My Collection of House Rules


Andy Merritt – May 2006


As well as running a 2nd hand board games business (MNG-AJM), I am also a keen games player, and rules tinkerer.  I have made up my own house rules for many games and I also collect and adapt those of other people from a variety of sources.  I have done this for some years, and so in some cases I may have swiped someone else’s house rules and due to the fog which descends on my mind over time I may have forgotten where I got them from, or worse still I may now erroneously think I made them up myself.  Thus if you see something here which you know should be credited to someone else please tell me and I will give credit where it is due.  Similarly if there is something here which I really shouldn’t have put here please tell me and I will apologise and remove it!


Here is a list of the games I have house rules for, and as I get around to it I will create links to the various documents so you can get at them directly.  In the meantime if you want to see any of these which don’t have a link just email me and I will forward the document to you.  There are actually lots more games I have house rules for, but they haven’t been typed in – they are just on a scrap of paper in my copy of the game.  One day they will be transcribed.


If you are looking for any of these games please get in touch as I do stock lots of these games! (see my home page: MNG-AJM).


Advance To Marble Arch – House Rules: AdvanceToMarbleArch.txt

Age of Exploration – Clarifications: AgeOfExplorationClarifications.txt

Air Baron House Rules: AirBaron.txt

Airlines (Amigo) - House Rules: Airlines.txt

Alaska – House Rules: AlaskaHR.txt

Auf Achse – House Rules: AufAchse.txt

Auf Heller Und Pfennig: House Rules: AufHellerUndPfennig.txt

Ausbrecher AG – House Rules: AusbrecherAG.txt

Ausgebremst – House Rules: Ausgebremst.txt

Automania – Cards To Avoid List: Automania.txt

Big Deal (Amigo) – House Rules: BigDeal.txt

Broadway (TSR) – House Rules: Broadway.txt

Cape Horn – House Rules: CapeHorn.txt

Crazy Race (F.X. Schmidt) – House Rules: CrazyRaceHouseRules.txt

Credo – Errata: CredoErrata.txt

Detroit / Celeveland Grand Prix + Family: Top Race betting slips TopRace.doc; Misc info and house rules DCGrandPrixExtra.txt

Dicke Kartoffeln – House Rules: DickeKartoffeln.txt

Dragon Delta – Clarifications and House Rules: DragonDelta.txt

Dune – Extra Cards and The Ixians: DuneExtra.txt

Elric (A.H.) – Clarifications: ElricStuff.txt

Escape From Atlantis – My own rules-set incorporating some of Survive: EscapeFromAtlantis.doc

Escape From Colditz – House Rules: EscapeFromColditz.txt

Evo – My Revised Diceless Dinosaur Combat System: EvoHouseRules.doc

Expedition (Queen) – The Way I Play It: Expedition.txt

Filthy Rich – House Rules: FilthyRichRulesChanges.txt

Flowerpower – House Rules: Flowerpower.doc

Gallant Knights – House Rules: GallantKnights.txt

Gallopp Royale – House Rules: GallopRoyale.txt

Gold Connection – House Rules: GoldConnection.txt

Greyhounds – House Rules: Greyhounds.txt

Guess Who – House Rules for guessing 2+ people at a time: GuessWho.txt

Halali / Tally Ho! (Kosmos) – Variant for 3 players: HalaliFor3.doc

Kill Doctor Lucky – House Rules: KillDrLuckyVariant.txt

Koalition – House Rules: Koalition.txt

Krieg Und Frieden – House Rules: KriegUndFrieden.txt

La Citta – House Rules: LaCitta.txt

Lancashire Rails – Chit Distribution Stats: LankyRails.txt

LeMans – House Rules and Clarifications: LeMans.txt

Logic / Deduction Games – Double Jeopardy Variant for many such games: LogicGamesVariant.txt

Lost Worlds – Tournament Rules (more balanced for casual play too): LWTournyRules.txt

Magnificent Race (Parker) – House Rules: MagnificentRace.txt

Maloney’s Inheritance – House Rules (improved auction mechanism): MaloneysInhheritance.txt

Manhattan – Variants in Mayfair set not in the original: ManhattanVariants.txt

Marracash – House Rules: Marracash.txt

Medina – House Rules: Medina.txt

Merchant of Venus – House Rules + Analysis: MerchantOfVenus.txt

Middle Earth: The Wizards – House Rules: METW-RulesUsed.txt

Monsters Ravage America – Clarifications: MonstersRavageAmericaClarifications.txt

Multiplay – The (variant) set of rules I use: Multiplay.txt

Mush – House Rules: Mush.txt

Non Stop – House Rules: NonStop.txt

Odin’s Raben: OdinsRaben.txt

Pacal – A (Good) Variant by Mistranslation: PacalAJM.txt

Palmyra – Errata: PalmyraErrata.txt

Population – House Rules: PopulationHR.txt

Quirks – House Rules: Quirks.txt

Regatta (3M version) – House rules / translation from 3M’ish: Regatta3M.txt

Safari Round Up – House Rules: SafariRoundUp.txt

Schoko & Co. – House Rules: SchokoHouseRules.txt

Scream Machine – Clarifications: ScreamMachine.txt

Shark – A Collection of House Rules: SharkExtraRules.txt

Sim City CCG - House Rules: SimCityHouseRules.txt

Stimmt So – House Rules: StimmtSo.txt

Strange New Worlds – A reorganised set of rules with many changes: StrangeNewWorlds.doc

The Fastest Gun – House Rules: TheFastestGun.txt

Trump:  The Game – House Rules: TrumpTheGame.txt

Turf Horse Racing – House Rules: TurfHorseRacing.txt

Tutankhamen’s Revenge – House Rules: TutankhamunsRevenge.txt

TV Wars – House Rules: TVWarsHouseRules.txt

Um Reifenbreite – House Rules: UmReifenbreite.txt

Wettstreit Der Baumeister – House Rules: WettstreitDerBaumeister.txt

Where In The Wild? – House Rules to play a more `Kaleidos-like’ variant: WhereInTheWild.doc

Whosit – House Rules: Whosit.txt; Info Sheet: WhositInfoSheet.wks (MS Works Spreadsheet)

World Cup Football Game (Australian Design Team)

             World Cup France 1998 Board Changes: WorldCupGameFrance98.doc

             World Cup France 1998 House Rules (useful generally too): WorldCupFootballHR.txt

             World Cup Japan 2002 Board Changes: WorldCupGameJapan2002.doc

             Euro 2004 Variant + Results: WorldCupGameEuro2004.txt
             World Cup Germany 2006 Board Changes: WorldCupGermany2006.doc
             World Cup Germany 2006 House Rules: WorldCup2006HR.txt


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