MNG-AJM  - Board Games Links


Here are links to some of the websites I use regularly along with those of friends in the games business:


The Board Game Geek.  If you want to know more about a particular board game there is a high chance there will be info about it on this site.  A must visit site for all games players! 


The Games Journal.  A monthly web-zine, which is well worth a read, having reviews and general interest articles as well as a letters page.


Counter Magazine. A quarterly board games magazine (paper), with lots of in-depth reviews, and lots of letters.  The website isn’t the main thing – but at least you’ll find out how to subscribe there.


JKLM Games.  I generally have copies of all of JKLM’s games, so feel free to ask me if you want something of theirs, and I can add it to your order.


Games from Pevans. Games from Pevans brings in games from smaller publishers from around the world to the UK.  I stock quite a few of the games Games from Pevans supplies, but not all of them.


Fiendish Games. I stock most of Fiendish Games’ line, so again feel free to ask and I should be able to add them to your order.



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