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Dec 2011 Catalog


While I don’t publish my latest catalog on the internet, this older catalog is available for you to look through to get an idea of the sort of thing I generally have.  Please be aware that many of the games in this catalog will have already sold, and if they haven’t then the prices are not necessarily still valid – the prices are only valid in the month the catalog comes out!  However, if you do see something of interest email me and I’ll let you know if I still have it.  Also getting the monthly catalog by email is free and without obligation, so why not just ask to be added to my subscription list, or ask me to send you the latest catalog by email? 


10 Minute Card Games. Published by Parragon. 1993. Book. Excellent. £1.75

Author: William A Moss. Country: British.

Softback, 19x13cm, 96 pages. A collection of card games intended by the author to encourage occasional players and families to get out their decks of cards more often. Scoring methods are provided for many games so that several hands can be linked together for when you have more than 10 mins. The games are covered by family: Rummy, All Fours, Whist, Poker, Showdown Games, Euchre, Cassino, Hearts, Solitaire, Stops, Children's Games.


2001. Published by Peter Pan. 1978. Box. Good, but 2 corners taped. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Players try to get four pieces of their colour in a row on a 5x5 grid. Each player only has 5 pieces, but each large plastic piece has a magnetic disk inside, with the players' colours on either side. The board is also magnetic, and when placed on the board the magnetic disk will flip to one side or the other. In addition the pieces of each player have the opposite polarity. The board is made up of magnetic strips and these can be arranged before each game to ensure a unique experience every time.


A Gambling Box. Published by Redstone Press. 1992. Book. Excellent. £4

Author: Kate Pullinger. Country: British.

Hardback, 16x11cm, 144 pages. Originally part of a boxed set which included components for La Loteria and a Chinese Dream Interpretation booklet - these are no longer present. The book does cover a variety of gambling related topics, ranging from The Gambler's Lament from the ancient Indian Rigveda, through Sigmund Freud's thoughts on gambling to notes on Las Vegas, and somehow going via Balinese cock fighting and Apache playing cards. Quite a compilation!


Abenteuer Menschheit. Published by Kosmos. 2002. Box. Good. £16

Designer: Klaus Teuber. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Published as Settlers Of The Stone Age in America. Another game which uses the basic Settlers of Catan mechanics. This one is set in the stone age, and follows the migration of man from Africa into Europe and then Asia, America and Australia. There are quite a few new ideas in this game, such as paying for technological inventions and the advantages they bring. Also as the game goes on Africa stops producing so forcing the players to move their settlements to new areas. VPs are awarded for being the first to settle new continents, major technological developments etc. A good variant with enough differences to make it worthwhile.


Agora. Published by Strate & J. 1996. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Nicolas Herla. No. players: 2. Country: French. Duration: 20 mins.

Abstract game played on a chunky 3 level wooden board with wooden tiles. The object of the game is to take the opponent's pieces. Pieces can stack to form piles from which only the top piece can move. Rules summary in English, French, and German, with full additional questions answered in French. Also includes a CD ROM with a PC version of the game.


Air Charter. Published by Waddingtons. 1970. Box. Good. £5.75

Designer: Patrick Green. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Players operate air-freight businesses in the South China Seas. Players pick up goods and either deliver them on routine but not especially profitable routes or if they are suitably placed they can go for one of the urgent contracts which pay quite a bit better. Running your plane involves keeping your fuel level right but the more fuel you have on board the less freight you can carry.


Alaska. Published by Ravensburger. 1979. Box. Good. £12

Designer: Eric W Solomon. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

The players each control a truck designed to travel across ice floes. The game starts with a large pile of goods boxes on a central island surrounded by water. During the first stage of the game players get to add ice floes of various shapes and sizes to the board and move their lorries across them with the objective of getting as many goods as possible back to their base. In the second part of the game the ice starts melting and players remove ice floes as well as moving their trucks. Lots of scope for messing with your opponents' plans, and event cards add to the possibilities. I have house rules to improve the game further.


Albion. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. Excellent. £29

Designer: Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Development board game set in Roman Britain. Starting small the players build settlements, and gain resources and legionnaires (to defend against the Picts) and build fortifications and expand to new regions. The objective is to build 3 settlements up to the top level of development. Players need to balance their expansion and resource production with defence against the ever present Picts. Attractively produced.


Alien Frontiers. Published by Clever Mojo Games. 2011. Box. In shrink. £36

Designer: Tory Niemann. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Mankind has discovered a new planet - now abandoned, but with signs of a vanished alien civilisation. The players vie for land, resources and abandoned alien technology. Dice are used cleverly to perform actions such as building colonies, discovering alien technology, expanding your fleet and controlling key locations. Every action has its advantages, but also its costs.


Architekton. Published by Queen Games. 2005. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £5      2) Excellent. £4.50

Designer: Michael Schacht. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

Tile laying game in which players play building tiles and countryside tiles with various landscape features. Tiles need not match those adjacent to them, but whenever a building tile is placed a building of your colour must be added, and when a building is surrounded you are penalised for every non-matching adjacent tile. Also players try to keep their buildings in a large single cluster as this scores highly at the end of the game. There are some interesting choices to be made and you can decide to be aggressive or defensive - there is a time for both.


Atlas & Zeus. Published by Descartes Editeur. 2004. Box. Excellent. £9

Designer: Bruno Cathala. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

A vicious two player game in which Atlas's descendants vie for dominance in a war in which Atlantis sinks under the waves. Players play cards to move their people around the islands and attack enemy warriors, and even entirely destroy other islands. Play is fast, furious and very bloody - you can be sure there will be no stalemates in this game, as an island sinks each round no matter what the players do. The game is card driven with some interesting mechanics. Good fun.


Ave Caesar. Published by Ravensburger. 1989. Box. Good. £30

Designer: Wolfgang Riedesser. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Great fun light race game in which the players have to manoeuvre their chariots around the course as efficiently as possible while also trying to get in the way of other chariots, ideally forcing them to go around the outsides of bends, and possibly run out of movement cards before they reach the finish. After either the first or second lap a pit stop must be made in order to hail Caesar - failing to do this will get you speared come the end of the race. Very popular game and good fun. Recommended. 1st edition.


Baker Street. Published by Ravensburger. 2003. Box. Excellent. £9.50

Designer: Marcel Andre Casaola Kerkle. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 40 mins.

Card game given a Sherlock Holmes theme. Players try to collect evidence cards with letters on, and the first to have 7 consecutive letters wins the game. Game play involves playing numbered cards of your colours against face down piles of evidence cards. After each placement and drawing a new card the current player must estimate the total of the cards in both players' hands, and this must be higher than the estimate given by the previous player on their turn. Alternatively a player can forego playing a card and challenge their opponent's estimate. Doing so correctly gives the chance to evaluate a pile of cards, the winner of which gets to take an evidence card of their choice from that pile. Unusual mix of mechanics.


Balance Of Power. Published by Palitoy. ca.1979. Box. Good. but box edges show wear. £12

Designer: Oded Berman, Ned Strongin. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

This is played on a set of 9 pivoting balances, with 3 spaces for the playing pieces on either side of each balance. Initially the balances are all level and empty, and the objective is to get 5 of them tipping your way. Players take it in turn to roll dice and move one playing piece - the pieces move between the spaces in a snaking route, and eventually start again on the first balance. The idea is to make moves which will put your pieces in the greater moment positions in order to gain control of the balances while defending others from control by your opponent. So somewhat Backgammon related. Neat concept.


Barton On Contract Bridge. Published by Joiner & Steele Ltd. 1931. Book. Good. £5

Author: F.P. Barton. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 15x11cm, 62 pages. A concise guide to Bridge for the novice. It also includes an 'Automatic Scorer', with a dial to score under and over tricks for you. The chapters cover: Scoring, Explaining the Game, Bidding, Support of the Partner, Initiative, Playing to the Score, Q&A, The Leads, Examples of Bidding, Play of the Hand, The Big Club Convention,


Battle For The Galaxy. Published by Crown & Andrews. ca.1990. Box. Good. £6

Designer: Ian Digney. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Special Notes: Box base indented due to stacking

The players become the battle planners of the galaxy of Zylatron. There are 5 main planets in the galaxy - Zull, Amazar, Zarb, Opton, and the central planet of Zylon. Each player tries to gain control of the galaxy by landing a warrior on enemy control headquarters or by eliminating other players' warriors. A tactical game, with a colourful gameboard and interlocking playing pieces in the form of battle stars, star fighters, warriors, and missiles.


Bazaar. Published by Schmidt Spiele. ca.1980. Box. Good. £19

Designer: Sid Sackson. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Original edition of Samarkand (not the 3M game Bazaar also by Sid). Very good economic game in which players buy, sell and trade different gems with nomads and markets in the exotic East. Very cleverly designed board and rules make this different to other similar sounding games and well worth playing. The objective is to reach a monetary target first. Highly recommended. This edition uses gems rather than the goods cards of Samarkand.


Begin Bridge With Reese. Published by Penguin. 1984. Book. Good. £0.75

Author: Terence Reese. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11cm, 133 pages. Excellent introduction to Bridge by one of the all-time great players. Chapters cover: How the Game is Played, Constructive Bidding, Responding to Opening Bids of One, Opener's First Rebid, Opening Bids of More Than One, Other Bidding Situations, Defensive & Competitive Bidding, Tricks in a Single Suit, Playing No Trumps, Play in a Suit Contract, Language of Defence.


Blood Wars: Warlords Tactical Manual. Published by TSR. 1996. Book. Excellent. £3

Author: Kevin Melka. Country: American.

Softback, 23x15cm, 128 pages. Reference manual, expanded rules book, and strategy guide for the Blood Wars CCG based in TSR's AD&D Planescape Setting. There are photographs of the card set for reference.


Calypso Complete. Published by Rockliff. 1954. Book. Good, but dustcover shows wear. £1.50

Author: Ewart Kempson. No. players: 3-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Hardback with dustcover, 19x13cm, 80 pages. Rules and a walkthrough of the card game Calypso along with tactical options and expert advice. Calypso is a cross between Canasta and Bridge, being played in tricks, generally as a four player partnership game, but can also be played as a non-partnership game and with just three players. It is played with 4 regular decks of cards and one game lasts about 20 mins. One neat idea in the game is that each player has their own personal trump suit.


Card Games & Tricks. Published by MacDonald. 1982. Book. Good, ex library. £0.75

Author: Patrick Page. Country: British.

Hardback, 20x13cm, 63 pages. A collection of card games and card tricks - really aimed at kids. There are 16 card games, 9 card tricks with ordinary cards and 7 card tricks with special decks. Ideal for keeping the kids amused on a rainy day!


Cards And Card Tricks. Published by F. Phillips. ca.1920. Book.

Good but some damage inside the spine. £8.75. Author: H.E. Heather. Country: British.

Hardback, 21x13cm, 268 pages. The cover shows a gold-embossed pattern of cards as well as the book's title. The book gives a brief history of playing cards, instructions for playing quite a few card games (see below), directions for performing a number of card tricks and a brief guide to the art of Cartomancy. The games covered are: Whist, Loo, Irish Loo, Vingt-Et-Un, Rouge Et Noir, Faro, Tontine, Lansquenet, Forty Five, Blind Hookey, Albert Smith, Draw Poker, Newmarket, Quadrille, Boston, Reversis, Calabrasella, Cribbage, Bezique, Fildinsk, Zetema, Piquet, Ecarte, Euchre, Cassino, All Fours, Don Pedro, Quinze, Veto, Napoleon, Catch The Ten, Brag, Bluff, Put, Sift Smoke, Pope Joan, Matrimony and many more...


Cartagena. Published by Winning Moves. 2000. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Each player tries to get his pirates through a secret escape passage. You use cards to move, but to get new cards you must move backwards. A fine balance must be struck between these options in order to make good progress. For a shorter game you can simply play with a reduced number of pirates. Nice simple but tactical game which I highly recommend when played with the cards kept secret option. On the German Spiel des Jahres nomination list for 2001.


Cash-A-Catch. Published by Queen Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £8

Designer: Andreas Pelikan. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Dutch auction based game in which the players bid for batches of fish. The auction uses a neat idea - the price is fixed but the amount of fish in the batch goes up until someone accepts the batch using the efficient metal push-bell. Fish come in 6 types, but only 3 types can be stored in your catch trays. Players take turn being the auctioneer, which is when you get a chance to sell your fish (the more of a type you have the more profitable the batch), as well as getting a commission on the fish sold. Any fish you can't store go into your rubbish bin and will score negatively. A few special cards throw extra twists into the mix.


City. Published by Jumbo. 1988. Box. 2 copies available:  1) Good. £7      2) In shrink. £9

Designer: Wolfgang Kramer & Andreas Spottog. No. players: 2-6. Country: Dutch. Duration: 1 hr.

Neat game in which players purchase shops and then enhance them and buy more shops as the game goes on. The board shows an overhead view of a city centre around which customers wander - some normal, some big spenders and one thief. A special die is used to let you move a customer - the idea being to direct the spenders to your shops and away from those of opponents while making sure the thief stays away from your shops and goes to as many opponents' shops as possible. I have found it works especially well with 3 players - recommended for that number.


City Tycoon. Published by Rebel. 2011. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Hubert Bartos, Lukasz Kowal. No. players: 2-5. Country: Polish. Duration: 75 mins.

City building game which uses lots of colourful tiles which are laid to form the expanding city. Players invest their capital into constructing a variety of projects the city council wants completed in order to improve the lives of the city residents. Of course money needs to be made along the way in order to allow further construction to take place and for the more impressive structures at the end of the game to be built. The winner is the player who has best contributed to the city's improvement by game end.


Container: The Second Shipment. Published by Valley Games. 2008. Box. In shrink. £12

Designer: Kevin Nesbitt. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Expansion for Container, which you will need to make use of this. This set includes 4 new ideas to the game: Luxury Items, The Economy of Scale, Corporate Financing, and Monopolies. Each idea can be added individually or as many as you like can be added to a single game. The set also includes extra $1 and $2 cards.


Convoys. Published by Parsons Games. 1988. Long box. Box somewhat battered. £10.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Special Notes: The box is long and not very sturdy, and has been taped up in places. Contents good.

Naval wargame played on a large plastic very colourful square-gridded board using a selection of very nicely crafted metal miniature ships. Game play uses dice and cards (for firing, damage control and air attack), and the game is won by getting your troop ships to their destination, safely past your opponents' attack forces.


Core Worlds. Published by Stronghold Games. 2011. Box. In shrink. £38

Designer: Andrew Parks. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Deck building card game with a theme of intergalactic conquest. Each player has a display showing the number of actions and amount of energy they have to use, along with other data, and the players draft new unit and tactics cards and use these to conquer new worlds. The objective is to be the first player to conquer the core worlds at the centre of the galaxy and thus achieve dominance. Excellently illustrated too.


Cornu. Published by Kallmeyer Verlag. 2007. Box. Excellent. £9.50

Designer: Reinhold Wittig. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Very unusual game from this master of weirdness. The game consists of a large plastic horn, and 6 objects: a cloth, ballbearing, bell, and three wooden shapes. One player secretly draws a card showing some of these objects, which are then put into the horn, which is sealed. The other players then shake the horn and try to work out what is in the horn just by listening. Bizarre.


Cover-Up. Published by Ideal. 1982. Box. Good but edges show some wear. £7

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-2. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins.

Special Notes: Lid has a label removal mark

One player has 7 L-shape pieces and the other 7 straight pieces. The board is a 7x7 grid with 7 sets of 7 different colour spaces dotted around the board. A colour is chosen, and players take it in turn to play a piece and avoid playing a piece onto a space of that colour. The player who manages to play the most of their pieces wins. It can also be played on your own in which case pick a colour and work out how to place all the pieces on the board without covering up any spaces of that colour.


Croque. Published by ASS. ca.1987. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Maureen Hiron. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Card game, 90 cards which show frogs performing various activities while others just show frogs as pips on a number card. The game is a rummy variant, in which you must play families of 4 or more cards to the table trying to play all the cards in your hand first, though there is a big bonus if you retain all your cards and play them out all in one go.


Crossword. Published by MB Games. 1990. Box. Good. £6.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1+. Country: British. Duration: 15 mins.

Word game in which 13 letter dice are rolled by one player who arranges them crossword style into words while a sand timer runs. When the sand runs out the words are scored up (hard letters scoring more) and unused letters counting negative. Other players then get a turn at the dice. The scoring rules encourage the use of lots of interlocking short words rather than a few long ones. Good fun, and a useful filler for groups or families who like word games.


Crown The Queen. Published by Waddingtons. 1953. Box. Excellent. £7.75

Designer: Elaine Burton. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

Card game, a rare Waddingtons game made to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Cards feature important parts of the Coronation procession, footmen, policemen, archbishops, the Queen herself, etc. and players must 'build' a procession. Invented by a Member of Parliament at the time. I like the last rule - "The game is more realistic if all players cheer as a card is played, louder and louder nearing the end of the procession".


Der Herr Der Ringe - Die Zwei Turme - Spiel Zum Film. Published by Kosmos. 2002. Box. Excellent. £17

Designer: J.R.R. Hering. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Game (sort of) themed on the second Lord of the Rings book / film: The Two Towers. The game shows Saruman and Sauron's towers at opposite corners of the board. The players compete to stop the orcs massing from both sides and joining up. If there is ever an unbroken mass of orcs all across the board then the game has been lost. Otherwise the players try to prove themselves the most heroic by seeing who can defeat most orcs. The game is driven by card play - the cards allowing movement of the pieces by various amounts in particular directions.


Deus Vult. Published by Rose & Poison. 2005. Box. In shrink. £11

Designer: Giacomo Sottocasa, Sergio Giovannini. No. players: 2. Country: Italian. Duration: 45 mins.

Board game in which one player takes the Moors and the other the Crusaders. The Crusaders try to take the gates of Jerusalem, while the Moors try to push the Crusaders back where they came from. Game play involves using cards to your best advantage, and can allow surprise moves.


Dice Run. Published by Kidult Games. 2002. Box. Excellent. £14

Designer: Spartaco Albertarelli. No. players: 2-6. Country: Italian. Duration: 30 mins.

Race game which uses 30 colourful dice. Unusually, however, the dice are the participants in the race. Initially the dice are all rolled and put in one group. Players in turn play cards which promote some of the dice into a group one 'space' ahead. eg. a '5' card moves all dice showing '5' forward one space. During the game scoring cards also come up and players are rewarded for having dice which match an objective tile as near the front of the race as possible. It is also possible to reroll some of the dice, so if there just aren't many 4's in play then a reroll may be able to fix this. There are also some special cards which allow other actions.


Diplomacy. Box. Various editions available.

Designer: Allan B Calhamer. No. players: 4-7. Duration: 4-6 hrs.

1) Published by Ariel. 1976. Country: British. Good. £4. Early British version of this classic.

2) Published by Avalon Hill. 1999. Country: American. Excellent. £13.50. The most recent Avalon Hill edition of this classic game, with 140 beautifully made metal pieces. Probably the nicest edition made.

3) Published by Gibsons. ca.1989. Country: British. Good. £2.75. Comparatively recent British version with plastic pieces.

4) Published by Games Research Inc. ca.1971. Country: British. Good. £8. Also includes: Diplomacy Games & Variants Booklet + Diplomacy strategy & postal play booklet. Early version of this classic - publisher and date isn't very obvious (or certain). If you want only the booklet(s) please get in touch.

Classic negotiation game involving political manoeuvring, alliances and backstabbing


Discworld: Ankh-Morpork. Published by Treefrog Games. 2011. Box. In shrink. £26

Designer: Martin Wallace. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Set in Terry Pratchett's Discworld's greatest city, Ankh-Morpork, Lord Vetinari has vanished and different factions are trying to take control of the city. Each player gets a secret personality card, each of which has somewhat different victory conditions. Played on a large board showing the city's main sections, the players place minions and bring buildings into play using cards. Lots of the characters and places from the books add to the theme. The game is driven using action cards. Excellent artwork from a team of artists.


Dominion: Hinterlands. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £25

Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Expansion for the 2009 Spiel des Jahres. You need either the base set or the Intrigue set to make use of this. The set includes 26 new sets of kingdom cards. The theme in this set is that many of the cards let you do something at the time that you gain or buy them.


Dominion: Intrigue. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £28

Designer: Donald X. Vaccarino. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Standalone expansion for the 2009 Spiel Des Jahres. Card game in which players start with the same 10 cards, and each turn use 5 cards to perform actions and buy new cards which get added to their deck for future use. The cards bought can either provide additional money to spend or allow a wide variety of actions, most to help yourself, but some to hinder your opponents or protect against such attacks. Some cards give VPs but do nothing else and so clog up your deck, but without them you won't win. Cleverly the set includes 25 sets of action cards (all different to the base game) only 10 of which are used each game, so that every time you will have a different mix available to keep play fresh and challenging. Highly recommended.


[I have all the other Dominion sets available too – let me know if you are interested.]


Dominos. No. players: 1+. Various sets available:

1) Published by Design Centre London. Box. Excellent. £2 Country: British.

2) Published by Estrela. Box. Good. £1.75. Country: Brazilian. A well made set of standard wooden black and white dominoes

3) Mini Set. Publisher unknown. Packet. Excellent. £0.75. Each domino is 2cm long by 1cm wide and made of plastic. Excellent as a travel set.

All are 0-0 to 6-6 sets, and no rules are supplied. If you want rules to domino games please get in touch!


Doodle Dice. Published by Green Board Game Co. 2007. Box. Excellent. £7

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Dice rolling game in which the dice show straight lines in various directions, wavy lines, large dots and a face symbol. Six differently coloured cards are also laid on the table each showing a doodle which can be made by combining the symbols on the dice. On your turn you try to form the doodle on one of the cards (some rerolls allowed) and then get to claim the card. The objective is to claim all six different colours of card first. It is possible to steal cards from other players too.


Druids. Published by Kidult Games. 2004. Box. Excellent. £8

Designer: Leo Colovini. No. players: 2-4. Country: Italian. Duration: 25 mins.

Card game with a Celtic theme - players play their druidic servants secretly against mystic locations, and when they are scored the servants claim amulets starting with the least of the servants (who also claims least), and finishing with the greater servants who can claim more amulets, but only if there are any left! After all the mystic locations have been scored the player who gained most amulets is the winner.


Eiszeit. Published by Alea. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £6.50      2) Good. Cards have been pasted up with English text to ease play. £7

Designer: Alan Moon, Aaron Weissblum. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Also published as Mammoth Hunters in America. The players place their hunters onto the board trying to dominate regions, especially those in which mammoths are present, as mammoth meat is much needed. Also each turn an additional region is covered by the advancing ice sheet and so as the game goes on there is more competition for scarce resources. The game uses two sets of cards, one set which earns you stones, but which forces you to assist other players, while the other set of cards costs you stones to use, but lets you advance your own position.


Elchfest. Published by Kosmos. 1999. Box. In shrink. £7.75

Designer: Hermann Huber. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 10 mins.

Dexterity game with a cute wooden elk for each player, a wooden base platform on which the elk start and wooden stepping stones which the players flick carrom style. Each player gets two flicks in a row and if a stepping stone is close enough for their elk to step onto it then it may. The objective is to get your elk across to your opponent's base platform before they get their elk to yours. Silly but fun. Part of Kosmos' successful 2 player square box range of games.


En Route Travel Games. Published by Cheatwell Games. ca.1990. Box. Good. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-2. Country: British.

A set of games and puzzles designed to keep both adults and children amused during journeys. The set includes 8 A5 double sided thick card game sheets, which are laminated so that they can be written on and then wiped off ready for reuse. The set also includes a magnetic travel chess set. The other games and puzzles are: Battleships, Cats Dogs & Hogs, crossword game (players try to use randomly selected letters as best they can), Word Fun, Hex (link two sides of a hex grid), a jumbo crossword, 14 lateral thinking puzzles, a logic puzzle, pop songs quiz, Sprouts, Boxes, a trivia quiz, and a word game selection. Rather a nice set which should provide hours of amusement in a small box.


Esquire's Book Of Gambling. Published by Frederick Muller. 1964. Book.

Good - dust cover shows wear. £11.50. Author: David Newman. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 24x16cm, 333 pages. A compilation of articles from Esquire Magazine all relating to gambling in one way or another, and covering the pitfalls of getting involved in gambling and the reasons why people gamble as well as covering the way casinos work and then moving onto gambling games and sports: Poker, Rummy, misc card games, horse racing, Craps, Roulette, baseball betting, dog races, and even cock fighting and snake fighting are covered.


Festival. Published by Grimpeur Brand. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £5.50      2) Excellent. £5

Designer: Shinsuke Yamagami & TCD. No. players: 4-5. Country: Japanese. Duration: 30 mins.

Card drafting and set collecting card game. Each round the players get to draft a single card and then place it face up or face down in front of them. Playing a card face up means you get a better chance for a good selection next turn, but you also are revealing what you are collecting. When all cards are drafted players score for the best and second best collection in each suit, as well as getting a bonus according to the number of suits they have collected. The graphics are very colourful and Japanese in style.


Finca. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Ralf Zur Linde, Wolfgang Sentker. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

As Mallorcan farmers the players grow olives, lemons, oranges, and figs. The 'finca' is a windmill, and the game revolves around this (sorry). Players have meeples on the blades of the windmill display and these are moved around in order to gain fruit which is wanted to fulfil orders at the market to gain VPs. Clever use of the unusual windmill mechanic is key to mastering the game.


Finstere Flure. Published by 2F Spiele. 2003. Box. 2 copies available: 1) Excellent. £14     2) In shrink. £15

Designer: Friedmann Friese. No. players: 2-7. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Fun game in which each player has 3 or 4 people who need to escape from the dungeons. However, also in the dungeons is a monster, which will kill anyone it encounters. First the players take it in turns to move their people around the dungeon floor, going around, over or behind various obstacles such as pools of blood, stone blocks, teleporters; and then the monster moves. Each round it moves a different amount, and it follows fixed rules which depend on what it can see to guide it, and woe betide anyone in its way. It is possible by clever play to manipulate the monster into finding another player's man, which is especially satisfying if they were about to escape... Unusually it plays especially well with 5-7 players.


Flash Gordon Game. Published by Waddingtons. 1977. Box. Box shows wear. £2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: Canadian.

TV and film related, licensed by King Features, who made the Popeye cartoons. A game set on the Moons of Mongo. Each player takes the part of Flash, Dale, Zarkov or Emperor Ming. The board shows orbits around each of 6 moons and the players try to be the first to land spaceships on any 4 of these. Movement is by dice roll, but you can choose which of your 4 ships to move. Landing on an opponent's ship causes it to have to restart. Orbits intersect giving quite a bit of choice of where to move.


Flight Leader. Published by Avalon Hill. 1986. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Gary C Morgan. No. players: 2-8. Country: American.

Modern air combat. Over 200 aircraft types and many scenarios as a pilot in the USAF. Game has basic rules to help you get the idea of the game, and a pilot's manual for advanced rules and scenarios. Includes 520 die cut counters, large mapboard, 6 aircraft status cards, aircraft player aid cards and a d10. Each player controls 2-8 high performance aircraft as individual units with aircraft types ranging from the 1950s up until 1986, allowing scenarios covering the Middle East, India-Pakistan, Vietnam, and the Falklands.


Flux. Published by Wotan. 1990. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Julian Musgrave. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Fantasy game pitting each player as a wizard against each other, for the title Master of Wizards. Played on a map board of the Great Plains of Grob. Wizards cast spells to animate creatures for combat, and to create terrain to their advantage (or negate opposition attempts to do the same). By making more territory yours, your wizard will have access to more magical flux for casting spells in future turns. The wizard controlling most land after 10 turns wins. The rules are just 4 pages long.


Flying Carpet. Published by Ravensburger. 1987. Box. Good. £13

Designer: Elke Flogaus & Kurt Feyerabend. No. players: 3-6. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

A very nice game with striking graphics. Players must race their flying carpets from one end of the city to the other (and optionally back again). The board can be set up for an easy or difficult race and the card play and use of special movement tiles requires good planning. I have a few house rules I will include if you remind me. You almost never see this English language edition. The German version is called Der Fliegende Teppich. Recommended.


Fruit Bandits. Published by JKLM Games. 2005. Box. In shrink. £3.50

Designer: Ian Vincent. No. players: 3-5. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game in which the players try to harvest (or steal) as much fruit as possible. This is done by simultaneously playing action cards to indicate whether you will harvest or steal from a particular player that turn. Harvesting unmolested is often great, but when the harvest is large this is hard to get away with. On the other hand trying to steal from someone else only works if they chose to harvest and if not too many other thieves also turned up. Thus to do well you will need to be able to work out what the other players are going to do. Having each player draw different 'potential harvest' cards each round ensures there is information on which to base your judgement - but can you decide what that information means?


Funkenschlag. Published by 2F Spiele. 2001. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Friedemann Friese. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 3 hrs.

This is the original printing of Funkenschlag which was substantially revised for the second edition (also known as Power Grid). Limited edition of 500. An economic game with several things going on at once. Firstly players need to manage their money well and use it to build a network of power lines across a fictional continent. The map is laminated and the networks are drawn on with crayons. Secondly the players also have to purchase power plants of various types and buy enough fuel to run them. The variety of power plants and clever way they get auctioned really makes the game work brilliantly. The winner is the player who can supply the most cities with power when the game ends.


Fury Of Dracula. Published by Fantasy Flight. 2005. Box. Excellent. £22

Designer: Stephen Hand. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 2.5 hrs.

Revised edition of this classic Games Workshop game. One player takes on the role of Dracula moving unobserved across the board showing a map of Europe, leaving a trail of death and destruction. The other players are vampire hunters who are trying to bring an end to this reign of terror once and for all. Combat ensues when the vampire hunters and either Dracula or his minions cross paths. A game worthy of having been brought back from the dead.


Geist. Published by RoseKnows Inc. 2003. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £18     2) Good. £16.50

Designer: Rose Anderson. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 1hr.

Unusual game in which the players must catch 5 ghosts and take them to the underworld where they can be safely released. Play involves moving around a chequered and numbered board collecting Zingiberi (Zb) chits - actually rather nice poker chips in 9 denominations. When precisely the right amount of Zb have been collected then landing on the space with that ghost catches it. Before a ghost is taken to the underworld its catcher can use it to play a special ability on the opponents which will hinder them somewhat - the harder to capture ghosts having the nastier effects. Managing your pool of Zb so as to get the exact amount is quite a challenge, and requires quite a bit of planning. The game is very nicely produced too.


Gipsy King. Published by Cwali. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £13.50      2) Excellent. £12.50

Designer: Corné van Moorsel. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

An area of land tiles with several lakes of different sizes is created afresh at the start of each game. Players then take it in turns to place their gipsy caravans around the lakes on the land tiles. A clever mechanism gives the players a limited choice, but if they don't like the choice they can pass in order to get a better option around the next lake tile. The objective is to get your caravans into large connected groups as these score highly. Once the round is complete and caravans are scored a second round is played on the same layout but with placement around the lakes in reverse order. Neat idea, and nice components.


Giza. Published by Fun Factory. 2005. Box. Good. £10

Designer: Nikki Lim. No. players: 2-6. Country: Singapore. Duration: 20 mins.

Tile placement game in which each player has a board with spaces for three pyramids and one sphinx to be built. Each turn you can either add a tile to one of your own sites (there are limitations as to the ordering of tiles), or onto an opponent's site to hopefully hinder their plans. The game ends when one player has completed their construction and the sites are then scored.


Globe Trotting. Published by Gosling Games. 1992. Box. Good. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-6. Country: Ireland.

A famous globetrotter has made a secret journey and the players try to find out which famous sites around the world it included. This is done by removing some cards from a deck at the start and hiding them. The rest are distributed, and as a player reaches one of their destination cards they reveal it, but also get to see one of an opponent's cards as well. The idea being that once you have seen all the cards except those hidden you will know the secret destinations and win. Attractive large board showing available routes.


Grapevine. Published by Colmans/Games Workshop. 1985. Box. Good. £2

Designer: Paul Cockburn & Phil Gallaher. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 90 mins.

Promotional game made by Colman’s, who are most well known for their range of mustards, but here trying to promote the wine importing side of their business. Players must travel across Europe collecting wines, and ship them back to Norwich. The game uses event cards and various charts to resolve actions. The game was designed by the Games Workshop team.


Gumball Rally. Published by Z-Man Games. 2007. Box. New. £7

Designer: Ted Cheatham. No. players: 3-8. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Go-kart racing themed card game in which the players use cards to advance their kart past those of their opponents. This is done by matching colours and by playing higher numbers. Hazard cards are revealed at the end of each round which can cause some karts to drop back. Very chunky kart cards.


Haggle. Published by Galleon Games. 1993. Box. Good. £1.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-8. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Negotiation and deal making game in which players buy, sell and barter cars, racehorses, houses, oil paintings, Ming vases and shares amongst themselves hoping to get the best deals and end up with the most valuable portfolio at the end of the pre-agreed playing time.


Hang On Harvey. Published by Kingsley Paige PLC. 2001. Box. Good. £3.75

Designer: Broadway Toys Inc. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 15 mins.

Played on a vertical playing area, which consists of two parallel sheets of clear plastic with many holes in them. Players have several pegs each which they place through the holes to suspend their 'Harvey', a man with hooked feet and hands, between the two plastic sheets. Players then take it in turn to remove one of their pegs (which will almost certainly change the way Harvey hangs) and put their peg in a different hole. The objective is to get your Harvey down to the bottom safely, rather than having him fall (in which case he gets restarted at the top). Interference with your opponent's Harvey is quite possible too.


Havoc: The Hundred Years War. Published by Sunriver Games. 2005. Box. Excellent. £16

Designer: K.C. Humphrey. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 75 mins.

Card based game in which players draft cards in preparation for battle at the end of each round. During the battle phase players progressively reveal cards with the option of dropping out early if they think they won't win, or prefer to conserve their cards for the next round. The best combination of cards played wins that battle and earns VPs, and sometimes VPs are available for 2nd or 3rd place as well. After nine battles the player with most VPs wins.


Hector And Achilles. Published by Phalanx Games. 2003. Box. Excellent. £11.50

Designer: Leo Colovivi, Marco Maggi, Francesco Nepitello. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

Tactical card game in which the two players play a series of battles using 4 different stacks, each to represent 4 different locations. The cards come in several different colours each of which has a hero leader on each side. Every hand only two colours will count towards winning the battle, but other colours can help give control of which colours will count! Plenty of scope for clever play and good decision making is required on when to give up a battle early and when to go all in. The game is won by running the opponent out of cards in certain locations.


Hekla. Published by Holzinsel Spiele. 2001. Box. Good. £14

Designer: Martin Schlegel. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Abstract game with a volcano theme. The board shows a square grid of spaces each with two fields in, offset to each other. Players introduce their vulcanist tokens and when there are sufficient in proximity there is an eruption, and points are scored by the owners of all pieces involved. However, the central ones are removed from the board in the process and a lava piece (which makes the space dead) is placed instead. There are clever movement and placement rules which ensure you have plenty to think about and give many tactical options to both cooperate with and hinder the other players. Chunky wooden pieces.


Hobbits. Published by Queen. 1994. Box. In shrink. £16

Designer: Jean Vanaise. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Middle Earth themed game, beautifully made, with metal hobbit playing pieces, 142 cards (representing treasure, equipment, adventures, etc.) and a colourful and detailed board showing the lands of northern Middle Earth, including Carn Dum where Smaug the dragon lives. Game play involves going to adventure sites of increasing difficulty as the game goes on to defeat monsters and gain treasures and gold. Better equipment and companions can be acquired and magic talismans discovered to aid in the final battle with Smaug. Also uses an intriguing system in which Hobbits can challenge each other with riddles for treasure. Lots of German on the cards, so best for German speakers or be prepared for lots of pasting up.


Hollywood Players. Published by Van der Veer. 2005. Box. In shrink. £4.75

Designer: Jacques Deul. No. players: 2-8. Country: Singapore. Duration: 30 mins.

Card game with 144 cards. Players try to win Hollywood awards such as best actor, best director etc and this is done by collecting the best sets of cast cards. Essentially a set collecting card game with some interesting twists.


Hoyle's Modern Encyclopedia Of Card Games. Published by Book Club Associates. 1977. Book. Good. £4

Author: Walter B. Gibson. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 398 pages. Rather than being a regular book of card games in which the games are listed by category and then described, this book uses an alphabetical encyclopaedia format. Thus all sorts of obscure phrases relating to card games are listed with the meanings given. The entries for games include the rules and many variants and so the book can also be used as card game rules book as well as a reference book.


Igor: The Mad Scientist's Lament. Published by Interactivities Ink. 2004. Box. Good. £6.50

Designer: Mike Young. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Beer & pretzels type card game in which the players attempt to make an assortment of odd machines using strange parts such as a brain in a jar. The parts can only be fitted together in certain ways, and a specific number are required to complete a machine which then gives that player a special action. Also Igor can be commanded once per turn to perform an action determined by a special dice. Special cards also let you laugh evilly while performing a one off action.


In The Year Of The Dragon. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2007. Box. In shrink. £29

Designer: Stefan Feld. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Clever and very well regarded resource management game set in medieval China. The players are Chinese princes who each try to run their province most successfully. Players make use of their advisers' abilities to gain resources and plan for the sequence of disasters which befall the land. Thus sometimes players must store rice against famines, or prepare their warriors against Mongol attacks, or ensure their coffers can cope with harsh taxes imposed by the Emperor. Good planning and use of your opportunities and resources are needed to do well. Highly recommended.


Intermediate Declarer Play. Published by Apsbridge Services. 1993. Booklet. Excellent. £4

Author: Brian Senior. Country: British.

Softback, 21x15cm, 32 pages. Intended for the relatively inexperienced Bridge player who wants to improve their card play as declarer. The chapters cover: Counting, All About Trumps, Card Reading, Suit Combinations and Safety Plays, Avoidance Play, When to Duck & When to Win, Eliminations and Endplays, Deception - How to be a Tricky Opponent.


Jochen Der Rochen. Published by Zoch. 2004. Box. In shrink. £14

Designer: Manfred Ludwig. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 15 mins.

Dexterity game which makes use of a sturdy cardboard table which can be tipped with one finger. On the table there are 5 pairs of fish and a manta ray. Players take it in turns to tip the table and wiggle it a bit in order to get some of the fishes to come to the edge of the table and fall off. Points are scored for fish which fall off unless a pair of the same type come off in which case you score nothing, or the manta ray comes off in which case you score nothing, and the other players get a bonus too. Quick, fun and quite tricky.


Jurassic Park III Island Survival Game. Published by MB Games. 2001. Box. Good. £4.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Based on the blockbuster film. The board shows an island with various different regions and divided into spaces - there are cards to draw while in each region. The game comes with an impressive selection of plastic dinosaurs which start out in their own regions. The players must cross the island to the safety of an awaiting rescue team. One player runs the dinosaurs and tries to ensure no-one manages to escape.


Kahmaté. Published by Id&al Editions. 2008. Box. In shrink. £15

Designer: Igor Davin. No. players: 2. Country: French. Duration: 20 mins.

Rugby game in which each player controls 6 men with different abilities, with whom they attempt to score tries. The game is tactical, and cards are used to resolve tackles, but you will need to preserve the stamina of your team in order to do well. Finalist of the French 2008 Tric Trac Award.


King Of The Beasts. Published by Playroom Entertainment. 2005. Box. Excellent. £7

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game in which the players draft cards showing one of six mythological animals. These are kept and as the game goes on melded to the table and to one's scoring pile. The round ends when one creature has six cards melded to the table. The three creatures with most cards on the table score, and others are worthless, but cards melded to the table to make creatures valuable are worthless - only those put into one's scoring pile give you points, which creates a dilemma - how greedy should you be with your cards?


King's Court. Published by Western Publishing. 1989. Box. Good, but 1 corner taped. £1.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: American.

Strategy game with attractive and chunky counters. An involved variation of Draughts, played on an unusual board with two distinct areas of play. The idea is that the main 'combat' between pieces takes place in the central area of 16 squares, and once the game is under way the objective is to eliminate all of your opponent's pieces from the central area, and this wins the game even if they have lots of pieces left in the outer area. Supposedly based on a traditional tournament battle between medieval knights which was run on much the same basis (except with swords, shields and violence...)


Koalition 2nd Edition. Published by Hexagames. 1995. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £7       2) Good. £6.50

Designer: Hartmut Witt. No. players: 3-10. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Card game in which a series of elections across Europe take place. There are a number of Europe-wide political parties and a selection of politicians in each represented on the cards. To resolve an election players play two politicians who will stand. If a party has a majority it gets in and points are split between the players who played politicians of that party, otherwise a coalition must be negotiated and all parties in the coalition score points. There are some other clever twists as well which make this an unusual and absorbing card game.


Kraut & Rüben. Published by Kosmos. 1998. Box. Excellent. £10

Designer: Gerd Fenchel. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Gardening themed game in which the players place various plants and pests onto garden boards in the middle of the table. Each player also has a card giving them an objective for their garden, and players can take a garden from the table and claim it as their own. However, other players will then be sure to add extra pests, and plants they don't think you will want. However, if you wait too long to claim a garden there won't be one which matches your goals. Light but fun game, and attractively produced.


Laborigines. Published by Czech Board Games. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) New. £19      2) Excellent. £17

Designer: Tomas & Jakub Uhlirovi. No. players: 2-6. Country: Czech Republic. Duration: 45 mins.

Players sculpt their own creature out of play-dough and then watch it run around the lab filled full of dangers for such a being. There is also the Moa, a huge clay fired being which just loves to stomp on the players' creatures. Game play involves moving according to dice around a track as well as some tactical and some memory elements. Players try to make their creature the one which survives longest and escapes from the lab. Very novel.


Lord Of The Rings Adventure Game. Published by Iron Crown Enterprises. 1991. Box. Good. £7.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2+. Country: American.

Role playing game set in Middle Earth. This set includes a 32 page rules booklet, 64 page scenario "Dawn Comes Early" with various maps, a poster map of north-west Middle Earth, dice and stand up card figures with stands for use during the game.


Lords Of Scotland. Published by Z-Man Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £7.50

Designer: Richard James. No. players: 2-5. Country: American. Duration: 35 mins.

The Scottish throne is empty, and as lords with land, men and money available, the players intend to lay claim to the throne. The clans are ready to follow the strongest leader, but their loyalty must be earned. This is done by winning card based skirmishes against your rival lords. This involves a series of rounds of card play - judging when it is important to fight and when to withdraw to fight stronger another day is vital.


Lost Cities The Board Game. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2008. Box. Excellent. £20

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 45 mins.

Board game version of the very popular 2 player card game, for up to 4 players. The game uses many of the same systems as the original, but playing pieces are moved along tracks representing each of the expeditions as players play cards to advance that expedition. Playing 3 or less cards of an expedition will score negatively, and playing many will earn good points. Each player must play their cards for each expedition in increasing order. A simple but effective system.


Magic The Gathering Official Strategy Guide (5th Edition). Published by Carlton Books. 1997. Book.

Excellent. £2. Author: Beth Moursund. Country: American.

Softback, 24x18cm, 126 pages. This book was designed as a guide for beginning players to explain the basics of deck construction, an insight into creature combat, general play strategy and tips, ideas for deck themes etc. The book was written when 5th Edition was the latest base set, and so the cards focused on are from that set, but many of the basic lessons apply just as well to more modern cards. There are vast numbers of full colour card illustrations throughout.


Magic: The Gathering - Pocket Players' Guide. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 1994. Book. Good.

£1.50. Author: WotC Magic Team. Country: American.

Softback, 18x12cm, 242 pages. An early book about the original CCG. This book includes sections on the creation of MtG, The World of Dominaria, Playing the Game (based on Revised Edition rules), Developing Your Deck, Multiplayer Magic, Card Lists, Game Support and Extra Info, Glossary.


Magic: The Gathering: Betrayers Of Kamigawa. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2005. Boosters.

New. £1.20. Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. These boosters are from set 2 of the Kamigawa Block. The set includes patron kami, ninjas, and a selection of brand new pitch spells and other new mechanics. There are 165 cards in the set, and each booster holds 15 randomised cards.


Magic: The Gathering: Champions Of Kamigawa. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2004. Boosters. New. £1.20. Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. These boosters are from set 1 of the Kamigawa Block, which is based on Japanese legend. The set includes several new mechanics: Arcane, Heroes, Soulshift and Spiritcraft. There are 306 cards in the set, and each booster holds 15 randomised cards.


Magic: The Gathering: Cold Snap. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2006. Boosters. New and sealed.

£1.40. Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. This was an unusual expansion for Wizards to produce - it was a new expansion for old timers! Essentially while it was released in 2006 it is actually an expansion for Ice Age, which was published in 1996! Thus the expansion can be played with cards from the original Ice Age set. You now have the excuse to dust off those old boxes of Ice Age cards and make up some new decks with them + some new Cold Snap boosters. There are 155 cards in the set, and each booster holds 15 randomised cards.


Magic: The Gathering: Saviors Of Kamigawa. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2005. Boosters. New.

£1.10. Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. These boosters are from set 3 of the Kamigawa Block. The set includes the fabled Kirin and Ancestor Spirits, and the divide between the warring worlds starts to blur. There are 155 cards in the set, and each booster holds 15 randomised cards.


Magic: The Gathering: Time Spiral Tournament Packs. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2006. Pack.

In shrink. £2.50. Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. These are 75 card randomised tournament packs ideal for sealed deck play. Time Spiral is the main set in the Time Spiral block. The theme behind the set draws on much of the story in early Magic sets, so there will be many names and references and even mechanics which will be familiar to old-time players of Magic. There are 422 cards in the set (including special 'timeshifted cards'. The price above is per 75-card pack, but I will give 10% off if you buy 5 or more packs. So you know, the full RRP was £7.49 per pack.


Magic: The Gathering: Unhinged. Published by Wizards Of The Coast. 2004. Boosters. New. £0.70

Designer: Richard Garfield. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

CCG. These boosters are from the humorous expansion Unhinged. The cards are not legal in tournament play, and introduce various new weird and wonderful ideas for casual play. The expansion pokes fun at itself and MtG in general. There are 140 cards in the set, and each booster holds 15 randomised cards.


Magic: The Gathering – Booster Discount

For any combination of boosters (and books) above, I will give 10% off if you buy 10 or more boosters / books.


Magnetic Games. Published by Multichess. ca.1980. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: Hong Kong.

A novel magnetic travel games set. There are 6 boards on a reel, which can be wound back and forth so that only one shows at once. These boards are for Solitaire, Chess/Draughts, Nine Mens Morris, Halma, Ludo and Backgammon. 20 magnetic playing pieces in two colours are also provided and stick to the magnetic surface beneath the winding board surface. There is also a storage compartment to keep the pieces safe. Very neat design, and ideal to take with you when travelling.


Mind Trap. Published by Spear's Games. 1993. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: Mind Trap Games Inc. No. players: 1+. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Mind Trap contains over 500 fascinating lateral thinking problems for you and your friends to consider. They are even good to have a go at on your own when you have a few minutes spare and want to get your brain working. Recommended to lateral thinking puzzle fans.


Mind Trap II. Published by Spear's Games. 1997. Box. Good. £3

Designer: Pressman. No. players: 1+. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

As above but Mind Trap II has 400 all new problems for you to try, and includes puzzle pictures to be studied, tangram shapes for you to manipulate and plastic sticks to move around in 'matchstick' puzzles. Recommended to lateral thinking puzzle fans.


Mmm...Brains!. Published by Twilight Creations. 2006. Box. Excellent. £8

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 20 mins.

Dice game for zombies. Roll the dice and claim as many brains as you can. Once the brains are all gone dice rolls are used to force other players to lose their brains. Last player with a brain wins!


Monuments. Published by Mayfair Games. 2008. Box. Excellent. £16.50

Designer: Stefan Risthaus. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Card game in which players draft cards showing a variety of ancient monuments, these can be melded in order to claim a stake in that monument, however, only 2 people may lay claim to each monument. These melds get 'eroded' as 'historians' (more like unscrupulous collectors stealing artifacts to my mind) are played by the players removing cards from melds for points. Also unwanted cards can be played in pairs to gain extra actions or gain VPs from your melded cards. There are an interesting set of issues to balance - neat design.


Move Over. Published by Wiggins Teape. ca.1975. Box. Good. £5.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-4. Country: British.

This game set includes the rules for 10 different games. All are played on a hexagonal playing area with large indentations into which quite large coloured balls are placed. There are two solitaire games and the other eight are for 2-4 players. Many of the games involve a random setup which can be achieved by putting the balls into the playing area, putting the lid on and shaking the box gently. There are also generic rules for Moving and Jumping balls which the individual games make use of. Rare item.


Name Train. Published by QFreeGames. 2000. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Darren Laughlin. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Party game in which you roll a dice and move on a board and depending on the space you must give a film, personality, TV programme or song which starts with the letter the previous name given ended with.


Naval Wargames. Published by David & Charles. 1975. Book. Excellent. £6.50

Author: Barry J. Carter. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x15cm, 140 pages. This book covers naval miniature wargaming for WW1 and WW2. The chapters cover: Choosing Model Ships, Building From Scratch, Rules for War Games, A Suggested Set of Rules, Reading About Naval Wargaming, Commercial Games.


Odyssee. Published by Hexagames. 1995. Box. In shrink. £13

Designer: Hartmutt Witt. No. players: 2-6. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

Set in the time of ancient Greece, the players each control a boat with 4 sailors and 3 gifts of the gods. Each turn a gift of the gods is used up or the crew start to starve. The board shows various islands on which the boats can land and take control after they deal with an adventure card. If a boat lands on an already controlled island then the controller chooses one of their adventure cards to give to the newly landed player. The objective is to collect these cards and also gain control of islands, and finally return to Ithaka. Players' boats can fight each other, a storm can be used to send opponents off course, and deals can be negotiated. Nice graphic design and wooden boats.


Olympics. Published by Starlight. 1981. Box. Good. £0.80

Designer: S Scorer. No. players: 2+. Country: British.

Family game covering various sporting events. The game is played so that all the events are played simultaneously, and your positional play in one event, might help you advance in another event.


Operation. Published by MB Games. 1996. Box. Excellent. £2

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 20 mins.

Fun family game in which the players take it in turns to extract various organs from an unfortunate patient. This is done using a pair of metal tweezers and should the tweezers touch the metal side of the hole being operated on an alarm sounds and that operation fails! Silly, but fun with the kids.


Ora & Labora. Published by Z-Man Games. 2011. Box. In shrink. £44

Designer: Uwe Rosenberg. No. players: 1-4. Country: American. Duration: 1-3 hrs.

A monastic game of economics in the Middle Ages, and in the same series as Agricola and Le Havre. Starting with a cloister office, farmyard and clay mound, the players obtain livestock, grain, coins and clay by using their monks - the amount they get depends on the position of a clever production wheel. Buildings, settlements and additional land can all be purchased using these resources. The players strive to create the most successful monastery by the end of the game.


Outburst. Published by Parker. 1992. Box. Good. £6.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2 teams. Country: British.

Really good ice-breaker game, with a unique idea. A subject is read out, say "Beatles' song titles" or "Cars that rich people drive", then the other team get a time limit to shout out as many potential answers as they can. Their answers may well be correct in the literal sense, but if those same answers are not on the answer card, then they don't count. In other words, you have to get the 10 things listed on the card.


Outpost. Published by Stronghold Games. 2011. Box. In shrink. £48

Designer: James Hlavaty. No. players: 2-9. Country: American. Duration: 2.5 hrs.

20th anniversary deluxe edition of this classic economic development space game. As well as all new artwork and chunkier counters, this set includes Tom Lehmann's Kicker expansion (27 new colony upgrade cards). Starting with just a couple of mines players gain money which is used to invest in bigger and better mines, research facilities, warehouses etc all with their own benefits. The upgrades are sold by auction, and players don't get change from their resource cards, making the bidding often very tense. Lots of scope for different strategies. A classic business game which has stood the test of time amazingly. Highly recommended.


Overlord. Published by Condor. 1974. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: Seven Towns Ltd. No. players: 2. Country: British. Desc. by Eamon.

Interesting abstract game, played on a board with a raised area in the centre (the wall). Pieces can jump each other, stand on the wall, and stack to control other pieces, with the object of capturing all the opponent's pieces. Columns of pieces are controlled by whoever has the top piece, a column of pieces has more limited movement than a single piece which can make special 'hopping' moves, and getting a piece or column to your opponent's back row allows a special and powerful 'flying' move.


Password. Published by Milton Bradley. ca.1962. Box. Good. £2.75

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 3-4. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

This is a version of a game which was originally on TV. Players must guess a secret word by being given clues by their partner. The more clues needed before the word is guessed the less points are scored. There is a neat device which keeps the lists of secret words secret - revealing them only when the clue card is inserted into it.


Personal Preference. Published by Parker Bros. 1988. Box. Good. £4.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 4+. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Social game in which one player at a time draws 4 object cards, and secretly ranks these in preference order. The other players (or teams) try to work out what order that player will pick, and place counters face down accordingly, with the option of 'doubling' a bet if they want. Correctly guessing the position of an object scores you points. The team with the most points wins when the game ends. A gentle but enjoyable social game which goes down well with non-gamers.


Pirat. Published by Amigo. 1992. Box. Excellent. £8

Designer: Reiner Knizia. No. players: 2-5. Country: German. Duration: 25 mins.

Card game, 66 cards illustrated in colour with ships and pirates. Players send trading ships out and hope they will stay unmolested until the start of their next turn, or send out pirates to try to capture opponents' ships. Plays quickly with quite a few choices to be made about when to withdraw gracefully and when to fight it out.


Magellan / Pizarro & Co. 2002. Box. Several editions available:

1) Magellan. Published by Hans Im Gluck. Country: German. Excellent. £8

2) Magellan. Published by Hans Im Gluck. Country: German. Good. £7

3) Pizarro & Co. Published by Rio Grande. Country: American. Excellent. £8

Designer: Tom Lehmann. No. players: 3-6. Duration: 1hr.

An auction game with a theme of backing famous explorers' expeditions. Players bid for the services of different explorers, some of whom reward with riches, some fame, some victory points and some a mixture. Some interesting ideas to make it harder to judge the value of the different explorers, and there are alternate rewards on the reverse of the game boards for a greater variety of games.


Plays And Games For Little Folks. Published by McLoughlin Bros. ca.1889. Book. Good for age. £11.50

Author: Josephine Pollard. Country: American.

Special Notes: Cover shows some wear, internal binding shows a little wear.

Hardback, 26x22cm, 128 pages. A collection of about 300 sports, games, songs and fireside fun, with quite a few attractive period illustrations. Quite a few activities come with music and words for the participants to sing along with. As you would expect there are many children's parlour games and playground type activites included as well as indoor games and activities.


Power & Weakness. Published by MoD Games. 2007. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £14      2) Excellent. £12.50

Designer: Andreas Steding. No. players: 2. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins.

Set in 5th century Britain the Saxons and Celts are vying for control over the land. Each side uses both knights and magicians. Knights move overland from one province to the next in a predictable way, whereas magicians use places of power to appear just where their enemy thought was secure, and thus the struggle flows back and forth until one side gains the upper hand. Unusual in that two subgames are really being played at the same time, and deciding which to focus on can be difficult.


Quantum. Published by Lazy Days. 1975. Box. Good, but box edges show wear. £8

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Strategy game in which each player gets 16 interlocking pieces shaped as circles, squares and crosses. Players alternate moves, in which circles can move one space diagonally, squares one space horizontally and vertically and crosses can move to any of the 8 adjacent spaces. Landing on top of an opposing piece creates a tower which can move upto its height in the directions allowed by the piece on top. A tower of size 6 or more is safe and cannot be moved. The first player to create 3 such towers wins the game.


Railroad Dice 2. Published by Wassertal Spieleverlag. 2005. Box. Excellent. £18

Designer: Jens Kappe. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 75 mins.

Train game which like its predecessor uses dice as the tracks, however the game play is otherwise quite different. Six mini boards are laid out and depict the terrain on which the game will be played. Players then place their home stations and neutral stations and then take turns using the dice to lay tracks to connect their station to other stations. Tracks can be upgraded using orange upgrade dice / tracks, and passengers are moved for profit, but trains must be bought to permit this, and as the game goes on better trains become available and the initial ones become obsolete. A good addition to the genre.


Railways Of The World. Published by Eagle Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £42.50

Designer: Martin Wallace, Glenn Drover. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 2-3hrs.

New edition of Railroad Tycoon, which was itself a development of Age of Steam. The components are fantastic as you would expect from Eagle: 174 plastic miniatures, big board and lots of cards. There are two maps included: The Eastern United States, and Mexico. Players take the roles of the owners of new railroad lines and develop their networks, improve their locomotives, invest in growing cities and manage their finances. Also several special event and action cards are laid face up at a time, and these provide the players with additional options and incentives. Recommended for train gamers with a big table.


Railways Of England And Wales. Published by Eagle Games. 2009. Box. In shrink. £22

Designer: Glenn Drover. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Expansion for Eagle Games' Railways of the World, which you will need to play this. This set provides a 30" x 36" map of Europe, 97 new cards including new railroad barons, a railroad inspector, city charters, capital charters and a share system. The map covers England and Wales. Should also be playable with Railroad Tycoon.


Railways Of Europe 2nd Ed. Published by Eagle Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £22

Designer: Glenn Drover. No. players: 3-5. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

2nd edition expansion for Eagle Games' Railways of the World, which you will need to play this. This set provides a 30" x 36" map of Europe, 39 new cards introducing new Railroad Barons, City Charters, Capital Charters, and Tunnel Engineers. The map covers Western Europe from Spain to Constantinople to Moscow. Should also be playable with Railroad Tycoon for which the first edition of this expansion was made.


Ransom. Published by Phil O'Neill. 1995. Video Box. Excellent. £12

Designer: Phil O'Neill. No. players: 2-6. Country: British. Duration: 45 mins.

Card game, with over 150 cards. Players are property developers, collecting combinations of cards allowing them to erect a building on the board. Clever mechanics, and deals can be struck to combine holdings and erect the buildings with other investors. There is plenty of scope for clever deal making or even refusing to make a deal you know is crucial to an opponent. Recommended in Games & Puzzles Magazine.


Reminiscing 1950s - 1980s. Published by Paul Lamond Games. ca.1990. Box. Good. £2.25

Designer: T.D.C. Games. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

Trivia based game which includes 4 question books each with questions on one of the four decades covered in the game. Players are initially given a tricky trivia question, but then get three clues. The more clues read before an answer is given the less points awarded. Sometimes a player will be asked to tell a short anecdote from their past which relates to a randomly selected subject instead of answering a question.


Reminiscing 1960s - 1990s. Published by Paul Lamond Games. ca.2000. Box. Good. £2.50

Designer: T.D.C. Games. No. players: 2-4. Country: British. Duration: 1 hr.

As above, but different decades!


Revolution. Published by Phalanx. 2004. Box. In shrink. £30

Designer: Francis Tresham. No. players: 2-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 6 hrs.

Special Notes: Ltd edition. No. 507

Limited edition long awaited game by this master designer. All components in English. Revolution simulates the 80 Years War between Spain and the Netherlands between 1568 and 1648, which eventually brought independence to Holland and the northern provinces. William of Orange and King Phillip II were the main protagonists. Each player represents one of the principal factions: The Catholics, Habsburgs, Nobility, Burghers, and Reformers. Each faction has its own goals, some of which may align well with those of other factions - at least for a while. Not a war game, but more a strategic game of political, religious and economic power.


Rubik's Infinity Game. Published by Toybrokers Ltd. 1999. Box. Good. £3.50

Designer: Seven Towns. No. players: 2. Country: British. Duration: 10 mins.

Four in a row game played with coloured balls on 4 sloping lanes. Players take turns to add a ball of their colour to the bottom of a lane which pushes the balls above up, and possibly one ball off the top - it then rolls around to the front where it can be reused. Neat physical design.


Run For Your Life Candyman. Published by Smirk & Dagger Games. 2005. Box. Good. £6.25

Designer: Curt Covert. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 30 mins.

Game which parodies the classic children's game Candyland. In this game the king has betrayed his candy citizens by bagging them up and shipping them to children all over the world! The players play astute gingerbread men who have discovered this and are running for their lives to escape this fate. Each player gets a status sheet where damage to their limbs is marked off as the game progresses. Players travel along a track and get to play cards which can damage the other players or help themselves.


Sea Sim. Published by Cwali. 2004. Box. In shrink. £6.50

Designer: Corné Van Moorsel. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 30 mins.

Players control a family of sharks which compete for food in a Pacific lagoon. The sharks each have a favoured type of fish which they eat to stay healthy. The sharks must manoeuvre cleverly to get the fish they desire and also ensure the fish populations grow where you will be able to hunt easily. Optional rules add sick fish, a current which moves the fish around and an orca which competes for fish.


Set!. Published by Ravensburger. 2001. Box. In shrink. £8

Designer: Marsha & Robert Falco. No. players: 2-8. Country: German. Duration: 20 mins.

Card game. The cards feature symbols that are used in an original way. 12 of the cards are laid face up on the table and everyone simultaneously looks for a 'set' of three cards, and when they spot one call "SET!". However, this is not as simple as it seems as sets are not always obvious because the symbols on each card have 4 characteristics (shape, colour, number and shading), and 3 cards form a set only if: for all four features, the cards either have all the same feature or none have the same feature. As you can imagine it takes a while to get your mind around it, but it gets addictive. The game has won various awards from all sorts of organisations. Highly recommended.


Shogun. Published by Queen Games. 2006. Box. Excellent. £25

Designer: Dirk Henn. No. players: 3-5. Country: German. Duration: 2.5 hrs.

Players take the parts of Japanese warlords struggling for domination. Players start with a few regions under their control and each year plan which actions they will perform in each of their regions. These actions range from harvesting and making money through trade, to building castles and temples, to troop movement and war. Conflict is resolved in a very neat way - all the units involved in the fight are wooden blocks and are dropped into a large tower with various baffles inside. Only those which come out of the bottom count in the battle, and this may include some unexpected stragglers from previous battles! A cleverly designed substantial game which requires good planning. Highly recommended. This is a reworking of Wallenstein.


Silverton. Published by Two Wolf. 1991. Box. Good. £14

Designer: Phillip John Smith. No. players: 1-6. Country: American. Duration: 2-4 hrs.

Very nice train game, with a number of original ideas. Set in the gold rush days of Colorado in the 1880s. Players must build rail networks to connect to mines, and get the ore to the markets. Includes solitaire scenarios and lots of variants and optional rules. Players can decide how long a game they want by deciding how many turns to play for at the start of the game. I can supply my house rules and the setups and optional rules I prefer to play with.


Sing Sing. Published by Moskito. 1996. Box. Good. £11

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel. No. players: 2-5. Country: Germany. Duration: 20 mins.

Nicely produced game of skill and memory. Players must remember the various layouts of bars on the windows of the prison, and if they can spot which one is missing (they need to know the right window, the right length and the right colour), then they catch an escaping convict. The first player to capture all three convicts or the same one three times wins. Unusual concept.


Snake Lake. Published by Tenkigames. 2006. Box. In shrink. £15

Designer: Piero Cioni. No. players: 3-6. Country: Italian. Duration: 45 mins.

Light and amusing game in which each player controls a snake which slithers through the woods eating food and trying to avoid trees, mushrooms and other snakes. Snakes enter the board from a side and as their head moves further in extra tail pieces are added thus the snakes slither taking up several spaces. Movement is plotted two turns in advance, with cards being placed face down on an action board and when one is actioned a new one must be played. Should a snake hit an obstacle it must start again from the side of the board. Nicely produced.


Sobek. Published by GameWorks. 2010. Box. In shrink. £13

Designer: Bruno Cathala. No. players: 2-4. Country: Swiss. Duration: 40 mins.

Set in an ancient Egyptian marketplace, the players must select the most profitable goods coming from the ships and resell them at the construction site to make a good profit. However, many of the more profitable lots aren't entirely legal, and so dealing with them accrues corruption points. At the end of the game the most corrupt player is penalised heavily.


Solotaire. Published by Milton Bradley. 1973. Box. Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-2. Country: American. Duration: 15 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Excellent game based on Poker Patience, with a nice plastic board on which to lay the cards. Lucille Ball pictured on cover warning "Caution! This game may be habit forming". Includes a variety of games for 1 or 2 players, Honeymoon, Quick-draw, Mayhem 1 & 2.


Space Dealer. Published by Eggert Spiele. 2006. Box. 2 copies available:

1) In shrink. £12.50      2) Excellent. £11.50

Designer: Tobias Stapelfeldt. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

An unusual and intriguing take on the theme of merchants trading in space. Players start with a power generator and a few cards on their home planet and race to deliver goods to either neutral planets or their opponents' planets. In addition research can be done to improve their abilities. Every action, however, has the cost of flipping over an empty sand timer, and each player only has two sand timers, so when both are running you can only plan what you want to do next, and must wait until one finishes before taking your next action. The game is timed and lasts precisely 30 minutes. A second set can be used to make the game playable by up to 8 players. Recommended.


Spiel '99 Taschenbuch. Published by Friedhelm Merz Verlag. 1999. Book. Good. £2

Author: Rosemarie Geu. Country: German.

Softback, 15x11cm, 848 pages. Pocket guide book to the Spiel 1999 fair in Essen, with lots of information useful to collectors such as: company addresses for all the exhibitors, PBM magazine addresses, German games awards lists, journalists' and magazines' contact details, lists of the games being shown at all the stands that year, lists of games authors with their ludographies, games index, games groups and so on. It is all in German of course.


Stellar Tiles: Constellation. Published by JKLM Games. 2003. Box. Good. £7.50

Designer: Hans Van Halteren. No. players: 2-3. Country: British. Duration: 30 mins.

Limited 1st edition of 200 copies. Players try to form patterns on a 7x7 grid of Stellar Tiles - colourful tiles showing different symbols of different colours with different backgrounds. The patterns to be formed are shown on cards, and depict the relative positions of the tiles to form a pattern. However while one player is trying to match symbols to make a pattern, another is trying to match foreground colours and another background colours.


Stortebeker / Corsairs. Box. 2000. 2 editions available:

1) Corsairs. Published by Rio Grande. Country: American. Excellent. £7.50

2) Stortebeker. Published by Hans Im Gluck. Country: German. Excellent. £5.50

3) Stortebeker. Published by Hans Im Gluck. Country: German. In shrink. £6.50

Designer: A Wetter & T Lopmann. No. players: 2-4. Duration: 1 hr.

Each player is a pirate, out to loot galleys. To do this you need to have the right provisions cards and a bit of luck. You will also need a strong crew to make sure no other pirates come and take the booty from you. The cards you get determine what options are available to you, but the roll of the dice may yet foil your plans. Plenty of interaction as players can compete for valuable galleys.


Sutter's Mill. Published by Phalanx Games. 2008. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Excellent. £16.50      2) In shrink. £17.50

Designer: Marco Teubner. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

The players control groups of workers in the Californian gold rush of 1849. Each turn workers can be sent to the gold mining locations, or to the village to use the buildings there. Alternatively they can mine gold and return to the village. Players must weigh how much to spend on actions (the more actions the higher the cost per action) and when the gold will run out in the various locations. In the town players play influence cards to gain abilities granted by the various buildings. Cleverly, before all the gold runs out players must get all their men and influence cards out of the village, or suffer potentially major VP penalties. Thus deciding when to start getting out is quite a tricky decision.


Suzerain. Published by TimJim. 1993. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good, but box slightly indented. £12.50      2) Good. £13.50

Designer: Tom Lehmann. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Card game with each player having a board on which to build up their empire. This board shows five levels, forming a pyramid. Players start with just a ruler on their board and 5 cards in hand. Each round players take it in turns to play cards or pass. These cards can build up your empire in various ways, damage other players' empires or cause you to go to war with another empire. One way of gaining power is to marry an eligible prince or princess into another empire's royal family - the spouse then comes and strengthens your empire. The objective is to build up your pyramid of cards in order to have two royal couples. The first player to then produce an heir wins.


The Car Boot Game. Published by Lefran Games. 1997. Box. Excellent. £2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: British.

Players try to make the most money by buying and selling assorted items at car boot sales, jumble sales, auction houses, and in the local paper. The various items are depicted on cards and have a face value and a hidden real value which they can hopefully be resold for. The board shows a track with several branches around which the playing pieces are moved and the space landed on is actioned. The spaces allow the purchase / sale of items, and at a car boot sale items can be bought from other players too.


The Complete Auction Player. Published by G.P. Putnam's Sons. 1916. Book. Good (especially for its age).

£9. Author: Florence Irwin. Country: British.

Hardback, 18x12cm, 395 pages. An extensive work on Auction Bridge written once the rules for the game had 'settled'. As well as covering various aspects of the bidding and play, the book covers: revoking, 23 test hands for the reader to consider; Duplicate, Compass, Team and Tournament rules; Progressive Auction, three and two handed Auction, card sense, the human side of the game, Nullos and the Laws of Auction.


The Dragon Magazine. Published by TSR. Country: American.

Classic fantasy RPG magazine. Main articles listed by issue. I can offer a 10% discount if you want 10 or more issues. Also, if you might be interested in buying some, but would like a free copy to peruse, then let me know (it will be one of the more battered ones…) and I will send it with your next order.

Annual #3 1998. Good. £1.75. Special 120 page Annual edition featuring all new material. Dragons of the Sword Coast, Weaponmasters of the Flanaess, Denizens of Dread, Planar Pestilence, Adventures at Home, Star Frontiers using Alternity, Marvel Super Science, Handle with Care (AD&D Adventure for 4-6 Lvl 1 characters), Steel Dragons: Soulbond, Dwarven Priests, Campaign Journals, New Items for Adventurers, Urban Pests, Faces of Deception, Comics.

Annual #4 1999. Good. £1.75. Special 144 page Annual edition featuring all new material. Campaign Holidays, Forgotten Realm Languages, Gods of Krynn, The Kindness of Strangers (Alternity adventure for 4-8 beginning characters), Marvel Super Heroes Magic, Dork Tower Dragonlance Special, Gary Gygax on the Last and the Next 25 Years, Dark Matter (fast play Alternity rules), Nodwick, Secrets of the Slime Wizard, Travel Essentials, The Ghazneths, Comic Book Campaigns, Ecology of the Gray Ooze, A Cormyrian Hero.

Annual #5 2000. Good. £1.75. Special 114 page Annual edition featuring all new material. Random Names for Shops, Inns etc, 20 Ways to Launch an Adventure, Ray Spells, Gorgoldand's Gauntlet (AD&D Adventure for 4 1st Lvl characters), TSR's Mapmakers, Cormyr Today, Mentors for Your PCs, 101 Evil Schemes, The Royal Heralds, Class Combinations, Forgotten Realms Survival Guide, Magic Items, New Monsters, Comic Strips.

Issue 60. 1982. Good. £0.80. Fight of the Boodles (no longer included), Elves (the Elven point of view, Elven gods, D&D rulings, half Elves), more cantrips, early firearms, Wear Wolf (Fiction), physics in D&D - quiz, the Jester character class, midgets, artist focus: Phil Foglio, bestiary, outfitting your Top Secret agent, Trojan war scenarios, creature focus: Pooka, alignment, Spawn of Fashan review.

Issue 68. 1982. Good. £0.80. Fungoids, two handed fighting style, Barbarian Prince variants, adventuring in an ice age, new high level spells, the cloistered cleric, water monster tables,

Issue 75. 1983. Good. £0.80. Ecology of the Mimic, The Nine Hells Pt 1, Gamma World: new creatures, advice for GMs: style & procedure, languages (Orkish basics, creating names), Games Fair 83.

Issue 76. 1983. Excellent. £0.80. Ecology of the Beholder, The Nine Hells Part II, Saved By The Cavalry (Boot Hill), the Death Master NPC, game reviews.

Issue 106. 1986. Good. £1. Seven New Alignment Oriented 'Paladins', AD&D Magic: How it Works, Spell Casting for Cash, Ecology of the Maedar (the Male Medusa), Money for Starting Characters, Enchanted Doors, More Skills for Rangers, Developing as a GM, 'Bad Idea' Games, Intruder (Fiction), Paranoia: Being a Better Traitor, Marvel Super Heroes: Alpha & Omega Flight, Gamma World: Pure Strain Humans.

Issue 114. 1986. Good. £0.75. Witches (new class revised and updated), cemetery encounters, Elven cavaliers, different types of money, Ecology of the Remorhaz, character generation, level training, espionage in Top Secret RPG, technology in an AD&D game.

Issue 115. 1986. Good, but cover taped. £0.60. Thieves Special Issue (inc. Thieves Guilds, an adventure, new rules, thieves tools & more), Weapons for Clerics, adding variety to snakes, magical harps, Deadly Things Underfoot, Ecology of the Harpy, Elven & Dwarven armies, creative door design, Top Secret RPG advice.

Issue 116. 1986. Good. £1. Maritime adventures (ships, aquatic elves, marine life and more), Ecology of the Minotaur, Rogue Stones, High Ones in Elfquest, Doctor Who: The Six Doctors (for FASA's Doctor Who RPG).

Issue 120. 1987. Good. £0.80. Spells For Everyone Pt II, Verbal Repartee for Jesters, Ecology of the Picklebug, Dining Out in the Hells, non-standard magic items, Urban Blight Made Easy, The Charlatan (character class), More Magic Rings, Ecology of the Gas Spore, new Druid spells, outer planes, Dragon Meat (fiction), Spies In Space (Top Secret and Traveller).

Issue 125. 1987. Good. £1.25. Clay-O-Rama missing, but I will print out a copy of this standalone game for you. Chivalry (The Code of Chivalry for AD&D, Feudal Lordships, A Baron's Guide To War, King Charlemagne's Knights, Cavaliers and the Pursuit of Honour), Clay-O-Rama (off-beat miniatures game rules), Ecology of the Green Hag, Magical Flora for the Forgotten Realms, Top Secret Espionage Agencies, The Passing of Kings (fiction), Greyhawk Magical Maps, Quasi-Elemental Plane Dwellers, Star Frontiers: Zebulon's Guide, book reviews, Marvel Super Heroes: The Hulk's Enemies.

Issue 127. 1987. Excellent. £0.80. Fighters (4 fighters from mythology, Combat Manoeuvers, Arcane Bows & Bolts, sword lengths by race, shields, Battlesystem, 20 new martial arts styles for Oriental Adventures), reviews, Ecology of the Yeti.

Issue 128. 1987. Good. £0.80. King's Table (=The Viking Game - rules and variations etc), Waterdeep environs, illusions, reviews, The Spirit Way (story), Wuasi Elementals, Helicopters in Top Secret.

Issue 129. 1988. Good. £0.80. Demi humans special (new Dwarven clerical spells, the Drow viewpoint, Elven intelligence, Halflings, from Drow to Drider), Runequest spells, Ice Elementals, The Old Ways Are Best (story), Gnome cities, Star Frontiers armour, Forgotten Realms setting reviewed.

Issue 131. 1988. Excellent. £0.80. The Underdark (cavern & tunnel creation system, Svirfneblin's point of view, Ecology of the Aboleth, Mountain Dwarf heroes, Ecology of the Hook Horror, The Chasm Bridge - adventure), illusions, Mutations Unlimited, reviews.

Issue 132. 1988. Good. £0.60. The Orcwars board and counter sheets are missing. Orcwars - standalone board game, the Chainsword, reviews, dreams coming true, Runequest sorcery, traps, probability tables, Out of Hand (story), Ecology of the Aurumvorax, new druid spells, DC Heroes: limitations, Star Frontiers ship building.

Issue 140. 1989. Good. £0.60. Gods & priests (the Savant - new class, Putting together a Pantheon, clerical healing, turning Undead), limiting specialization, character generation, Flesh & Blood (story), handheld weapons, new Forgotten Realms monsters, reviews.

Issue 146. 1989. Good. £0.60. Dragons (Dragon familiars, new Dragons, Ecology of Dragons), 13 Years of The Dragon, The Ever After (story). Oriental Adventures: arrows, Wish Carefully.

Issue 148. 1989. Good. £0.60. The Deck of Many Things insert is missing. Ways of the Warrior (armour, Barbarians, making Paladins unique, a corrected Cavalier class), Wizardly Curing, The Deck Of Many Things (story), reviews, D&D Gazetteers, Top Secret: mines.

Issue 151. 1989. Excellent. £0.60. Oriental Adventures (Ecology of the Kappa, soldiers of the law, earning heirlooms, The Wang Liang, Ecology of the Yuan-ti), reviews, Top Secret: close quarters, 1989 Gamers Choice awards.

Issue 152. 1989. Good. £1. The Underdark (Ecology of the Umber Hulk, mines & metallurgy, Underdark wandering monsters, Duergar: Servants of the Jewelled Dagger), The First Notch (Fiction), When Adventures Find You, Marvel Super Heroes meets the real world, Top Secret missions.

Issue 153. 1990. Excellent. £0.60. The gods (what do deities want?, above the gods, using the Greek pantheon), Firebearer (story), Ecology of the Manticore, Spelljammer proficiencies, issues for spies.

Issue 154. 1990. Excellent. £0.80. Making War (warrior kings & empire builders, making Paladins, heraldry, In the Army, knowing when not to fight), reviews, Raistlin & the Knight of Solamnia (story), secret identities in superhero games.

Issue 155. 1990. Good. £0.80. The realm of Faerie, wild Elves, Elven deities, Snow Elves, all the Faerie Folk listed, Ecology of the Satyr, The Crypt of Istaris (16 page adventure pullout adventure module), Top Secret, Father Dear Father (Fiction), Marvel Superheroes, RPG reviews, book reviews, Mac games, Dragonlance heroes.

Issue 156. 1990. Good. £1. Weird Monsters, Razznarock (adventure), more magic items, computer games, D&D skills, Confusing Sequel to a Story you Haven't Read (fiction), Marvel villains, Ancient Greek Wrestling, Characterization Made Easy, miniatures, reviews of 6 city supplements, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Ecology of the Behir, The Twilight Empire.

Issue 158. 1990. Good. £1. Dragon Lore (Dragon rulers, conversation, the Gorynych, Gemstone Dragons), Banning Demons?, Renaming Monsters, Creating Gamers, Voyage of the Princess Ark, computers as a DM's assistant, Ivory in the Blood (fiction), Call of Cthulhu supplement reviews, miniatures.

Issue 159. 1990. Excellent. £1.20. Journeying into Space (Strange Things at the Shipyard, wildspace magic, Voidjammers, space monsters, Marvel starships), The Waiting Woman (fiction), running a con, Marvel: Minotaur, Battle Dancers, Titanic roleplaying, miniatures.

Issue 160. 1990. Good. £1. City defence, The Last Call Inn, The Touch of the Black Hand Thieves' Guild, D&D space travel, Conquests of Camelot, Ecology of the Gibbering Mouther, Thief on a String (fiction), Top Secret martial arts, superheroes and the United Nations, Ravenloft review.

Issue 161. 1990. Excellent. £1.20. Sources of information, romance & adventure, just enough information?, classic dungeons, Glorantha & Krynn, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Marvel: Dakota North & Stick, Shadow Play (fiction), AD&D: the Scout, Ecology of the Griffon, Battletech campaigns.

Issue 162. 1990. Good. £1. Halloween, The Book of Horrors, the mind of the Vampire, Hammer & Stake, three shadowy monsters, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Ultima VI, Undead with a twist, A Prayer for the Dead, Marvel: Dracula's daughter, Ravenloft game advice, Battletech campaign rules.

Issue 167. 1991. Good. £1. The Wilderness Awaits (wild plants and animals), The Pomarj Wilderness, giant mammals, Ecology of the Su-Monster, carnivorous plants, divine curses, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Dragon's Blood (fiction), alternative currencies, Marvel: Spider Foes, 5 NPCs for Oriental Adventurers, Understanding Undermountain, book reviews, Star Wars rebel reinforcements.

Issue 172. 1991. Good. £1. The Underdark (Skullport, The Dragon's Bestiary, Ecology of the Galeb Duhr), RPG reviews: superhero games, The Lay of Droone (fiction), Voyage of the Princess Ark, Darkspyre, Runequest spirit & divine magic, Top Secret: shining armor, The Complete Fighter, mobs in AD&D, Forgotten Realms lone wolves, Operation Desert Storm games.

Issue 173. 1991. Good, but cover damaged. £0.40. The cover has a corner ripped off and has been taped. Dark Sun (monstrous PCs, variable undead, random magic), magic staves, neutralising mages, A Little Knowledge (story), Sociology of the Flind.

Issue 174. 1991. Good. £1. Things That Go Bump in the Night, Ravenloft psionics, new Ravenloft monsters and wolves, Marvel: Equinox, AD&D giant insects, Voyage of the Princess Ark, The Blue-Eyed Thief (fiction), F29 Retaliator vs Sonic the Hedgehog, TORG, Defeating More with Less, ioun stones and their guardians, Operation Desert Storm gaming.

Issue 175. 1991. Excellent. £1.20. Improvising an instant adventure, perils of prehistory, a new recipe for creative campaigns, Marvel 3-D Man, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Uktena's Crest (fiction), Origins 1990, RPG reviews, riddles in RPGs, holiday shopping list.

Issue 176. 1991. Good. £1. Elven priests, good Drow, Voyage of the Princess Ark, Heart of China, Time for an Experiment (fiction), board game reviews, Marvel: heroic castaways, playing in the Paleozoic, miniatures.

Issue 179. 1992. Good. £1. New magic items, magic paintings, magic candles, surprising magic, seven enlightening lanterns, Moonlight (Fiction), Voyage of the Princess Ark, joke supervillains in Marvel, Eye of the Beholder II, AD&D Al-Qadim, RPGs from small companies, Spelljammer campaigns, Orcish war machines.

Issue 181. 1992. Good. £1. Making the Most of Magecraft, Pages from the Mages, familiars, the role of computers, reviews (Runequest Vikings, books, miniatures), oriental treasures, Voyage of the Princess Ark, more magic items, Top Secrets special agents, Marvel news.

Issue 183. 1992. Good. £1. Classic fantasy RPG This issues: making magic & technology meet, TORG GM advice, Spelljammer pirates, UFO theories & gaming hooks, Gryphon's Nest (fiction), Voyage of the Princess Ark, Viking dragons, Marvel Super Heroes.

Issue 188. 1992. Good. £1. Advice for roleplayers, Something Familiar (fiction), reviews, the role of computers, holiday shopping guide, board games (Xanth, Minion Hunter, Greyhawk Wars, Battlemasters), The Wizards Three, Voyage of the Princess Ark, ten new swords, super agents in Marvel, the psionicist.

Issue 191. 1993. Good. £1. Detailing your horse, psionicist kits, the Elven pantheon: Rillifane, essential adventuring kit, West African legends & lore, armies in the D&D Known World, roleplaying specialist mages, intelligent & special swords, World of Greyhawk revitalised, new monsters, non-magical 'special' items, The Barber Thief & Smith (fiction).

Issue 196. 1993. Excellent. £1.20. Politics in RPGs, Making Foreign Lands Foreign, the art of storytelling, Organization is Everything, The Only Good Orc (Fiction). the role of computers, RPGs based on novels, Gen Con 93, Forgotten Realms timeline, Dragon Strike, Three Wizards Too Many, wondrous figurines.

Issue 197. 1993. Good. £1. Ecology of the Giant Scorpion, Origins awards, AD&D by mail or email, 4 new Forgotten Realms monsters, Mystara setting changes, PC games, Marvel Super Heroes, new spells and items for Dark Sun, Ars Magica: Dream Dragon, Ashes To Ashes (fiction).

Issue 198. 1993. Good, but cover worn. £0.80. Lycanthrope Player Characters, the false undead, Undead lore, The Dark Warrens (fiction), reviews, Nintendo roleplay, miniatures, Marvel Nightmares, Call of Cthulhu dragons!, variant Al-Qadim, Oriental swords.

Issue 199. 1993. Good. £1. Mediaeval monsters and bestiaries, crude but effective monster battle tactics, Those Terrible Trolls, One-Eyed Death (fiction), The Day of the Tentacle, Star Wars 2nd ed, Roger Zelazny's Victorian London, small items for the holidays, fantasy heraldry, The Black Pegasus Trading Co, Stoneskin, Dunklezahn, D&D artillery.

Issue 202. 1994. Good, but spine shows wear. £0.80. Rogues: exotic Bardic instruments, rules for Rogues, Bardic knowledge, tricks of the trade; Thieves' Justice (fiction), reviews: Mage & Earthdawn, using miniatures, wild mage variety, Dark Sun Preservers, mythic races of Africa, Talislanta: iron dragon, Al-Qadim adventure seeds.

Issue 203. 1994. Good, but spine shows some wear. £1. Where science & fantasy collide, Gamma World goodies, Over The Edge: weird tech, Shadowrun missions, Amazing Engine guide, Spencer's Peace (fiction), Doom!, SF RPGs, nooks, lightning spells, Codex of Infinite Planes.

Issue 208. 1994. Cover poor, rest good.. £0.60. Rear cover half torn off, taped at spine. First Quest board game, starting a campaign, audio CD game product preview, PC motivations, magic items, reasons the party are together, Planescape behind the scenes, GreyHawk: The Adri Forest, Spellfire variants, Euro GenCon, Time in a Bottle (fiction).

Issue 209. 1994. Good. £1. Priests of Africa, long lost Priestly magic, What Power Holds (fiction), computerised gaming aids, twisted takes on classic literature, miniatures, Amazing Engine: Kromosone, books as treasure, Gamma World: animal mutants, Dark Sun: Undead, sage advice, Golems, review of Origins award winners.

Issue 218. 1995. Good, but cover shows wear. £0.80. Tarazin the Grey (an Ancient Dragon), Dragon intrigues, Dragon dweomers, The Time of Leaving (fiction), reviews (Mac games, CCGs, miniatures), First Quest board game, adventure plots, Blood Wars, magic resistance, The Nature of Evil, the bird maiden, sage advice.

Issue 235. 1996. Good. £0.40. The Lure of the Sea (Planescape skills & powers, the shipmage, monsters of the deep, sea spells), the Troglodyte, spells of the scaled, physical DMing.

Issue 247. 1998. Good. £0.60. Rakasta of Mystara, the Taltos (spirit hunting Rogues), Birthright: skills & powers, Body & Soul (Fiction), Candlekeep's Wyrm guardian, magic that works, amphibian monsters, learning languages.

Issue 251. 1998. Good. £0.60. Lore of the Elven gods of magic, Sylvan Elf spells, Dryad PCs, Elven names, D&D Core Rules 2.0 preview, The Lizard Shoppe (Fiction), The Minstrel Wyrm, missing link creatures, Ecology of the Wererat, Thornhold heroes, AD&D aliens from Alternity.

Issue 253. 1998. Good. £0.60. Spontaneous enchantments, random magic weapon tables, valuable tomes for your campaign, working class Wizards, world design ideas, Alternity magic, Guardian Of The Barrow (Fiction), new psionic race: the Fraal, enchanted curiosities, GM tips.

Issue 254. 1998. Good. £0.60. Giants for hire, Giants' battle tactics, really playing the monsters, proficiencies, pits traps & more, Arthur's Final Morn (Fiction), Grave Giants, Living City heroes, Ecology of the Cyclopskin.

Issue 256. 1999. Good. £0.40. Rogues (Rogue heroes, hidden agendas), the lost Giants of Krynn, The Span (fiction), the Weren.

Issue 258. 1999. Good. £0.40. Mage vs Machine, Wizard societies, Nodwick & Co, Alternity.

Issue 263. 1999. Good. £0.60. Dark Ages deities & priests, lesser gods pt 1, celestial messages & divine intervention, Council of Wyrms options, Blessings In Disguise (magic items), Shakespeare's 'giants', resurrections, Dux Bellorum (fiction), Ares: the T'sa.

Issue 267. 2000. Good. £0.60. Alternate Underdarks, Drow names, a Duergar stronghold, new denizens of the Underdark, The Knight's Watch (Fiction), Marvel Super Heroes: omnipotent but clueless, Alternity: Eye In the Sky, 3rd Ed Clerics, Elves in Faerun.

Issue 270. 2000. Good. £0.60. Mechanical horrors for AD&D, the hero-follower relationship, combining campaign settings, Fiends on the Prime, 3rd Ed Fighters, Abyssal Armour, The Ardeep Forest, Alternity + Traveller.

Issue 274. 2000. Excellent. £0.60. No Bonus CD Rom included. The d20 core mechanic, the Mystic (new class), D&D movie: Justin Whalin, Legends of Sherwood (Major feature), 12 secrets to stay alive, plotbending, The Hero With 1d1000 Faces, Power & Glory (story).

Issue 279. 2001. Good. £0.60. Elven society, Lloth's assassins, the Elven marketplace, Elven lexicon, D&D movie, Monks & Druids, The Sleeping Tide (Fiction), Lost Treasures of Cormyr Pt 2.

Issue 286. 2001. Good. £0.60. Shannara: the four lands, the Elder Druid, Shannara: heroes & villains, Shannara's creatures, relics & artifacts, Antrax (fiction), Shattershree's Rest, Venice for adventurers, priests of Nightcloak, Shannara poster map, fighting vampires.

Issue 287. 2001. Good. £0.60. Variant planes of dreams, When Celestials Attack, planar prestige classes, psionics, Deeper Deeper Dark (Fiction), Shadowdark House, bestiary, priests of Bane, fiend slayers, giant poster size Forgotten Realms map.

Issue 296. 2002. Good. £0.60. Dragon hunters, Dragon abilities, guilds & cults, cultist classes, The Tomb (fiction), The Starfall Pool, Wilder Dragons.


The Game Of Authors. Published by Somerville. ca.1950. Box. Good. £6.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: Canadian. Duration: 15 mins.

Essentially a version of the card game Go Fish, in which players take it in turn to call for a particular card from another player, with the objective being to collect sets of 4 of the same card to score points. This set has 20 colour printed cards each showing a famous author and one of the books / plays of that author. Nice period item.


The Game Of Hong Kong. Published by The Atlantis Publishing House. 1977. Box. Good. £3.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 4-6. Country: Hong Kong.

Special Notes: Box lid indented, base is plain but stained.

Hong Kong produced game based on Monopoly. The board shows a track which winds around Hong Kong, and which the players move their playing pieces around. Properties are bought and buildings and skyscrapers can be erected on them. Some spaces require either a 'Confucius Says' card or a 'Cable' card to be drawn and acted upon. Landing on other players' properties means paying them for use of the property. You get the idea... The box isn't very durable, but the components come in a very sturdy plastic tray which is put out on the table during play. Nice item for those interested in Monopoly variants.


The Legend Of The Lone Ranger. Published by Milton Bradley. 1980. Box. Good. £5

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American.

Special Notes: Box corners taped but contents unpunched

TV related, with a very unusual insert that is part of the game because it is, in effect, an adjustable 'Wanted Posters' display board and keeps track of the current reward on offer. Players travel the board looking for Bad Bob, Mean Gene and other notorious outlaws. Play involves collecting wanted posters and confronting outlaws. Each time an outlaw escapes capture the reward on his or her head is increased making it more profitable to go for them.


The Lord Of The Rings Card Game. Published by Fantasy Flight Games. 2010. Box. In shrink. £26

Designer: Nate French. No. players: 1-2. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Solo Tolkien themed game which can also be played by two players cooperatively. The game system controls the scenario being played which the players strive to win out against. Each game the players select one of 3 scenarios and one of 4 preconstructed decks with different heroes to attempt it. These decks can also be customised for additional variety. The action takes place in the time between Bilbo finding the One Ring and Frodo's departure from the Shire.


The New Book Of Games. Published by Syndicate Publishing Co. Ltd. ca.1955. Book.

Good, but corners show some wear. £4.50. Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Special Notes: Dice and playing pieces are missing.

Hardback, 28x20cm, 30 pages. An unusual antique item which has some very thick card pages which fold flat to form a board, and some regular pages. The book contains boards for: Football, Test Match, Air Race, Draughts, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Riding The Ranges. As well as rules to these games there are also a selection of party games and activities described and some magic tricks and puzzles too. Originally came with some dice and playing pieces.


The Wizard Of Oz. Published by Pressman. 1999. Box. Good. £1.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American.

Special Notes: The video is NOT included with this set.

This package includes a video of the classic Wizard of Oz film, and also The Yellow Brick Road board game (for children aged 3-6). In the game the players are trying to be the first to collect Ruby Slippers, a Medallion of Courage, a Heart and then to get to the finish line. Game play involves playing cards to move and sometimes spinning a spinner. There are some special spaces which you action when you land on them.


Ticket To Ride Asia. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2011. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Alan R Moon. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Expansion set for Ticket To Ride - you will need a base game (USA or Europe) to play this. This set includes two new maps, both of Asia, along with ticket cards for each map, card holders and some additional trains. Team Asia includes rules for 4 or 6 players to play as two teams, with some locomotive and ticket cards shared between the team, and others held individually. Legendary Asia includes mountain passes which involve setting aside extra train pieces when played.


Ticket To Ride India + Switzerland. Published by Days Of Wonder. 2011. Box. In shrink. £24

Designer: Alan R Moon, Ian Vincent. No. players: 2-6. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

Expansion set for Ticket To Ride - you will need a base game (USA or Europe) to play this. This set includes two maps along with tickets and rules you will need to play them. The maps: India which is intended for 2-4 players, and Switzerland (previously published on its own) which is ideal for 2-3 players.


Time War. Published by Yaquinto. 1979. Box. Good. £13

Designer: J Stephen Peek. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Highly unusual game, allowing players to cross time to alter past events to the advantage of a future government. The rules cover 11 pages (small print) with additional optional rules and scenarios. Each player must manage their role as a time magistrate, allocating funds to research, training, development of new equipment, and the sheer cost of using time travel. The large board shows a circular gridded time chart as well as each player's time laboratory.


Tyranno Ex. Published by Moskito. 1992. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Karl-Heinz Schmiel. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 2 hrs.

First edition of this game about the evolution of the dinosaur. Players attempt to ensure that their species will be dominant by placing climate change markers which will hopefully ensure the climate favours their dinosaurs rather than those of their rivals. However, as well as surviving the climate it is necessary to weather attacks from other species. Clever systems as you would expect from this designer.


Uno Dominos. Published by Gibsons Games. 1986. Box. Good. £2.75

Designer: International Games Inc. No. players: 2-6. Country: British.

Essentially UNO, but with dominos rather than cards, ie. players take it in turns to play a domino onto the set of dominos already played, and win when they have no more. However, failure to play means you draw instead, and there are special dominos which reverse the direction of play, cause the next person to draw extra dominos etc.


Upwords. Published by Milton Bradley. 1988. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Box shows wear, corners taped. £3     2) Good. £4

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 90 mins.

Very good word game of the same general type as Scrabble. However, there are various differences which make this a good alternative to Scrabble. As well as playing onto the board it is also possible to play letter tiles on top of other letter tiles, and make new words this way. Bonus points will be scored for each letter tile underneath each of those played. Bonuses are also available for playing completely on the board level (so opening up new areas), and for playing all one's tiles in a turn.


Vanished Planet. Published by Vanished Planet Games. 2003. Box. Excellent. £21

Designer: Craig Oliver, Samuel Blanchard. No. players: 1-6. Country: American. Duration: 2 hrs.

Special Notes: Includes the Racial Advantage expansion

Cooperative strategy game set in space. Earth has mysteriously vanished in a seething mass of darkness. The colonies are in chaos, and rebelling, but mysterious messages are coming from the vanished planet, which could banish the darkness. The players need to complete their missions and use their resources efficiently in order to restore Earth and save their own home worlds. There are several levels of resources - the most basic being used to create the next level which then make others, and then finally useful equipment can be created which will help win the game. Time is tight as the darkness is always expanding, reducing the area of the board which can be used as the game goes on.


VOC!. Published by Splotter Spellen. 2002. Box. Good. £14

Designer: Joris Wiersinga, Jeroen Doumen. No. players: 3-5. Country: Dutch. Duration: 90 mins.

In this game the players take the roles of Dutch merchants founding the Dutch East India Company at the end of the 16th century. They send out ships to trade in the East. However outfitting a ship was expensive and the journey dangerous so merchants would generally cooperate in small groups, all trying to make the most money. The game has simple and advanced rule sets. The most unusual mechanic is that sailing is done by the captain player attempting to draw his route on the wipe-off map with his eyes closed, but other players with a stake in that ship can call out a direction while he draws!


Walhalla. Published by Amigo. 2006. Box. In shrink. £14

Designer: Alessandro Zucchini. No. players: 3-4. Country: German. Duration: 1 hr.

The players represent tribes of Vikings settling new lands by ship. There are several fjords into which ships can be sailed, and the players take it in turn to send a ship with one or two of their Vikings and one opposing Viking to sea. When landing empty spaces can be taken over easily, but if they have already been claimed one Viking will end up in Valhalla! However, this isn't an entirely bad thing as it brings the favour of the gods, which will help the following turn. When all ships have sailed the land areas are scored in various ways, and the number of each player's Vikings in Valhalla determines the strength of their reinforcement for the next turn. Special action cards add to the variety. Some unusual mechanics and neat ideas.


Word Power. Published by Avalon Hill. 1967. Box. Good. £2.75

Designer: Tom Shaw. No. players: 2+. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr.

2nd edition in a bookcase box. 3 levels of play, from elementary to intellectual. Based around word definitions, but with more game-play than usual in these types of game. Essentially the players have cards with various obscure words on them and these can be played only onto spaces with related or opposite words when on an appropriate space. Players can also challenge your play if they think you don't know what a word means and so have made an incorrect play.


Wyatt Earp. Published by Rio Grande Games. 2001. Box. Good. £11

Designer: R Borg & M Fitzgerald. No. players: 2-4. Country: American. Duration: 50 mins.

Card game, set in the Wild West. Earn rewards by capturing the likes of Jesse James and the Sundance Kid. Very nicely presented rummy style game which is a sort of cousin to the Murder Mystery Rummy games series, and thus comes with a number of twists to make it interesting.


X.Net. Published by Fanfor. ca.2001. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good. £2.50.      2) Good but lid slightly indented. £1.50

Designer: Valentin Herman. No. players: 3-6. Country: German. Duration: 90 mins.

Card game, in which players act as internet entrepreneurs supplying different needs to their customers. You must keep your servers and network connections up to date and provide the content currently most in demand. As the game goes on the current demand for different content types will change and so you will need to alter what you provide to keep up.


Yali. Published by Jumbo. 1996. Box. Good. £7

Designer: Claus A. Harttung. No. players: 2. Country: Dutch. Duration: 20 mins.

Intriguing game of balance and tactical movement played on a board with a built in see-saw. After each move you may play again unless the board tips towards your opponent in which case they get to move. The objective is to get all your metal balls to the other side of the board. Attractively produced with a large see-saw playing area and large steel ballbearings.


Zocken. Published by Klee Spiele. 1998. Box. Good. £9

Designer: Peter Neugebauer. No. players: 2-8. Country: German. Duration: 30 mins.

Dice rolling game using coloured dice. Players try to add dice to a line of dice which must be kept in increasing order. Rerolls are allowed. Bonuses are scored for placing on a space matching the dice colour, and penalties accrued for dice which can't be placed.



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