MNG-AJM November 2009 Chess Special


This is a one-off special edition of the catalog for the chess enthusiast featuring a large number of chess-related books as well as a few games and other items. They have all been in my regular catalog but it seemed sensible to separate them out so they can be inspected more carefully by those who are particularly keen on chess!


100 Other Games To Play On A Chessboard. Published by Peter Owen. 1983. Book. Excellent. 9

Author: Stephen Addison. Country: British.

Softback, 23x15cm, 96 pages. A collection of games (other than chess) which you can play on a chessboard. These games fall into the following categories: Chess Related Games (6), Pure Variants (34), Occupational Games (5), Positional Games (6), Draughts & Variations (17), Custodian Capture Games (4), Games Played On The Intersections (7), Misc (13). There is also a section with puzzles for you to solve.


A Pocket Guide To The Chess Openings. Published by G.Bell & Sons. 1975. Book. Excellent. 2.50

Author: R.C.Griffith & H.Golombek. Country: British.

Special notes: In a plastic cover for extra protection

Hardback, 18x12cm, 127 pages. A concise guide to around 100 different openings, indexed by first move for easy reference. Each opening has its own page with moves typical for that opening.


An Introduction To The Endgame At Chess. Published by Chatto & Windus. 1939. Book. Good. 5

Author: Philip W. Sergeant. Country: British.

Hardback, 19x13cm, 219 pages. A book that aims to improve the amateur but reasonably serious player's game by taking a detailed look at the Endgame. The contents are divided as follows: The Pawn Ending, Endings With More Pawns, Companion Squares, A Two To One Pawn Endgame, Queens, Rooks, The Minor Pieces, Bishop Against Knight, Queen Against Rook.


Attacking The King. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1991. Book. Excellent. 4.50

Author: Yakov Neishtadt. Country: British.

Softback, 21x13cm, 109 pages. Chess book translated by Malcolm Gesthuysen. Every chess player aims for successful attacks on the king. This book shows you how to: launch a piece attack against an uncastled king, create checkmate possibilities against a castled position, undertake pawn storms when there is castling on opposite sides, keep your opponent guessing as to your own king's destination.


Attacking The Queenside. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1990. Book. Excellent. 3

Author: Boris Shashin. Country: British.

Softback, 21x13cm, 109 pages. Chess book translated by Ian White. Everyone knows how to conduct a kingside attack, but what happens on the other side of the board? This book shows you how to: attack with a queenside majority, launch a minority attack, use weak squares in your opponent's position, make the most of open and half open files especially in the Sicilian Defence.


Batsford Chess Openings 2. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1989. Book. Excellent. 4

Author: Gary Kasparov, Raymond Keene. Country: British.

Softback, 24x17cm, 413 pages. A smaller (!) book intended for the average to county level player rather than the 5 volume Batsford Openings book which was rather more technical (!). You'll still need to be a pretty keen chess player to be able to make the most of this though! Claimed to be the essential book for openings whatever your standard of play.


Chess And Draughts - How To Play Scientifically. Published by W. Foulsham & Co.. ca.1950. Book.

Good. 0.50. Author: Albert Belasco. Country: British.

Softback with dustcover, 19x13cm, 64 pages. 38th edition of this popular book which gives the rules to both games as well as a discussion of how to play well. Includes puzzles with solutions for both games. The print is small, so fits quite a lot into the limited space.


Chess And How To Play It. Published by Universal Publications Ltd. 1939. Book. Good. 4

Author: B. Scriven. Country: British.

Softback with dustcover, 17x11cm, 90 pages. A wartime book for complete beginners at chess. While the book has a dustcover it only has a thin under-cover presumably a wartime resource saving measure. The book introduces the pieces and how they move, and gives the rules of the game, as well as some simpler openings, and advice on how to mate with various pieces, and finally a few sample games.


Chess Computer - Systema Comet. Published by Systema. ca.1995. Box. Good. 11

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 1-2. Country: China.

This chess computer has 100 levels of difficulty ranging from instantaneous moves to 3 minutes per move for the computer, or a mode in which it uses the same amount of time as you do, or fixed time limits per player for the whole game. In addition there is a chess problem solving facility and also a two player mode (in which the computer can give hints if desired). The ELO rating is 1950. Uses 4 AAA batteries. The unit is small and very portable and so the playing pieces are also small. Nice item.


Chess For Beginners. Published by T. Fisher Unwin. 1897. Book. Good. 9

Author: R.B. Swinton. Country: British.

Hardback, 18x13cm, 200 pages. Antique chess book intended to instruct beginners in the game. The chapters are untitled, but the book is indexed.


Chess For Fun & Chess For Blood. Published by Hollis & Carter. 1952. Book.

Good, but dustcover shows some wear. 6.50. Author: Edward Lasker. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 202 pages. This book splits its contents into two halves: Chess For Fun (Chess Amenities; Chess Master, Artist & Scientist; Checkmating Combinations; End Game Play; Strategic Principles; Practical Applications; The Chess Problem). and Chess For Blood (Master Chess; Emmanuel Lasker vs Edward Lasker, Tournament Ethics, International Chess Code).


Chess Informant 31 1981. Published by Centar Za Unapredivanje. 1981. Book. Good. 2

Author: Aleksandar Matanovic. Country: Yugoslavian.

Softback, 24x17cm, 336 pages. Chess journal which collected together all the top level games played at that time which were worthy of being recorded for posterity in order to advance the understanding of chess theory worldwide. Thus there are a huge number of matches recorded with important positions pictured.


Chess Masterpieces. Published by Daily News Ltd. 1924. Book. Good, but spine has been taped. 5.50

Author: W.H. Watts. Country: American.

Softback, 21x14cm, 58 pages. A selection of 50 games by the world's masters, fully annotated with illustrations. This book includes biographies of well known masters and details top matches they have played.


Chess Thirteenth Volume. Published by Chess. 1947. Book. Good. 1.75

Author: Baruch H. Wood. Country: British.

Hardback, 24x18cm, 292 pages. Chess 'magazine' for the period Oct 1947 - Sep 1948. International, national and county level chess matches are covered with the matches listed and commented on. There are also quite a few columns such as the Analytical corner, Problem corner, and many more.


Chessmen. Published by Octopus Books. 1967. Book. Excellent. 0.75

Author: A.E.J. Mackett-Beeson. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 24x21cm, 97 pages. This book gives a history of the game of chess and then shows pictures of and discusses chess pieces from Europe, Russia, The Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Countries, and then moves on to examine modern chess pieces. There are 123 illustrations. An essential book for the collector of chess related items.


First Theories Of Hexagonal Chess. Published by Hexagonal Chess Publications. 1974. Book.

Good, but shows a little wear. 3.50

Author: W. Glinski. Country: British.

Softback, 21x15cm, 112 pages. This book covers the author's chess variant played on a hexagonal board. The book covers: Rules of Hexagonal Chess, Hexagonal Chess Compared to Square Chess, Openings and Middle Games, Endgames and Problems, Tomorrow's Chess World.


Garry Kasparov - Child Of Change. Published by Hutchinson. 1987. Book. Good. 2.25

Author: Garry Kasparov + Donald Trelford. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 24x16cm, 243 pages. Autobiography of the Russian Chess Grandmaster. Also includes a few illustrative games, but is almost all concerned with Kasparov's life in the changing Soviet Union, rather than focusing on chess skills or being a book to help improve your game!


Glass Chess Set. Published by Unknown. Box. Good. 2.50

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: Unknown.

An entirely glass chess set (board and pieces are all glass). The board measures 17.5cm square, so is quite small, but the set is entirely functional and very attractive.

History Of Chess. Published by Abbey Library. 1977. Book. Good. 7

Author: B.H.Wood, Jerry Gizycki. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 27x21cm, 375 pages. A fascinating study of the history of chess by a Polish expert. The book has many black and white plates and covers: A Little History; Chess In Britain; Ramifications Of Chess; Chess And Mathematics; Sport, Science or Art?; Chess And Machines; Love And War At The Chessboard; Living Chess; Who And When?; Chess In Poetry And Prose; Chess Curiosity Box. Perhaps an ideal present for a chess enthusiast ?


How To Beat Your Chess Computer. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1991. Book. Excellent. 3.25

Author: Raymond Keene, David Levy. Country: British.

Hardback, 22x14cm, 104 pages. This chess book describes weaknesses in the play of most computer programmes at the time, and therefore methods by which you can defeat them. Thus you can learn to play a computer-hostile game of chess. Whether these methods will still work against modern chess programmes I have no idea. However, the book is also instructive for normal play as it examines nuances of the game you might not otherwise have considered.


How To Play Chess. Published by Hamlyn. 1977. Book. Good - ex library. 0.75

Author: Kevin Wicker. Country: British.

Hardback, 60 pages, 25x17cm. Although only 60 pages long, the type is small and two columns per page, so a great deal has been fitted into the book. The book includes a foreword by David Pritchard, and as well as the obligatory description of the how the game is played, the bulk of the book is about the strategy and tactics of the game, as well as a discussion of the opening and endgame phases, some illustrative games, and suggested further reading, making this an excellent book to get a player into chess quite deeply.


How To Play The Middle Game In Chess. Published by Collins. 1974. Book. Excellent. 3.25

Author: John E. Littlewood. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 23x15cm, 191 pages. This book covers chess skills which start when known opening moves run out and before endgame techniques take over. The book is divided as follows: Intro, The Pieces, The Pawns, The King, Tactical Ideas, Combinations, Elements of Strategy, Planning. There are a selection of problems posed throughout the book, with solutions given at the end.


Improving Your Chess. Published by EP Publishing. 1980. Book. Good. 1.25

Author: Peter Griffiths. Country: British.

Special notes: Ex library copy. In plastic cover. Spine colour faded.

Softback, 21x15cm, 104 pages. This book is intended for the chess player who knows how to play but who hasn't played in a club, or if they have is amongst the weaker players, and would like to improve. The chapters cover: Basics, Attacking the Castled King, Attacking Other Targets, White Opening, Black Openings, Endgame.


Knightmare Chess. Published by Steve Jackson. 1996. Box. Excellent. 2.25

Designer: Unknown. No. players: 2. Country: American. Duration: 1 hr. Desc. by Eamon.

Cards used in conjunction with a chess set. Based on the original French idea, a hand of cards is dealt to each player, and the cards can be played after making a move. The sheer quantity of cards makes each game different. The card graphics are very nice. The effects are too numerous to list but they might, for instance, create a teleporting square, or a black hole square. Certainly livens up chess!


Know The Game: Chess. Published by Educational Productions. 1954. Book. Good. 0.60

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Softback, 13x20cm, 40 pages. A concise introductory book to Chess which explains the way the pieces move, special moves, checking, the rules of play, general strategy, opening moves, the middle game and the end game (with various specific scenarios), and some problems to get you thinking.


Learn Chess With Nigel Short. Published by Paul Stanley. 1993. Book. Good - Ex Library copy. 3.25

Author: Nigel Short. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 22x14cm, 96 pages. Britain's best chess player of the time introduces chess, teaching the basics in a straight forward and easy to approach way.


Let's Play Chess. Published by Octopus Books. 1980. Book. Good. 1

Author: Anthony Hansford. Country: British.

Hardback, 30x22cm, 44 pages. This introductory chess book is aimed at attracting the Games Workshop brigade into chess, as the inside and outside covers and most of the artwork throughout the book has a fantasy battle theme. The book itself teaches chess from the very beginning, describing the pieces and their movement, check & checkmate, the special moves, and why games can be drawn. It then goes on to describe traps, double check and discovered check and then goes on to the end game and some opening plays.

Modern Chess Openings. Published by Whitehead & Miller Ltd. 1925. Book. Good. 2.75

Author: R.C. Griffith, J. H. White. Country: British.

Special notes: Fourth Edition

Hardback, 19x12cm, 220 pages. An analysis of a selection of openings which were modern at the time of writing. The book is indexed.


My Fun To Play Chess. Published by Hamlyn. 1985. Book. Good. 2.50

Author: Paul Langfield. Country: British.

Hardback, 32x23cm, 61 pages. This book gives an introduction to chess, and is aimed at children, the idea being that the book will teach children to play chess from scratch, and will prepare them for challenging their peers with a good shot at winning. The first part of the book is purely teaching the rules themselves while the second part aims to improve the novice player's skills.


Pitfalls On The Chess Board. Published by Frank Hollins. 1914. Book. Good. 4.50

Author: E.A. Greig. Country: British.

Hardback, 17x11cm, 72 pages. A collection of roughly 100 articles from Chess Amateur magazine, each of which presents a different pitfall the chess player would be well advised to know about and avoid.


Point Count Chess. Published by George Allen & Unwin. 1960. Book. Good. 8

Author: I.A.Horowitz & G.Mott-Smith. Country: British.

Softback, 21x13cm, 358 pages. According to this book every move in chess is a give and take, losing or reducing control of some spaces while gaining or improving control over others. By being aware of this ebb and flow and evaluating these differences the reader can gain a new understanding of how chess works.


Practical End-Game Play. Published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons. 1946. Book.

Good, spine slightly faded. 2.75

Author: Fred Reinfeld. Country: British.

Hardback, 19x13cm, 176 pages. Chess book first published in 1940. The author covers end game issues in chess as follows: Transition to a Favourable Ending, Transition to an Unfavourable Ending, Missed Opportunities, Defending Difficult Positions, Types of Ending, Important End Game Motifs.


Saving Lost Positions. Published by B.T.Batsford. 1987. Book. Excellent. 4.50

Author: Leonid Shamkovich, Eric Schiller. Country: British.

Softback, 21x14cm, 101 pages. Chess book dedicated to anyone who has ever thrown away a winning position! The book is intended for experienced chess players and is a collection of games with discussions in which from a weak position the underdog has managed to fight back with resourceful play to achieve a draw or even a win. Chapters cover: Ordeal In The Opening, Swimming In Dangerous Waters, Its A Blunderful Life, A Sudden Change of Scenery, Seesaw, Heroic Defence, Endgame Escapes.


Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav 9 Bc4. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1989. Book. Excellent. 6

Author: Laslo Sapi, Attila Schneider. Country: British.

Softback, 21x14cm, 220 pages. Chess book which goes into detail on the Yugoslav Attack in the Sicilian Dragon - chess at its most bloodthirsty. This book covers a multitude of variations which can occur. Intended for the advanced chess player.


Speed Chess Challenge: Kasparov vs Short. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1987. Book. Excellent. 1.75

Author: Raymond Keene. Country: British.

Softback, 25x19cm, 96 pages. This book takes you through the speed chess challenge between these grand masters in 1987. The event was televised, and so there are pictures from key points in the series as well as discussion of the games and how they developed, and the implications of this being a speed chess match.


Steeple Chess. Published by Ravensburger. 1976. Box. 2 copies available:

1) Good 2.50. 2) Box shows wear. 2

Designer: Alex Randolph. No. players: 2-4. Country: German. Duration: 45 mins. Desc. by Eamon.

Race game with wooden pieces. A special die with chess symbols on its faces is rolled and this indicates how one of your pieces may move that turn. Pieces can capture others on the way round.


Tackle Chess This Way. Published by Paul Stanley. 1972. Book. Excellent. 1

Author: W. Ritson-Morry, W. Melville Mitchell. Country: British.

Softback, 19x12cm, 200 pages. This book is intended to take a new chess player and teach them the basics as well as the rudiments of sound strategy and tactics, covering starting a game, the middle game and the end game as well as how to avoid making blunders.

Tactical Chess Exchanges. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1991. Book. Excellent. 3.25

Author: Gennady Nesis. Country: British.

Softback, 21x14cm, 121 pages. The author demonstrates how to use pawn and piece exchange to your advantage in many ways. This is done by examining various games in which grandmasters have demonstrated the power of the tactical exchange.


The Batsford Chess Encyclopedia. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1990. Book. Excellent. 6.50

Author: Nathan Divinsky. Country: British.

Hardback with dustcover, 28x24cm, 247 pages. An alphabetically arranged encyclopaedia of chess, which is an excellent reference book for anyone with a keen interest in chess. The book covers: biographies of every grand master and all major international figures with photographs, explanations of technical terms, over 100 of the greatest games ever played, and much more.


The Beginner's Book Of Chess. Published by K & C. ca.1955. Book. Good. 1.25

Author: F. Hollings. Country: British.

Special notes: 13th edition. A stain on the spine discolours all pages, but only very close to the spine - legibility is unaffected.

Softback, 18x12cm, 64 pages. A very well regarded book (with many glowing reviews from newspapers etc) which teaches the basics of chess. The book includes a walkthrough of some 'brilliant games' as well as giving a dozen problems for the reader to solve.


The British Chess Magazine Vol XXX 1910. Published by Trubner & Co. 1910. Book. Good. 6

Author: Various. Country: British.

Hardback, 552 pages, 22x15cm. Chess book with many games detailed and analysed, and many chess problems for the reader to tackle (with solutions).There are also many articles relating to chess, including reviews of books, and obituaries too!


The Chess Openings. Published by G. Bell & Sons. 1921. Book. Good. 7

Author: I. Gunsberg. Country: British.

Softback, 17x12cm, 104 pages. 34 chess openings ordered by first moves for easy reference. A typical sequence of moves for each opening is shown and examined. Very systematic.


The Chess Player 5 - 1973b. Published by Chess Player Ltd. 1973. Book. Good. 0.50

Author: Unknown. Country: British.

Softback, 23x17cm, 286 pages. A collection of the games played by the top level chess players at the time, at the various top level events that year. Each game's moves are listed and annotated, with some key positions shown.


The English Defence. Published by B.T. Batsford. 1987. Book. Excellent. 8

Author: Raymond Keene, James Plaskett, Jon Tisdall. Country: British.

Softback, 21x14cm, 100 pages. Chess book for tournament players. Part of a series titled: The Tournament Player's Repertoire of Openings. This book introduces the English Defence, and then goes through a selection of possible counter moves, and also discusses the Accelerated Queen's Indian.


The Game Of Chess. Published by Penguin. 1957. Book. Good. 1

Author: H. Golombek. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11cm, 255 pages. This book is intended to give the beginner an introduction to the rules of chess and basic play, as well as giving a study of basic openings, middle game and end game play, in a series of chapters which gradually get more advanced to take the reader further.


The Golden Dozen - 12 Greatest Chess Players. Published by Oxford University Press. 1976. Book.

Good. 5. Author: Irving Chernev. Country: British.

Hardback with dust cover, 331 pages, 21x22cm. This book covers 115 great chess games played by 12 of the best chess players of all time: Nimzowitsch, Rubinstein, Bronstein, Spassky, Smyslov, Tal, Petrosian, Botvinnik, Fischer, Lasker, Alekhine and Capablanca. Each game is listed move by move with analysis, and there is general information about each of these great chess masters too.


The Golden Treasury Of Chess. Published by Arco Publications. 1958. Book. Good. 4.50

Author: Chess Review. Country: British.

Hardback, 326 pages, 22x14cm. Chess book from the editors of Chess Review. The book lists the moves in hundreds of games between masters. Mostly without analysis, but with diagrams showing key positions. The chapters are: Favourite Games; Pre-Morphy Period; Morphy Period; Age of Steinitz; Modern Chess; Moderns, Hypermoderns & Eclectics; Russian Hegemony Period. Also includes an index of openings.


The Problemist - Batch of 5. Published by The British Chess Problem Society. 1991. Booklets. Good. 0.60

Designer: Unknown. Country: British.

Only likely to be of interest to serious chess players. From a quick look I would guess you need to be pretty expert to be able to tackle the problems posed here. I have Vol 13 Issues 13-17 in this batch.


The Right Way To Play Chess. Published by Elliot Right Way Books. 1977. Book. Good. 1.25

Author: D. Brine Pritchard. Country: British.

Softback, 18x11cm, 237 pages. An excellent book for teaching the beginner chess. The book covers: How The Game Is Played, Rudimentary Theory, Examples Of Play, Powers Of The Chessmen, The Openings, The Middle Game, The End Game, Illustrative Examples, General Information.


The Sicilian Defence: Taimanov System. Published by B. T. Batsford. 1989. Book. Excellent. 3.50

Author: Mark Taimanov. Country: British.

Softback, 22x14cm, 90 pages. Chess book which gives a detailed analysis of the Taimanov variant of the Sicilian Defence family of openings.



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