pages. Sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade dark role playing game.  The Sabbat is a secret political and militaristic society of vampires.  The book includes 5 stories involving Sabbat characters. The chapters are: Sabbat Chronicles, Politics of the Sabbat, Forces of Darkness, Storytellers Aids, Quick Start Materials, The Stories.


Vampire: The Masquerade: The Storytellers Handbook. Published by White Wolf. 1993. Book.

Good but corners show a little wear. £4.25

Author: Steve C. Brown. No. players: 3+. Country: American.

Softback, 28x22cm, 152 pages. Sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade dark role playing game. This book introduces the style of roleplaying and the setting as well as the game mechanics.  The chapters cover: The Story, The Chronicle, The Setting, The Motive, The Enemy, The Ways, Enchanted Items, Useful Lists.


Vampire: The Masquerade: Mood Music CD. Published by Orion Design. 1999. CD Case. New. £4.50

Designer: Bart Dijkman. Country: American.

This isn't a game or RPG supplement, but a music CD.  However, it has been written specifically as mood music for a Vampire - The Masquerade role playing session. The music is instrumental only and uses synthesisers, guitars and drums to produce a sinister background mood.  It should be suitable background for any gothic horror type of gaming.


Vita Memorita. Published by Zoch. 2007. Box. Excellent. £5.50

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-8. Country: Hungarian. Duration: 20 mins.

Hungarian edition of Alles Tomate (don't worry, English rules provided).  Memory based game in which players have to remember what is hidden in 7 different locations, but the items change constantly, making it trickier.  Speed is also required as play is simultaneous.  The objective is to claim as many cards as possible.


Watch It!. Published by Milton Bradley. 1978. Box. Good. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Picture memory game.  Each player has a picture board and a set of 10 double sided cards each shaped differently and showing part of a different picture on either side.  One player constructs a picture with 6 cards and then shows it to the other players for 15 seconds, and then hides it again.  The other players race to reconstruct the picture from their own cards and when one player is happy they call stop.  Players then score their pictures, getting more the more accurate they were. The picture setter scores more the worse the other players did.  Neat idea.


Westminster. Published by Gibsons. 1983. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 2hrs.

Unusual political game, focusing on the passing of bills though Parliament rather than the election itself.  The game starts with a general election with players controlling the various political parties.  Then a series of by-elections take place and the winner is the first to get a bill through parliament, which takes 3 readings.


Who's In The Igloo?. Published by Artstraws Ltd. ca.1983. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Virginia Charves. No. players: 2-5. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins.

Children's game (ages 5-10). The board shows a grid of 14 x 14 squares each showing either a polar bear or an Eskimo (mostly Eskimos), and 5 are coloured.  A large igloo tile covers a 5x5 area of the board except for one central space.  A card is drawn indicating the current coloured target space and players take it in turn to move the igloo tile one space at a time towards this target.  They can keep moving it until they reach the target or the hole reveals a polar bear, in which case the next player continues.  Reaching a target wins that card.  A harder variant gives each player a different target card.


Wilderness War. Published by GMT Games. 2001. Box. Excellent. £40

Designer: Volko Ruhnke. No. players: 1-2. Country: American. Duration: 3 hrs.

Set in the French and Indian war from 1755-60. France and Britain struggle for control of North America.   The game uses a card based system and point to point movement, similar to For The People / Paths of Glory, but simpler than those games. The map covers N. Virginia to Canada.  The players need to defend their borders, ally with Indian tribes and build / besiege fortresses.


World Formula Grand Prix. Published by Racing Games. 1999. Box. Good. £8

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Motor racing game, with nice components including egg-timers to time delays when a car comes off the track, and a large sealed spinner device which determines a car's speed each turn. Pit strategy cards determine the number of pitstops each player must make.  A dice is used to determine starting speeds and stalls, thereafter a special spinner is used.  The spaces on the board have different effects and so players will want to land on the most favourable one possible for their current circumstances. Additional rules cover tyre types, changing lanes, overtaking, and marshal's flags.


Wrott & Swindlers. Published by Ludis. 1995. Box. Good. £13

Designer: Stephen Doherty. No. players: 3-6. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Card game, beautifully presented in a hinged box, and includes a large wooden gavel. Players try to obtain complete sets of antiques, with the first half of the game involving bidding for cards openly and the second half making sealed bids to exchange items in a clever and sneaky way.


X Pasch. Published by Fanfor Verlag. 1996. Box. In shrink. £8

Designer: Valentin Herman. No. players: 3-6. Country: German.

Special Notes: This is the 'Deluxe' edition.

This game is about gaining control of businesses, which are represented by cards. Players gain income from companies where they have the most board members, and then roll three dice and use them for various purposes such as bringing a new business into the game, adding board members to existing businesses, or drawing new cards.


Yari. Published by Dallah Heyari. 1989. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: Salem Heyari. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Special Notes: The box edges show wear, and one corner is badly damaged but has been repaired very neatly.

Very nicely produced Parcheesi (Ludo) variant in which players cast 6 special shells rather than using dice.  The shells are moulded plastic, but still somehow feel like shells, and have definite 'up' and 'down' sides.  Movement allowances depend on what is thrown with certain combinations considered special.  The playing pieces are large gold and copper coloured Egyptian style figurines.


Yorkshire Tea & Heartbeat Jigsaw. Published by Taylors. 2000. Box. In shrink. £1

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1. Country: British.

1 or 2 x 500 piece promotional jigsaw puzzles from Yorkshire TV's Heartbeat and Taylor's Yorkshire Tea.  The back of the box shows two pictures, one of a steam train arriving at Aidensfield railway station, and the other of a country farmhouse kitchen with a cream tea spread waiting to be eaten.  The description doesn't make it clear whether the box contains both, or just one of these two jigsaws.  The cover shows the steam train picture, so if there is just one, it will be that one.


And now for some books I’ve recently entered into the database:





Book Title





Size (Cm)




Party Puzzles And Games

Little Dots

Olive Chandler





Good, but fly leaves slightly speckled


Hubert Phillip's Heptameron

Eyre & Spottiswoode

Hubert Phillips





Good, War Economy Standard Production


Easy To Do Entertainments And Diversions

Dover Publications

R.M. Abraham







How To Win At Contract Bridge In Ten Easy Lessons

W.H. Allen

Richard L. Frey







One Hundred Chess Gems

Whitehead & Miller

P. Wenman







Pears Word Games

Pelham Books

Peter Newby







Card Games And How To Play Them

C. Arthur Pearson Ltd

Peter Alston





Good but spine shows considerable wear


Double Trouble

Faber & Faber

Sally Horton







The Art Of Playing Mythos


Aniolowski, Krank, Rowe & Willis







Improving Your Chess

Faber & Faber

Fred Reinfeld







The Xmas Party Book







Good but 'spine'  taped


With Fang And Claw

White Wolf

Justin Achilli







Step-By-Step Overcalls

B.T. Batsford

Sally Brock







The Official Scrabble Manual

Hodder And Stoughton

Jacob Orleans & Edmund Jacobson







The Monopoly Companion

Bob Adams Inc.

Philip Orbanes







Scarne's Guide To Modern Poker

Simon & Schuster

John Scarne







Scarne's Encyclopedia Of Games

Harper & Row

John Scarne








Robert Hale Ltd

Ottilie H. Reilly


Soft Ring





The Art Of Coarse Bridge


Spike Hughes







The Secrets Of Winning Bridge

Grosset & Dunlap

Jeff Rubens







Exchanging To Win In The Endgame

B.T. Batsford

Gennady Nesis







Popular Indoor Games

W. Foulsham & Co.

F.R. Ings







Indoor And Community Games

Methuen & Co.

Sid G. Hedges





Good, but dustcover shows wear


Star Trek TNG CCG Official Player's Guide

Macmillan Computer Pub.










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