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Andy Merritt – April 2008


As well as running a 2nd hand board games business (MNG-AJM), I am also a keen games player, and also a bit of a geek, as I keep lists of what I play.  In fact I have been keeping a list of what I play since 1995.  All this data now gets fed into a database, and is generally of little interest to anyone other than me!  However, I do produce a few lists which may be of more general interest.  These lists are: The games I played last calendar year (with my ratings and some other peoples’ ratings averaged); The best games I discovered last calendar year; My all time favourite games.


Below are links to a cut down version of this data with the ‘highlights’ in.  To be able to view this I recommend importing it into your favourite spreadsheet – it is in TAB delimited format.


2007 Data: Sorry I haven’t put this into a suitable format yet – I’m just lazy!

2006 Data: Sorry I haven’t put this into a suitable format yet – I’m just lazy!

2005 Data: Games2005-Summary.txt

2004 Data: Games2004-Summary.txt

2003 Data: Games2003-Summary.txt


If you want to see the full unedited version (which has an entry for every game I have ever played since 1995) or just want to tell me how strange I am, feel free to email me.


Finally, here is a games played list for my trip to The Gathering Of Friends in Columbus OH, April 2008.



PS. Sep 2011 – I still note ratings for games, but haven’t had time to create summary files for the last few years, which sadly makes my data much less useful, though still of use to me personally since I can search it electronically still…


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