MNG-AJM  -  History & General Info


Andy Merritt – April 2006


In July 2003 I took over Eamon Bloomfield’s second hand mail order games business after he had been forced to discontinue it due to unfortunate personal circumstances.  I had been a customer of his for quite a few years and found the service he provided to be both very worthwhile and unique.


I started trading properly (sending out catalogs) in Jan 2004, and produce a new catalog each month, which is sent out by email to most customers. My objective is to give a good level of service and reasonable prices, and hopefully many of my customers will also become friends over time.


I have a moderate sized board and card game collection myself (about 500 items) but always ensure it doesn’t get too much bigger since space is definitely a major limitation.


The reason I chose the name MNG-AJM is that Eamon Bloomfield’s old business was called MNG, and I wanted there to be an element of continuity in the name.  ‘AJM’ is my initials, and so makes the old name my own.


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