Make a Credit / Debit Card Payment to MNG-AJM


Please note that you cannot make orders using this page you need to contact MNG-AJM by email / phone to check availability and condition of all items you are interested in, as well as finalising postage & packing cost + any other items or charges which will be invoiced.

Only when the full invoice total has been agreed between us should you use this page. You will also need an invoice number from me to enter here as well.

What this page does do is allow you to initiate a secure payment using WorldPay using your (worldwide) credit card or (UK) debit card. MNG-AJM will not get to see any of your credit card details, only WorldPay does on their secure site. If you provide WorldPay with your email address you will be sent a confirmation of the transaction. MNG-AJM also gets an email confirming that the payment has been made.


Please enter the MNG-AJM Invoice No. you are paying:

Please enter the amount of the invoice you are paying in :

Refunds, complaints etc ...

If you wish to amend your order, encounter a problem with your order or require a refund, please contact MNG-AJM, rather than WorldPay, and I will do my best to sort out your problem as best I can. Any item can be returned within 7 days of you receiving it for a full refund if not found to be satisfactory, however, you are required to return it (at your expense) in the same condition it was in when you received it. If I am satisfied that I have made a mistake in processing your order which got you the wrong goods or incorrectly described goods, then return of goods will be at my expense.


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